UpdateBeginning To Look A Lot Like Mailbag #8690% -0+

Up on the rooftop, Reindeer paws

Out jumps the keeper of mutant reindeer that have paws instead of hooves

And also Mailbag #86

Did you miss Mailbag? No? Well, you get it anyways.

That's right, after nearly a whole decade of KRR going without a proper Mailbag, it makes a triumphant return to close out a year during which KRR was mostly going without KRR~!

Posted by Mints on 8:07am Dec 24th, 2020

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congrats on 12 years of mailbag

Actually the first Mailbag on this site was... well, it doesn't have a date. I guess if the "last updated" at the bottom is an indication of when the first mailbag was, it's... almost twenty years??

KRR has a chance to have lasted longer than Macromedia Flash. Or... Adobe Flash? Those were the same thing, right?

Comment by Duth Olec on 1:50pm Jan 1st, 2021 (Report| Reply)

Ah yes, the good old mailbags. Those were some good times!

This was a lot of fun to read lol

Thank you for all your dedication! šŸ˜Š

Comment by Chibi Manny on 8:47pm Jan 1st, 2021 (Report| Reply)

Talking about super abilities and Hypernova and such reminds me of my 'ol review discussing, well, all of those things back then!


Giving Hypernova at least a little more credit, it did have several of it's own boss battles, essentially harkening back to the Dream Land days of inhale/exhale focused combat.

Comment by msgameandcake on 2:16pm Jan 21st, 2021 (Report| Reply)

Wow! Always super cool to come back every once in awhile and see something like this pop up! Christmas in... February?! Aw man Iā€™m late again.

Comment by Noah The Scarecrow (Guest) on 8:04am Feb 25th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

Thank you for keeping this place up on the web so that all of us can reminisce ! <3

Comment by merrp (Guest) on 5:55pm Mar 14th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

this mailbag was certainly interesting, lots of uh choice mail sent over lol. still, glad its happening again~

Comment by EasyR on 9:12pm Apr 16th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

I can't believe you guys aren't dead. Thanks for keeping the site up for so long, it's a nice time capsule even if it isn't being updated.

Comment by Shining Hopper (Guest) on 5:01pm Aug 5th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

Thank you for reviving this website.

There was a time that I went to look for this old gem, and it was broken and unviewable. I was so excited to relive a major part of my past only to find it was gone. It was very sad.

But it's back now! Hoorah. I appreciate you, and hope you're able to keep this place afloat. I also hope you're doing well in general and enjoying life. Thanks!

Comment by Old Friend (Guest) on 12:39am Sep 7th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

Hi, ive been a fan of this website ever since i was a kid, im happy its still up I hope everyone here is doing well, so happy after 30 years Kirby has a full 3D adventure. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

Comment by Rivers (Guest) on 7:01am Sep 24th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

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