February 10th, 2009

What's all this now I hear about things breaking down? No mail bag, no connection with the visitors of the site and those who manage it? A mailbag is vital to a healthy site-goer to site-runner relationship. If you lose touch with your fans, you lose your fans. This interactions grows a vital bond that keeps Rainbow Resort in bloom.

That, or we can just say "nuts to it", finish up what's in the hole, and start from scratch. That sound good?

Eh, Maxim To-may-to, Maxim To-mah-to. I guess the ball is in my court now, and the body is still warm. Watch over this place has shifted before, many times, from the origianl All Mighty Narf (12), Frosty (1?), Kindar Spirit (3), to the first crew of Apple Kid, Wolf4Knowledge, and Gold Kirby (hard to say), which later had a rotating cast of MW, MZ, and Bagel, until the golden era of Robo Mecha Dedede (at ish #32) with Bagel to boot. The RMD lasted only eleven bags, if you can believe it. The rest have all been the newest and most familiar crew with Asotoku (19), but, hey, I've been down this road before. So, let's see where I can fall in the ranking. Here goes attempt number two!

- Bimblesnaff


I am saying something stupid. Does anyone really care what I say? It's some non-sense hailing NK for talking about pots and pans.

Even I tire of myself, but I'll repeat it. I am saying something stupid. Does anyone really care what I say? It's some non-sense hailing NK for talking about pots and pans.

No. Now send me one metric tonne of fan mails. And some shrimp. That stuff is expensive, and I ain't paying the fisherman's going rate. That's what these folks like, right? Stupidly addressing things?

Blue Kirby

Merry (Late) Christmas! I ordered a Kirby from Japan.

1. What'd Santa bring you under the tree?

2. Does Kirby ever get visits from Santa?

3. Last mailbag, I saw that somebody was a fan of me.

4. I miss Diddgery.

0) Yeah, a late Christmas in deed. The moon of absense has only made that statement more true.

1) Oh, Saint Nick has been shaftin' me ever since '92 when I left him diet cookies next to the chimney. Seriously, tho', the guy would stand to loose a few, am I right? ... Also, they may have been loaded with laxatives.

2) Santa only visits Earth children. Didn't you learn anything from Santa Claus vs. the Martians? Other than how horrible movies can be?

3) Not to burst your bubble, but I think the guy meant Kirby sprayed blue, as the sayer was totin' a Sonic affiliated monocer, and by "affiliated", I mean was. It was Sonic Kirby. So, I'm thinkin' he just liked to see Kirby to look more like the hedgehog. I don't think it'd work the other way around, thankfully, as having a pink Sonic would be scary and like Amy. Horrible!

4) We all miss Diddgery. His little horn, his being shot out of cannons, his mysterious transformation into the sea goat that nursed mighty Zeus from infancy to his dominance over the titan Cronus to free his cannibalized brethren only to be eventually slain and turned into the mighty shield Aegis. Yep, he was quite a guy.


I got two fans, a pair of headphones, a small Transformer toy, Mario Party DS, two lumps of pyrite, two lumps of bismuth (one of my favorite minerals), an ounce of pure gold, and a kickass RC helicopter.

And that's just counting the stuff that I'm keeping.

As for my New Years resolutions, I have three: get better college grades, reduce amount of sugar intake, and find a part-time job by the end of the Winter season (mostly to fuel a possible new hobby: Warhammer 40k). Hopefully I'll take the second one seriously, this time.


1. What is you favorite Ace Attorney character?

2. How many presents did YOU open early on Christmas Eve?

3. What is your favorite periodic element?


0) If there's one thing I know about 40k, it's that you need an income to support it. "Wow, I now have dozens and dozens of Tyranid. Time to make an army out. ... Termagants are only worth how much points?"

1) You know that one guy in the game? The, um, lawyer? Yeah, him, why not. ... Yep, questions specifically aimed are gonna be tough nuts to crack.

2) Zero, but in assumption to the ol' gang, I'm going to guess fifteen between them all. And if my d20 is wrong, well, then, I don't feel like finding a real answer.

3) Sulfur: it stinks, it's in acid, and it's in brimstone! Oh, second-chance detective rounding up escaped souls series, how I miss you and cry at Reaper.


Greetings, one and all!

First off, I'm so glad both Diddgery and Diggery were in the previous mail bag. While Diggery didn't answer my last message, his presence itself is more than enough, especially during Christmas.

Anyways, to go with the theme, I got jelly beans that are like Jelly Bellies, but they're from a different brand. Just as good as the actual thing. I got money too, since I never get the chance to tell family what I want for Christmas.

Finally, here are some questions and/or additional comments.

1. High five to Shiro for knowing what a Space Marine is. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the table-top game. Just DoW.

2. Do any of you guys have experience with digital drawing tablets?

3. Do you think Kirby would be capable of tactical combat?

4. In all seriousness, where do you think the game industry is headed?

5. You people are awesome. I promise you I'm not saying this lightly.

1) High-fives are in order, but due to shipping delays they can take five to six weeks to arrive.

2) Outta the ol' lot, Diddgery seemed to be the only chap who had tried any hand at digital art. Whether by mouse or tablet, I don't really know. I'll make it up to appease you: He draws on regular paper tablets with his cricecorn horn which magically transfers the image onto his monitor. Sadly, it is onto the monitor, the glass itself, making the process largely worthless.

3) Kirby's a lone wolf. At most, he travels with one buddy at a time or loosely with a group of three others. And, I think we all know how well "group tactics" came into play in Amazing Mirror: the others die and Kirby does the heavy lifting. Go, team!

4) The game industry is heading to fork. On one hand, they're making games for the gamer that knows and recognizes the layed out flow of play. However, they are also cranking out new breeds of games to get those who don't play them. I think the best quote I heard on the matter is followed something like, "The mom who buys her son games is the one buying them, so why not target her?"

5) I'll let them know. And by that, I mean I won't do anything. Maybe I'll eat a sandwich. That'll let them know, I'm sure.


what are your new year's resolution?

Ever heard of Disturbed's new album?

what if kirby mixed final fantasy or........FLYING BATTERY ZONE?

Ever play WWE smackdown vs. raw 2009?


1) My New Year's Resolution was to declare my New Year's Resolution publically two months later. Thanks for helpin' out.

2) Hearing of an album sure beats listening to them. Faster, too.

3) Upon mixing Final Fantasy, Kirby's roulette would land on Dolphin Blow! What do you mean that's not how Tifa's Limit Break worked? Okay, then, what about Selphie? Tilmitt trumps Lockheart anyway.

4) Nopers.

5) Only la raza can viva. Telling the Dead Man to live is pretty countertuitive.


Hello again, Mailbaggers! Was that..Diddgery? I think you made him mad.

Anyways, what I got for christmas was:

Crimson DS Lite, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Blue PS2 Controller, Godzilla Unleashed on the PS2(last year I got this on the Wii!), 12" Kiryu(Mechagodzilla) and Final Wars Godzilla toys, Dazzle Dvd Recorder and 12 DVD-RW, Kung-Fu Panda and Wall-E, Clothes, Candy, Money and Gift cards

So thats a lot. Oh well. My questions:

1)Did you like Masked Dedede's theme?

2)Do you know what it is a remix of?

3)Is Diggery coming back, or did Diddgery scare him off?

1) It was a funky tune. I can dig it. In fact, I did. It broke my shovel. Cheap foreign garbage...

2) It sounds familar, not all of it, but parts. I believe it is daughtered from the standard Boss Theme, more paired with Dedede's battle theme. The tune is heavily modified.

3) It's funny now looking at "Is Diddgery coming back?" when now the question is "Is Aso coming back?" It's been asked fifty times by you, the reader, since this bag began!

KSSU Rocks!

Hiya! This year I recieved Kirby Super Star Ultra! I unlocked True Arena the other day, and after 25 tries (I counted), I finally reached Marx Soul, and beat him on the first try! (I feel special.) Also, this year I resolve to submit more input to the mailbag!

"Wait, what happened to the mail bag? Hm, maybe I'll break that resolution. Not like that's unheard of!"

Ben Kennard

Hi, Resorters! For the Question, I theme:

Kirby Plushie, RC plane, Electronic moneybox, Zack & Wiki, Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga, £5, Cadbury's stocking thing

As for Questions:

1. Who is Nigel, and what is his significance?

2.All your base belong to Kirby; True or false?

3.If the crice cannon was destoyed, would a falcon punch be necessary?

4. What does the spear not represent? Clue: this question does not depend on the weather report in Gambia.


1) Nigel is a figment of your imagination and not a delicious fig-mint like you thought, so just move it along there, guy.

2) False, all your base are belong to Kirby. Don't try to bring it unless you can get it brought.

3) A Falcon Punch! would only damage the already disfunctional device further. I think a good mechanic would be in need.

4) The spear does not represent a writing desk, a raven, and everything in between. Unless there's rain... in Maldives.


Hey, there! It's me again. First off, to answer the theme question: I got Kirby Super Star Ultra(although it was used, but I don't really mind.), Wall-e and Eve plush buddies(Squee!), and art supplies, and I resolved to get better grades in school. Now, onto the questions!

1)Why did they replace/combine some of the treasures in GCO? (KSSU)

2)I've noticed that in the RotK stage Crash Clouds, in one of the rooms, there's a Plasma Wisp enemy that disappears and then reappears only when you jump, and it repeats this.(confirmed after 3 or so minutes of experimenting.) I know this is probably a stupid question, but why does it do that? I know it's probably normal, but it's been bugging me. (KSSU)

3)What would be your fastest time(s) on The Arena(KSS and KSSU), Helper to Hero(KSSU), and The True Arena(KSSU)?

4)I also noticed, while fighting the Computer Virus in Helper to Hero's two-player mode with Plasma Wisp, that the Plasma Wisp helper seems to be much more intelligent than the other helpers when it comes to fighting and avoiding damage. Did the programmers play favorites when it came to programming the AI for the helpers, or am I just being weird? (KSSU)

5)It's been a while since KSSU's release, and the page for it still hasn't been updated. Would it be too much to ask if I could help by providing information about it?

That's all I've got for now! Seeya!

1) Certain treasures were replaced to put in more appropriate items. I guess they didn't like the idea of having Zelda's Triforce as the top prize. The most coveted item should be one of Kirby-ness. Others were combined since, really, all the seasonal hearts were just the same graphic with a pallette swap. They're better than that now.

2) This is just a surprise tactic that they felt like giving that particular enemy. He waits patiently until Kirby goes to do something, I'm guessing move along, with a jump and blammo! He gets suckered with some plasmatic shockage.

3) Under ten minutes for Super Star Classic (it's been a few years and I don't recall the trailing seconds), and TBA for the remaining three.

4) Plasma Wisp probably just comes with the advantage of not being grounded. Since it is always airborn, it can put up guard at a seconds notice. Other helpers seem to be jumping around like drunken monkeys and get beat around.

5) Information isn't a problem, really, with the pages. Everything is pretty well known for what everything should be, especially with how in depth they go. The stick is graphics. All the other game pages have these nice uniform screenshots and what not, but going out to another site and just harvesting these things isn't cool, so that's really hindering the page's progression. But, yeah, it really needs to be stepped to the next phase. Of course, so does Canvas Curse as most of that still says "Under Construction". I like to hide behind the shield of this site being "Classic Gaming" and put a nice cap at '99.


I got a tea-for-one set, black with white dots :) Notecards & envelopes, which are really cute, a 2009 calendar, a Death Note DVD box with the first 12 episodes, a CD from Lily Allen, the 6th Harry Potter book in Dutch... and I don't know the English name for it, but a sort of card with which you can buy books. (Book... card? Nahhh.)

Oh, and no New Years Resolutions. I can't think of anything better than "clean up my room more often" and that's not going to work anyway.

1. pizza or pancakes?

2. brownies or pancakes?

3. what is your favourite character from the HnK anime?

4. have you seen any other animes, and if yes, which?

5. do you prefer dubs over subs or subs over dubs?

Happy New Year!

1) Let's look at what goes onto each, as both are basically flat dough with toppings: cheese, anchovies, pepperoni, pineapple, peppers, or anything and everything or maple syrup, whipped cream, butter or fruit? We have an obvious and obese winner with the 'zza.

2) Again, what goes on top? Nuts and frosting? All that other good stuff? Pannies got this one bagged, I'm afraid.

3) Kine wins that prize. His doppiness wins all.

4) Of course I have, back when they were popularly called Japanimation. Oh, those were the days. Why, there's The Guyver- uh, scratch that one. How about Ninja Scrol- a definate no, there. The Slayers? How about that one. Yep, no copious blood, decapitations, or adult situations there, "situations" being things like drinking from an arm.

5) I normally go with subtitles as the American voice actors drive me nuts. They're getting better, from what few I've seen latetly, where they actually are getting talet to provide the voices rather than people who walked in asking if they could use the phone 'cuz their car broke down. I'm looking at you, Lisa Oritz!


Hope you guys had a great Christmas. I got Unleashed for wii, and new years is just going to be another overpopular-anime-a-thon until 8 am. Just wanted to ask you guys some stuff?

1. I think Nintendo was hinting at Kirby Air Ride 2 with all the music they put into it in Brawl. Do you guys think that a KAR2 would be a good idea?

2. I thought the Werehog levels in Sonic Unleashed were like doing Mario Galaxy platforming with a cement cow. What'd you guys think about the werehog levels?

3. Animal Crossing: City Folk, yay or nay?

7.5. Pingas

14 3/9ths. Favorite video game song? (Mine is Squid Adler from Megaman X5)

1) I think they used Air Ride music since it was already in the higher game format. With the Game Cube/Wii title struggling for as long as it did, all the other titles are on hand held or out dated systems. Frankly, it was all they had to easily work with.

2) Sonic stopped being fun when he left the Genesis, and I haven't played them since.

3) "Perform fun tasks like mugging people, collecting protection money, and peddling on street corners. Go, city life!" Wait, that's not what the game is about? Pfft, what a rip.

4.5) Just 'cuz it's a meme, it doesn't mean it's funny.

14 3/9th) Three nineths is one third, ya grade school drop out.

14 1/3rd) The final boss music from Secret of Mana against the giant... liche thing? Freaky clown music always works for me.


Yeah, I'm back. So what?!

Stuff I got this Christmas: A new blanket (good for cold mornings) $10 Amazon.com Gift Card, $5 Amazon.com MP3 Gift Card, a shirt, and a cool $50. No resolutions this year, though.


1. I don't think your Pirates=Ninjas argument is entirely fair, Wildrows. Tetra Zelda and Sheik Zelda lived generations apart from each other. Now, if ONE Zelda was both, then I'd go with you.

(Yes, I know that's not a question. I just wanted to say that.)

2. What's the coolest thing you ever got for Christmas?

3. Who here thinks that Marvel vs. DC Comics would be the most epic fighting game ever?

4. Will Kirby Wii ever come out?

Signing off, yo.

-Tarkana (and/or kirby262)

1) Duely noted.

2) Frostbite! Okay, I didn't get frostbite. I did get its little brother, chilblain, however.

3) Epic, indeed, but how often does epic pay off? There has been Aliens vs. Predator in the works for how long, and then not just one subpar film is made but two? I don't remember Freddy vs. Jason, but I have a feeling it was about the same. They always make these big build ups with little bang for the time. Plus, then you have the problem of who will be in it. It'd probably play out more like "Justice League vs. X-Men plus Spidey."

4) Theoretically, yes, as just in January of this year, they told us Kirby fans to hold our breath for another year! They sure want their fans blue in the face.


Dear Mailbag,

Happy Holidays to all of you. As for the maibag theme, I received the Watchmen graphic novel, A few t-shirts, purple ipod, Animal Crossing: City Folk, lap top cooler thing, money, a tea pot with tea bags, and a crapload of candy. What did you all get?

I don't make resolutions anymore because I always end up never ever doing them.

Mention of the incredible graphic novel reminded me that the incredible movie adaptation is coming up in less than a month. Hey, kiddies, lie to your parents about the R rating and see the movie. Or buy the books. They feel less threatened when printed material has graphic depictions. And remember what Rorschach says: "Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise." So get to doin' one of those two if not both!


I got a penguin, a calender that makes bird noises, chocolate, some pens, a box, a book, umm...

I got a panda that poops out jelly beans. :)

Oh, and I also got a free best friend rental. Too bad she has to go back to where she came from soon. :(

I did not make a New Years resolution, but then again it's not New Years yet so maybe I will in 2 or 3 days.


1. Who would you rather get as a Christmas Present? A Canadian or Billy Mays?

2. Is Sonic's career really spiraling down the drain? It seems that way to me.

3. What is your favorite jam?

4. If you turned into Godzilla what would be the first place you would destroy?

5. How can I help you, King Dedede?

6. Ninja-Pirates vs. Robotic Vikings: Who would win?

Okay, bye! ^(n.n)>

1) Canadians have special bacon and maple syrup. What does Billy Mays have? No, really. What does he have?

2) That observation is a few years late by my reckoning.

3) Smucker's brand strawyberry jam, Trumpy.

4) The place I occupied, unintentionally, as it would be crushed beneath with my sudden growth. That's not even up for debate. It's just fact.

5) First by not imitating- who is that? Escargoon? Yeah, that's not cool.

6) The vikings wouldn't even need to be mechanized. The battle, obviously at sea, would be their instant victory. Really. Where can a ninja hide out on the ocean? Half their powers are worthless out there! The giant frog also wouldn't do any good, and there's no logs for them to swap places with. So, really, they're just half-pirates, and since pirates already are missing a hand, eye, and foot by tradition, they're really only two-fifths pirates. They got nothin'.

Frosty Crunch

sup guys

1. What's your opinion on people who celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas? I've heard of a couple of people.

2. Have you read Achewood?

3. What do you think of HAL Laboratories' future? I thought they had the right idea in making a remake of KSS, but from the likes of Squeak Squad I'm starting to be worried that they're running out of ideas.

4. Have any of you downloaded Stockhausen? I have.

1) My opinion is that they don't really get religion but really like commercialization.

2) Nope.

3) They shot themselves in the foot with Nightmare in Dream Land. That started a bad trend, and now they can't seem to shake it. But, really, HAL makes more than Kirby, so their future isn't entirely dependent on his non-existing pink shoulders.

4) No. Now send me one metric tonne of fan-type mails.

Hypotenuse Man

So. Persona 4. Best game ever, or *best game ever*?

(Excluding such esteemed company as Mother 3, of course.)

Also, what are the best New Year's resolutions you've ever heard?

Persona 4 looks like an acid trip.

The best resolution is not to make any resolutions.


how do you get a user name???

You see that box where you typed in "kirby"? ... Type something else.


I need to know how I can join this site (if you can) if you CAN, please leave the link. Thank you!

"Joining" the site is pretty open ended of a question. What, exactly, is it that you want to join in? There's several parts. forum, fan art gallery, site staff, etc. The first two should be easily known how to join them as they have big, shiny links that read "sign-up" or "join" right there. There's also a ritual where we physically graft people to the actual server and use their life force to keep the site alive, but I don't think you want to "join" in that manner. They never do, which is why we use the local orphanage.

The Revenge of Metaknight7

Hey look! Its revenge time! but first answers, Since I FINALLY have a Wii I got Metroid prime 3. No, but I do hope our president or president elect doesn't screw things up.

1. Does anyone know what Audacity means? cause Obama has a book called "The Audacity of Hope", And I know Audacity is not a good word.

2.Anyone play Starcraft?


4. My lord, why isn't the nuke going yet?!

5. Does anyone understand my reference?!

6. Run for your lives! It's the Zerg!

7. In case of water landings, You may be used as a flotation device. Understand?

8. Why I am huanted by the number 64?

9. The number Nine belongs to NO ONE. I'm more worried about the 20 little worms all plugged into amplification anyhow.

10. The Zerg Daleks, and Borg are all put in a room together, Who wins? (THIS A TRICK QUESTION, FOR WE WOULD ALL DIE)

If you have NOT heard of a band called The Presidents of the United States of America, then you missed the reference,and that is horrible. WAIT A SEC-

1) You found it easier to question people on-line for the definition rather than just looking in a dictionary? I can't believe your audacity. Wait, no, that's not the word I wanted. Stupidity. Thar we goes.

2) ... The crickets and I say nope.

3) Who's scared of nukes? I have a bunker full of Spam, Twinkies, and a barrel pickled fish. That stuff should keep me fed and unhealthy till the cockroaches each away the radioactive zombies of the aftermath.

4) They aren't launching 'cuz there are none.

5) Not at all, no.

6) My life isn't worth breaking a sweat. I'll walk.

7) Are... are you calling me fat? ;_;

8) You know why! You remember, that dark summer night, years ago. Yeah, you know why. Of course, it's pretty hard to get sixty-four norwhal to float around a guy and wail eerily, so they decided the number would suffice.

9) Not true. I just bought the number nine off eBay. Granted, I'm not certain how legite the transaction was. After all, I listed it in the first place...

10) Daleks are unbeatable. Don't you know your Who? Borg are just highly adaptable but no where near unstoppable. In fact, they get stopped endlessly in Star Trek. Zerg do not amuse me, so they'll be crushed under the cheese-tastic awesome that is the Dalek.


I got a lot of nice things for Xmas, like GT:WT for Wii a lots o' nice stuff and yadda yadda yadda..... I don't have resolutions.

Q's 4 U's:

1. Wait, I forgot, Vikings are a type of pirate, aren't they? So would the pirates win? Or what?...

2. Pop culture Cliche

3. Do you hate tween celebrities? Or Disney celebrities (in other words tween)? Or the magazines that glorify them, when we all know most of them are gonna become drug addicts?

4. Did you have a merry christmas?


6. Have you ever wanted to write a book? What would you write about? Ooh, i know a book you could publish! The Essential Collection of KRR Mailbags!

Thanks for your time again!

1) Vikings are no type of pirate. Pirates are shipping faring marauders. Vikings are marauders who fare by ship. Worlds of difference!

2) I lolled!

3) Giving them a name is too much acknowledgement. You seem to be pretty well versed in them for someone who seems like they don't care about them. Makes one wonder...

4) Blech, this question is as stale as that ginger bread man I found in my couch cushion... and I didn't make any this year.

5) Macs and Naruto suck.

6) I'm reminded of My Immortal for some reason... * shudder *

Retarded Philosopher aka Conspiracy0

Hello. I got a ninja kirby plush doll plus ultra for christmas, plus CODWAW and an animated pong playing tshirt.

1. Why does shampoo come in so many colors, but the lather is always white?

2. I hear people say the phrase "I'm out of wack." What's it like to be in wack?

3. MOAR?!

4. WARNING ^KRR ALERT^ /b/rothers are chargin their lazahs... be aware...

Put up some battletoadz or mudkipz...

6. What would you do if it turns out the Scientologists are right about our existence?

7. I am rascist against 5's. Are you?

1) You're just not doing it right.

2) To be in-line and in balace. It's "whack", too. "Wack" is new age hippity-hop talks.


4) Lazahs are harmless, there's no worry. That's just light amplification by zamboni and horses. As you might guess, it's not as effective as stimulated emission of radiation. No worries, yeah, really-really.

5) Mudkips got nothin' against Rash, Pimple, and Zitz. Big Boot action up in their ugly mugs, yo.

6) I'd still laugh.

7) Fives aren't a race. They're a life choice. Still a bigot.

Closing Statments:

And that ends it. "It" was every question dumped into the cache from Bag #58 till Aso's unexpected leave. That means this place is squeaky clean and open for ... something else, why not? So, if anyone cares to continue using this area without the old crew, keep 'em coming. Maybe I'll round up some form of crew, or something.

Theme Alert! How about something like that? Fan games of the Kirby flavor. Like 'em? Love 'em? Make 'em? What floats your boat or sunk your battleship?

And that leaves nothing else to be said... except for you're next!

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