Aug 07, 2011

After ironing out some difficulties with the mailbag system, we are back to answer mail, some very old and some new! Sorry it took so long.

Sheep Man
That one dude that's not exactly a dude

That other dude that's also not exactly a dude


The dude that actually is a dude.

Look here, is one little cricecorn, ready to bag for this crowd. Listen up, 'cause here's his... uh... I don't know any words that rhyme with "cricecorn." So much for that!

The other dude that's actually a dude as well.

- glod

Pokemonaholic (2011/1/27)

If there was a new RR feature, it could be a contest in which the winning person gets to be a mailbagger for one mailbag. Or it would end in miserable failure and the winner would be some dude who is like "wuts mailbag"...
Question time (i'm sure you all love some of the ridiculous questions people send :P)-
1.In the new Kirby Wii game, do you think Nightmare should return or should there be an entirely new enemy?
2.Will Dedede ever get a chance to clobba dat dere Kirby?
3.Favorite book(s)?
4.No solid gold Kirby giveaway? then how about...a solid BRONZE Kirby giveaway!
5.It's a stone, Luigi. You didn't make it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

That's not a bad feature idea. The winner could be like a guest star!
1. I'd be okay with Nightmare, it sounds like it's gonna be a Dark Matter game though.
2. Maybe someday... I guess he could've done it in Smash Bros.
3. The Little Prince, A Wrinkle in Time, and Anthem, just to name a few.
4. Sorry.
5. Oh... that's alright.

1. Since Kirby's returning to Dreamland, I figure glod's probably on the money here. I wouldn't mind Nightmare, or a brand new Kirby boss, though!
2. No! Well, maybe. But probably not. Most likely not. We'll see.
3. do VN's count
4. We can give away glod! That's surely better than any other gift. (sorry, kidding, glod's stuck with us)
5. ┐(¯ε¯ )┌

CheatfinderGB (2011/1/28)

Poppin bottles in th...oh yeah well here is one of the worlds craziest kiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrbbbbbyyyy fans with new questions.
1)What would would the site look like if kirazy took over the site?(RRRRRUUUUUUUUNNNNN for your lives)
2)What would kirby games be like if your character/avatar was the star of the game instead of kirby?(my thoughts...waddle dees better watch out for bogg)
3)what did your avatar look like when you drew it for the first time?
4)Did you ever think about having a different avatar?
5)If hal laboratory and nintendo hired you to make a new kirby game what would the cover look like?(*stares at dedede-daiymo*)
6)What do you think my kirby avatar looks like?
Now if you'll excuse me I gotta make a fan fic about my idea for a kirby game called "kirby ***** *****"(thumbs up to you if you thought I was going to repeat the geico commerciel "I'M NOT YO DADDY I'M YOUR GRAMPA")

Sheep Man
1. Blink Bat hats would be crudely photoshopped onto EVERYTHING. (To be honest, I don't really know.)

2. Sheep Man game would be cool. RS game would be blah. Maybe.

3. I usually don't redraw things. My avatar is what it is.

4. If I could change my own avatar, I'd change it frequently. Doesn't bother me enough to change it right NOW though.

5. I wouldn't know, really. Woops!

6. Recolored Laser Kirby sprite.

So you're not a Kirby fan, you're a Kiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrbbbbbyyyy fan?!

1. It would be krazy!

2. Same.

3. What, as in, our icons here in the mailbag? It was that picture of me from the WATO drawing I made a few years back on the gallery.

4. I once considered making it Randy Savage, but then he passed away. :(

5. A 70's shojo manga. Definitely.


7. Sheesh, this isn't Conker's Bad Fur Day people.

1) The same as it does now, probably.
2) It would be a different game entirely, since there wouldn't be any inhaling or ability copying going on. But it would be cool! I would play a platformer starring Diddgery.
4) I used to have a different one, but in late 2006 I started going by Diddgery and I haven't gone back since.
5) Something cool.
6) Recolor with hair maybe???

1. Ever word that starts with C would start with K instead

2. It would be not Kirby. Also steampunk.

3. Blue(Ocean) Kirby with swimming goggles. Best starting place or something.

4. Might swap between a Poppy Bro. At any rate gonna stay looking Kirbish on KRR.

5. KCCh

6. A gameshark

2. The only abilities would branch from Ice, and the final boss would be myself, since there's no other being capable of taking the storngest.
3. I've never drawn Cirno! I hardly draw as it is, so I just take art from people more skilled than myself. ( `ー´)
4. Avatar that I'm using now, or character I go by? I switch often, and I'm known by many names. Who is the real Doctor NK? Nobody knows!
5. It would be Incredibly Sugoi. Severely Kawaii, and of The Utmost Anime.
6. No idea!

David (2011/2/1)



1. Have you ever updated the forums?
2. I would of asked for new music, and adding new info to other parts of the site.Will you?
3. I voted a RR Podcast to have Game Reviews but Ability Reviews got past. WOW. How come?
4. Was it really true that people were arguing about the control of Ometon? I new people will confuse. How could the site working without making it happen?

Off-topic! Finally.

5. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2's crazy puppies were making you giggle?
6. I bet you all can't scramble. Knig Deedde siedlhed at Kio'cmhas stchye.
7. How many Waddle Dee had Kirby hurt in all games.
8. What of your Kirby Wii Final Smash predict for a ability? Ice one should be a snowstorm.
9. Have you ever heard that Despicable Me was the best movie. If not, what was better?
10. What's your favoirte Touhou character?

Sheep Man
2. We will. Eventually. Sometime soon when we get some technical dealies out of the way.
3. I dunno? Some opinions, yo.
4. Staff and power issues regarding Ometon are kind of a private matter right now, I think.

9. Despicable Me looks good. Never seen it though. I don't watch a lot of movies, really.
10. Suwako! Also Reisen.

I wish I knew enough about what technical kinda stuff goes on at KRR to answer your first four questions. Ah well.

5. More like making me choke.
7. So many waddleedee.
8. Gonna go out on a limb here and say...Fire's would be a giant flame.
9. What, best movie of 2010 or just period? Sorry, but I'm gonna have to say Fantastic Mr. Fox is better.
10. The one that looks like Marx

I can answer some of these on-topic questions!
1. Yes, all the time, in fact! Most of the updates are small things that are not entirely noticable, though.
2. We're always looking to add new info, and some day, ideally, the music sections will all be complete.
3. Votes, I guess. That's still a work in progress, so who knows what the final product will actually have?
4. Short answer: sort of. I won't get into details here, but there has been some butting heads going on behind the scenes. We're working on finding a way to make everything work though.

2. Last I checked, a lot of the links to the music here's broken. We should look into that if no one's addressed it yet.

4. The engine room's a bit of a mess. That's all.

7. It's more than 10, so a lot!

8. Bomb's would be.... Crash?? Sr. had it in KA/NiDL, after all.

10. Marisa, otherwise I like pretty much anyone from Scarlet Devil.

1-4: glod answered these ok
8. Ice should be Perfect Freeze. Jus' sayin.
10. Marisa! I'll let that sit for a bit.

superyoshi888 (2011/2/1)

Sup again. Just a random ? for the Otemon: if I wanted to change my name for my KRR passport/gallery, how would I go about doing it? I'm in charge of the podcast type thing?! Oh wait, just a new feature...well, obviously it would be spreading the love of Pokemon around! Who cares if this is a Kirby site? P:

But anyjoe (this is a typo, but it was cool enough to keep):

1)Can I provide my lovely voice to the podcast? :P

2)Wait, does HTML work here....? Let me see.

3)Could you draw your favorite Kirby character in the yarn style?

4)Time for a real question now. What are your feelings on the new Kirby game, as a Kirby fan? I noticed many things in that short trailer, including the possibility of Galbo returning as an enemy and obviously all of the enemies that do return, such as Pacto and Mumbies. Really excited about this!

Sheep Man
1. I'm sure you could! Just have to ask one of the other staff members about it, though. I'm not really "in charge" of it.

2. Seems so! (An image would go here, but, WOW, laziness!)


4. I feel like it's gonna be awesome and I am going to buy it with money I don't have.

I am very excited for all the future Kirby titles! I am a little more excited for Kirby Wii than the new DS one, since the Wii game reminds me so much of Super Star.

2. It actually didn't work for Sheps while the mailbag replier was being worked on. Php's pretty interesting.

4. Just hoping Wii-mote's not a requirement to play, though it probably is. Needing them will make the game bump up to at least $80. Best to play through these games with the multiplayer.

3. I probably could, but it would not look very well! I am not very good at the draw.
4. I'm quite looking forward to it, but I'm also a bit disappointed it seems to be helper-less. It'll surely cause some "who gets to play as Kirby" (or other characters, for that matter) fights, even more than usual. Netplay would also be incredible, but that's unfortunately, incredibly unlikely. My excitement outweighs my disappointment, however!

jourfaec (2011/2/1)

i hav vrey impportan queston 4 u:

thank caarfuly on yor anser

do u vaule yur lyf??

Sheep Man
ye i do

i vaule my lyf as muc as i vaule tihs qestin.

trick question not falling for it


dang, I wonder who this dashing man was


Jirby$ (2011/2/3)

What colours does Kirby turn into.

Amazing Mirror's color sprays pretty much list them all.

ZackRyder (2011/2/6)

Sup, broskis. This is the Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder with a special episode of Z! True Long Island Story! Woo woo woo, you know it!

Today, i'm gonna be having an interview with my bros at Kirby's Rainbow Resort! But before I start this, I have something to say for myself about this site about some game series, which coincidentally is the theme of this party.

Glod, if you're listening, bro, this site could use a little more Long Island spirit. That's why i'm recommending a feature in this site which can give your favourite Kirdy characters a new look which is similar to my look!

But enough about that, I have some questions to ask these Quirby fans.

1. Do you think "The Situation" Mike Sorrentino will ever reply to my challenge, laid down in a recent episode of Z! ?

2. Does this Yirky guy have any chicks with him?

3. Will that little blue goth cheer up, get a girl and start partying and fist pumping with his bros like me?

4. Can I please get a push now?

Wow, great answers, mailbag cast! I'll be sure to buy Shirly's epic Wool if I ever see it!

This has been Z! True Long Island story with Zack Ryder. Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!


(  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Chaos Kiwi (2011/3/12)

Hi hi. Sup? I have an idea. Like was requested. In the theme thing. Yes.

1) My idea: A store! You know, like t-shirts or something. Or plushie Squeaky Bogg. I'd buy one.

2) If the store did come to fruition, what would you sell.

3) Do you still consider Pluto a planet?

4) You meet a clone of yourself. What do you do?

5) Team Fortress 2. You play it?


7) Sign your answers in the most awesome way imaginable.

+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
|C|h|a|o|s| |K|i|w|i|
+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+

1. I'm not sure the legality of having a store, but I'm not sure any of us would really want to make money off of the site. I mean, we all help out here because we like the site and the community, so...
2. I guess it'd sell regular internet store things. Shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads (do people still use these?), maybe underwear. I dunno.
3. Always and forever.
4. Fight. There can only be one.
5. Of course! I play as Pyro, Sniper, and Heavy.
6. Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!

I don't have a very good imagination,


I use mouse pads!

1&2. If anything, we should see about negotiating with Fangamer. I believe we'll need some pretty good artists for it to work at all though...

3. Not really, but I will always remember its existence.


1&2: my bad orange ocean chiptune mashup ァ '`,、'`,、('∀`) '`,、'`,、
3. I don't not consider it a planet! I don't really consider it anything anymore!

[14:40:45] <@drnk> You stumble in the ritual circle and accidentally summon... a female version of yourself.
[14:40:45] <@drnk> Is this awesome? [Y/N]
[14:40:59] <@Wildrows> do I command them

ilu wildrows

5. Yes! I play sniper and spy mostly, but I've been playing demohead a bit lately.
6. inferno divider

7. uhhhh

( ノ´Д`)ノ
love, drnk

Yoshi (2011/3/12)


Sheep Man


Drawkey (2011/3/22)





Sheep Man
I'm confuse.

You might just be on to something there.

Greystar (2011/3/27)

You know I'm new to KRR (as a user) and all I have to say is wow this is the best fan site i've ever been to(So far.)Shameless flattery aside here's my question.
1.Have you ever wondered what a Kirby rpg would be like?(and yes I have seen KWRPGII i mean one by Nintendo.)
2.Do you ever wonder what Kirby in 3D style platforming would be like?

Now that I'm done annoying you guys with these ridiculous questions you can go back to insulting members like me. Chao!

Sheep Man
1. I dunno, it'd be interesting for sure though.

2. Something kind of like when you take Kirby off his warp star in Kirby's Air Ride City Trial mode.

1) Kirby Mass Attack will be answering that question with the subgame "Kirby Master!" I'm looking forward to it. Perhaps someday, if we're lucky, we'll see it elaborated upon into a full game...

Well you're not getting tumbleweeds at least.

1. Don't think I'd like a classic RPG much. I feel like they should be somewhat action-oriented like Mario's ones are.

2. It'd be interesting, but not something the franchise needs or anything stupid like that.

King of Pie (2011/3/31)

Hey, mailbaggers, got some questions for ya!

1. Did any of you get a 3DS?
2. Bimblesnaff, you should really do some more mini-animation shows about Squeaky Bogg, like, you shold create some Halloween episodes.
3. Do you think that Dark Matter will make a return on the new Kirby Wii game?
4. Also, I think that the new feature for KRR should be game reviews and reports on upcoming Kirby stuff


Sheep Man
1. Well, my brother does. But I still have regular access to it, so yeah.

3. It's a possibility. Wouldn't be surprised if they did bring back Dark Matter for whatever reason though.

1. I'll probably get myself one for my birthday at the end of the month.

3. It seems like it might be coming back. We'll find out, though!

1) I got a 3DS for my birthday, and then shortly afterwards Nintendo announced the price drop. Timing!
3) That would be nice.
4) We, uh, we already do report about upcoming Kirby stuff. You know, in the news section on the front page? There just isn't a lot to report sometimes.

1. No, but I hear you can find them at costco at the new reduced price already! I'm considering finding it, since Amazing Mirror is one of the free games you get.
4. Game reviews might be a decent idea, but it's possible that we may be just a tad biased!

gggirl1997 (2011/4/1)

How does your rank go up ?

Contributing to the site and being a good member of the community is what generally leads to people going up in rank around here!

kirbychu (2011/4/2)

Dear fellow Mailbaggers,
I realized that kirby's epic yarn is a bit too easy due to the non-death thing. But it is fun to edit my room in fun ways! My question is as follows: What themed yarn room would you have in real life like in kirby's pad in kirby's epic yarn?

I had my room in Epic Yarn set up to look like a throne room, so that might be kind of interesting to adapt to real life.

MetaSuicune (2011/4/2)

One: Whaddya think about the new Pokemon Black and White games? ------Two: Anybody here like the Beatles? If the Kirby characters were the Beatles, which would they be?-----Third: Which Kirby character would be Adolf Hitler? -------------Yeah, weird questions. BTW I really like the name Didgerry.

Sheep Man
1. I really love 5th Gen and what they've done with it. I was really turned off by it when they started revealing the new 5th gen Pokemon, but they eventually grew on me. Dare I say, I think I like 5th Gen more than the 1st and 2nd generations.

1. They're great! They are probably my favorite Pokemon games so far. I'm looking forward to Gray version or whatever the third version of this generation is going to be.
2. The Beatles are great. They sort of have a uniform kind of thing going for them so I imagine them to be four Waddle Dees with bowl cuts.
3. I don't think any Kirby character is really sinister enough to be Hitler. There's not a lot of racism in the Kirby universe.

1) Fantastic! Easily the best Pokemon games since the first ones.
3) ಠ_ಠ
4) Did Gerry do what?

1. i didn't play them! when they came out i was pretty much burned out of pokemon. i'll probably grab whatever third version there will inevitably be, though.
i really like the name didgerry also. too bad we don't have anyone like that here.

Just Some KirbyFan655 (2011/4/5)

Who are your 2 favorite animal friends? One from Kirby's Dreamland 2 and one of the new ones from Kirby's Dreamland 3. Mine are Rick and ChuChu

Sheep Man
I like Coo and Pitch a bunch! Birds are pretty rad.

Kine (Haters gonna hate) from KDL2 and Pitch from KDL3.

Rick and Nago.

Coo and Pitch also! but especially pitch. pitch owns

Devoratrix (2011/4/11)

Hei, mailbagist. How yar' doin'? I'ma doin' good. Well, HERE THEY ARE:

1)What would you do if there were Flying Squirrels bombing your town?


3)Do you know any other languages other than English?

4) What's your views of the Libyan Civil War?

5)Do you know what my name means in Latin?

6)What's your favorite sport? Mines wrestling.

7) Been to a different country other than your own?

Well, thats it. But, IT'S BUTTER TIME!

Sheep Man
3. No, but I've been wanting to learn French and Korean lately. Possibly German.

6. I'm not all that into sports anymore, but I did enjoy badminton for a short while.

7. My parents say we went to South Korea when I was probably not even a year old. Too young for me to remember though. I'd like to go to Germany someday however.

1. Move out. I am no match for a horde of flying squirrels.
3. I am semi-fluent in Spanish.
4. It was kind of scary. I'm glad that things like that haven't happened where I live.
5. Devourer?
6. I don't really have a favorite sport but I enjoy playing soccer and tennis.
7. I went on a wonderful trip to France last summer. I'd like to return someday.

1) I'm gonna turn this question around. What would you do?
2) He's a moron.
3) I am learning Japanese like so many people on the Internets.
7) I have been to the United Kingdom for a few days, and took a very brief trip to Mexico one time. That's the extent of my travels to other lands!

3. だーめ..._〆(゚▽゚*)へへ
4. dont delay gaddafi's favorite anime a week, js
6. tennis and soccer as well! b-ball is also good. in my dream i am the star. its me (sports)

Bazzoka (2011/4/15)

I have a confession to make, regardless of how painfully obvious it was. When I did some of the game sections stuff around a year ago, I admit I was doing it mainly to grab attention and to inflate my own ego. I feel bad for not doing more and ultimately disappearing from this site almost completely. I just didn't really have that kind of mind set and still don't. I'm sorry for not continuing to do stuff and I hope you can forgive me and my horrible laziness.

Even if it was for that reason, help is help! Don't feel too bad about it.

I thought we were all here to do that. Pretty sure I am, at least.

Kyo (2011/4/19)

I'm not exactly sure if I've sent a letter in already, so if this is a second one, ignore it, please.
1) Do you guys have a Mailbag theme song? If so, what is it? 8D
2) Got a favorite pairing for the Kirby series? If you do, what is it?
3) Do you have a Kirby hat? I do~
4) What do you imagine a Kirby game for the 3DS as? Are there any concepts you would include?
Feel free to put hate on me! Kthx


Sunny (2011/5/1)

What ever happened to the drawing board that used to be here? I know it's been a long time since it was up, but I never got an answer as to what happened to it.

Sheep Man
The draw n' chat board? If I remember correctly, I think there might've been an issue with the board staff. I dunno though, was such a long time ago. I think someone else could answer for me.

doopliss23 (2011/5/31)

Hey, guys! I changed my name King of pie to this name, since Doopliss is my favorite Mario character.
To the questions!

1. For the new site feature, maybe it's time for Bimblesnaff to make his Squeaky Bogg cartoons! They're comedy gold!
2. Have any of you seen Rango, or Despicable Me yet? They're both awesome!
3. Can't wait for the new Kirby game! Since its part of the Dreamland franchise, do think Dark Matter will return?
4. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?


2. I managed to see both in theaters when they were out. Loved 'em. Great to see other CG animation studios gettin' their acts together.
3. Like most other characters from the Dream Land/64 games, I kinda doubt it...but you never know!
4. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. But that would be the <i>best</i> worst movie I've seen; the worst-worst (as in, no merits) would be Space Chimps.

kirbyness00076 (2011/6/4)

what is your favorite kirby boss


Sheep Man
King Dedede will always remain my favorite, yesss.

Heavy Mole! I'd love to see it return.

It's tough to pick a favorite. But I am rather fond of the minor, non-recurring bosses like Ice Dragon and Chameleo Arm.

King Dedede's anger mode in KDL2. Terrifying.

Souped up Dedede from KSSU, probably! Cage matches are pretty baller.

Apples (2011/6/8)

Hey-lo! Just have a few casual questions for you guys.

1. I've heard from some places (including this site) that Kirby's 8 inches tall. Where did that info come from?
2. Where did the Interactive Fandom link go? It doesn't seem to be anywhere-at least not on the main page.
3. What would be the best article of clothing to have Kirby's face on?

1. That is the information given in the Smash Bros. trophy descriptions. (Therefore, I am uncertain of its accuracy.)
2. I've been wondering the same, actually. Help guys!!
3. "Hat" would be a boring, predictable answer. So my answer is "fanny pack".

1. Like Leirin has said, it's from the Smash Bros. trophies, but that seems very off considering that Mario is like a little less than twice Kirby's size.
2. Mysteries... It probably has something to do with all the site problems we've had lately. We'll work on recovering them as we figure things out.
3. A shirt might be nice. Or a beach ball!

1. Olimar's size makes no sense if they're actual size in Smash. Think it was in both N64 and Melee's trophy descriptions. Probably Brawl's as well. And it's more or less Sakurai speaking when it comes to that, so I'd take his word on it.

3. Hats of cour- But that's the only article of clothing Kirby even wears, Lei!

kirby wii fanboy (2011/6/10)

so how does it feel that Kirby Wii is ACTUALLY being released?

Sheep Man
Feels like I have to eat a hat. Otherwise, it feels good man!

Feels like I've reunited with an old friend.

Feels like a million bucks! (Or maybe more like fifty)

owns bones

Gim (2011/6/12)

Hey everyone! I'm your usually-friendly not-from-this-neighbourhood yo-yo wielding robot guy!
I was extremely lucky last week and somehow managed to get into a little expo in LA called E3... And I may or may not have played the two new Kirby games! They really reminded me of how much I love Kirby, which is sorta what inspired me to come here...
Now, some questions for you guys:

1. What do you think of Kirby Wii from what you've seen so far? What are your guesses/hopes as to the plot, and the title (which may change, because just tacking a "Wii" on to the end would be a tad boring)?

2. Bandana Dee wields a spear in Kirby Wii. One of his moves involves spinning the spear around above his head so fast that he can fly like a helicopter. My question is this: How totally awesome is that?

3. The guard move from Kirby Super Star (you know, that thing where Kirby goes into a defensive pose, flashes white, and takes less damage from attacks) returns in Kirby Wii. I thought that it was a really useful and clever ability in KSS, especially against bosses. What’s your opinion on the move, and its inclusion in Kirby Wii?

4. Do you ever feel sorry for Wispy Woods? I mean, he’s just sitting there in his forest, minding his own business, and then Kirby shows up out of nowhere and beats him up! And to make matters worse, Kirby does this, like, once a week! I mean, what did Wispy ever do to Kirby?

5. If you had an army of Kirbys like in Kirby Mass Attack in real life, what would you do with them?

Sheep Man
I wish I could go to places....

1. I want Kirby Wii so much you don't even KNOW. Okay, maybe you do. But all I know is I'm gonna need a lot of money for cool games. Not sure what they're gonna do about the title, but I'm not too concerned about it.

2. Bandanna Dee is pretty much the best now.

3. Guarding is an incredibly useful move and I'm pretty glad to hear it's in Kirby Wii. Golly!

4. It's the fate of most tree bosses, unfortunately.

5. Become the most popular. THE MOST.

Lucky duck.

1. I think it'll be like a revision to the series and its fanbase, if it lives up to the hype (and I'm really, really hoping it will). What I've seen of it looks like the perfect blend of that button-mashing KSS style of gameplay while introducing some new features. No idea about the title, but I'm still wondering if the plot will have any resemblance to the old GCN one.

2. It's pretty awesome, but it'd be even more awesome if his name were Banana Waddle Dee.

3. Guarding added a surprising amount of battle strategy. Very glad to see it returning.

4. I'm sure Miyazaki does.

5. Go casually walkin' downtown in a busy city with them all swarming around me.


Lauriekins (2011/6/30)

Woah I havent been here in what, 2-3 years?
You guys won't recognise me.

ANYWAY, this sites layout hasn't changed.:|

Do you guys like onigiri I MEAN JELLY FILLED DOUGHNUTS?

Yeah, thats right.

Do you like Gnocci?
How do you feel about me NOMing on your mash potato filled with pillows with a Kirby by your side?


Narhwals or unicorns, which do you prefer?

Do you like MLP: FiM? :D
Do you like Wierd Al? He has a new cd.


Sorry, for the randomness, but I was just born like that flying octopus.


P.S As you may have not tell due to me not speaking of this such as what the heck am I saying anyway I like Maskless meta Knight too much.

1. I always assumed they were soccer-themed cakes...
2. No idea
4. Narwhals are infinitely better, duh.
5. I casually enjoy the show from time to time. I'm not a member of the "herd". Or a brony.
6. Yesss. His new album is supreme.

I am a fan of unicorns and ponies but I don't consider myself a brony at all.

Narwhals and unicorns. I believe the two can live in harmony harmony OH LOVE~
A Hasbro employee at Comic-Con asked me if I was a brony; I said "yes." So that settles that.

fighting is magic seems pretty cool

wolfer30 (2011/7/7)

i cant go on the message board it says i have to log in but i try and it says my username/password is incorrect and i tried to change my password and it sayed im just changing it to what it already is so i know its not my password any ideas?

Keep in mind the forum uses different accounts than the main site! That may be your problem. If that doesn't help, try emailing one of the forum staff (like me).

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Theme Alert! As the new Kirby games (Mass Attack and "Return to Dreamland"/Kirby Wii) draw nearer, now is the time to speculate about what little we know about them! What are your impressions? What do you hope to see? Who are you most excited to play as in the Wii game?

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Last Updated - Aug 07, 2011