Enemy Emulation

Kirby copies capabilities. It's been a trademark since his second game and has been repeated ever since. These abilities existed before Kirby's Adventure. Beam was fired by Waddle Doo, Wizzer, and Peezer. Cutter was hurled by Kibble and Boomer. Parasol carried many Waddle Dees and Doos. Hammer was heralded by King Dedede.

These all appeared Kirby's Dream Land and were cashed in on the sequel. Some abilities took longer to recognized. Bomb was in the hands of Poppy Bros. Sr., but it didn't get into Kirby's flipper until Super Star. Clean was being bolstered by Broom Hatter for years until it got a chance to shine in Dream Land 3.

Abilities come from Kirby's opponents. That's why they're called "copy". Some foes may not always have offered a power but eventually good. Some maybe still can. That brings up the big question:

If you could make one of Kirby's enemies give an ability, what would it be? Kirby has a large rogues gallery with lots of interesting actions. Shouldn't he be able to do the same?

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Last Updated - June 21st, 2009