January 05th, 2008

   The day of giving gifts to people (or receiving them, which is more fun) is over, and we enter the year of 2008. What will it bring? Mailbags. Probably.
For Christmas Diddgery got horn polish and a free 'get out of cannon' ticket which expired two years ago.
Disaster's notable Christmas moments involve 'sploding up a Christmas tree and thus burning down an entire neighbourhood.
Wildrows lives in Canada, so every day is winter for him!
It wasn't quite Christmas, but Bimblesnaff did lots of cool stuff such as fixing up the mailbag page, and creating the Uncle Gobbo's MB Auto-Gen 2x-Square Rooted V1.0 which does all of the mailbag work (apart from thinking up witty answers) so we don't have to, and making a cool new mailbag template. He is a great man.
Dr NK joins us as a temporary replacement for Shiro, who is off playing Sims 2 or something equally (un)important.

Blue Kirby
   I have two questions to ask ...
   1. Is RMD truly a master of disguise?
   2. There should be a Lunar Magic for Kirby Super Star.
   3. Has anybody seen Chowder?
   4. Do you think Kirby Ultra Star is going to be the best Kirby game for the DS?
1. I know he has to be a master of camoflauge; I don't see him anywhere!
2. ...A what?
3. Eh, it's pretty good for a "random nonsense" type of cartoon.
4. It's a remake of Super Star, so that automatically makes it better than Squeak Squad, at the very least. But better than Canvas Curse? Hm...
1. Haha no.
2. That's not a bad idea. A Lunar Magic like mapmaker for Super Star could result in quite a few good hacks. Unfortunatly, it will also result in a bajillion bad ones.
3. Chowder? What? The cheese?
4. It's already better than Squeak Squad for being a remake of Super Star. But then, it's not that hard to beat Squeak Squad in my book.
1. He could be anyone, even Asotoku!
2. What's Lunar Magic?
3. I don't watch TV much anymore so no.
4. Hands down yes.
1. Yeah lets go with that.
2. A lunar magic? Like, an ability? If they have a ball ability, then I don't see why not.
3. Saw a commercial, I actually laughed at one of the jokes.
4. As long as it includes a Wi-Fi helper mode, yeah!!
1. Well, his name is Robo Master Disguise, a little known fact.
2.That's not a question, but I'll still say yes. There should also be bunny magic and marshmallows.
3. Seen it? Love it fits the bill more.
4. Ultra Star could be the best Kirby game if it did what Super Star should have: not had blocking.
1. I bet you're RMD.
2. Again, a who?
3. See above answer
4. I was about to say it'd be the only DS game. Shows how good my memory is.

Snake, do you think love can bloom on the battlefield?
Love is a battlefield.
Hi Shiro.
Love shouldn't bloom where there are grenades goin' off. Or... it should. I forget which way that goes. Pull a pin and give me the pro/cons of the results.
I think love can bloom.. IN THE BOX.

You should come inside the box... Then you'll know what I mean.
We manage to avoid drowning!
No Raiden.

I'd like to hear the Kirby Dreamland 3 remixed song from Squeak Squad in SSBB.
Now for my questions.
1)What Kirby character will you play as first in SSBB?
2)What's your favorite ability? Mine is Magic (Squeak Squad) and Tornado in usefulness, Animal in cuteness, and Beam in coolness.
Thank you.
1) Kirby is supposed to be a lot better than he was in Melee (or at least, so I hear), so probably him first. Although Meta Knight and King Dedede look very tempting as well...
2) DISAST- oh wait, that's not an official ability.

1) Kirby, naturally.
2) Favorite ability huh? It's probably between Fighter, Ninja, Yo-Yo, Hammer, and Mirror. I definitely can't choose just one.
1) Kirby, lol.
2) Jet, Wing, Ball, Animal, Yo-Yo.
1. I would play Dedede, prolly, first. Gotta love fat royalty.
2. I was always partial to Parasol. You gotta love driftin' and head shielding.
1. Whatever happens, happens. I'll probably play them in order of appearance on the character roster. Which will most likely end up as Kirby/Meta Knight/Dedede.
2. I can't choose just one, there's a few I like. Fighter, Ninja, Cutter, Sword, and Wing.
1. It will be Meta Knight.
2. Ninja, Throw, Suplex, Sword.. Master?
My favorite ability is *half of the established abilities here*

Dark Hamsterlord
Hi! Sticking to the theme, I'd say that Great Cave Offensive music would definately rock. Now for my questions..
1) Who, in your opinion, would be the coolest playable character to be added to Brawl? (Not just Kirby characters, ANY character!)
2) What would you do if Pirates shanghaied you? (Kidnapped you, and forced you to work on thier ship)
3) If Kirby were a flavor, what would he taste like?
1) Either Captain Olimar from Pikmin or Flint from MOTHER3.
2) wait until they found a barrel with a rubberman inside that would free me from the clutches of the fat lady in charge
3) a-maushmewwow.
1) As long as it isn't Geno I'm happy.
2) I am a pirate. I would do battle with them (and win) long before I could get shanghaied.
3) Probably like cricecorns.
1. I dunno. Is there even anyone left out of all the good characters in Nintendo History? Oh I suppose Didge has a point with Flint. Okay I'll go with Flint.
2. I would die. Seriously. I'm a weak little thing. I would die from abuse.
3. I suppose I'll have to go with Marshmallow too. Why would you even think of eating Kirby?
1) Best choice? Heavy Mole. That'd be some serious destruction.
2) Obviously, I'd quickly adjust to their ways and usurp command of the ship. Then, on to attack the Queen! And steal rum!
3) Kirby would taste like straw-ma-berry. He's the same color as their milk.
1) Marina from Mischief Makers, Ashley from the WarioWare series, and Klonoa.
2) Sneak behind one of them, steal a sword, defeat each pirate, then steal the boat for my own personal use.
3) Bubble gum???
1) I'm actually pretty cool with the currently known lineup. But, if I had to choose a character to be added... darn it, I still want Bomberman and Marina ;~;
2) I would be okay with it if Aso was the leader of said pirates.
3) ...Cotton candy, or bubblegum? (They're both pink and squishytasty. Shut up, I can't think of anything good!)
Heh, in response to Disaster's #2, I guess you could say I shanghaied all the people answering this mailbag. This is really a pirate crew.

Except for Bimblesnaff, he shanghaied himself in to steal our rum.

Hi guys. I read this thing every time one comes out. It's always awesome. As for Kirby music in brawl, I'm thinking Vegetable valley. They should also put that as one of the levels in Subspace emissary. Anyways, what's you're favorite thing to consume? Chocolate? Bananas? Nukes? Also, I lost a sharpie somewhere around here. Anyone see it anywhere? I'm looking forward to another awesome year with the mailbag. Seeya!
Well, I'm glad you enjoy the mailbag. I think it's mostly because I'm in it, since everyone loves me.
My favorite thing to consume just happens to be ... Jello. Say, I think me saws that Sharpie. It's over there... in that bowl in my kitchen. Just hop on in...
Don't listen to Diddgery, everyone loves me.
Oh, that pen I ate a while back was yours? Whoops. I think I had that with a bowl of cottage cheese and broken glass, topped off with some shrapnel...
Oh sod off Aso. I'm the new lovable thing in town.
Who are you?

kirby k
yha i know my spelling sucks
1.why is gooy not in kirby now??????
2.is a wii kirby game coming soon?
3.do you get paid at the krr????
We have absolutely no affiliations with Nintendo, don't ask us questions that only they would be able to answer. KRR is just a fan-run website, so we don't get paid for anything. We just do our jobs because we like doing them.. or in some cases, because we have to.
1. Gooey wasn't created by Sakurai, and the games oriented back towards Sakurai's ideals after 2001... but Sakurai doesn't work for HAL anymore, so... um, he just hasn't come back yet?
2. It'll be done when it's done. (I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT WAS CANNED)
3. A fansite that pays its staff is a cool fansite indeed. However, we are not one of those fansites.
1) Gooy, the soy-based cousin of Gooey, no longer appears as Kirby devoured him when he was mistaken for tofu.
2) I think there's information about this appearing on the main page of this very site right now. If only there were some way to access this hidden material, like a "back" button...
3) I get paid in Fun-yuns. A rip-off? Maybe. A tasty rip-off? Definately!
1. I dunno. But frankly I don't like him very much anyway.
2. There was a Kirby game for Gamecube that was rumoured to have been moved to Wii. But nobody's heard anything since. Brawl's Subspace Emmisary is shaping up to be very much like a Kirby Game though, so that may be the closest we'll get for a while.
3. Paid? We're just a fansite with no affiliation to Nintendo. If KRR wasn't hosted on classicgaming, there would be money going out, but not to the staff...
I get payed because I'm lovable.

Unlike Diddgery.
1. Give Hal Labs a ring, I'm sure they'll tell you.
2. No, it was cancelled!
3. The KRR. I like it. Also I am not real staff so I wouldn't get anything even if they did get paid!!
P.S. what they said

happy kirby days ! (jingel bell rock)
kirby bell kirby bell kirby bell rock kirby swing and kirby bells ring poy and poy budels of food now the kirby hop has begun in the frosty air what a bright time its the right time to eat the day awhay kirby bell time its the right time to beat up king dedede what a swell time to to krr.com!!!!!!!
happy kirby days from kirby k
Don't worry, guys. I'll handle this one.

i know you might not post this cus i maild 2 leters TO THIS ONE BEFOR alredy but if this is posted hi and welcom! ok quesiton 1. what was kirby's first power ever made?
2. what is metaknight under his mask? (do i want to know?!)
3. why did ah shino (i think his name is shino on here.)leave and come back?
i asked this befor but do you get paid and how much ? like 20$ hahahahaah yha right like 1,000 GHOSH YHA DHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. The power to walk to the right. Or, if you want to be specific, Inhale. Or, if you want to be more specific, Spicy Curry. Or, if you want to be even more specific... Beam.
2. No, you do not!
3. Because he.. was busy? And no, we don't get paid.
1. I'm pretty sure the first powerup Kirby had was the Spicy Food, aka Hot Curry, wich gave him a flamethrower effect for a period of time. It's showing up Super Smash Bros Brawl.
2. Games have shown that MetaKnight looks just like Kirby under the mask.
3. I think you mean Shiro. He wasn't around. - And no, we don't get payed.
1) The first power ever made was the power to create light and life. Oh, in Kirby. I dunno. Ball?
2) Underneath the Meta-Mask lies a scared and lonely child :_(
3) Shino left to buy an R for his name, which cost him an N.
#) There was no number for this question! I can't answer it!

My first Mail.....Anyway I would really like the Checker Knights music from Kirby air ride it was one of my favorites from the Anime so it be great to brawl to that awesome tune ^.^.
Anyway heres some questions...
1. Which do you consider Metaknight to be? Good, Evil or in between?
2. Who is your favorite boss from the Kirby series?
3. What Colour Kirby do you use the most?
4. What do you call the Kirby species?
Thats all for now expect more from me in the Future!
1. Lawful Neutral, probably.
2. I'm thinking Pon and Con, or maybe Fatty Whale.
3. Same color as my text.
4. Puffballs, pretty much.
1. He has his own personal agenda most of the time, so whether he is "good or evil" depends on a character's point of view, their agenda, blah blah blah...
2. Um, uh... Marx? I'll say King Dedede as well, because his theme song is boss.
3. Pink is the only way to go.
4. They're officially "Kirbys", so I call them that.
1. Hard to say, really. I'd like to stay undecided on that.
2. Wispy Woods, Meta Knight, and Dedede. I like the classics, baby.
3. Blue. NO, GRE--AAAAA*Tossed into the pit*
4. I used to say Dreamlanders, but lately it's just been Kirbys. Much easier.
1) MK is a classic case of the "'tweener", someone who is too loved to be a villain but too mysterious and seemingly evil to be considered on the good side. But I consider him bad. Very, very bad.
2) Top boss o' all time is Kaboola! Despite not existing in many games...
3) I bounced a lot between orange and purple with some chocolate use to.
4) I don't call "his species" really anything. I don't think there is one. He, Broom Hatter, the Waddles, Burt, and the rest of the lot all are just Dream Landers of the same breed. That, or I could call them "Puffins" if that wasn't already a bird.
1. Actually, I dunno!
2. Dedede and Meta Knight, of course.
3. Regular pink, or white.
4. I don't really refer to them as a species, but if I had to, I'd probably call them Kirbies."
In between, Kracko, Charcoal, and nothing at all. Short and sweet.

Kid Kirby No.1
I think that the Fountain of Dreams song from Kirby's Dreamland, SSBM, and Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. I would like to ask:
1. Have you ever killed anyone (besides RMD)?
2. What are your favorite Kirby modes? (I don't need to know what games they're from)
1. A couple of thousan-- Wait, are you the law?
2. Quick draw? Does that count?
That song is originally called 'Clash! Gourmet Race" from Kirby Super Star and was rearranged for SSBM's Fountain of Dreams. It was never in Kirby's Dreamland. Anyways..
1. What? We never killed RMD. No. He's still alive. Yeah.. still alive. Right.
2. I like putting my games in sleep mode when I need to walk away from them for a while.
1) If I told you, I'd have to add you to the list, which is only questionable to exist.
2) My favorite Kirby mode is... Kirby mode. The mode in which he is Kirby. ... Mode.
1. I haven't, but I think Maulsel did? (Puller der trigger, etc or something?)
2. Modes... you mean, abilities? DISAST- wait, I could've sworn I answered this earlier.
1. W-what kind of question is that? Of course not!
2. Modes? Like.. Abilities? If that's the case, look up a bit, we answered it earlier.
1. Have I ever killed RMD? No. Have I ever killed someone? Here isn't the best place to say.
2. that one. you know.

   I have a few questions:
1. What would you like to see in a Kirby of the Stars sequel? (There is also a topic about it on the boards.)
2. What do you have to say about the cancelled Kirby game for Wii?
3. If you answer this:
Before Christmas:
What would you like for Christmas?
After Christmas:
What did you get for X-mas?
4. Which character would you play as on SSBB?
1. See my post in the topic about it on the boards.
2. It's probably not cancelled. Never give up hope.
3. Stuff and junk and MOTHER3.
4. Lucas, Pikachu, Ike, Yoshi... wait, haven't we answered this one before?
1. Kirby of the Stars?
2. Didn't they say the 'confirmation' of it's cancellation was false?
3. Xbox 360. Halo 3. Assassin's Creed.
4. Solid Snake. Dedede. Meta Knight. And Pokémon Trainer looks interesting, even with my hate of Pokémon.
1) I would like to not see it.
2) I'm saddened. I wanted to make a top-heavy pile of foes and wandering about like a walkin' Jenga stack.
3) Coal and oil, which means I was slightly better this year.
4) I... probably won't even play it. There'll be, like two more out before then. And so, Bim is fired on the spot. Aw...
1. Whatever Didge wants, I'd probably want too.
Aw, how romantic.
Shut up, you.
2. I refuse to beleive it's cacelled.
3. Stuff and junk.
4. Who knows? It'll be random for me.
1. I'm probably the only one in the mailbag that remotely likes the anime, and even I don't think a sequel is necessary.
2. IT ISN'T CANCELED. What nonsense do you spaek!?
3. An HDTV, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games, and I'm supposed to be getting a table here in a short while...
4. Kirby, Meta Knight, Mario, and... well, I keep saying that I'm going to try out everyone, so I'm not entirely sure.

Definitely Mr. Game and Watch, though. (We know he's in, albeitly "unofficially".)
1. no commento
2. I think KSSDS and I feel better.
3. DBZ Tenkaichi 3, an R4, and an imported FFCC DS lite.
4. I plan on maining Pit, and that may change because the full roster isn't known, but I'll use everyone at least once.

   first of all diddgery is gonna have to be an assist trophy second gordo would stomp losers "points at peach " and Asotoku could kill pple cuz hes a pirate so he should apear and diddgery's cannon to blast him with
...I thought Diddgery was fired OUT of the cannon, not fired AT by the cannon. And why is Aso killing apples?
This was made instanty awesome when you mentioned me. You even remembered that I was a pirate.
I can neither support nor deny this canidate for election.
But I wanna be a real character!
DrNK is playable and also godtier. In SE he teams up with RoboMechaDedede, with the final boss being Captain Aso. He attacks with a cannon that shoots diddgerys, and after you beat him, you unlock him. Definitely.
Darn it, why is everyone except me in Brawl? D:
Hey, Peach doesn't suck.
Aw, how romantic.
I said shut up.

Darth Vader
   Hello again, KRR. In Brawl I'd love for all of the Kirby music in Melee to come back, maybe redone so it's not so repetitive. Also, it may help Nintendo in advertising Ultra Star if they had some music from it in Brawl too...
Now for the questions!
1) What video games do you guys play besides Kirby? Any Super Mario, Sonic, or perhaps Megaman?
2) Do you at KRR play any MMOs? WoW, Runescape, etc?
3) What would a Kirby MMO be like?
4) Diddgery should have his own game. Girlfriend.
5) Llamas.
Thanks for your time!
halp guys my microfiber blankey is attackegin my face aaaaa
1) A whole bunch. I am particularly fond of RPGs - my favorites are the Final Fantasy series, the MOTHER series, the Fire Emblem series, and the Dragon Quest series. I also enjoy me some Super Marjo games, and I love the Ace Attorney series.. If I listed all the games I like, it'd take too long.
2) I hate MMOs.
3) Someone tried making one a while ago. It was terrible.
4) If someone made me my own game, they would be my best friend forever. Get to it, game designers.
5) You threw off my groove.
1) If it was a classic and for the NES, I've played and owned it on cartridge during the '90s. Old school.
2) I ... actually play RuneScape... *cough* Shame'd.
3) A Kirby MMO would be interesting, especially if other players could just eat one another. Imagine the PK in that environment!
4) The game "Girlfriend" does sound suiting to Didge as he recently admitted to not having one. What a grand quest that'd be!
5) Alpaca.
1. I like most of the Nintendo franchises. Especially Metroid. I also like Rockman, yes. And some other franchises but there's too many to list.
2. I play WoW. But I'm not giving anyone my info. Hah.
3. I imagine it would be incredibly bland and boring since there'd be really nothing to do.
4. ..uh..huh.
5. ...okay
1) All of those, plus more!
2) Not anymore, Maplestory is awful, Lunia got boring after the first week. I'll try Mabinogi though!!
3) Everyone plays as Kirby?? Idk!
4) is that some sort of dating sim
5) i hate them
1. Anything that looks interesting, really.
2. Me and Shiro have played practically every MMO that exists.
3. It would be an RPG. You'd suck up different enemies to use different elements against other enemies to gain experience to raise your expertise in said elements.

Just like any RPG then. With sucking powers.
Oh! Or one based on Computer Virus. That would be cool.
4. A Diddgery dating sim is slightly disturbing. Unless by 'date' you mean 'fire' and 'sim' meaning 'out of a cannon.' I'd make one of them.
5. Daleks.

   Also, the new Mailbag submission page design is awesome. Is there any one particular person who did it?
Yeah, that would be Bimblesnaff, who has joined us as a mailbag dude.

He's cool.

   stupid Q why is kirby pink i know the anser mwhahahaah lets see if you do its on this site!
because you touch yourself at night
He's a master of disguise, much like RMD. He's actually a blue hedgehog.
If it's a stupid question, and it's on the site, then why are you asking us for the anser?

   Ummm... The Arena, or Aqualiss or Grape Garden Airship, if I am ok... How about you?
Dedede's theme, and if Canvas Curse counts, Mag Mount and Tiny Town. Oh, and the Tutorial from Canvas Curse.
Music? I was always partial to the Coo theme song. It was all actiony.
The Arena is actually a pretty good song for Brawl, in my opinion. I also want to say the inital Yogurt Yard theme (you know, the one that was used in Avalanche?), and of course King Dedede's battle theme.
I like most, if not all the Kirby themes. So any is good for me.
I couldn't name a song for the life of me.
I am not going to bother listing all the songs I want in Brawl, since there's a lot of them.

   Closing Statement Powers, Activate!
aw, how romantic
Now that it's over, Aso can have those photographs of himself returned as per our agreement. Sadly, I was keeping them from being released. Be fearful!
N-no such photographs exist.

Keep sending me mail acknowledging my pirateness. Especially if they boost my ego. They'll most definitely be answered.
ph noe, the blanekt is attkcning meh agains! aaars
Um.. it's okay that I don't have a girlfriend, right? It's not a big deal. I'm fine.
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