November 15th 2009

Today, we take a close and detailed look at alternate uses for Cornucopia. However, there is a more important matter at hand.

Take a lookit Mailbag Force for the last time, at least for a while. For seriously this time, they are takin' a nap. Expect a whole new crew for the next go!... and Bimblesnaff still... and if we run out of time with little response, some old, trusty standbies.

Dedede-Daimyo has a big surprise comin' up for Rainbow Resort, but he took time out of his busy schedule to once again put more letters-per-letter down than any other 'Bagger. Way to way, Daimyo~!

Everyone here at the Mailbag is working hard on transforming Lei into some sort of octo-blob instead of Little Miss Kirby. That, or at least get some reaction from her for turning her into an octo-blob.

Diddgery has been a staple of the Mailbag for quite some time. The paper kind, too. He is nice to have around the office, and is somehow more convenient than just using tiny bent pieces of metal.

Bimblesnaff will be around next time, so he isn't that important to cover now. He does want to say that Daimyo isn't the only one who can do elaborate artwork -- he's just the only one good at it~!

- Ometon


Hi there! I've (obviously... or maybe not obviously?) got some questions for you.

1: Do you guys watch anime or read manga? I know I do!

2: What anime did you first see ever? With me, I think it was either Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh or Hamtaro.

3: If you said yes to question one, what anime/manga do you watch/read? I read Death Note and Yu-Gi-Oh. because Yu-Gi-Oh is super special awesome. (If you get the reference, you get a cookie.)

4: What are you gonna do for Halloween?

...I guess that's it for now, so bye! I hope my questions weren't asked TOO often! Also, Happy Halloween! ...But by the time you guys will have answered this, I guess it'll be PAST Halloween. If that's the case, question 4 is "What DID you do for Halloween?"

1) I watch Japanimation. There's a difference, folks, in quality and about twenty years.

2) G-Force or Transformers G1. Hadda be one of them.

3) The reference to Yu-Gi-Oh boosts your attack power by 18%! But then you realize "What type of stupid card game would require its players to bring a calculator?" and throw away your gaudy arm appendage.

1) Manga, yes. Anime... not so much. I prefer reading over watching something more often than not.

2) Princess Mononoke when it was first released in theatres. My dad thought it was a good family movie that he could show the kids. Oh, how wrong he was! I also watched whatever was on good ol' Toonami every so often.

3) I answered this one in the last session. Though I don't see why you'd think a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged is obscure enough to warrant a cookie reward when it's been around for several years and is certainly the most well-known Abridged Series.

4) I stayed at home, did some stuff with my friends, nothing notable.

1) Not so often. I have watched/read a couple good ones.

2) Tenchi Muyo and Hamtaro.

4) Went to a church, stole won candy, the end.

1: Yes, I really do enjoy partaking in both those activities, when I can find the time. I can say for certain, that I would not know as much about Japanese culture as I do today if it weren't for being a fan of select Anime and Manga. Like what the others said, however, it is very important that you choose your interests carefully. (Un)Fortunately, most of the time I reserved in the past for said art-appreciation has since been replaced by working on my own artwork.

2: Oyayube Hime Monogatari, adapted for the US as Thumbelina: A Magical Story. Yes, I have many fond memories of that movie. Also, some of the pseudo-anime they used to show on Nick Jr., way back in the day.

4: My karma has been restored!-- I stayed home and gave out lots of candy to little tykes; And even healthy flat-bread when the reserves ran dry.


0. I didn't see my submission in the last issue. I'd appreciate it if they were eventually answered, but just in case you decide against it, here's some questions that go with the theme:

(I'm going to attempt vaguely Halloween-ish themed questions that have the best chance of NOT being asked by other users)

1. Have you ever dressed up as your avatar? Ever? (Halloween, costume parties, etc.)

2. Which person's ghost would scare you the most?

3. Have you ever witnessed anything paranormal or supernatural?

4. Did you have a traumatizing experience as a child?

5. Which issue of "Mailbag" honestly scared/upset you the most?

6. Have you ever had a nightmare involving Kirby characters?

7. What's the scariest Internet meme in your opinion?

8. Who was your favorite person to visit while trick-or-treating?

9. Is there a scary movie/TV episode that occasionally haunts you?

Thank you for your time!


1. Only every day of my Japanafile life~! Er, well at least I would like to. Darn my area for having no Asian clothes store.

2. Betelgeuse, the ghost with the most.

3. Don't make me face the reality that the world is not as fantastic as I believe it is!

5. Issue # 66. In great disgrace, I could have easily returned, but instead I opted out, and have been trying to reclaim my glory ever since. Now, I have no time for Mailbag, and yet I manage to do it anyway!

1) The day I dress up as Diddgery is the day that I certifiably lose my mind.

3) Oh, how I wish.

4) If I did, I wouldn't tell everyone on the internet about it!

7) Go To McDonald is the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that could qualify.

9) Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and hear a small voice whisper, "I got a rock." Then, for the briefest of seconds, I can see a small child wearing a bedsheet with too many holes cut into it before he vanishes without a trace. Spooky...

1) ...I can't ever see that happening, without it being... well, I guess Halloween is supposed to be scary, right?!

2) Casper's!! Wait... crap.

4) The time where I was holding onto the pantry door swinging from it and knocked my new, adult teeth from their place on the knob. That began a fun series of DENTAL CARE~!

5) Anything I was in...

7) Anything with Ronald McDonald.

8) Uhh... my best friend??

9) ROFL Diddgery Uhmmm... one time I had a dream that seemed to be fueled by Pink Elephants On Parade that was equally horrific.

1) I don't think I'd fit in that costume. Plus, it'd come across more as "creepy" and "officer, arrest me".

4) There was this one instance involving a mirror. Luckily, it shattered into a million pieces shortly after, each of which gouged out its imaginary eyes before breaking yet again.

9) Not one in particular. It's more of a composite of zombie movies.

1) As the Ometon, no, but I dress up as my regular internet avatar everyday. Somehow, the caricature I created a decade ago slowly transformed into me as the real-life me slowly turned into it -- up until the point we both sucked in equal amounts.

6) By the complete neglect numbah six received, I'm gonna guess that's a big "no" to nightmares about Dream Land.


I read Gobbo's rant about Meta Knight, and I must say that I don't think Meta Knight was ever evil, even before 4Kids nuked him.I think that he always had good intentions, but was a "the ends justify the means" kind of guy. In other words, he was more of a complex character than a straight-up "goody-goody" or "baddy-baddy". But you know firsthand the vendetta 4Kids has against complexity of any form!

Yes, other than the above-stated point, I agree with you entirely on all three of your rants that I've read (the MK one, the Marx one, and the Sword one, which was actually your ability review for sword). So I want to know: do you have any other rants on this site? Not counting every session of Gurus or Mailbag.

Speaking of Gurus, I can brag about a momentous achievement: I looked something up instead of asking Gobbo about it! I had seen a video on Newgrounds featuring Kirby fighting lots of minibosses at once, and there were two I didn't recognise. Obsure minibosses might be grounds for a gurus inquisition, but I appeased Gobbo's apparent wishes and found the answer myself. The minibosses were Master Green and Waiyu. I was thinking: would any of you like to see these bosses make a comeback? I'd like to see Master Green appear in a game I actually own, but not so much Waiyu. I kind of want to keep the Ninja count down a bit.

That's... that's not really something worth bragging about. It's like saying, "instead of asking my teacher how to spell a word, I used a dictionary! PRAISE ME."

Though I'm a bit surprised you did apparently recognize Haboki and Captain Stitch. I guess you just haven't played Dreamland 2. Either way, I'd love to see Master Green reappear, and it'd be nice if Waiyu made a comeback to properly give out Ninja ability.

1) Almost everything in Kirby can be viewed as more complex than it really is. You must clear your mind of these thoughts, and view Dream Land as it simply is. It'll make everyone's lives a lot easier

2) Ah-ah, you forgot his "The Anime" rant.

3) Good ol' KineTheGenius made that awesome animation. I'd like to see his face around KRR again. And by that, I mean I've only seen his work through looking in the archives, as he really hasn't been around for ever.


Cloudodom provides 1.0 for a Cornucopia. (It may not have anymore value than 1, but it sounds pretty snazzy!)You can use it as a hat. (I don't know, I never saw one in real life.)

1. What's the heck's a Cornucopia? A swirly pastry?

2. What's your most cherished memory of Thanksgiving?

3. Turkey or Tofurkey?

4. Worst memory of Thanksgiving?

Have a tasty Thanksgiving~

1) For those who are uninformed, a cornucopia is a goat's horn overflowing endlessly with fruit, grain, and other sorts of things. It's been a symbol of the harvest since ancient Greek times!

3) I prefer real food.

1) Not just any goat, Diggery, but it was the horn of... the Capricorn, Amalthea! That's right, the same source of the Aegis -- Zeus's and later Athena's stretched-hide shield -- was also the goat which nursed the King of Olympus when he was hidin' from cannibal daddy.

Why it was also a sea-goat, I have no idea. Mythology is wacky like that. Ovid prolly covered it in Metamorphoses. I can't remember at the time, so I'll just say it had something to do with birds or flowers, which covers 'bout 99% of Metamorphoses.

Nowadays, Cornucopia are wicker funnel baskets. Much less tasty than pastries.

2) Cherished memory? One time my (older) brother's hair caught on fire on a candle sitting innocuously on the table.

4) Worst memory? That future instance when my own hippie hair catches fire for laughing at my brother all those years ago...

2) My grandma who every year cooked a Thanksgiving feast by herself!

3) Tofurkey. Definatly Tofurkey. I love that stuff because it is in agreement with my strict regiment of self-government. In fact uzu-uzu, now that you have brought it up, I gotta have some now; can't wait any longer!

4) Probably being forced to eat what my other relatives have cooked; though it may be a free meal (nearly every year), a lot of it does not agree with me. That, or what Ometon said. I can so relate.

2) Probably playing Mario Galaxy while my aunt was over.

3) How about Tookie turkey?~

4) Being given bad-smelling food...


For a second, I thought you guys no longer existed! Welcome back to the action.

1. How many fan girls do you guys have?

2. What is your darkest secret you're willing to share?

3. Does the idea of baskets disturb you or are you just not that crazy?

4. How much ramen do you consume?

5. How big is your computer monitor resolution?

1. I can't see any, so I'll have to say, not many.

2. 私は本当にアジア人ではありません。/:(

3. You are a basket-case.

4. Surprisingly, not much. That stuff is unhealthy, and such a low form of nourishment is below the standards of this feudal lord. Commoner's food! Especially the 25-cent American variety.

5. I lack the ability to measure anything by intuition. My ruler says 13x8.5”

1) The answer will always be "not enough."

2) With all the stuff I say here, do you think I've been holding anything back?

4) I can cook and have means to drive to the super market in order to procure ingredients for said cooking, so no ramen for me.

1) Zero, but I don't think I want any fangirls.

2) I see dead people.

3) Baskets on their own aren't disturbing, but if they have something freaky inside of them, I suppose they could be. Like, I remember this one scary story where a man was walking along a dark road at night, and spotted a girl carrying the basket. So he asked to carry it for her, but then he tripped and dropped it, and inside was a severed head, and maybe it was the girl's head? Okay, maybe I don't remember it as well as I think.

1) I should hope I don't have any.

4) By time you receive this message, I will already have consumed several bowls of it.

5) Tiny, which is why I'm blind.

1) I sure hope you have many. Er, I mean one. I have exactly one known fan girl. Or, rather, Squeaky Bogg does. I get his, tho'.

2) I am Leirin's fangirl.

Squeaky Bogg

Probably George

Since the mailbag is on a normal schedule again...

I decided to write in.

About that company refrigerator of yours...

If you store all your unread mail in it, then where does the food go?

Do you believe in... uhhh... ghosts?

And finally... How old are you? Feel free not to answer, because none of you prbably will.

P.S. Why are you celebrating thanksgiving so late? Unless there's something else you use a cornycopia for?

We're not late. You're early. Durn Canuck...

Food went in our stomachs. Then mail goes in refrigerator. Now, old mail is our food. Because of this, we are malnourished and turning into ghosts at a rapid pace.

That covered everything rather nicely, didn't it? Oh, wait, age. Meh, that's posted elsewhere for me. And still nobody cares~!

Chaos Kiwi

Hi there. I have some questions for you. But that's obvius, isn't it?

If you all fought in a battle royale, who do you think would win?

What would you do if you found a CD-i Kirby game in you room?

Whow would win? Ninjas or Pirates?!


0) I love the completely worthless question starter. People always think it's worth it, like "Hey, how about I waste some of your life." Little by little, the whole of years have been lost for no raisin.

1) The obvius answer to that is Ometon because he would design the combatant rumble and have inner knowledge to its inner workings. Inner. It's not like any of us know how to design, plan, or coordinate anything. Properly.

2) I would be shocked that a dimensional portal connected You's room to the Chinese black market and would immediately use said doorway to acquire myself a cute, black market, Chinese doll. Uh... you know. The plush kind.

3) Whow: for when your sentence doesn't have enough dubbyas.

1) All I know for certain is that I would probably be the first one out. Mailbag Force? Yeah, that doesn't reflect reality at all.

3) Ah, the internet. Where the same old, tired jokes can become fresh and new once again (But only for the people who have never seen them before).

1) I would have to wimp out and sit on a bench within the first five seconds...

2) I would savour every second of it, of course.

3) "Whow" would claim champ.

1) I would. But then I'd have to enact seppuku to restore the bond between my superiors.

2) I do not own the Phillips console on which to play it, so... I'd sell it on the black market... I mean, the yellow market... Damn, Gobbo. You're too good!

3) Can you guess my answer? >_>

Daimyo's 3) Cowboys, of course, 'cuz he oh-so loves American, Western culture!

No, Bimble-sama. In this case, I would have said Native American Indians... but if sticking to the question of “who would win”, then yeah. *shed a tear*


Hi guys. In regards to the theme, cornucopias make great hats.

So now that it is out of the way, let's get down to business!

1. How long should I keep up my Halloween decorations?

2. Why does cherry flavored lollipops taste like cough syrup?

3. Why does this sand smell like paint? I feel funny...

4. Is the doc in the house?

1) Keep 'em up till fungus says otherwise.

2) Because cough syrup is just liquefied lollipops. The drug companys, they lie!

3+4) No, and hopefully it'll prevent any further letters like this from comin' it.


After lurking for ages, I finally mustered up the courage to write in. Or rather, I finally found the place to send stuff in, lul. I must be stupid. :>

Anywayz, I'm here and I don't even have any good questions to ask. Here goes anyway...

1) Where'll Rainbow Resort be moving to? Google's always there, but I use it and I can never find the site I want anyway.

2) This is for Daimyo, if he's there(Most likely he will be. Yay!).

How do you pronounce the vowels in Japanese? A, i, u, e, and o? I think it's "ah ee ooh eh oh". But my friend's brother argued that it's "ay ih ooh eh oe". Who's right?

We're probably both wrong and right in some way..

3) It said to write in english. *rebel*


4) My mattress.. er... exploded. Can I stay at your house instead? :D

Well, that's all the stupid crud my brain can handle at the moment. One last thing - Can you put up really badly written mail up? They're pretty funny. And don't say it's this one, I make efforts to fix my typos, you evil peoplez.

Kthxbai. :>

0) They said it, folks, not us. *sniff* It's not as fun when they take the honor themselves...

1) The Resort is being moved to the moon. We are being air-to-space lifted off by a fleet of flying whales as we speak. ... Type... Are read?

2) 'Cuz it's not like I have any knowledge of Nipponji or have explained how it works before.

Regardless, your opponent is wholly off base on all points (except for the "e" which both of you surprising note as "eh", which makes quite a mystery as many folks insist on Pokeemon and King Deedeedee) while you appear to be completely in the right.

But, why take my word for it? Here it straight from the computerized horse's mouth! There's entire websites that say how to pronounce every syllable? Click the noise you wanna here and here it away!

1) Hopefully, in the right direction, now that Kindar-Hime has returned. Still, I can't help shake the brooding feeling that things will again revert back to the same situation as has been present for upwards of 10 months now. Joy~

2) Daimyo's dropping it Ondo-style~!

3) You are a month late for the Mid-Autum Moon Festival! Shame...

4) Did the mattress's explosion have anything to do with you? If so, then... maybe.


If you had kids, what would you use them for?

What is your favorite type of weapon and why?

How would you react if someone you trusted with your life gave you a poisoned piece of cake?

If you could be any Kirby character/enemy, who would you be, why would you be them, and what would you do as that creature?

If I were to give you one of my kidneys, how would that affect our relationship?

Lastly, Hayao Miyazaki, what do you think about his movies and would you go see Ponyo?

1) I'd weep for the world, and that goes if any of us did.

4) I'd be Bounder, mostly so I could keep arms. Those things are handy. Plus, the ability to scale any wall would come in handy. In your telescope's face, Ometon! I'm heading to the Alpha Zeta Nu sorority!

5) It'd shorten it, that's for sure, but my belly would be filled.

1) ...I'd have to use my kids for something?

2) Lances, of course!

4) I'd be Coo, one of the most helpful Animal Friends, with his sturdy ability to pull through the strongest of winds.

6) Miyazaki's a fantastic artist and filmmaker. ...I saw Ponyo with one of my friends a couple months ago.

2) What sort of weapon are we talking? There's a lot of choices, you know: Close-range, distanced, modern, medieval, fictional... Let's just say Soul Edge and leave it at that.

3) I would eat it. If I didn't, I would be all sorts of paranoid! Though I would probably become all sorts of paranoid if I survived the poisoning.

4) Polof. That way I could learn its terrible rabbit secrets!

6) Awesome all around- like all filmmakers some of his movies are better than others, but they all have a high level of quality. I wasn't able to see Ponyo in theatres, but I do plan on seeing it once it's released on DVD.

1) I'd use them how any other respectable parent would: to live-out my dreams and fantasies through their lives. By the way you worded the question, I know that is what you wanted to hear.

2) Chin Gentsai's Bottle-Gourd-on-a-rope, from the King Of Fighters. Not only can it be shot-out and used as a bludgening-yoyo divice, but shots can be taken from it, as it holds sake~

3) Like all attempts to feed me crap food I don't agree with, it would probably be met with me saying, “Uh, no-no. I'm not hungry. Please, I don't feel like it. I'd rather eat something else...” and other such lies. Nevertheless, I would be spared the poisoning.

4) I'd be Blopper (shocker) so I could throw poisoned cake at people. Have a taste of your own medicine!

Doktor Aien Keih Ph.D.

Hello current stock of well informed delivery capable item packagers. I have a minor series of contemplations for you all.

How long have you all been working here? Is the experience rewarding? How do you feel?

Have you ever felt something was.. missing? Something that should be, but isn't?

How was your day? Have you eaten lunch?

What was it? Did you save me any?

How has your august been so far? Anything particularly interesting happen? Find a girlfriend? *heh*

I appreciate you taking into consideration answering my simple questions. This is Doctor NK, signing off.

Take it easy.

1) I feel like killing everyone with a rusty shovel!

2) I think my conscious is missing... Possibly because I dug it out with a rusty shovel!

3-6) I had some chicken noodle... Okay, so it was a rusty shovel. Wait, rust is the brown, goopy stuff that smells like manure, right?

Hey NK.

1) I think I was forum and chat staff from 2006 to 2008, and I also wound up doing the Mailbag near the end of 2006 as well. That's longer than I thought. Wow. Time sure flies, huh? Right now I feel... oh, let's say "decent."

2) I know my heart should guide me, but/There's a hole within my soul

4) Oh, you!

1) Pff, work? What work? Oh wait... that. *sigh*

2) My left lung.

5) August didn't last long enough. Summer as a whole was short. Probably because I made it fall off a cliff... okay, I'll never pun again.

6) No, I think I'll take it hard instead. Take it like a man!


...Huh. So. On with the questions.

I. What are your views on modernism?

II. What is your favorite classic Disney movie? Hard to say for me... perhaps Pinocchio.

III. What was your biggest dream as a child (or just your dream period, if you still have it)?

IV. How exactly does Kirby "wrap" his stubby little arms around objects, i.e. swords and the Star Rod? It seems like it would be difficult to do let alone battle that way.

V. If you had a dream last night, what happened?

VI. Without looking, what shirt are you wearing?

Hasta la vista roman numerals.

I. On my monitor after Googling it.

III. Opening a greasy diner in spaaace!

VI. My "Ohio, The Buckeye State" shirt, which is probably nearly as old as I am. That's some good shirt, right there.

II. The Sword in the Stone, or also Pinocchio.

III. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut and go to Mars. Then I learned about what it takes to be an astronaut, and how long a journey to Mars would actually take. Now the only way I'm going to space is if I shell out the cash for one of those commercial space flights.

IV. I asked this once to Ivy back in the old Gurus- mainly because I wanted to ask a question but wasn't sure what to ask. She gave some sort of answer about how they kind of wrapped their nubs around it, but nowadays I'm pretty sure the correct answer would be "don't question it!"

VI. A red one!

How did you change your appearance? You're an octo-witch!

I. The new ways are never as good as the old. They are better!

II. Usually, whatever one I am watching at the moment. Mulan

III. Something unrelated to outer-space. Sculpting everything I ever wanted out of clay Stopit!

IV. I have grown to despise the notion that Kirby actually wraps his flabby-arm around held items, so instead, I always either draw him with the object held behind or on the tip of his flipper, as was the old-style. The anime propagated the “wrapped” look, because everything in that had to have thumbed-gloves or fingers.

VI. Karate DoBahk so old, it's coming apart at the seams. It's my Obake attire, Yoisho!

Daimyo's II) Are you sure it isn't Saludos Amigos? Come on now, Daimyo. We know how into Mexican culture you are!

No answering your own mail!


Hiya, guys! Me, again! Just got back from my vacation to Oregon and San Francisco. Anyways, a few questions and comments:

1) When is the KSSU page going to be worked on? It's been quite a while since its release...

2) Just a few general/random questions now. What's your LEAST favorite planet in Milky Way Wishes? (If you've played/finished it?) Mine is Hotbeat, ugh....

3) Why did they replace Capsule J with Capsule J2? I found Capsule J1 much cuter...

4) Straying away from KSS/U,(Omg) in general, what are your favorite Kirby music tracks? (If you'd like, you can name one from each game you've played.)

5)What's your favorite power combo from Kirby 64? (If you've played it.)

Okay, comments now:

1) I love this site so much, and I hope it will be around for years to come~!

2) You guys are all so awesome, nya~!

3)Finally, saltwater taffy for all! *gives you all a ginormous bag of taffy* Seeya~!

2) I hate Flora. It's most annoying to get through than fun with the season changes.

3) Apparently, it had a resemblance to one TwinBee. Although, I still think it looking like Waddle Doo had a lot to do with it.

2) I'm going to have to agree on Hotbeat, if only because I used to always miss the Fire ability when I first played the game. Sorry, Chameleo Arm!

5) Stone + Cutter.

1) I believe asking only prolongs its stay in limbo.

2) The most worthless planet in Milky Way Wishes has got to be... Pop Star! Because you spend the whole game trying to save it, and yet you never even get to access it.

4) The classic music from Kirby's Adventure and its remixed remake. King Dedede's theme gets better with every installment.

1) It's kind of depressing seeing that page for me. I-I almost want to do something about it.

2) Flora. ughhhhh.

5) Didn't we answer this last time? ...Er, the drill and lightning saber thingy.

1) Getting some active staffers who even own the game -- let alone a DS on which to play said game -- might help. Gobbs and I are in it for the Classic Gaming, which is no longer in our URL, but still in our hearts. Black and whithered and non-existent though they may be.


It has been a while since the last mailbag hasn't it? I am fairly new to the site, so go easy on me!

1. Do you prefer Meta Knight with white eyes or yellow?

2.Do you like lamingtons?

3. Do you think that Meta Knight is cute without his mask? I sure do!

4. What do you think would happen if InuYasha and Kirby met?

5. Is my username silly?

Ok Bye.

1) I prefer him with no eyes showing. Bust it old school!

2) I like Langoliers better.

3) It looks like Kirby. The real question is "Is Kirby cute?"

4) By my dearest wishes, Kirby would gobble him up and spit him out. No one wants that copied.

2) Lamington...? Well, I've hit my quota for semi-obscure references this session.

3) With or without a mask, Meta Knight can only be one thing: a pretty cool guy.

5) Yes. Yes it is.

1) I prefer it the way it actually is: white. :P

3) It isn't when you hear his voice in Brawl and imagine it coming out of that...

5) I'll be honest, I like it.

2) Anything but Nookingtons.

3) Based on this, I can deduce that you prefer Meta Knight with white eyes, nya?

4) Ono, I forgot to draw this, didn't I? It's definately for the best.

5) Brutally honest here, you'll be changing your screen name. I don't know when, but every "X-Kirby" becomes something else. Diz came from Disaster Kirby, Glöd came from Gold Kirby -- you just don't have a choice in these sorts of things.

And you don't just have one copyrighted property in your name, but two! And you can't just pull a Dr. NK, either, 'cause the initials "BK" will make people hungry for hamburgers.

Rafael Luik

Kirby Wii has been officially announced for Japan!

"Hoshi no Kirby (Working title) — 2009" -- the same words I have been reading for years, except the number at the end keeps going up each time.

Also, isn't the year already almost over?? Pretty ridic to still claim it's coming out within a month.

Quite so. Tackled earlier up, restating what has been said already with no display of incentive to do anything different amounts to nothing. They might as well say "It comes out tomorrow!" We won't see it. A little more than a vague date is needed.


Hi, this is the first time I wrote a question to you guys, so I have a couple of questions:

1.- If you $#!% an apple, and apple juice is apple, why don't you $#!% that out?

2.- What about yogurt? Where that came out?

3.- Why Metaknight want a revenge in Kirby Super Star?

4.- Do you guys speak other languages than English?

5.- Favorite color?

6.- Why life is so cruel?

Thanks if you answer all my questions, and sorry for my bad english (is not my main language)

3) Revenge of Meta Knight was the masked swordsman taking out his rage against his treatment in the animated series. That's right. He was so enraged that his wrath seethed backwards through time.

1. LOLWUT? ...I mean, A-Dokkoi!? You weren't kidding about your bad english-- this is really bad english.

6. Life may seem cruel, but death is much more so.

1) Hey, this is a family site! ...Ostensibly.

Oh, wait, English isn't your first language? In that case, uh... hm.

4) Not really. I know a bit of Japanese, but not enough to actually speak it well.

6) Life is but a moment/A single grain of sand/That slips right through the hourglass/And slips right through your hand

1) Good word.

2) Buy 'n Large, is your superstore~ we got all you need~ and so much more~ props to anyone who even gets this

4) Uhhhh... I think I used to speak some French when I was little.


6) It's only as cruel as you make it to be.


Cornucopia sounds like some sorta ancient civilization. Anyway, seems to me like it could be used for any type of carrying device. Maybe it could be used for a goat costume...

Or a christmas stocking...

Or to play a joke on people and make them think you've gone deaf...

So there seems to be a fairly solid 5 mailbagginaters now: Needle Gooey, Bumblesniff, Dedede Dynamite, Horned Teddiursa, and... female... kirby? LIST THEM IN IMPORTANCE! NOW!

(Man, that's all?! I should just come up with a list of backup questions. It's gettin' harder and harder to come up with not-horrible mailings!)

"It's gettin' harder and harder to withstand these horrible namings", is more like it~!

Next time, let's all come up with a revenge towards Topmonhit's name. *Spoilers* It'll prolly be a certain Pokemon!*

Bimblesniffer is the most important as the Mailbag would not still be around if it weren't for his efforts. Fourth Dimension is the next-most as he contributes what is taken to be the most popular segments. Then Diggery gives us credibility as the only carry-over from the previous era. Lay's Octopus Chips rounds it up by simply not being me.

And finally, in order of importance, there is me, who only comes by to say things when nobody else answers a question. Like this one right now.


1. Cornucopia can be used as a fruit smoothie machine. You just put a blender at the bottom, put the fruit in, and yay! Instant smoothie!

2. Are you surprised someone listened to the theme?

3. What do you think is the worst fan comic?

4. If you are the most humble, say I.

5. Do you fell bad for the endangered tigers?

6. I was an ostrich for halloween.

1) The conical, twisted shape would barely allow for optimal smoothing. Failure!

3) Far too many to pick from, although one "Baby Flora" comes to mind. I may have deleted it.

5) I feel bad for the poachers of endangered tigers. How will they feed their families once they're all gone?

2) Quite a few do, actually. Ever since the first time I said no one listens to themes, people have "proven me wrong." What they don't know, however, is that they are proving me right in my unspoken axiom: Saying no one pays attention to themes gets the patrons to stay on theme~!

4) "Aye." You meant "aye." "Aye" means yes, whereas "I" is a nominative personal pronoun. (My linguistic skills are not most humble.)

6) What sorcery is this?! Oh, wait, you meant a costume, didn't you? Well, that is much less interesting, isn't it?


The cornucopia could make a stunning hat, or you could use it as A GIANT ICE CREAM CONE!

Ok, question time-

1. Have you guys ever played one of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?

2. Are any of you guys good cooks?

3. Now that Kirby Super Star has been remade for the DS, do you think they might remake Kirby 64 for DS? Or do you think that they'll make another original game?

4. What's your ideal Thanksgiving meal?

5. If Robotnik told you that he'd have to give you a "PRRRRROMOTION", would you accept?

6. What do you guys think of newest DS being developed?

7. What is your favorite British Comedy show/movie?

I'm running out of ideas for questions to ask, so I guess I'll just stop asking right now.

So long until next time!

2) I bake more than I cook.

3) I don't see the logic behind that. Besides, they already ported Crystal Shards to the Virtual Console. So, they pretty much shot themselves in the foot as for getting people to pay money for it.

7) Monty Python, yo. Take yer pick.

0) Ice cream cones are usually edible, though. I don't think I'd want wicker to get in my ice cream.

1) I really like the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, since they're the sort of spin-off I've always wanted from the series: Just the Pokémon, without any trainers around to tell them what to do. The games can be pretty brutal, though. Or maybe I'm just bad at roguelikes.

2) I like to cook, but I wouldn't say I'm good at it.

5) I'm gonna be on TV! I'm gonna be a TV star!

6) Already?

7) Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Monty Python as well. But The Mighty Boosh is pretty good, too.

1) Embarrassingly enough, I've never touched a Pokémon game.

3) I would like for them to make an original game. Like what Gobbo said, the chances of Crystal Shards getting remade are... slim.

6) I'm not going to purchase it, but as long as it doesn't include even more features, then it's actually a good idea.

4) I would ideally wish to feel as though I'm not going to vomit after a Thanksgiving meal. Since that's never happenin', yams with heaps o' 'mallows~!

Cornelius D.

Cornucopia, heh heh heh... you'd be surprised how many kittens fit in one of those things, if they don't tear it to shreds instantly. They also make great hats (though I'm sure I'm not the only one who's figured that out). Anyway, on to the q's:

1) How much do you love Butter Buildings?

2) Um, is the 10th anniversary thing ever going to happen, or did I miss it somehow?

3) What is the most ridiculous hat you have worn in public (excluding a cornucopia)?

4) How do you guys feel about Kirby music being used in things other than Kirby, like this:

(The actual scene with the Kirby music starts at 6:20)

5) For Daimyo (or anyone else artsy I guess): could you give me some tips on pencil shading? My drawing is usually limited to pencil sketches, and I'd like to shade them, but it doesn't end up looking realistic.

6) Also for Daimyo: Um, if you don't mind, could you draw a picture of Midna for me? You don't have to if you don't want to; you may not even know who she is, but it was worth a shot for me to ask.

That's all I have. Happy Thanksgiving KRR!


As requested, I have completed both questions 5 and 6, and have combined them into a single picture. Never played the Twilight Princess before, but who know Midna was so risque!? ~Aaaand that fills my quota for this session. Sayonara, I'm outie.


Hey Uncle Gobbo and everyone else!

1. What's your favorite thanksgiving food?

2. Does thinking of thanksgiving makes you hungry?

And a non-theme question:

3. I know this is could sound a bit rude,but when are that cool japanese strategy guide artwork coming out? I'm getting impatient

1) Turkey. Everything else is pretty wide spread, but I only ever see the bird on T-day and when driving poorly.

2) No, I'm... curse you!

3) Well, Kindar Spirit has it, and I don't know where she is. Then again, I don't know where I am!


Hey there! I had been wanting to write for some time, but I waited until I actually had something interesting to ask, instead of the same predictable stuff you always get.

Another use for a Cornucopia? How about using it as bait to catch some fat animals?

Anyway, if you find any of my questions to be a little unfit, I guess you can edit them out, I guess.

1.- Anybody around here likes the old Lolo games? I mean, we like Kirby, but is there still any for the blue ball?

2.- By the way, Lala seems to be an exact Lolo look-a-like, whcih seems normal for some time, but after some time I started thinking: Would you be able to sustain a meaningful relationship with somebody who looked exactly like you but wearing a bow? Or, in case Leirin is around there, that you had to be wearing a bow all the time because your couple is a dude that looks like you?

3.- I guess this one would be for DDD Daimyo. I'm taking Japanese classes right now, and I already learned Hiragana and I'm learning Katakana and some Kanji. However, my book says that learning Kanji symbols becomes easier after you learn your first 500! How many Kanji symbols do you know, if any?

4.- I know this is a Kirby site, but I'll ask anyways. According to Wikipedia, Mawile (one of my favorite Pokemon) is said to be based on a Japanese myth. Can someone explain me why?

5.- You know how in Kirby's Dream Land 3 there is a mission for each animal friend in which you have to take them to their couples? Most of them have a girlfriend/wife, except for ChuChu and Pitch (the other bird is so big I assume it's his mother). I thought that it was weird for ChuChu to just have her friend Nyupun in there instead of a special someone. Then I thought: what if she IS a special someone? I mean, they had Tony in Earthbound!

6.- Has any of you played Earthbound or Mother 3? If so, what was your favorite thing? Mine is always clouds (I think my name made it obvious).

7.- Lastly, any of you read Mad Magazine?

English is not my native language, so I apologize if my grammar is a little off.

Why is it the foreign blokes with the spot-on English skills who always apologize for their not-wrong grammar abilities when the yankees who know neither capitalization nor punctuation nor sense of any kind never apologize for making us dumber with their words?

1) Lolo is essentially part of the Kirby games. I likes the Eggerland bunch, too, tho' it has been a long time since I played 'em, and I found great difficulty last I tried... nearly two decades ago?

2) Since most people are in love with themselves, I think that's actually the ideal situation in most cases.

5) Well, it is Japan. By the way, Hiiru ain't Pitch's mum. She's a cougar!

7) Not since the '90s.

2) That's actually an interesting observation. Well, since Lala and Lolo have different body colors (and Lala has eyelashes, meaning, gasp, it's a girl!), I don't think she wears a bow because she's concerned she may look the same as her couple.

4) Well, a lot of creatures you encounter in Japanese video games are, truth be told. I guess it's just a way of them leaving their mark.

5) Ruh-roh... never thought about it like that. W-well, there was no little heart between them if they get reunited, so...

6) If I don't already have it set to default, I'll have it set as "PIXAR".

2) Well, you know how it is with tertiary sexual characteristics. Slap on a bow, some eyelashes, and change the dominate color to pink and voila! Instant girl! It works with everything, you know.

4) Here, let me help you out.

5) That would explain so much.

6) My favorite thing on my first playthrough was "gaming." And my favorite food was, predictably, "babies."

3 falls on me) Only a few, actually. I use a Japanese-English Dictionary to look-up any characters I may need. Also, an online translation service for text-based insertion. You are lucky you get to study the great Japanese language in school. Where I went, only accursed European languages were offered, forced to torture myself for a mere advanced diploma, and even now, I have yet to absorb the language in full. 'Tsall out in the open now, giez~! Daimyo don't know squat... but he tries. I'd say, just about every other person here is more qualified to inquire about Nipponese, besides me. Humph!


Hey mailbaggers!

First of all I want to say that all of you are absolutely hilarious. Your answers to questions always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. Anyway, on to the questions.

1.What's Cornucopia? I suppose an alternate use would be Kirby bait since he eats anything.

2.Do you want to kill/torture me for asking question 1 instead of using google? If so, I'm sorry.

3.Does ometon do anything on this site?

4.Why do you people shoot Diddgery out of a cannon? No wonder he went all werewolf on you...


6.Why did people always put something stupid for question 5 in older mailbags?


1) Proof that even in this day and age that people are either too stupid or too lazy to Google it.

2) Wow, that was... that's frightfully predictive.

3) You mean everything? Have you been ignorant of the Passport system, the renovations to polls, comments, voting, etc.? Have you been paying attention for the past three months? Why don't you ask what, if anything, anyone else is doing for this place.

4) Diddgery has that as his gimmick. It's like Ometon and bein' a creep. It's a tried and true trend. As for the wolfing out, that was a reference to Diddgery's past persona, Alphray Revortay.

6) Much like the previous mentioned gimmick thing, it's a gimmick thing! Questioning it is like explaining a joke.

0) Glad to be of service.

4) It's not my fault, it was Shiro who started it! Just like RMD's to blame for the whole bee-eating thing, and Aso for the confusion between cricecorn and capricorn.

Also, it was the other way around, the Revor part came first and- ah, who cares anymore anyways, nobody ever got that name right. Good thing I changed it to... something that's just as difficult to remember, if the way people still misspell it shows anything. I guess I'll never learn.

1) Li'l late to that dance. Explained on this very page. If you need help finding something you should have already read, then the human race is a waste... er, more of one.

3+5+7) I took youz spork. And now, some creep-being. Your imaginations are your worst weakness!


Hello Diddgery the Cricecornucopia and other mailbag ppl. I have sum questions for you.

1. Any of u watch Neon Genesis Evangelion?

2. Why is Keeby yellow?

3. Whats the most scariest/disturbing thing you ever saw?

4. What is your favorite King DeDayDee version?

Now I wish you a happy Turkey Day '09.

P.S. I purposely put horrible grammar just to sound like a doofus.


P.S.3 Remember this is not Cloudodom.

P.S.4 Get it? ps, ps2, ps3, ps4. HARHARHA I AM SUCHY A

2) Miyamoto thought that the then colorless Kirby character should have been yellow rather than Sakurai's choice of pink. Since the creator won out, the first alternate Kirby color defaulted to yellow.

4) The Dream Land 3 version is my fave. He's all rounded and dumpy with a small head. That's top.

1) No part of that letter watches Evangelion.

3) One time, there was this really shoddy mailbag letter in which the clueless git of a writer thought he was being so funny but was actually flat-out incompetent and not just wasting everyone's time, but slowly murdering all with bullets of typos and poor grammar -- like a visual poison. In fact, poison is a better metaphoric murder weapon for your letter. I mean, that letter. Yes...


Hullo do u nao if I can eat Ometan at the Eat Omoton School of eating spiky blue things?


Wait no thats not what I wanted to ask.

Oh ya, I've been with RR for years but never made an account. If I did, you would know me. But you don't so oh well zorz.

I've been around since Ivyna J. Spyder updated with anime'!

I've been around since Bucky insulted Diggery!


Or somethin'

You really couldn't have made an account back then since there wasn't accounts then. Well, I guess there was the forum, but that's so loosely connected with the actual site, in all truth. A sad truth.

Hey, hey, Bucky insulted me, not Diggery. Come on people, learn the difference!

Maybe so, but Hunny Mustard tastes good on him...

Hunny Mustard

...What havoc hath I wrought?!

That looks disgusting, Lei. I would get a revenge pic in, but I do believe I would instantly be transported to jail/hell.

Wait, Hunny Mustard tastes good on me? Does this means that Lei has...


G'night, ev'rybody!

Yes, and be sure to tuck the little ones in bed.

Send ME to Hell-Jail~!

It's what you get when I decide to draw instead of activly participate in the written mailsack

Closing Statments: (Currently dead.)

Theme Alert! Hey, how'd I come back to life for this part? That don't make no sense no how! Also, as previously noted, expect new Baggers next time! That's right, none of the regulars so we can get some new blood/potential lawsuits in here!

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can!

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