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  • "Atsumete! Kirby" translates to "Gather! Kirby". Official English name is unconfirmed
  • Control at most 10 Kirbies at a time with the touch screen
  • No copy abilities this time around
  • The cursor (the star on the top left-most screenshot) you control the Kirbies with is called the "Hero's Heart"
  • Storyline involves Kirby on a southern island on Popstar called Popopo Islands, where a creature by the name of "Necrodius" zaps Kirby while he is taking a nap with lightning from his wand and splits him into 10 smaller Kirbies. The smaller Kirbies are much weaker, and Necrodius defeats them one by one. The last remaining Kirby gets away, and finds the Hero's Heart that popped out of him when he split. He and the heart work together to stop Necrodius from covering the world in darkness.
  • Kirbies that take damage turn blue, and further damage turn them into angels which float away from the group. You can make another Kirby drag it back down and return it to the blue state.
  • There's a "Heal Ring" in the middle of stages which can be used to return all damaged Kirbies back to Pink
  • When the Kirbies walk up to an enemy, they gang up on them
  • Fruit items are consumed to increase Kirbies
  • Filling the gauge on the top screen will add one Kirby to the group, with a maximum of 10
  • Flicking the screen will make the team jump, double tapping the screen will make them run, and holding the stylus down will make the Kirbies stick to the star, which you can then drag to move them. You can also flick to throw Kirbies into objects and enemies.
  • Subgames become available as you progress throughout the game
  • The one in the article is called "Count!! Kirby Theatre", where you need to count the number of Kirbies on the screen in a short amount of time
  • Kirbies can be used to pull down objects (bottom left screenshot), more Kirbies are needed to drag bigger objects

Thanks to Minon for the translations!

Posted by DrNK on 12:06pm Apr 14th, 2011

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Looks great. I take back some of the original things I've said about it.

Comment by Kirazy on 12:17pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

its is cool

Response by kim7927 on 11:36pm May 7th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Reminding me a bit of Amazing Mirror, really, but with tons more duplicates. I think it'll be fun. Now, if only I could properly read these...

Comment by Leirin on 2:01pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Necrodious? NEW VILLAIN YA-wait, there's LOTS of new villains...

Anyway, I love the Popopo Islands, a good nod to Kirby's beta name, not to mention the fanname of Kirby's species.

Comment by Drawkey on 3:09pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

oh really, a kirby game 4 the ds?!? this sounds so cool!. i agree with Leirin; this does sound like Amazing Mirror...

multiple kirbies, huh? so cute! its gonna be a kirby overload on your ds, or whatever system its on!!!

Comment by shadowkirby64 on 3:25pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

This is like Amazing Mirror, except you can actually control all the kirbies!

Wait, you defeat enemies by throwing yourself at them?

Comment by Caramel64 on 4:27pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Necrodius reminds me of Drawcia and Yin-Yarn

Comment by LittleKirby on 4:45pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Only Necrodius doesn't use art.

Response by Drawkey on 4:46pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

A Kirby take on Lemmings except each Kirby has innate abilities rather than being 'given' them by the player a la Lemmings according to the 1up article following up on the Famitsu report... Can't wait!

Comment by Hot_Violet on 5:01pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Here we go with the Lemmings comparisons again...

Response by Leirin on 5:17pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

It does sound like Lemmings, except Lemmings make the most annoying sound when they die and are not as cute as a certain pink puffball.

Response by LakituAl on 5:15pm Apr 15th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

When I first saw this I thought, "Great! Yet another, Kirby Canvas Curse!" Sorry Kirby...

Comment by ultradude23 on 5:57pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Hey look, it's the American Kirby!

Man they're just tryin' to get rid of copy abilities, aren't they? What do you mean the Wii game they said wasn't dead yet has copy abilities?

Comment by Duth Olec on 6:22pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Apparently, this takes place on the Popopo Islands south of Dream Land. That is awesome beyond belief. Nintendo of America: PLEASE keep this name! You've been improving lately with KSSU and KEY, but please resist the temptation of changing this name! It has a historical value unique to Kirby!

Comment by Papapa (Guest) on 8:11pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

call me when the 'proper' Kirby game comes out.

and why not use a franchise like Pikmin to use this gimmick?

Kirby has had enough of these games already.

(Haters gonna Hate)

Comment by JAMESGHOST on 9:00pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

After Dream Course, every other Kirby game released has been a spin off game. There have been 21 Kirby games altogether and 11 spinoff games. I don't see a point in complaining about spinoff games in a series where spinoffs are one of the main features. Seriously.

Response by mamthew42 on 2:24pm Apr 15th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

To add what the other people have said, when Kirby hasn't had a game for four years and the last game was a [i]terrible[/i] spin-off and the last game before that wasn't very good either and aside from that there hasn't been a game for 8 years...

THEN you can complain about a new spin-off!

Although actually Pikmin doing this doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Response by Duth Olec on 11:36am Apr 16th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

A game's terribleness is all in the eyes of the beholder. I personally found the last Kirby game to be quite enjoyable.

Anyways, just happy that some news on Kirby is starting to come out. This looks like it could be fun. Considering I loved Canvas Curse and Epic Yarn, I hope this spin off gets close to the standards set by those two.

EDIT: Wait, 8 years? Where'd you pull that number from? :/ I'm rather confused about the context you are speaking in.

Response by Veech on 11:51am Apr 16th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

That was a hypothetical scenario. I liked the last Kirby game, and really I've liked all of them.

The scenario I spoke of is really the road Banjo-Kazooie has gone. They had a couple great games, then it was 8 years before Nuts & Bolts, a spin-off, came out, during which only two mediocre games came out.

Response by Duth Olec on 2:25pm Apr 16th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Oh. Heh, should've made that more clear. :P

Well, I'm rather excited that the puffball continues to have a steady flow of games after that nonsense with the Gamecube game being canceled and Squeak Squad being just...bad.

Response by Veech on 2:42pm Apr 16th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

I didn't think it was that bad. [s]Devil Bottles[/s] Ghost Kirby needs to be in every Kirby game from now on.

Response by Duth Olec on 6:37pm Apr 16th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Four Swords ver. Kirby.

Comment by Diddgery on 11:18pm Apr 14th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Amazing Mirror was pretty much that. Made by Flagship and Four Kirbies of varying colors.

Response by Minon on 9:10pm Apr 18th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

I can't help but think this as Kirby after inhaling Lemmings. Gangin' up on an enemy looks very funny as well.

Popopo Islands... what other name it should get, Americans?

Europeans won't be following the trend that easily.

Comment by Kirbster98 on 12:54am Apr 15th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

the graphics looks like the same style with kirby squeak squad...maybe a mixture of Amazing Mirror and squeak squad?

Comment by DeeDee on 4:42am Apr 15th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

Yeah, like Squeak Squad, maybe slightly larger and more shaded this time though (like KSSU?)

Response by Leirin on 8:40am Apr 15th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

that's so cool. Cant wait in-till its out.

Comment by Kirby 9000 on 5:35am Apr 15th, 2011 (Report| Reply)

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