December 7th 2009

Oh boy, new crew! Well, barely. In fact, it was just one.

Now, lemme explain the process for those of you who may not know how it works. I'm assuming that'll be everyone reading, since I'm the only person who knows the process, and you know I don't read this garbage~!

Now, this great wide internets of ours offers many a way to get in contact. Unfortunately, most of those are actually ways not to get into contact. People never sign into their instant messengers, or they never check their email -- there are a whole host of things that can go awry. This is why the old Mailsackers scared up folks in the chatroom. Effective and certain, sure, but greatly limiting as to who can actually be in a 'Bag. You'd never get bloke(tte)s like Daimyo or Leirin or today's guests if you went that route.

In fact, all you'd ever get is the same people... again and again... which is what they did. And that's great... if you are those people. Wellsir, I think that even people who don't go to the Rainbow Resort IRC room (which accounts for well over of 99% of Rainbow Resort's patrons) should be considerable.

That is why I drop li'l private messages to 'em courtesy of the Passport account. Now, sure, this could be hit-or-miss like e-mail or IM -- but it'll only miss if the potential candidate doesn't visit Rainbow Resort, not because an old and broken communication line was used. Sounds fair to me.

I sent out a few invites at the start to see what kinda bites the Mailbag would get, wholly expecting less than everyone to respond. There's enough time to pad out the ranks, after all. However, the one hit did so well that I decided to forgo including anyone else. Behold! The best new bagger this session~!

Gallery standout Kirazy has recently been making waves (and non-metaphoric comics) on Rainbow Resort, so it was only a matter of time before he got 'Bagged. I mean, with those things, he became more of a contributer to this site than a lot of officially sworn-in staff!

Bimblesnaff hates Mondays.

Bimblesnaff loathes Mailbag Mondays.

- Ometon


Hi Mail guys!!! I only have a couple questions,

1: WHY ON EARTH WAS GOOEY CUT OUT FROM THE KIRBY SERIES!? He was awesome!!!Although he was just a duplicate of kirby.....

2: Is there any NEW news about kirby wii?

1) Haven't you noticed that pretty much everyone makes one appearance in the Kirby series? Technically, it's much more rare for someone to have multiple showings. I mean, there's Waddles, the King, Whispy, Kracko, and the basic ability foes, but oh-so many faces never are seen again. Gooey, as much as I liked him, is just another statistic.

2) Nope. The only news on the Wii title is the lack of news on the Wii title. Ever since it was given a monthless "2009" release date, no other details have been given. It's 2007 all over again! Or was it 2008? 2005 for sure.

Actually, they just re-stated that it is still holding a 2009 release date. Yeah, with this month and half left and no hyping whatsoever, I doubt it. They at least have to give it a real name before I think anyone should care.

1. Gooey disappeared when Masahiro Sakurai disappeared. Out with the old in with the new. Pretty much everyone disappeared. Plus, Gooey wasn't all that super-awesome. I mean, Keeby could serve as basically the exact same thing.

2. I bet you smacked you head on your computor every time you see someone ask that question, Bimblesnaff.


1) Whatchoo talkin' 'bout? Gooey was awesome! He wasn't Kirby in any, way, shape, or form -- just, like, 90% of his moveset. But let's look at how they differed:
a) Could only eat one enemy at a time -- no double-stars for the Gooster! Wait, that ain't good...
b) Take that, Scarfy and Mumbies!
c) Underwater eating!
d) Who needs an ultimate weapon when you can just Dark-Matter out at will... apparently? Was the Love-Love Stick really necessary for that?
e)Two words: Googly Eyes~!

So in summary and in conclusion, Gooey was the greatest thing since bread. That's right: all bread.

2) The last word on Kirby Wii: never.


1.What's your favorite Pokemon?

2.Do you play any instruments?

1) I'm not gonna gripe about getting this question what seems like every other bag; I'm griping about not remembering what I said the last time. So, if I can't remember what I wrote, I guess the masses can be excused. I'ma say Tentacruel. Dokukurage powaa!

2) Like many grade schoolers, I played the recorder. Also, like them, I sucked at it. Also, various percussion bits. Also, poorly.

1. Sprites

I choose you! Ometon-mon, and Gobbomon!

But seriously

I have alot of favorites, mostly from the second series. Some of my most favorites would have to be Gligar, Smeargle, and of course Lickitung. I'm allll about the classics! And I don't exactly know why, but I love pokemon with their tongue showing!

2. I ... tap on desks? Doesn't that count for anything?


Now, everyone (should) know that Kirby Air Ride used some music from the Japanese Kirby of the Stars Anime, leading severals of people to believe that the anime took the music from KAR even though KAR came out after the anime did, even in the US.

The question is...

Why isn't the Fan Ability Reviews on the main page? I mean, other than the fact no one submitted a review to it since... whenever. Or at least no one's updated it since then. I'll submit a review if it'll get it on the Fan Creations sidebar of Main Pageness.

*drumroll, credits open*

"this is washin machinima kabi! he can spat underwears and has a jagged moostache!"

(Wow, half of this was pointless.)

0) I wouldn't know 'cuz I didn't give a winged rat's rump about the animated series. I guess it could be ablaze to boot. Fire makes things more worthless, after all, if common expressions are to be taken as fact.

1) The Ability Reviews went way of the Fan Thoughts or, really, Fan Fictions. People just stopped caring about them, mostly 'cuz they weren't good. Go outta mind, get downplayed, and no one really minds.


Woohoo! I got my actual computer working again! More importantly regarding the relevance of this letter to the site, my actual computer was actually able to handle the Interactive Storybook! (I found it when it was still secret, but my proxy comp didn't agree with it for some reason.) Now that I was actually able to go through the adventure, I must say: Ometon, you are amazing. Sick and perverted, but amazing. I didn't get higher than a C (after 4 tries), but I still hope a guide for it is NEVER released. I adored the trial-and-error based gameplay, and it was even more valuable because such a style is so rare in games (I've only seen one other game of such a caliber: the legendary "Zork", a game even older than I am).

Judging by the particular interface used, I'd say more storybooks are on the way, and if so, I'd like to make a small suggestion: in the corner where you see your life and party members, you should allow players to see their inventory as well. It would be helpful

P.S.: If YOU know what Zork is, YOU are officialy awesome.

Ooh, look at me, I'm XionGaTaosenai, I like to talk about stuff that happens to me, and stuff I think about! Look at me! I have a SYSTEM for the story book! I'm better than Kirazy cuz he can only get a "D".

Well, Pardon me, but can I talk about ME now? Can I talk about what's going on with MY life?

...I'm sorry...

Anyways, any question to be answered here?

Nope. No.

I think I know what Zork is, but I don't see why that makes Young Orthopedic Utilitarians decreed awesome.


hey! i am writing this message from my wii. my ? is if u have a wii

A question mark replaces the word "question" and forgoes the use of punctuation altogether! Internet abbreviations save all sorts of time! And make grammar cry.

Someone didn't want to type out all those big ole' letters in question. But yeah, I do have a wii. I'll be honest though, it's actually extremely frustrating typing on wii's, so I empathize with your laziness.


Yo, Bagger-boys. Or maybe girls. Depends on the rotation, I suppose.

There was going to be something lengthy and Kirby related here, but after the chewing out I got from Bimby last Gurus, I decided to cut right to the point: the reason the Kirby anime blew it was because it tried to replicate the success of the Pokemon anime and ultimately failed. (*imagines Fumu going "Kirby, I choose you!" and shudders*)

Anyways, have any of you read the Artemis Fowl novels by Eion Colfer, and if you have what is your opinion of them? I like them, but I think they started to go downhill after the trilogy broke (as history has shown us in the form of Star Wars, Mario Party, and Sonic the Hedgehog*).

*Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles count at one game, as that was how it was originally planned.

See you next time,


0) That also depends on what Ometon feels like on the given day.

1) Didn't I more than cover that in one of my spiteful rants? I'm certain that exact comparison was already drawn.

2) I feel that both the character's and author's names are totally whack.


Hey Mailbaggers of the mail...bag....nevermind.

Now for questions.

1. Why is kirby pi*smacked* Have you ever played 1000 matches in brawl? (I've played OVER 9-*smacked*

NUMBER TWO. Do you find some letters hard to read?

3. Does being "in" the mailbag actually have to do with being inside it?

4. a)If Meta Knight is a kirby, why does he have elbows?

b) I got the explantion that he is an adult and Kibry is an baby, but how do you have no elbows when young, but grow them when older?

5. a)wat do it take 2 gt my lttr in mb?

b) Does it involve grammar, spelling and correct punctuation?

7. What happened t-*smacked* What do you have to say about round tables?

6. Would an RPG about KRR be awesome?(you know without the copyrighted characters)

It could be like Mario & Luigi RPG's where you would jump on Diddgery, Ometon, Bimblesnaff and get hurt.

8. What is your favorite Mailbag#(--)

9. Do you prefer long lists or short ones?

10. What is your favorite part about KRR?(you can pick all of it if you want ta')

11. When did you learn how to type?(stupid question isn't it?)


That's all folks!

2) Two in, and one's coming to mind pretty well, yes.

3) Of course! We all must jump in the sack in order to answer it. Of course, the policy on occupancy had to changed to one at a time due to someone. Who's spiky. And's name rhymes with Ometon.

4) Meta Knight has elbows because his true simple form can't handle all the actions the animators want him to perform. So, they say "Screw it!" and do whatever they fell, including enrage me.

6a) So, pseudo copy righted characters? I think that Kirby Warrior is a good example of what that'd be like.

6b) I don't think it'd be like M&L in the sense of jumping on foes. That's in a Mario Bros. RPG since the plumbers do jump on enemies. In Kirby, you don't, so you wouldn't. Shocking.

7) Yes, that is the meaning of life. I hope everyone learns from those wise words.

8) I'll knock this one from the list, fo' sho'. You'll understand why by the end...

11) I never learned such a skill. I dictate my words to a well trained woodcock in exchange for juicy grubs.

1. Stop hitting yourself! I don't support violence!

2. Yes Alot of annoying people make really hard to understand questions, either to be a jerk, or just for the thrill of being stupid.

3. It's like Alice in Wonderland There's actually an entire world in this small sack.

4. a. Meta Knight doesn't really have elbows. Meta Knight more has... a tube sock protruding from his shoulder pads. Man, I don't know what to call that thing. It's like, uh, some pudgy toothpaste bag, or a pole made of jello. I'm too confused now.

b. I'm pretty sure horses grow elbows. Or maybe not.

5. See "Question #2:

6. I'd play that. I'm going to have to break out my gangsta' vocab to show my enthusiasm. Excuse me: Sounds prettah off the fo' hizzle, man-dawg-dude.

7. See "Question #2:

10. Definately the gallerey. Gotta love that.

11. See "Question #2:


Hey look! No number! Aren't you happy, Bimblesnaff?

Anyways, I was wondering, are Bimblesnaff and the Ometon part of the Mailbag Force?

I know you guys were being rescued by the other five members, but I'm not sure if you were supposed to be captured members or just civilians.

Also, is Diddgery a member, your arch-enemy, or simply the ammo for your big Power Rangers-esque combined weapon you use to destroy the monster just before he turns giant?

Is there a special secret sixth ranger?

Do you have your own giant robot to battle Were-Diddgery when the Silhouetted Bad Guy has made him grow to epic proportions?

And most importantly, is there a possibility there'll be a second Mailbag Force comic depicting any of this?

Thanks for the answers!

1) To sum it up a la Power Rangers-style, Billy, Tommy, and, uh, Trini (sorry, Didge!) were walkin' 'bout when Rita cast out a full mooning spell. She lives on it, after all, I assume she could pull this off.

Now, as we all know, Trini is a werewolf. Why not? So, Jason, Zak, and Kimberly were called in to help quell the matter. They had to assemble all the Rangers. Just 'cuz some were there and they were fighting among a berserked member doesn't mean the present company wasn't included in the group.

I mean, how else would we have summoned them? Bulk and Skull never got the Rangers to come on command.

2) Our nemesis is Bomegon, the evil twin of both Bogg and Ometon, who are twins themselves, thus making it the perfect non-sense. And he's not a silhouette. Rangers never rocked the shadowy figures. Ever.

3) We're clear over a secret sixth. I think, what, eight disclosed participants?

4) I think I covered our Voltron formation in a previous bag, but I shan't repeat it here since I was borderline line-crossing then.

5) No. Because you asked for it. Asking ruins it.

I dunno, we MIGHT have a super-awesome big ole' comic!

Poor Kirby... Very confused on the premise here.

kirby bug

hello there! i am a passive person in KRR and now, i'll try to active now.

i just have one question for you

is new kirby game is great idea? if yes can you tell me what is the great name for it?

if no can you tell the reason?

A new Kirby game has been a great idea for five years now, and it seems that Nintendo doesn't want it to be anything more than just that -- an idea.

See the previous "Wii" question.


Hi, I was wondering...see one of the translated magna stuff isn't working I think it was Hoshi no Kaabii: Super Deluxe, and I was wordering if it was the site, or was it me? (sometimes my computer hates me ^,^; )

I would like to see it but the thing won't open and a message pops up saying it might be that it was posted wrong or something like that. So if you don't mind...could you see what went wrong or see if anything really did go wrong to begin with. I'd appreciate it!!!

~Thanks!!! =3

Wow, such an exact and pin-point map to the problem. You think it was for Super Deluxe. And not even telling which of the many links it was that was broken? Oh, you know I'll get on this boring grind right away! Thanks for only giving the slightest hint to where the problem is.

I sense sarcasm.



Why did you new mailbaggers have to come????? Leiren could have been an octopus but you guys had to ruin it!!!!!!!


1.Will someone plz tell me how you get the shotsos and lovlove sticks and the bombs in your collection room? I have trying to figure it out for a while. And not even google helped!!!!!

2. if bimblesnaff is still here, when I asked you about if nintendo would ever make a kirby game for the ipod, you said no because it is not a nintendo platform. But there is already a mario game on the ipod!

1) As explained numerous times on this site, visit. That's how you get every item -- except the Twilight Bridge and other Storybook exclusive items (as they are released).

There are supposed to be IF contest items, but I'm not sure if they are supposed to be rewards for placing highly or just given out to any entry. The latter seems like it would flood the contest with even more half-hearted and sucky entries.

2. Why Kirby should never be let on the iPod, ever!



What is the point of earning the pepbrews, star guys, and the maximam tomatoes?



This answer will be the official reply to all questions of the item horde in the future.


do you like tacos? i love tacos!

1. Why is ometon cyring in its portrait?

2. is bimblesnaff named bimblesnaff, gobbo, or squeky bogg? i'm confused.

3. why do some people not know if kirby is a boy or a girl? if he was a girl, would Ribbon have kissed him at the end of crystal shards?

0) Groan.

1) The species that has come to be known as Ometon are covered in spikes. Because of this, they cannot be hugged, and because they cannot be hugged, they are always sad. An expression of sadness is crying. This is Ometon 101, Eats.

3) I think Ribbon kissed Kirby because she thought the puff wasn't a boy. You know what I'm saying. Heh heh heh... I'm saying Ribbon's into neuters. Strange stuff.

I hate all mexican food.

3. I honestly don't feel safe around you Ometon. I mean, I'm not even physically around, and yet I feel sick to my stomach. SHE'S A FREAKIN' TODDLER! lol

2) Much like a normal person, I can have a nickname. But, now, as has been explained too many times, I am not Squeaky Bogg. That is an autonomous character that I simply plaster about here. Uncle Gobbo is the crazy mad scientist.


About the "Collection Room"

What other ways, other than logging in or the storybook can you get items?

Because i'm really wanting to get some more stuff but I can't seem to beat the storybook.

There are no other ways. Otherwise, you'd hear about 'em someplace on this site. Not like I'm hording them or making a super-secret special club for only certain members.

Visit, storybook, and we'll tell you if anything new comes up. Simple, no?


Do you like Kirby?

Of course not! He SUCKS

Please, I'm a stitch!

Get it? 'Cause... inhaling... you know... I'm funny.


Colonel Flanders

Weeeehell, if it ain't the grandaddy of ridicule, Bimblesnaff. From the looks o' it, more than a handful of others are workin' on this thingamajig called the Mailbag. Well ain't that all that and a bag o' lemon parfaits! I say, you all may remember me as Colonel Flanders, the founder of Pop Star Fried Tookey with it's fancy recipe'd fried tookies. Our resturaunt serves enough fried tookies to fill Castle Lololo, and we keep comin' up with new ways to satisfy our hungriest and starvingest of customers. Even the busiest of men take at least one day a week to do some R & R, which is what I'm doin' now! Let's see if y'all can crunch out these questions. Pass that there hot sauce!

I. Do you guys prefer foods of incredible heat and sets your nosehairs ablaze or are ya not into that stuff? Spicy or mild is the question here. How hot? Favorite spicy food(s)?

II. I was thinkin' about puttin' Kirby toys in my Twizzy Meals. What types of toys should I put out for the youngins and obsessive collectors alike?

Whew! That was a whallop of satisfaction. Sadly I must turn in now, for the next day will be quite hectic. We're giving away one free piece of our Not Fried Tookey, and you can bet your rumps that people who tune into Okrah will show up because she announced it on her show last week. I must be prepared! Well, toodles Bimblesnaff & Friends.

1. I luvs da hot sauce! Jalapinio, Anaheim, Poblano, Chipotle, Serrana, Cayenne, you name it, and I don't know how to pronounce it! Never the less, I won't be able to do much talking after I feast on those puppies! (not literally puppies)

2. The Official Ometon Action Figure! (not for people under the age of... well, not for anyone really)


1) You gotta love Spicy Food. It let's Kirby shoot fireballs. Bew! Bew! That's a shootin' sound.


In yet another letter since 69.0, what do you think Dream Land would look like after American McGee's Grimm got through with it? (a sample of Grimm's unique talents in action)

Um, don't you just mean "after American McGee got through it," sans the Grimm part as that is just one creation by designer American? The dude would be the one doing things -- not his game.


Hey mailbaggers!

I got some questions for you, but first I want to point out an error that Bimblesnaff made last session...

You said Chooch never appeared in a mailbag, but he was actually in Issues 45 and 46...

Okay, Questions:

1. What exactly do Bimblesnaff and Ometon's parents look like? I mean, is one of them a goblin and the other a pin cushion? 'Cause I don't see how you could get both of you out of the same species...

2. How can Ometon be both Bimblesnaff's twin brother AND an entire species of depressed pin cushions who cannot be hugged? Was Ometon adopted, or possibly stolen as a baby?

3. Considering that Ometon is "not emo" backwards, how depressing would he be if he WAS emo? Would he be black with really long black hair over his eyes? And where would he cut himself without wrists?

4. Can you post links to all of Gobbo's rants? I always mean to read them later after first seeing the link, but they're all over the place...

5. If MailbagTron is a machine, why doesn't he come with Spellcheck. I mean, he manages to misspell EVERYTHING! I have a sneaking suspicion that he's really just Mailbag Ron. Especially considering that's what MY Spellcheck changed it to...

0) Pfft! You act as though I've ever read a mailbag.

1) Simple. One of the parents is an Ometon and the other is a Squog. By flawed Pokémon breeding mechanics, traits are not mixed but, rather, you get one unaltered species. And so, there you go.

2) Simple! ... Shut up.

3) What do you think that zigzag across him is!?

4) Uncle Gobbo's Rants and Raves

3. NotEmo

"I wish I had wrists..."


1. If you were forced to choose 1 wrasslin game, what would it be?


Hey daimyo, imagine yourself like this, big crown, big fluff on it, virtually closed eyes, near invincibility, and the ability to jump off a rope and land on peoples chests. Awesome.

3. Where did diggery go?

1) Cuddle Roses

3) Lunch. ... Uh, out to lunch. Anyone buying it? No? What do I care...

2. Can... can I answer this?

3. He most definately is not buried in a small ditch outside my house, rotting, earth worms devouring his skull, he most definately is not.


MKL Proud FF Writer

Hi guys!! Well I'm new to this whole mailbag thing since I've only recently discovered the KRR site. Anyway, better get to the stuff:

1) Do you guys like the dub of Kirby of the Stars? Because I do, and now I am very upset because they took it away!!

2) What are your thoughts on the Fumu/Tiff x Meta Knight pairing. It's been around the fan fiction website I go on and I really don't like it. I mean, hello?!! Fumu is just a kid and Meta Knight is an adult. Totally wrong. Agree?

And I think that's it. Well sorry if my questions fall under the categories of stupid/unimportant/crazy, but that's just how I am.

1) I don't get why people act like the show should be back. Any opinion on the series aside, it was a hundred episodes. It ended. Ended shows go off the air. Know what shows are broadcast? New shows. Shows with recently made episodes. Kirby ended years ago. The fact that repeats of it had lasted as long as they did had a lot to do with writers' strikes those years ago. It'd be like if I complained about Project Geeker not being shown anymore. It's old and over. Move on.

2) Yeah, it's fan fiction people. To add insult to that title, it's fan fiction crossers. That's the worst type of people. They pair up siblings. They have no shame or sense of right and wrong. They are just ... just ... horrible.


The kirby wiki is really throwing people off but you know what? A few months ago i went to the kirby wiki. I went to some place on it called the superstar arena and its basicly people voting of what kirby character they like best. They have really bad opinions like people said that sailor dee was better than bandana dee. I MEAN REALLY!!! all sailor dee does is ( like daiyomo says ) whines the whole time and goes down with ship. But you know what ticked me off is that some guy said that Marx was harder than MARX SOUL! SERIOUSLY YOUR KIDDING ME!!! MARX SOUL WAS A STRONGER COOLER SERIOUSLY BADBOY KILLER AND SOME GUY SAYS THE ORIGINAL WAS HARDER?!? ITS JUST SO WRONG!!! discuss

Polls are always just popularity contests. No one ever reads or weighs considerations. Even if the poll is for something bad, the popular name always wins out. It's 'cuz folks don't read. And they're stupid. Probably since they can't read their school books.


Where am I and who are you people?

South of New York, east of Pennsylvania.

Im Kirazy! The Kirazy artist who loves the letter K! I have a few hobbies. I like building, you know woodworking, and the such, and I play soccer. My favorites TV shows would probably have to be American Dad, and The Simpsons. I live in a suburban neighborhood, and... wait... what? Where are you? how should I know that?

Shruggin' Rock

hai guayz

Okay, I know that you guys think that "Mailbag Force" comes from that one letter the one guy sent in about asking people to make a picture of the Super Bogg Bros. battling a bear.


Look it up. It's in the same session were D3D posted the Masked Dedede drawing for the first time.


1. Have you ever created a internet meme, even if it was minor?

2. Where do you lean politically?

3. My Houndoom got frozen by a Kadabra's Ice Punch. :(

4. Yahoo's new homepage is horrible, amiright?

5. What Star Fox quote sticks out the most in your mind? to me it's "Hold it, Fox! He's right behind you!" for reasons unknown, but maybe having something to do with what happens when you Press in a Phoenix Wright game.

6. Do you watch Psych (the TV show)?

2) Lean, or flat on my right side?

3) Shoulda packed a Burnt Berry. Or whatever auto-thaws Pokes. I dunno, I stopped playing at that point.

4) Nod.

6) You mean you aren't talking about peeping at a psychic?

2. I'm a righty, sue me.

3. Fool! You should have seen Kadabra's ice punch coming!

4. I second 'Snaff's nodding.

5. QUICK DO A BARREL ROLL!!! Maybe because that's all I know.

1) I used the first recorded instance of the tilde-bang on KRR, which seemed to have caught on rather nicely here. Normally, it is only pretty big in the IWC. That's not really a meme, but it is somethin'.

2) Although I am fiercely independent, leaning does not imply a complete affiliation. By the numbers, I tend to disagree entirely with more lefty politics, so I guess that means I'm de facto right-tilted. Of course, grouping together largely unrelated issues into a binary grouping is 'bout the stupidest thing you can do, and has only survived so long this way in our country since the current parties ingrained themselves into the law a century ago, thus preventing the normal ebb and flow of a new party rising up when one of the major players did something especially stupid. Y'know, like being against civil rights in the sixties. Can you imagine if that party were still around today? Oh, wait.

And since I am fiercely independent, I'll take this soapy-box time to say both major American political parties are freakin' morons. One's controlled by big companies, and the other is controlled by big companies and pretends that it isn't. Feh.

4) It seems to be a lot faster when I check to see if my one new message is garbagé or not, so no complaints from me. If they let me delete said message from the new page, I'd actually like it instead of just meh it.

6) Psych is such a great show that, if it were a person, I'd cheat on Burn Notice with it. Now that's awesome... and a little disturbing.


Hello there, new crew.

My favorite "What's your favorite" question? Well, none of them because they're kinda stupid. Example: WHAT IS UR FAVORITE LEG? WHAT IS UR FOUVRITE KIRBY GAME? Most of them are already answered, but for some reason, people ask the same "what's your favorite" question almost everytime. I think.... Oh wait the new crew...The answer to "Are you one of the faces?" is obviously no because I am a dumbaaa-adenine tri-phosphate. Well I'm not gonna bother asking questions about the new crew, 'cuz it would be like asking questions to the old crew.

1. What is the most redundant thing you ever said?

Good luck with the 'bag!

0. New crew!? That's ME!

1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, you know the three "R"s. REUSING IS THE SAME THING AS RECYCLE! They should have the three "R"s be Reduce, Reuse, and Redundant.


Mix in marx

Hello there! This is my first mailbag ohh... Anyway first MAILBAG i prefer to use 5W+1H (ohh.. my homework) here goes..


1) What is your any love and grief on KRR?

2) Who is the most important in your life?

3) When do you having a good time? Sunday maybe?

4) Where is the most great and beautiful place when you vacation together with all staff or family?

5) Why... i just took a news. It say, The lost antlactic (antlantis)is part of my country! (tell Dedede-Daimyo. He know where i`m come from)--Is that true????


1) How about attack of the new crew? Is he or she? What kind a Job on KRR? When He/she appear be staff? Please tell us!

Okayy.. that enough.. Apologize me! my english grammar too bad.. But i hope you understand each word :< I`ll do better. Okay bye! Java: Suwun ya! :p

1) The two are both the same. Curse you, statutory rules on behavior!

2) I depend on and know no one, so ... probably a house cactus.

3) Well, I was gonna say Thursday around 9:00pm, but saying Sunday reminded me that Seeker started back up...

4) I've only vacationed in Ohio. Beauty, she ain't know for.

6) You know, asking about the new Mailbag crew during the session that they are answering is kind of a lost cause. They get introduced at the start. They don't need re-introduced to people as though they've been forgotten about since there'll probably be many letters before and after yours getting their attention.

2. Poor Bimblesnaff

It's only as naughty as you want it to be~!


What happened to the 10-year thing? It's been months.

A staffer that was neither Gobbo nor I did it. A shot in the dark as to when those things will come out -- and it's never on schedule, apparently.

But it is not like Kindar could help it. I mean, how much notice could she have had preparing for a ten year anniversary? Oh, wait. Well, she's busy either way. Get over it.


New 'baggers? Time to inflict upon thy old, cliche questions/memes!




Nah, just kidding.

1. What's a commercial you like?

2. What's a commercial you hate?

3. Do you have a Cow Ray? I bet you don't. *laser sounds* *moo*

4. What's your rating scale for funniness?

5. jkssddl;djjskldlkeiewioewpdkl Oh jeez, my Cow Ray backfired and those were my frantic attempts at typing with hooves. I'm human again now, though. Has anything ever backfired on you?

Thanks, and hope you are good Mailbaggers!

0. Yes, I like pie. Windows is better, and NO Those are my bases, they don't belong to you's!

1/2. A commercial? Who needs commercials when I have TiVo! It's worth the money, trust me.

3. I'm sorry are you the mailbagger here? 'Cuz you pretty much answered your own question. Maybe you'd like to feild the next question? Yeah, i didn't think so, haha!

4. I guess 1-10? Or would you rather me have a funny rating scale for rating funniness, like "Doonesbury" funny to "Hit-in-the-Crotch" funny.

5. How did you type the 4th question if the cow ray backfired during the third question? Or, maybe... maybe you DON'T have a cow ray after all! Liar!

Anything ever backfired on me? I doubt it, I'm clean as a bean. I can get away with anything I want. Call me Kirazy, master Kriminal.

3) Apparently, NC2 likes to cow ray himself. Hey, to each his own... to be creepy, weird, and judged by the masses harshly.

4) "Kamikaze Wedding Cake" to rest of Rumbl-o-Rama 2.

5) You could say.

1) There was this one Baskin Robbins commercial... Lots of salivating, little to do with the ice cream. Good lerd, am I a sad, sad, little man.

2) Ones that say that buzz words "family" or "choice." "Choose to buy our product... for your family~!" Like they're freakin' empowering you to fork over your cash. So pandering, and even worse, it works.

3) A cow ray is a bovine with one fixed side and another that continues infinitely in one direction.

5) So, you can ask about funny scales fine while typing with hooves? 'Cause Numbah Four seemed entirely legible and all.


New baggers?Ooh.Oh where are my manners?


1.Are you happy with your new positions?

2.Do you have any interesting skills?

3.The mailbag will still be funny right?RIGHT?

4.If any of you see Ometon please tell him I want my spork back.

5.Good luck with the new job!


2. Noooooooope.

3. Punchline

4. What?


Am I banned from the mailbag or something? Really. I've changed, I am no longer the dope who spelled Daimyo wrong.

I'm watching you, Bazz...

P.S. I saw the Thanksgiving pic 'Snaff made. Yes, I saw myself.

Yourself? You said that was Cubone Queen! Sounds like someone doesn't know how to stick to their own story.

And you know what that means folks.



Doctor NK

New kids, huh? Well ain't that cute. It's not wrong, either! I have questions for you all indeed. I'll try to keep the questions as answerable by everyone as possible, since I don't know who I'm talking to.

Firstly! How long have you been visiting KRR? What's your favorite area of the site? The forums? The chat? Might I continue by suggesting you folks visit both the forums and the chat. It would be nice to have a bit more activity back there! (plug plug)

Secondly. Who are some of your favorite members? You can just go ahead and skip Diddgery since he'll probably be the first on your list.

Thirdly. Suddenly you're on a bus. The bus is heading for Anime. You could jump out of the bus right this moment, and never reach your destination of Anime, or you could reach Anime, and never be able to return. What do you do? (hint: you could also stay on the bus, but it isnt gonna go anywhere after it reaches Anime. youd basically be living in a bus forever. also i can't guarantee youd survive jumping out of a bus. its goin kinda fast.) You're falling out of an airplane. Your parachute is filled with rocks, which makes you wonder why you took it in the first place. There's a lake beneath you, which would (in this situation) undoubtedly save you from your death if you landed in it. You have no guarantee you will land in it, but you have a single reset button, which would take you back to the highest point of your fall, and will disappear once used. Meaning, you get two chances to try to reach the lake. Or, you can throw the reset button into the lake, and be transported to Anime. Also: your aim is suddenly really good. You will MOST PROBABLY get it in the lake IF you try hard enough. What do you choose? You must give this grave thought.

Good luck gentlemen, and take it easy.

Firstly: Actually, I'm a pretty much a newby here. I believe I joined about, maybe a year ago. So yeah, you can call me a rookie here.

Secondly: Well, I'd say probably of course the famouse Dedede Daimyo, Leiren, SuperYoshi, I could go on, I like a lot of KRR-goers!

Thirdly: Pardon me, but what the hell are you talking about? This makes absolutely no sense at all.

Fourthly: I'm sorry, are you drunk or something? Like, honestly, this makes absolutely no sense at all. OW! OW! My brain! You're confusing me! Woozie..., Ooh, I might have to sit out for the next letter...

1) I've been coming here for years. I remember the hop over to Classic Gaming, and possibly a move before that. Or, maybe I just found the abandoned site and was directed to the pre-CG era. Don't really remember the specifics of it since I was just visiting the site for game information back then, nothing communal.

As for the boards and such, I tried to avoid that plunge as though I was staring into a pool of acid... with... with specially bred acid resilient sharks. I had just come out of a bad break-up with my internet alma mater, Azure Heights, and wanted nothing to do with communities for a while. However, once the Front Page Challenge was started, I thought I might shimmy on into the message boards and chats since I'd be interacting with the main site. Little did I know...

So, I officially joined at the end of '03, was employed at the site by Kindar Spirit directly within two years to do what brought me here (Front Page), and slowly branched out to absorb other people's abandoned roles across the two years to turn into the ruthless, overlording tyrant with an iron fist I am today.

2) I like the folks who act like they graduated grade school. Sadly, there's folks still in who I've mistaken for college students and, more often the case, vise versa. But, yes, ya gotta love the Resorters who with sense and actively contribute to the site. Leaving any current or past "new fangle" Baggers outta the listing ('cuz of course they're in my good graces), I'd round up folks like Sapphire, With a Hat, & Qtie4U. All but one have drawing ability. That seems to go hand-in-hand with brains and non-loserdom.

3) Firstly, I load said bus up with high explosives. Secondly, I leap from stated vehicle as it's passing Japanimation and have it destroy the destination of Animé. Lastly, I enjoy the well made, decent, pre-Pokémon production pieces that were all robots, blood, and action rather than ... dead air... contemplation... and coffee shops.

The Random Insanity

So... This is Kirby's Rainbow Republic. Now that I finally have joined, I can achieve my goal of world domin... asking questions.

So then, the Theme. New faces... I don't think my face has been stolen yet. But it is a matter of time.

On to the questions!

1. Why do people always ask questions like 'what's your favorite kind of pie'?

2. If you controlled the Republic, how would you rule it?

3. Why do I call this place Kirby's Rainbow Republic?

4. Did you steal my face?

4.2. This is not a question about Life, The Universe, and Everything.

Well I'm out of random insanity today, but I shall return!

-The Random Insanity

2. The Democratic Republic of Congo? God help the citizens.

4. Face

That's rasberry jam, by the way~! =D

0) Hey, world "domin" is my spiel!

1) Unfunny, unoriginal, unintelligent. You get it.

2) Whaddaya think is goin' on right now?!

3) Refer to #1.

3) Because you cannot think of more hilarious alternate abbreviations like "Kindergarten Rifle Range." That works on so many levels...

4.2) Of course it isn't; there's a decimal point in the way. Even without, it would have to be an answer, not a question, and then only a tenth of the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

5) You are out of yourself?... Actually, that explains a lot.

Closing Statments: Okay, there is no way we are gonna top the combined efforts of children with high-powered firearms and Kirby stealing people's faces.

Theme Alert! How did you like Kirby Wii? Oh right, it didn't come out! Time to hear about it, so long as "it" isn't when the blutty thing will be coming out. Oh yeah, and Kirazy will probably be back around again, so long as he didn't break his tablet from this session.

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can!

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