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Don't mind me. I'm just unbreaking the site and gallery, as per ush... uzh?... Fine, usual.

The host made a few changes that broke a lot of things, so I've had to spend time figuring out what things those even were so that I could spend more time fixing them.

Sure, Forums and Oekaki, too. Why not?

Posted by Mints on 5:58am Dec 1st, 2020

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Hooray! Thus begins the 3rd (5th?) resurgence of Kirby's Rainbow Resor- and it's over before I finished this comment.

Comment by Duth (Guest) on 9:40am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Couldn't even be bothered to sign in, eh? That's just how quickly it's over, folks.

I'm not sure there has been a resurgence of KRR in over a decade. I just keep unbreaking things because... reasons?

(Actually, I have a problematic PCI bridge I've been hitting my head against, and I needed a win, and I saw KRR in my Most Visited listing and remembered it had been broken for a while.)

Response by Mints on 10:16am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Eh, more like I can't remember my username or password. Do I even have one? I seem to recall the Passport getting shoved out at some point.

At least people can easily access good resolution of all the Kirby art and sprites and such again. From any game before 2010 at least.

Response by Durth (Guest) on 10:50am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Bringing back the Passports was one of the things I had done back in 2016 after Disk suikilled his FTP access. Technically, the Passports never went away, since doing so would have broken a bunch of IF and poll things. I just Cute News-ified the updates and hid the log-ins.

Your name was Duth Olec (with the space, since I'm pretty sure that matters). There is a Reset Password functionality with the Passport, too. I over-engineered this thing to the (cloud) nines~!

Response by Mints on 11:23am Dec 1st, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Oh, glad I still got my 860 star pieces and 5 Love Love Sticks.

Geeze, that's like... 300 hearts stars or whatever

Response by Duth Olec on 5:27pm Dec 3rd, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Why does everyone have more star pieces than me?

Response by Mints on 6:00pm Dec 3rd, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Well in my case I'm an obsessive collector of bits of data and regularly checked the site daily for a while when it started.

Response by Duth Olec on 7:04am Dec 6th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Since this site seems to be up and running I thought I'd just come take a visit.

Comment by WhimsicalWynds on 4:10pm Dec 2nd, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Yay! Its back!

Comment by Nightmare (Guest) on 7:15pm Dec 3rd, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Holy heck it's back up!!!

And here I was worried this site would forever languish in the annals of the Wayback Machine. Thanks for putting in the hard work, Mints! :D

Comment by Griscuit on 8:04pm Dec 8th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

The Wayback Machine should become an honorary staffer at this point.

Response by Mints on 8:08am Dec 9th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

yooo nice :DD

Comment by Hielum13 on 10:57am Dec 10th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Wow, I just remembered this site recently and wanted to look back at it, thanks for fixing it, I haven't been on the site in 10 years! Unfortunately, Google has locked me out of that old email address I used for my KRR account, and I have no way of accessing it. Still good to be back, though!

Comment by Destructo-Knight2.0 (Guest) on 11:05am Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

That's unfortunate.

You still have control over the YT channel linked in your account? I could accept that as verification of your identity.

Response by Mints on 11:15am Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Yes, I do actually!

Response by Destructo-Knight2.0 (Guest) on 11:25am Dec 11th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Yes is back! YEEEESSSS!!!!

I was so sad when I found it broken, this is such a relief!

I feel this site has become a personal huge unofficial historical part of Kirby history that it would be so sad to see it disappear, thank you so very much Mints! 🎉

Comment by Chibi Manny on 1:40pm Dec 16th, 2020 (Report| Reply)

Oh boy, it's all returned! Who knows, maybe I'll make some new Ability Reviews in celebration under my new online handle!

Comment by msgameandcake on 5:27am Dec 21st, 2020 (Report| Reply)

I'm just happy this place is still up. I admit, I didn't expect it to be, but seeing it slowly worked on and kept up as a little tribute to how the internet used to be makes me so very happy.

Comment by Erin!! (Guest) on 2:14pm Apr 16th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

it feels good to have KRR back~

thank you Mints.

Comment by EasyR on 5:23pm Apr 17th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

thank you for keeping this site up :]

it is an important part of kirby history

Comment by syk (Guest) on 7:25pm Jun 16th, 2021 (Report| Reply)

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