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Jan 23rd) What would you like to see in a KRR Podcast?


Oct 14th) Are you getting Epic Yarn?

Aug 9th) Ready For School?

Jul 20th) Favorite Ball-Based Kirby?

Jun 17th) Threads of Thought

Jun 4th) Summer's Shelled Shocker

May 5th) Most Motherly

Apr 15th) April showers bring...

Mar 26th) Easter Basket Baddie

Mar 8th) Greatest Green Guy

Feb 7th) Best Match for Kirby?


Dec 26th) Number One Winter Nemesis?

Dec 7th) Which present do you want most this year?

Nov 17th) Which Dream Land dish would be most delish?

Nov 1st) What is your favorite part about the IF Contests?

Oct 19th) What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Oct 4th) What do you think of the Passport system so far?

Aug 2nd) Who is your least favorite Animal Friend?

Jun 21st) Which is the Most Missed Single Appearance Ability in a Platformer?

May 31st) Who is the Best Ride for the Baddies?

May 10th) Who is the Best of the Bomb Baddies?

Apr 19th) Who is the Greatest Dee?

Mar 29th) The new Mailbaggers?

Mar 15th) Thoughts on Masahiro Sakurai's new Project Sora?

Mar 1st) Who is Master of Mechanized?

Feb 15th) Feelings on no more Asotoku directed Mailbags?

Feb 8th) Who is your Favorite Squeak Squad member?


Dec 31st) What would you like in "If..."?

Dec 21st) Who is the best bow-wearing female character?

Dec 14th) Dark Matter's Best Form?

Dec 7th) Who is Master of the Sword?

Nov 30th) Who would Make the Best Thanksgiving Feast?

Nov 23rd) Kirby Food Fight! Which of Kirby's preferred dishes is better?

Nov 16th) What are your thoughts on Kirby Wii?

Nov 9th) What size haul did you get this year?

Oct 26th) Best of Kirby's Helpers?

Oct 19th) Who is the Best of the Bad?

Oct 12th) Which RR feature do you use most?

Oct 5th) Get Super Star Ultra?

Sep 28th) Who is the Game's Best Cyclops?

Sep 21st) Since RR Is Wide Screen Now, What's Your Monitor's Resolution?

Sep 14th) Who is the best enemy boss duo?

Aug 1st) Which Meta Knight did you like best?

Jul 1st) How long have you been playing Kirby games?

Jun 1st) Would you vote in polls now that they are back?

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Last Updated - October 3rd, 2009