Mini-Boss Creation Contest

The Mini-Boss Maker Mayhem is over! See the results from the finale!

Mini-bosses have been a staple in Kirby games since the first title, but they were fully defined in Kirby's Adventure. Every mini-boss is similar in a few ways: they follow a handful of set behaviors, they produce something that Kirby can spit back at them, and they offer a copy ability once beaten. It really is that simple. So... What are you waiting for?

There are a lot of games and a lot of mini-bosses, but there are holes in the listings. Some powers never get a representative while others have a sorry excuse for a boss. Grand Wheelie, really? If that passes as one, this shouldn't be too hard. So, here's your chance to create your own.

Read the guidelines used by participants to make their own Mini-Bosses or browse over and the ones accepted.

Last Updated - December 4th, 2008