Site Info
What Helps
* HTML, CSS, and/or PHP
* Site management with FTP and text editors
* Bribes~!
You can still help even if you can't code;
We have other people for that!
What You Need
* Grood Grammar
* Good Judgement
* Being about it, not talking about it~!
What You Get
* A Good Feeling for Helping Out
* Access and privileges contengent with duties

Do you think you have what it takes to be a staffer here at Rainbow Resort? To battle in the trenches, to spread the love, or even try to gain some web dev experience?

Well, there are only three things you need to be considered:

  • Be willing
  • Be able

See, a lot of people want to help, which is great, but they look for anything to do, which is bad. As with any job, you should like what you do. You should also be good at it. Do not just jump in because you think it'll help; it is possible to make more work for other staffers if a newbie breaks things!

There are lots of vacant positions at the site, and even ones that are filled, we really wouldn't mind having extra coverage. We just want to find people who are able to help. It does not matter the level of skill you possess; there is bound to be a spot for you in the right niche. Just try to find it.

More important than that are people who want to help. All to often, people's attentions drift, and this site is the one left in the cold. Newcomers have to prove their mettle. Try poking around in other areas of the site for a while, first. It won't happen overnight.

Still want to apply? Sucker! Er, I mean, fill out a job application* now! Computer

* "Job" does not imply you will be paid in the slightest. Trust me.

Last Updated - June 30th, 2010