To all Staff and Future Staff...

  This is Meta Warp speaking. Hopefully I'll remain around as KRR staff enough so people won't need to make total use of this page. You can always ask me. ... Oh, and I hope no non-staff managed to sneak their way in. That would be... Embarrasing.

  Anyway, when Jboy first scanned the Hoshi no Kaabii Super Deluxe Manga, and we finnally had enough to open up an entire section, I was feeling, somewhat creative. I just wanted to make something special and test out a few ideas I had. Plus, working with Grays is always superfun... But, is just what I think. Anyway... Since this stuff is so odd to others and not like Aqua's basic table design or whatever KRR has right now, I've written this message to teach any future Mutlimedia staff how to update the Manga section.

  Oh, and I won't speak about how to update the section HTML-wise. If you got hired to do work here at KRR, you must have been required to have enough HTML knowledge to run around through my Custom-Made, Soup-Free, Trashpile-Formation HTML. You should be able to figure out how to make new ONMOUSEOVER-s and all those flashy things.

  ... And if you can't use the Photoshop Files, here is how to make thumbnails for this section from scratch, but just be sure what you make fit with everything else. First off, go into Photoshop, Paint Shop or anything with an Anti-Aliased Circle Marquee Tool that also makes use of Layers and transparency. No MSPaint please. Color in a Background colour, make the Circle to be a fixed size of 50 pixels, and erase the Background colour from the circle area and use a 25 pixel square to cut out a quarter or corner, if you rotate/cutcopypaste them over the thumbnail, you'l get that nice rounding effect. Wonderful, am I right?

  For the nice single-pixel effect around the Kira Kira font, just use layers to make 4 exact copies of the layer and make the letters of that font whatever color you want the border to be. Move one layer up one pixel, another to the left one pixel, another down one pixel and another to the right one pixel. It's quite the easy trick.

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