Ask Guru Gobbo #134

The much expected "all good questions answered" point seems to have been crossed, folks. In under a year's time to boot. Woot! Do people still say that? Like, those who don't suck?

- May 12th, 2009

  1. Cool One
  2. Anonymus
  3. Tripp Crazy
  4. Locorco1
  5. Kirazy
  6. Game Qube
  7. Airride Master
  8. Leirin
  9. Person

1. Was Kirby Air Ride canned or was it just postponed for the Gamecube? I have heard stories saying that they canned the game for 64 and kinda remade it for Gamecube. Other stories I heard that they postponed the game for the 64 and pushed it back to the Gamecube. Which one is true or is any true?

2. Can you gimme a link the page with all the Boggs icons? (I hope I got it right. Isn't your icon called Bogg? If I am wrong sorry I haven't been at KRR in a long time since until last night.)

- Cool One

Squeaky Bogg

1) Ya know, this thing here that you're at? It's a "website". This strange, new invention contains multiple pages and sections of various information. Every time you come to this site's root page, you are bombarded by various links. Granted, I wouldn't expect everyone to be familiar with all of them, but one of the top most and most noticeable segments is a branch for Games. Wacky, isn't it? A site dedicated to a game series having a set of pages dedicated to the games within that series? It tell ya, it blew my mind.

I could go one with this bitter routine, but it's frankly not worth it. I mean, what are the odds it'd be grasped when the answer to this guy's question has been one click away every time he's come to the site. So, assuming you managed to find your way back to the Gurus page to locate your question and then the corresponding answer found right below it (congratulations on making it this far~!), then I'll cram the answer right down your throat: the Kirby Air Ride (N64) Game page.

Harsh? Yes, kinda, but this place is really supposed to be for information that's buried or harder to find. Like it says on the front page, "get your burning questions answered ... that you can't find the answer to." I don't mind telling people who Keeby or some other obscure character is, but when the link is and has been sitting there, in the open, right from the most visited and front-most page of the site, it raises more than a few questions about how hard people are looking for this information. Gone awhile or ages, that page has been there for five years, and the main page layout hasn't changed that time, either.

Squeaky Bogg

Looks like Uncle Gobbo is goin' nuclear again!

2) Faces of Bogg. Clicking the icons on the Gurus main page also leads there.

When Will OP_HNK Be Updated? It Has Been Like Half a year Already!

- Anonymus

Squeaky Bogg

Spelling: it is that hard.

I love how about one year ago it was, "When will the next episode come out? When will the next episode come out?" Then, it finally did, and I gladly was freed of the relentless and pointless asking of when something I have no control over and has been stated numerous times on its own part that it would not update anywhere near frequently. But, like a toddler with a new toy, those easily amused simpletons who adore the Operation got bored with their shiny and only want a new one.

This used to be an issue on the Gobbo FAQ, but then worded with "Meta Knight in a penguin suit" as that was all anyone really cared about. If this is gonna come up again, then I'm gonna have to make another standard of return to fall back onto. So, heed this decree:

Don't know, don't care, none of my business. Ask Ivyna J..

1. When people ask about inconsistencies in the game, you just say 'oh don't ask why, it's a game.' But when they mention them about the show, you say 'because the show is horrible and the writers are on crack.' Why respond like that, it's a cartoon, it doesn't need to keep concepts.

2. Yes, you're right, Helper to Hero is unlocked by defeating the 13th boss. Strangely, the first time playing it, I died right there.

3. What's wrong with asking why the grass is green? Just the other day I asked why the grass is purple.

4. Why does the True Arena take up the space of The Arena? It eliminates the chance to see the original statement about te game.

- Tripp Crazy

Squeaky Bogg

1) Funny, I don't ever remember saying that so lackadaisically. Paraphrased, I'm sure. I do downplay the shifts between the games as opposed to the animated series, however, for a very solid reason: the games are each their own game. Separate, individual, and with their own directors, game designers, staff, etc. In those, they have to make the game different enough to stand apart from the other series since a consumer won't by the same game three times (unless it is named Halo). You have to make different levels, as, despite argument, those are what build a game's foundation, which can lead to a shift in the game's geography. This can especially lead to trouble when recurring cast members appear in different locations, sometimes against logic.

The thing is, as I've said before (and you apparently didn't get ground into your skull), they're games. Children's games at that. They aren't some storyline driven, involved masterpiece. "Oo, save the day. Oo, save the princess. Oo, save the magical fairy." Video games never use to have too deep of plots. Now, especially for the RPG and cinematic fair, they try and fluff them up in that department. Kirby is an action/adventure platformer. That just requires a "save the day" motif and the player can go off.

The animated series, on the other hand, is suppose to be one, complete story from start to finish by all largely the same people. Writers fluctuate a bit on certain episodes, but they are all part of the same current team. There is not years between the works of one and the works of another. It'd be months at the top. When you modify the layout or scale of Pop Star to make a better looking map overview, that's acceptable. When you can't even keep King Dedede's literacy consistent in the same season, that's just sloppy. That's Frank not paying attention to what Ted wrote last week. There's the difference.

That was only one of your question? Ugh. Oh, good, most the others are garbage. Skipping ahead...

4) I'm certain the game makers' last thought was anyone's concern to see something as trivial as a game statement. Who cares about a string of words? That's the least important part of a game, unless it was horribly translated and thus comical. I never turn to my brother and say, "Dude, remember in Abadox when that sentance comes up? It was totally rad." Never going to happen. I'd think it'd be a bigger concern to have eliminated the less challenging game from play. True Arena is hard. Sometimes some folk might want a cake walk.

Why can't Kirby go down ladders when he has the Ghost or U.F.O. ability? U.F.O. I kind of understand, but why ghost Kirby? He has hands.

- Locorco1

Squeaky Bogg

You don't climb a ladder with your hands alone. And, really, saying Kirby ever has hands is comical enough of a statement. I mean, really, those things are flippers. Regardless, feet are a big part of it, too, for support and ascending. Really, though, I think it comes down to a programming limitation and/or an implement to prevent the player from crossing those abilities into certain areas. They probably started out with a difficulty in getting a floater to grab onto a ladder or cross through a pseudo-floor with ease but wound up saying, "Eh, it stops that ability from going to far."

1. Does the Mike ability actually have a hat? In Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, Mike is simply shown as a flashing Kirby. But in Kirby Air Ride, and the anime (Personally, I dislike the anime, and don't consider it a reliable source), it shows Kirby with his earphones on all during the Mike Ability, not just during while he is using the Mike attack. So what's the deal here, is Mike a hat ability, or not?

2. I like the abilities Mike, and Cook, and I think that they have real potential. Cook could utilize many different cooking appliances and utensils for battle techniques, and even attack with food itself, and Mike could create sonic shockwaves, and musical notes to attack with. So do you think that Cook and/or Mike will ever be molded into full-fledged abilities, much like how Magic was? I sure hope that Hal does that.

3. Is it the anime's fault that Kirby isn't still experimenting with the 7 different basic abilities, with different ways to combine them, such as combining with each other, or animal friends? I mean, the anime kinda set it in stone that that was the only way Kirby works.

3.5. Does that mean that the only way to get Kirby back to the way it was would be to make a second anime, featuring the Animal Friends, or something?

4. Will any final boss from past games, (besides Dark Matter) be used as the big baddy once again? Will they ever bring back, such favorites as Marx, Nightmare, and Dark Mind to shine again in a new Kirby game?

5. In session 133, you noted that you enjoyed seeing King Dedede with Kirby as friends. But I deeply disagree with that. The amazing way "Revenge of the King" portrayed Kirby and Dedede in an endless rivalry was golden. Personally, I'm exuberant with pleasure that they're using Dedede as the big baddy in Kirby Wii... (if it ever comes out.)

6. Is there going to be another Kirby game for the DS? Do you think there will be? If so, what do you think it'll be like?

- Kirazy

Squeaky Bogg

1) Mike does not have a hat, rightfully, and rightfully means usually. Everything had a hat in the animated series, outside of Parasol to my knowledge since it'd just be too much and was already unnecessary. Anyhoo, Mike is just flashing since it doesn't have a hat but several. Since it is a temporary ability, like Paint and Crash, it's a waste of resources, sprites, and graphical development to have all those walking, action, and other animations with that hat on when it won't even come into any use. Anyways, Mike has the head phones, a baseball cap, and a mohawk contained within its ability for the games. The animated series and Air Ride did not have this and just had one vanilla version. Since of that, they could just easily blah over the ability with the most appropriate head gear.

2) There's a big difference between could and should. Sure, you could have Mike turn into a regular ability. Just dampen its sonic death to a shorter range like, oh, say Spark's radius? Oh, wait, there's already an ability like that. Spark, and since it has electrical properties, it's a more favorable to-have ability in the list. Cook now, like Paint, could probably get the Magic treatment. The problem is exactly what it would do and how it would do it. Rather than tweaking one-shot abilities, HAL would rather have something entirely new like Animal that fills a niche they have in mind. You come to a hole and fill it. You don't see it and then try to bend some old patches you have to the shape. That'll sink your boat.

3) I've only explained this how many times? No, really, I don't remember. It comes up every time with the "old vs. new school" discussion. People for some reason think that the answer for a slightly different aspect will be profoundly contrasting despite being partially answered in the original go of things.

Back to it, the animated series was a trend setter, and all other forms of the franchise had to follow suit for marketing synergy. But, there's a lot of little reasons, like making hats for every combination. But, really, power mixing was killed off since that was a Shinichi Shimomura trade mark. It existed in all the games he directed and was absent in any game he wasn't part of.

3.5) You mean make a cartoon with actual elements from the game to relate more closely to the birthing media form? But, that means it'd be, I dunno, the manga? No, that's not it. Good, it'd be good.

4) Dark Mind, I doubt. That loser was a total hodge-podge. I was a little surprised that Nightmare in pure form never made a second appearance, especially when the animated series was going strong. Marx is equally unlikely just because of how unspectacular he was. They had to use him twice in the same game to give him any real meaning. Prior to Ultra, he was just a flop! Anyhoo, Dark Matter came around so much since of being a Shinichi Shimomura trade mark. The whole Dark Matter trilogy was like his game baby. The games now are created more disjointed from one another, much further apart chronologically, and probably by very different development teams.

5) The reason I don't like seeing the King turn heel is since he spent a decade establishing himself as face. I blame this turned tide on none other than the animated series. It should have been Dedede that straddled the line of friend and foe while Meta Knight emerged as the true threat. This is the way the cards were stacking before it intervened and changed everything. Read all about in Uncle Gobbo Puts Too Much Thought into a Series So Simple: Meta Knight- Why We Loved Him, Why I Hate Him, coming out soon.*

* Never!

Truthfully, as long as he's not "ordering monsters", then having the King as the top tier tyrant sure beats out featuring him as the first level pushover. How the mighty have fallen, indeed.

6) I think Nintendo is having enough trouble getting one game out to be thinking of a whole new problem. Depending on how much longer the DS maintains life, they could get another out. I don't really see the DS turning over any time soon. I mean, they have zero competition on the portable market.

is meta knight good or evil (in the games)? is nova a living being or mechanical? and why does he talk like this -> (or like this > in the original?)

- Gameqube

Squeaky Bogg

1) This was, like, the only question I got at the start of this Gurus run it has probably been my most talked about point throughout these odd hundred some sessions. Seriously? You're asking this? It was the second answered question ever and was only touched upon who knows how many more times.

2) You asked more than this, like, two sessions ago, and it got Repeat Responsed. Do you want a sock puppet show explaining it? A throbbing vein is gonna be choking me Stressed Eric style any moment now, I swear.

3) Those precursors to his sentences are computer command line prompts. Something like that generally pops up on a new line when doing real computer work, not the fancy, washed over stuff that people see now, like in a terminal or something. Command Prompt still has something like it.

1.)What is your most successful If?

2.)What would you say is the most dark matter like normal enemy?

- Airrde_Master

Squeaky Bogg

1) There's only really been three of the Interactive Fandom contests thus far, and the most successful isn't even questionable. However, it can't even be called "most successful" as there really isn't any number for it to be compared to. Anyhoo, Round Knights rounded up the most fan participation.

2) N-Z clearly stands out heads over the rest of the enemies as the most Dark Mattery of them all. It's the Waddle Dee of Crystal Shards, and the li'l bugger is swarming over the final Dark Star. Nothing gets darker than that.

Hello. Is there anywhere I can find lyrics for the different Kirby's Adventure vocalized tracks by Mako Miyata (they're on this site), translated or raw? Either would be good, although romaji is a bit more helpful. Thank you!

- Leirin

Squeaky Bogg

Romanji is always more helpful! * complete silence from readers *

Anyhoo, from what I could find, there is no easily findable source of such. One could be buried in the depths of some Japanese webpages, but not ones I could find. The problem comes from the inherent nature of the song. Looking for Kirby song lyrics instantly leads to those for the animated series. Next, the songstress was just some little girl and not one of the many sweated crooners of the rising sun. This makers her an unknown except when mentioned as singing the aforementioned songs. She doesn't even have her own Japanese Wikipedia page; that's how little the country cares. America gave her one, tho', which says something about out our weirdos. We're number one! We're number one! Finally, it's a video game soundtrack, which doesn't get normal considerations for lyric databases. I'm afraid if this one is out there, it's a tricky pickle. But, hey, you can just listen to Japanese and understand it just the same as reading, right?

Yeah, I know not.

Hello, I was wondering why everyone keeps asking stupid questions that can be answered by simply pointing out that logic doesn't matter as much as playability. It reminds me of the time I was 10 and my friends would each ask me if Ice Climbers weren't the best character in Super Smash Bros. Melee because there were two of them. I mean, even as a ten-year-old, I understood it was a freaking video game made by people. Is/was there something wrong with me?

- Person

Squeaky Bogg

That's right, people, ten year olds have more reason. Been a while since I had something like this make me smile.

To actually answer your question, however, what's wrong with you is that you have a functional brain. Ignorance is bliss; smarts is the dumps.

Repeat Response:

  1. Joshua wondered how difficult Kirby games could get. Not very~!
  2. Ariel asked what Kirby is. I'm just pointing them here.

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