Oversized Opponent

Red Reign

An interesting concept was started in Amazing Mirror. Kirby had two levels of inhaling strength: regular suction and full power! This was needed to pull in the larger enemies. Foes like an overfed Waddle Dee and four others started the batch off. Later in Squeak Squad, they introduced three more. ... Really? Pfft.

It's a great concept but horribly underutilized! Possibly since only two new real titles have come out since their introduction. On top of that, three of them are essentially just big, fat stones. So much more can be done with this! So...

If you could make a super-sized enemy, what would it be? They've only scratched the surface with under ten. Let's see if we can do better.

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Oversized Opponent was slated from October throughout November. The contest is currently closed.

Last Updated - January 7th, 2010