June 30th, 2009

Will KRR continue? Will host IGN continue being unreliable? Will I stop being, well, me? That's right -- somethings will just never change. One of those things is Mail Bag! How dare other updates think they can horn in on our territory! Two non-us updates? Not for long~! More tilde-bang~!

Squeaky Bimblesnaff "Bimblesniffer" Bogg has nothing better to do, so he is here all the time. He tends to be the most verbose. There are so many -v's on him it ain't even funny. Trust me; I'm around him a lot. Not. Funny.

Revortay "Diddgery" Alpharay has a name that is pronounced hilariously. Me and Gobbs always just called him "Dij-jury," but I guess "Didd-ghery" is how others say that dub-tee-eff of a name.

- Ometon


Hey everyone! All right let's get down to the questions.....

1) Do you think the gallery has been getting better, or worse?

2) What ever happened to Cheese? (A Kirby and his Cheese)

3) How long has the resort been around?

4) On the Oekaki, what happened to Baby Charmander?

5) If you were an animal, which would you be?

6) Hi DeDeDe- Daimyo! Welcome back!

7) Can I have an opinion on my old art from the gallery? :P

8) YES

10) What happened to 9?

11) What is everyone's favorite food?

Thanks for answering! Peace out!

1 & 2) Yes, due to a you guessed it absent.

3) Site History, it's been there since the site came up, folks. Not like it's hidden. Well, maybe it is. Not too much, tho'.

4) According to a post she made in the Forums, she was tired of modding and wanted a replacement. I can only assume that her moderatorship was linked to her visiting of that oekaki. Kinda hand in hand.

8) No!

11) Chinese. Oh, wait, food? Nevermind~!

Too slow, Ometon!

1) The gallery is positively seething with activity. It's like a fan art renaissance!

4) BC has a lot of other things to worry about, anyways. She is a very busy fire-type Pokémon.

5) Since I'm gonna assume made-up animals don't count... well, staying human would probably be the best choice.

7) Well, there's some clear improvement, as is to be expected. ...I don't really have much to say otherwise.


10) Seven eight nine! Ha ha ha you are a sly one, Red Meta Knightess.

11) I like my food spicy. Uh, but not too spicy.

1) It was getting pretty bad in Mayish till Daimyo, Kirazy, and the other greats returned. The lack of Aru is disenheartening, however.

2) Banned. Plenty of reasons why, but I choose to cite the fake e-mail address.

4) I eated her.

5) Godzilla is an animal. And not made up... by me.

6) Guess again~! I was a bit too fast on the trigger, I guess. Good to let that guy take a break once in a while, I guess.

7) When you try, your shaping and lines are good. When you rush, it is painfully evident. You can copy things very well, but your fundamentals, such as perspective (tiny, tiny weapons), need some work. Make your original character look as good as your Ice Kirby, and you'll be doin' pretty good for yourself.

8) Oh, I get to ask the question this time? And the answer is instantly yes? So much evil...

9) * nom nom *

10) I eated it.

11) Mongolian.

Take that, 'Snaff! You can't outsmart me!

A Kirby and His Cheese

If I had an apple and Shruggin' Rock had an apple... WHY DON'T YOU SHUT UP AND EAT! We talk too much, right?

I ment me and Shruggin' Rock *Don't be offended*

What th- Didn't I ban you? And how exactly do you emote "don't be offended"?

And now, just to spite you, I command Shruggin': speak!

Shruggin' Rock

Yep. Somehow, I'm still alive.

Anyway, first priority. I'm just going to alert the majority of this site's populace that I may or may not (probably the latter because I am beyond the uber level for laziness) be making an ultra-awesome super-cool funfic of awesomeness starring none other than the totally fabulous KING DEDEDE!

...Oh yes, and Bandana Waddle Dee too (and Boom for ego-inflation).

Anyway, now that this super-pointless advertisement is done and over with, let's get down to the real business.

Theme: Because...er...well, maybe at one point some people wanted to put up an extra barrier for common sense by limiting the randomness, but that didn't come out exactly right?

1: Any of you play the four Ace Attorney games? I recently come upon them myself, and have beaten 'em all as of this night. I have too many favorite characters, but my favorite case is Rise From The Ashes without a doubt.

2. Do you consider details really THAT important in writing? Because if so, then it'll probably take me around a year to finish the first part of that fanficcy.

3. Someone talk about the awesomeness of Revenge of The King, especially stagfes 4 & 5 in the response to this question.

4. Melee abilities (such as Hammer and Sword) against elemental abilities (such as Icwe a nd Magic.) Choose. The fate of...something...is in your hands.

0) That's cool. I hate to fire a question right back at you, but beyond the characters involved, do you have a plot in mind? Plots are very important, you see, and most stories tend to benefit from them.

1) If you were to ask me (and you didn't), I'd say the best character is Dick Gumshoe, and the best case is Bridge to the Turnabout.

2) ...Okay. I was going to answer this question legitimately, but just... I can't take someone who says fanficcy seriously.

3) stagfes? Not sure what you mean. Let's see, stagfes, stagfes... Stag FES, maybe?

4) There's another typo in this one too but I've already fulfilled my quota of typo-mockery-per-mailbag, so I'm going to have to say that my favorite abilities tend to be among the melee variety. I think. Those are really broad categories, you know. Where does Mini fall?

0) Coming soon to Rainbow Resort, Shruggin' Rock presents... A Fan Fic That Will Never Be Made! Sorry, bloke, but that's just the tendency. Seeing how most creations that start with a foot in the door, if not the full leg, dwindle off into nothingness and forgotten, something without so much as a toe, I'm just callin' it off history.

1) I prefer my games to be less judicial systems and more magic and lasers, quite frankly.

2) Yeah, details are one of the two things that comprise writing, the other being actually telling a story. Now, the two need balanced. You can't just plug through the story with a bunch of simple, short sentences that usher the reader through without really giving the itty-gritty. However, I know a lot of folks do the opposite and bog down the writing with too much words, so much that after a page the characters progress the whole of a single step. In conclusion, get off my lawn, yer dern kid!

3) Still don't own it nor have played it. Kaboola over "Kabula" any day.

4) I prefer the melee abilities in opposition to... not melee abilities. I wouldn't call them "elemental", really. Their closeness in range makes them more challenging to use and master, thus adding more fun to the game. Example: Laser is boring. Dyoo, dyoo! Snore.

0) If "fanficcy" cannot be taken seriously, "funfic" is the stuff of sin incarnate.

1) No. Metric tonne. Yada yada.

2) Recently (being a year or two ago, which is still far too blutty recent), I was proofreading someone's Kirby fanfic for them. The blutty thing was describing as though taking in every minute detail from a television set. Nothing was implied; if someone scratched their head, you better believed that their arm going up and then down at a later time was on explained. Otherwise, the character would be walking around the place, never ceasing to scratch their head!

While free of spelling errors, the feces pile just dragged and dragged, committing a much more grievous fault: cadence and pacing. It is one of the most important traits of the literary medium; people watch TV shows (unfortunately, slow-paced animés in particular) and want their writing to mimic it entirely. Makes for a slow, dull read.

Moral of the story? Detail is good when necessary. Know when you are writing a transitory scene, 'cause there is no need to spend paragraphs on something that is ultimately unimportant.

3) Stag FES? Stag Feces? That's disgusting! A deer's poo is not cool. Or did you mean what happens after you eat a rotting deer?

4) Magic is certainly not an element by any means. I think the category you'd be going for would be projectile, long distance, or energy.

Me? I like the middle-ranged stuff, like Ice and Beam, although I do switch it up quite often. That's half the fun, right?


Hey'o thar :V

And here's why you keep these themes!

... Actually, I have no idea why you keep these themes. I guess for humor and comedy. That's probably it... unless there's a super, awesome, secret, unlockable reason I have yet to achieve! I'm sure one of you have gotten it, right?

Also, unrelated, could I join ya gaiz in teh mailbag? I promis to do this thnig well :V *shot multiple times* You'll vouch for me Diddgery! Right? :D *shot again*

1) Yes. Humor. Comedy. Laughs. It's not like we process them, somehow, into a tasty chew snack. That's what we do with the tears from false hope.

Hey Bazz- what's this?

...Well, uh, it'd be cool to have you on mailbag and all, but, you see, the thing is... you can't.

Y-yeah. The process for becoming a bagger is long and difficult, and only a select few may try it, and even if you do you might fail, and I am not just making up excuses because I don't want to be met with disapproving scowls from Ometon and Bimblesnaff.

Actually, ol' Bazz is just the kinda guy we'd want guest-spottin': he's a member in more than just the forums or chats, and even there, he is creatively oriented.

But, y'see, the problem with that is... um....

A wild Bazzoka appears!

Bazzoka is a typo. He is also a member at the Rainbow Resort. It isn't a typo of artillery when referring to him, tho'.

As far as the Ometon can remember, Bazzoka Joe doesn't suck at radioactive levels, so he must be pretty cool.

Metal Gear Kirby/cia7286/real name not applicable

I think I just figured out what Sakurai's next project is, at 2:30 a.m. no less. Project Sora is being codenamed Project Sky, and is for the hardcore crowd, so I'm going with...

Kid Icarus Wii! This would explain why Miyamoto's been so secretive about it at past E3s.

I'll go back to never being able to figure things like this out again in 3... 2... NOW.

Using my awesome Asian powers I inherited from my parents!!!

Sora means sky in Japanese. So Project Sky isn't really giving me any insight to what's being made to be entirely honest. But I'll let you peoples speculate 'till your heart's content.

Don't go thinking I can flat out read stuff in Japanese, kayo? I'm usin' my limited knowledge.

I knew that and only got a hooked nose from my parents. So that's the key to the Orient's secret knowledge! Hooked noses! Wait a minute, no...


Game Overthinker #3

WARNING: might be some mature content, but I'm sure you guys will be interested.

Halo #1 Overrated Game? This guy is awesome~!

I wonder if I should be proud that I never bought into the whole teenage angst/macho masculinity snubbing of other games or that I did believe Kirby was one tough cream puff.

Those commercials made some rather convincing arguments. I mean, he beat up bikers. Can you do that? Thought not.

Thanks for introducing us to the Game Overthinker. But... "King D'dee dee?" That's a bit off.

Love the shout-outs to Zack and Wiki and Odin Sphere, though.

He cuts the emphasis on the first syllable just like I do. I got all sorts of ponderment for saying "D'deh-deh". American's aren't verbally trained to say words in a mo-no-tone sequence like that. We put a rhythmic flow to them, ba-duh-duh. So, a lot of people who say things like they say everything else, just keep with D'de*-de*.

Oh, this guy. I remember this video. It involved Kirby, so it's all cool. Kirby's a super tough cream puff!


Hi, how do you do?

'Question for mailbag #63'

If you went, I wondered what you thought about Almelo, because it's my hometown!

Now about the questions:

1. Can Ometon sit? I never know when he's sitting or standing.

2. Fill the sentence.

Always look on the bright side of .....?

If you filled correctly, you should do that what the sentence does. (Look on the bright side of KRR!)

3. Are you good at baking cookies or cakes?

4. Who are actually working on this site? The staff info doesn't seem to be right.

5. How many years are you working on this site? If you're working more than five years, I wish I could bake cookies for you!

Thank you for reading!


PS. If this site dies, I'm sure there'll be an other Kirby site or this site will all right over few years.

1) Ometon can only do one action: evade the police~!

2) The bright side of the ... Sun! It's pesky dark side likes to keep out of sight at all times, dern it. I keep looking for that darker half, but staring at the not-so-darker half is makin' me eyeballs hurts.

3) Cookies, yes; cake, not so much. Foul from-scratch, you have bested me one too many times! ... Once!

4) I believe there's a well trained wombat with a keyboard and internet connection that tends to most matters now.

5) I've been working here for four years already. As long as there's a site here, I figure I'll be here, too.

2) Oh wait, I know this one! Always look on the bright side of death~ Just before you draw your terminal breath~

3) I've been told that it is a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake. That doesn't make much sense, because how can you have a piece of cake if the cake isn't even done yet?

5) I don't know if you can call being forum staff and mailbagging "working on the site," but if so I've been doing this sort of stuff for three or so years.

1) Is there some way to combine sitting and standing? Stitting? Sinding? Oh, nurtz to this. Most Dream Landers barely have enough elevation off the ground on their little footage to be considered standing, so he just does what all they do.

2) Look on the bright side of windows! The dark side is the outside of the house, and if people looked there, they'd see me.

Uh-oh, y'know what that means! Time to evade the police~! Guess I do it a lot after all.

4) Aso actually made a page recently (albeit botched), the retired Disk still seems to be keeping the forums from catching ablaze, and Kindar came back with promises of activity. Other than that, it is just Bogg and I doing non-forum work.

The staff info is very incorrect. A lot of those positions are honorary as those blokes were the last people to be staffers. And then I'm not even part of the staff, technically, which I find hilarious since I'm doing more than actual staffers.

5) This is my one year anniversary working here, or the one year anniversary since all the people who used to care stopped~!

2) Always look on the bright side of the lightbulb, 'cause those things are really bright.

3) I took cooking class before, so I figure I could make some cookies.

Other questions don't apply to me since I'm just a ragtag guest man and... wait... OH MY GOD! The kitchen is burning!


Hi. Um, well, one of the mailbag answerers on the last issue (65?) mentioned that he was considering making a table top kirby game. I actually have one in the works right now and it is somewhat playable. I have a website for it, but, the website address has my full name in it, and i can't change it now, so... i can't give it to you. But i was wondering if you had any suggestions for it? Any enemies, bosses, etc. I should put in? Thanks!


How could we make suggestions for something we can't see?

"I have this painting, and I want you to critique it, but I can't take this sheet off from over it, so you can't see it. Thoughts?"

"Yes. You're a moron."


my question is that if you could make kirby better, how?

i would make him another color, add more platforming abilities

elsu vhet dues it meun by pleese-a vreete-a in eegleesh

1) What's wrong with his color? Pink is power! But, really, the puff doesn't need more abilities or a makeover. All he needs is to get some more involved titles to actually debut!

2) Internet idiot isn't a language, silly Chilly. It's an atrocity!

3) More answers ending with italicized exclamation!

Learn to embrace the campiness. Whenever a major comic company tries to "update" one of their classic characters, they always wind up in their old costume. Why? Because nobody cares if they are all dark and baddonkey looking. Everyone became attached to them a certain way, thus Kirby will be pink forever... well, except when he's not.

1) Bring back the animal helpers beyond their cameo roles, if only for a brief, blissful moment.

2) i haff tveleve metchsteek

Easy! I'd finally settle the stupid debate of whether he wears shoes or if he has red feet! That'd make him so much more better! Why? I have no clue!

Really though, I don't really care since I'm perfectly fine with his everything, so changing him might end up sucking.

But Kirby already sucks~! * rimshot *

... I'm sorry.


I think you have themes, for without them, the mailsack would be as empty as these lives humans spend on this rock floating out in space... or, not.

2. Anyhowzit, I feel like asking a dumb question. Um... what's your favorite Pikmin game?

77. What is your favorite leg?

11. Ooh! I know! What question do you seem to get asked the most in these mail... ings...

3.14. All right, this could probably be asked in the Guru thingy but that sounds boring. Would custom sprites be considered as arty... whatchamahoosit things I can submit? Because I really, really, REALLY suck at drawing. Spritework? ...I'm okay.

Q. It is I, the unfathomable Topmonhit? No! Maybe? Yes, today. For? Nes. Perhapsily. OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS TO GRAndsreedf. ...sorry.

...here's an idea for the next theme: furtive glances.

Someone sounds like an optimist~? Also I'm not going to adhere to your ridiculous numbering system because I don't want to.

1) Other game series that only have two games you could have asked about: Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun, Baten Kaitos, Chibi-Robo, Rhythm Heaven, Viewtiful Jo--what? There's more than two games in that series? I have no idea what you're talking about.

2) Oh cool, I've watched Strong Bad E-Mail too.

3) "PROJECT RAINBOW." Also, references to internet memes. That's so cool how you guys can repeat a joke you heard on another website!

77) Lefty don't bend so good anymore. It's been shred, hit by an SUV, and fallen on... yeah, definitely favor the right.

11) Stupid questions!

Q) Aaand... thus you fulfilled #11.

2) Pikmin, 'cause I like to feel the rush of the day ending and then end up going "Did I finish this? Where are those Pikmin I ordered to carry my stuff? Why am I taking damage so suddenly? HOW DO I BEAT THE GAME?!" ... alright, not really.

77) Cool, major number skippage! Er, I mean up.

Pi) Yes! Spirtework is 100% kayo! I hope you put some good time and effort into it! I love me some spriteworks.

A Ninja

Who here thinks there should be more ninjas in Kirby?

Raise your hand for yes.

Kick Bimblesnaff in the shin for no.

Hey! You leave my collection of shins alone. I don't need you kids scuffing them up or anything!

Besides, aren't Waiyu, Biospark, and Spinni enough ninjas for one series? How much over-sweated internet memes could you stand stuffed in there, exactly?

In the opposite corner, there's... huh, are there even any pirates in the Kirby series? I'm drawing blanks here.

Captain Stitch should totally be a pirate. He's just a big Gordo, but add a patch and a hat? That's license to print awesome right there~! If I ever make a Kirby fangame in Java and post it on this site and my own, I'll totally have to remember to do that... eventually.

Ninjas are overrated! Pirates are definitely in! But if say that then pirates would be overrated and ninjas would be in. And thus starts the beginning of the endless cycle and it keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going...

Alright, maybe not, but it's not like we need more ninjas. We need more pirates! Oh no, it's starting again!


How do you put in pictures?I REALLY HAVE BEEN TRYING AND FOUND OUT THE FIRST FEW steps and just want to know how to do it????

Um, put in pictures to the Gallery or... here? Or someplace else? Your nose? You really need to elaborate these kinda things.


I checked mailbag #64 and only 2 people answered it! Say "I" if you have "Kirby Superstar" and saw Mario and Luigi(2 Italian princess savers) in the backround while battling King DeDeDe.

Kinda have that factoid noted in the Cameos page. Not like it's new information or astounding. Pretty well known an' all.


What do you guys think of that new Starfy game that recently came out? Do you think they are going to get their butts sued by the Kirby makers or what?

One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

Wow, it's like the guy didn't know that Starfy is a pretty well seasoned game character who was even featured alongside Kirby in 2003's Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga. I mean, it's not a rip off in any way. It's just another cute fronted game series, like Lolo or Gimmick... Or Rumble Roses. Adorable!

And, yes, I am just trying to cause trouble now.

If Kirby can be round and bulbous and bouncy and considered cute, then dagnabbit, so can Rumble Roses!

It is very surprising that Starfy isn't a knock-off of something in Kirby, tho'. I mean, with all the stars abound in the series, you'd think one would have a mouth and those eyes on it, but not even Dream Land 3 featured such a character, and the designs got pretty lax then.

Cuddle Roses

No, you forgot to draw Dixie's leg!

Starfy is awesome, though I'm gonna be a japanophile and say I liked his Japanese name better as Stafy. It just sounds cooler, no?


Yo Bimby and Omney and maybe Diggy.

As a fair warning, I wrote this while reading #66, so a few points below are my responses to some of your responses or even to the letters themselves. I just work that way; I see something awry and I wanna fix it some!

1. I read an article around last week and it stated that the Wii is in terms of technology a souped-up GameCube. One must admit, this is fairly evident in how similar the graphics between the two systems are. As such, switching systems from GameCube to Wii, I believe, isn't such a huge task.

2. What are you thoughts on modern video game soundtracks? Myself, I personally have recently been enjoying the orchestrated majesty of Super Mario Galaxy along with the catchy and occasionally epic tunes of Super Paper Mario ("The Ultimate Show" for the win!).

3. At this point, is your only expectation for Kirby Wii is for it to be, y'know, released? That you don't really care what features it has so long as it plays like a Kirby game and gets out?

4. This one's mostly for Bimby: what are some of the things you look for in a temp mailbagger (mailsackker?), aside from them being available?

5. In spriting, devamping (I believe) refers to basically taking a sprite down one or more bittage levels. For example, taking the (say) Mewtwo sprite from FireRed/LeafGreen for the GBA and modifying the colors so it looks like it came from the original Game Boy. However, I'm half-guessing based on my experience, so don't quote me on that.

6. Will you, at some point in the near future, quote the above somewhere just to spite me?

7. Metroid, silent? Pfft. Unlike Kirby, Metroid at least had something at E3 '09. Shame, really.

8. Theme, theme... um... I actually can't think of anything, outside from opening Storybook-making to the public but I know that won't happen until Kirby Wii comes out (ZING). Nonetheless, it'll be interesting to see what you guys come up with.

See you on the flip side. Maybe.


1) The graphics are pretty much the same because (a) it's the same people making the games between both consoles, and (b) there's not really much to change. Graphical prowess is about peaked at this point. It's not like jumping from boxes to more refined boxes. You're going from damn near perfect to is there any difference?

3) At this point, I'm expecting Kirby Wii to shoot out rainbows of happiness and ecstasy. It's been in development long enough to be able to pull it off.

4) Uh... actually, I don't really even pick them out for the most part. I'm really just a figurehead, a frontman, a face for this shapeless sack of letter delivery.

5) Kinda figured that, yes. Etymology dictates that to be the "duh" explanation. Still a stupid feat in my book.

Oh boy, a stream-of-consciousness letter! Let's see what's inside supercomputer276's head.

2) I don't know if you're asking my opinion on how video game music has changed from the bleeps and bloops of the previous decades or if you're asking what recent game soundtracks I really enjoy. If it's the former, I can only really think of one modern video game soundtrack that I have not enjoyed, and that's the abysmally terrible "music" to Yoshi's Island DS. The rest of the game is decent enough, but it's the only video game that I consistently play with the sound off. Every other game I've played that have come out in the last four or so years have had soundtracks that are at least passable. I'm not going to bother with the latter because I'd just rattle off a long list, and this answer's gone on long enough.

3) At this point I'm expecting to see Kirby Cosmic Chaos come out first.

6) Probably not, because I can't think of a single situation where quoting you would be appropriate besides someone asking "Hey, what are supercomputer276's thoughts on sprite devamping?"

4) * puts on his glow-in-the-dark nose * Basic grammar and entertainment value in as concise a package as possible. That, and more phosphorescent prosthetics.

7) That isn't a question, but the ol' MB standard mandates I answer "no."

8) It's been almost a year, and Bimblesniffer hasn't even made his own storybook. Wanna know why? They're freakin' hard to make! And harder to make good what with trying to limit possibilities and loops and unnecessary reading. I can see letting others make them, but never completely open to the public.

... Unless I suddenly gain a vendetta against KRR....

2) I myself love video game music and I'm not too picky when it comes to songs in general so... Yeah, I'm a cool guy like that.

3) I'm a patient guy to begin with, so I'm fine if they delay it for another 2 years. I'm a cool guy like that.

... I don't feel like answering any of your other questions. I'm a cool guy like-*shot* Alright... alright, I'll stop that...


1. In response to my first question last session, you would be right about Samus getting more attention. She's had a console game within the last 5 years versus Kirby's last console game, 6 years ago (according to whoever said that), was a spinoff. And Samus is getting another game sooner or later. On top of that, no new Kirby games have been announced. What do you think of Kirby's future?

2. Has anyone ever described you as "hard to read?"

3. Do you guys like the different flavors of Mountain Dew or do you guys just like the standard MD?

4. Can I pet the Blue Star Dragon? Pleeeease?

2) I think I've proven on a myriad of instances that I'm a burden to follow, and that's not even face to face. None believe my behavior to suit my appearance. It's wholly unfit. I'm like a carrot inside a banana peel... which lacks words on its slip to make me un-readable. Yeah.

3) I don't think I've even tried any of the other Mountain Dews... Unless you're from the South where Mountain Dew is just what you call any soda, in which case I've had several and prefer Dr. Pepper, or Mountain Thunder, as it is called in the knock-off generic brand I buy.

4) You may not pet the Blue Star Dragon. You may only weep for its sacrifice, confusing and counter-logical as it was. Implosions aren't explosions!

1) Huh? Sorry, wasn't paying attention, too busy focusing on this Legendary Starfy game. I bet he could be the next big thing now that he's got an overseas release!

2) I try to write in a way that most people can read, so... no.

...Wait, did I answer that right? Ah, whatever.

3) Mountain Dew's base flavor is probably my favorite, but I was always fond of the orange flavor as well. Code Red never sat well with me and I have no idea why anyone likes it. Either way, I try not to drink too many soft drinks.

4) I don't think dragons are the best choice of an animal to pet, anyways. They're all scaly and stuff.

1) Meh, whatever. Kirby may not get all the flashy stuffs, but he'll get his stuff in due time and the fans will like it! Except maybe for it's easiness since that's been coming up as one of the biggest things Kirby fans can complain about.

2) Never been on here before so I'll say this. "Meow." Next.

3) I haven't had Mountain Dew in who knows how long. Oh wait... I haven't had it for over 4 years?! Wow. That's a long time me thinks.



WE ARE DOOMED. Bimblesnaff, Ometon, all of you... what are you gonna do now? Rename yourself Bob and become a hobo?

1. Or can I host KRR on my site?


3. Have you ever vandalized a Wiki? I vandalized Kirby Wikia because they steal stuff from Kirbypedia. Pretty soon, there wasn't a single page without a bit of vandalism on it.

4. I have a surprise for you all...

5. I DID A QUESTION 5!!!!!!! So the question is, have you ever fed a hobo?

0) Surely you've gathered by now that this mailbag has an overabundance of dirty bums. Me, Ometon, whats-his-face from Bag #62...

3) No, because vandalizing a repository for knowledge is worthless and only makes you out to be a spiteful, petty person. Admitting your acts of vandalism isn't really that smart, either.

5) I feed myself. Does that count?

1) The movin' date is pretty well set and dandy. Besides, I highly doubt you have a website that could handle the numerous files, sizes, and extension requirements. It's not like this behemoth could float on Free-Cheap-Host.suck's plan.

2) If that's the case, then maybe it is doomed...

3) Now that's just petty and immature. The Kirby wiki at Wikia is a great source of information. It was just one loser who harvested page after page of information from our own Kirbypedia. The rest of the pages (namely newer information) is a stand up and reputable deposit of well written and factual truths. If anything, you shouldn't have vandalized but corrected pages by just deleting the robbed texts and leaving the notation of the wrong.

OH MY GOD-Wait a minute. You're the CuboneKing. Why would you want to save the Kirby franchise? You'll just make it plunge into darkness! Your third question reveals it to be so! Back! BACK YOU FOUL BEAST! *takes out a silver sword*

Silver Sword


Hey guys.

1) What is your favorite anime and manga, if you have any? I don't watch/read all that much anime/manga, but I have to say it's Snow Fairy Sugar and the now-defunct Yotsuba&.

2) Which Kirby Squeak Squad/Kirby & the Amazing Mirror spray paint color is your favorite?

3) Anyone know the wherabouts of Qeomash?

4) Favorite Pixar film?

5) Anyone here ever play Touhou? Haven't gotten the chance to, but I'd like to hear your opinions of it if you have. (I know drnk has at least!)

6) Too many Landmaster tanks!

7) Did anyone see that Burger King commercial? Whoa... what's the world coming to!?

8) Has anyone listened to any of Hyadain's songs?

And, goin' with the theme... which is ironically about themes... erm... It'd be cool for there to be a section where fans could submit reviews for games. Maybe it's just because I lean towards talking a whole lot about things I either like or dislike (which was clearly apparent when I was around...), but I think it'd be cool. Sorta like that section on GameFAQs.

Well, I'm off to go listen to some Hyadain. Gotta love Crash~!

2) It's hard to really pick just a favorite spray. It really depends on what mood I'm in, which about translates to what powers I feel like toting. Orange and Grape are probably on the top.

3) The whereabouts of- Ometon!

7) There's a good few commercials that come to mind as of late. Specificity must be more short changed than fossil fuels in today's market! Luckily, I have found a way to artificially create this rare fungus using school children. I just harvest the extract after activating the trash compactor- What do you mean specificity isn't a fungus? Oh dear... I think I'm going to jail.

1) Well, my favorite manga is Fairy Fe- no, wait... not here. Okay, my favorite anime is Cutey H-, er, I mean La Bl-I'm just going to stop now.

2) I largely toggle between the blues and Orange. I do Orange since Yellow is firmly taken by the second Kirby in Amazing Mirror, and being reduplicative gets confuzzling. Jerk.

3) Every soul I consumes grants me more power~!

5) I hear a lot of people like Touhou, and because of who they are, I don't care. I've got much too much class for their lowly fare! Now excuse me, I have some more manga and anime to watch.

9) That was one of the lost That Which Shall Not Be Named updates from last year. I figured all of that user-submitteried stuff would be easy to put in once universal accounts are in place.

1) I mostly read manga, so the only thing I can put down exclusively as a favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop. My favorites when it comes to manga are One Piece, Detective Conan, Phoenix, and Black Jack.

2) I like the one that is green. I don't remember what it's called. Mint?

3) That name brings back so many memories... but, no. Like many of the site's older staff, his whereabouts are a mystery.

4) It only came out a month or so ago but I think my favorite is Up. Barring that, Toy Story or Finding Nemo.

5) A lot of people I know seem to like those games. I don't understand the appeal whatsoever.

8) I like the FFIV one about the Four Fiends.

1) One Piece as the manga One piece and Bleach for animes, definitely. Also, Soul Eater is pretty awesome as well as a ton of other anime I don't want to bother bring up because the list would be too long.

2) Chalk, no doubt. Especially in Squeak Squad since it turns the whole ability black and white and I really like those classical monotone shades.

3) ... The wut?

4) I dunno. I'll have a hard time choosing, so... yeah.

5) I'm not into those fancypants shmups.

8) Good music making guy is good.


1) I'd like to see KSSU put in the Music & sounds section.

2) What's you're favorite Kirby level by design? Mine has to be the third level on Shiver Star in Kirby 64 (the toy/sweets mall one, right before the factory level), followed closely by the fourth level in Shiver Star (the Factory Level) and with the very first level of Kirby's adventure coming in third.*

3) What's you're favorite Kirby level by music? I'd say mine is the first level on Rock Star (the one that, on the Kirby 64 part of the music and sounds section of this site is aptly titled "Rock Star"),with the first level in Kirby's dreamland 3 (the music that later reappeared in Kirby 64, but I like the original SNES version better) coming in second, and the first and third levels of Shiver star coming in third (in the K64 tracks on this site, it is titled "Shiver Star").*

4) I like Gobbo's "Old/New/No School" pics. Is there a second variety of the spiky things in Adventure? If so, then you should do that one, Gobbo.

5) If Squeaky Bogg was an Assist trophy in Brawl, what would he do? Suplex, Mace, or some mishmash of the two? And if mishmash is the answer, how would that work? Also, Ometon reminds me of a Unira.

*: Those top three favorites lists were come up with at the top of my head, and may be different if I actually thought about it for an hour or two (or even three). But I really like all of the level designs and music tracks mentioned. Alos, Gobbo is exempt from answering these two questions, because they popped up in the gurus section before finding their way here.

What's your favorite feature (enemy, power, boss, but not final boss) that only appeared in one game?

I'm Making a Pokemon fangame, and In it, Tentacool/Tentacruel caught in a Cave are slightly different than those caught in the sea. Just hearing that, would you seek out Cave Tentacools or Ocean Tentacools?

4) There's a rolling variety of Spiny and a walking variety of Togezo. That's really about it, unless Needlous was pulled in the same boat as Gip was with Bounder. And no. The Schools series is for making bitter, spiteful, and hate filled points. I don't really have that strong of emotion for Togezo. Besides, if anything, I'd pull the Mario Spiny into the picture.

5) Neither! He'd appear, wonder why he was in Brawl, not know how he was even supposed to function, and casually walk away until he ringed out.

6) Heavy Mole would be my favorite single-go. I guess a lot of folks could fill that spot, but the rest are partially in other titles. Note: Avalanche doesn't count. Anyhoo, the boss was very different and kept the player on his toes.

7) Since most troglodytic species are albino, smaller, and wimper, I'd seek out the oceanic kind: polygenically selected for size, power, and the ability to pester Japanese shorelines -- just in time for school getting out!

2) The pyramid stage in Kirby's Dream Land 3 has to be one of my absolute favorites. I love the music in that level, I enjoy the puzzles you have to get through in order to reassemble R.O.B., and I just like the mystery of the whole place. The pyramid stage in Kirby 64 was all right, but it couldn't hold a candle to the original. I also really like the two stages of Butter Building that contain scrolling portions- something that was removed entirely from Nightmare in Dream Land for no good reason. And now that I think about it, both KDL3 and Kirby's Adventure had really fun miniboss rush stages near the end. As a whole I'd say those two have a lot to offer when it comes to enjoyable level design.

3) To reiterate: Sand Canyon pyramid level, Butter Building, Iceberg miniboss tower. I'm also going to include Rainbow Resort, Orange Ocean, Castle Lololo... and I guess the factory level of Kirby 64. That was just a strange level.

6) Oh man this is hard. Uhh, uhhh... Chameleo Arm? No wait, Yo-Yo ability. NO NO wait, Gooey. I'm gonna say Gooey.

7) How are they different? If it's just an aesthetic difference like with Shellos then I don't think I'd really bother either way.

2) Definitely the rotating buildings in one of the Butter Building stage in Kirby's Adventure. If I hadn't seen that before, then I would have to go for the Factory level on Shiver Star in Kirby and the Crystal Shards.

3) Factory Inspection or O2 OR Neo Star Caves for Kirby and the Crystal Shards.


I'm cool like that.


Ooh Ooh! for the next mailbag, the theme should be what mailbag themes people want to see!

Also, I've calculated how tall Ado would be in relation to other Dreamlanders if she grew to her full adult height:

Kirby is 8 inches tall, and King Dedede is about twice that much, or 16 inches. If we accept King Dedede's height as the dreamland equivalent of 6 ft., then the dreamland equivalent of a unit is 2/9ths the actual unit. The average human female grows to 5'6" (I read it in an Almanac!). to get what that height is in relation to other dreamlanders just multiply it by 9/2, or 4.5.

5'6" = 66"

66 * 4.5 = 297

297 / 12 = 24 (%9)

5'6" * 4.5 = 24'9"

So, If Ado grew to her full adult height, she would be ABOUT 24 Feet 9 Inches tall. Not quite enough for a rampage a la "Godzilla" (not that she'd attack her friends like that anyway), but tall enough that she might want to start wearing jeans instead of a skirt. I'm looking in your direction, Ometon. I haven't trusted you on such topics since mailbag #63. QUOTE:

"I'd be Squishy, and go on a rampage in Japan!...ese schools~!"


Okay, I'm no math magician, but I can tell there's something wrong with this calculation. You didn't stop to convert Adeleine- Ado, take your pick- either way, you didn't adjust her height to the Dreamlander standards first. If you had done that and then carried out your calculations, you'd just wind up with 5' 6", making this entirely meaningless!

Besides, why are we discussing the math of a fun video game platforming series? What is this, xkcd?

This isn't a blackhole of suck and despair, so it must not be xkcd.

And obviously, Ado-eleine is just a regularly sized pygmy.

I don't know what's happening. That equation is way to confusing and the answer you'd get out of that just doesn't make sense.

Alright, now for my amazing thinking powers.

So, what's to say Ado isn't already at her peak height of 5'6" if measured in the real world? If so, going by your 2/9 thing, we'd need to do 66 * 2/9, getting the height of Ado in the dreamland equivalent of 5'6", which would equal... 14.6 repeating. Of course, you have to round up, thus equally 15"... but that doesn't seem right either.

Doing a size comparison of their Dreamland 3 appearances, I'd say Ado's height would be around 13". Why? Well, she is clearly not as big as King Dedede, but she isn't too short either. If we rounded down the number I got earlier, that could be a possibility, but it'd be a little too generous if you ask me. So, if one were to ask me, I'd say Ado's height is somewhere around 13 inches.

... Why did I just do that? I just wasted my time on something that is completely irrelevant to something that is a game and it doesn't matter nor does it include much logic anyway in the first place. I don't think I wanna touch the subject of height in the Kirby series ever again...

Closing Statments: We had a theme? Oh, right, we did, but some other news seemed to take the forefront. Do we even have a chance for a theme with that stuff looming?

Theme Alert! Wow, this guy is a jerk. I guess you know what it is gonna be, huh? I mean, with all this stuff going on 'round these parts, it just has to be... what is your favorite kind of beverage?

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