March 31st, 2016

So last time on an exciting episode of Mailbag, we asked you what kind of new feature you would like to see on KRR. Because, y'know, KRR is an actively maintained site with a competent staff capable of introducing new features. Let's see what ideas we can steal- er, what you guys thought of~!

The Ometon is that thing what keeps the behind-the-scenes of KRR running, even if you aren't looking. Or anyone is looking. Or even visiting, for that matter.

... Um, I'm sure someone else will be joining us soon. I now bring you your regularly scheduled Mailbag, already in progress.

- Ometon


...where are you my knowledge there hasn't been a single mail bag in the past couple of hopes and im quite sure many others are riding on this site....we loved it all stopped....every single thing ceased to exist...mail bag...everything except comics pics and those little update things up front im new here so....i may uuhh...sorry...ahead of time...please though...come back...

Yeah yeah, I know. Let me address the elephant in the room. It has been quite a while since I did a mailbag. I mean, that was all the way back on February 26th. That means I haven't updated KRR in a little over a month.

But I'm back now. And quite frankly, you were being a little overly dramatic about it. I mean, a month isn't a forever, let alone a couple of. Geez, you'd think I had disappeared for five years with the way you're acting~!

not bob

i have like 10 questions

1. is drNK a guy or girl?

2. why is drNK unable to shut up about glod?

3. how old is kirby?

4. why does king dedede keep trying to beat kirby if he just knows hes gonna lose

5. what would you draw as the next version of marx's revenge on kirby?

6. does krr ever get paid?

7. i heard krr is an "independent site" what does that mean?

8. is 8 a stupid looking number?

9. why does meta knight always give kirby a sword? why doesnt he just fight him with no ability?

10. if you were a kirby what color would you be?

0) I see exactly ten, so I don't know what this "like" business is all about. I demand at least one fuzzily-numbered question~!

1) Tumblr would have a field day with this question.

2) Tumblr would have a field day with this question.

3) According to the Dream Land instruction manual, Kirby is a boy... A twenty-five year-old boy. Well, at least he was born at the right time for that sort of thing~!

4) I think that is precisely the reason King Dedede stopped trying to beat Kirby. He either clumsily stumbles into Kirby's misguided swath of destruction (a la Squeak Squad) or helps Kirby now.

Unless you meant the Southern-fried King from the anime. In that case, the answer would be the environment because that is the answer to every question about that show.

5) The ol' water bucket prank

Every door in Dream Land.




6) Does being given a reason to drink count?

7) First I've heard of it. I suppose that means it gets no money from big corporations and will never be president?

8) Tumblr would have a field day with this question. (Stop numeral-shaming eight; don't doubt the power of the number-kin!)

9) Sigmund Freud would have a field day with this question.

9b) Tumblr would have a field day with that response.

10) Tumblr would have a field day with this question. (Insinuating the importance of a Kirby's color is a pink-supremacist micro-aggression; you are a bigot.)

... What, no one else wants to answer this question either? Where is everyone? It is almost as though I am all alone on this site now!

Hm, well, I think I know just the guy to help answer these ten questions.

No. Now send MailbagTron one metric tonne of fanmails.


I'll probably rent Epic Yarn the weekend after it comes out due to my having a test on Friday. Can't wait; the E3 trailer made me laugh a little; I always was one for childish shenanigans in comedy.

Anyways, a long time ago I was planning out a Game Overthinker-ripoff video series (I learn through imitation, mostly) which has since been pretty much canned. During my time planning it, though, I created a few images that I would use for various repeated uses.

One of them?

My apologies.

Anyways (again), an actual question: your thoughts on the MS Paint Adventures webcomics?

Oh man, Epic Yarn? How long has this letter been, um, fermenting in the queue? Everybody knows that the most recent game announced is Return to Dream Land, and everyone is super hyped about it~!

I don't know about these MS Paint Adventures, but I know someone who always has an insightful opinion on these things.

No. Now send MailbagTron one metric tonne of fanmails.

(none put)

Hello, mailbag anwerers! How come in a much earlier mailbag, someone said the kirby series was dead? It takes a long time to design even a game as easy as kirby!

Who said that? As long as fan sites like this one are alive and kicking, the Kirby series will never be dead~!

MailbagTron lulz.


1.rember me the lousy speller from mailbag 60 to 65 2. what is your opinon on kirby wii being not cancelled 3. ever been rickrolled cause i have 4. let the insulting begin now i am finshed

1) Wait, this is Mailbag #65. How can I remember, er, rember you from this Mailbag? Or not rember you from this 'Bag, depending on how lenient your definition of rember is. (Spoiler alert! Any definition of "rember" is lenient since it is not actually a word.)

2) Kirby Wii is still canceled; the one on Wii U is uncanceled.

3) Lemme help out anyone who hasn't.

4) Nah, you did a good enough job on your own.


1. noone rembers me do they 2. who is cooler zero or zero two 3. are you sick of zero 3 questions from me 4. cyprus 5. do i still have bad grammer that is all

1) Wait, what? You were literally the last letter-sender! How could anyone forget you? Why do you think everyone around these parts lives in a cloud of amnesia gas? And how do you consistently typo the same word? Do you think it is actually spelled "rember"?

2) Zero on top of Zero2 is the coolest of all. In fact, I think there may be a picture brewing for it...

No. Now send MailbagTron one metric tonne of fanmails.

Oh... huh... I was kinda hoping MailbagTron was going to make a picture of the Zeros as a snowman.

3) I am fairly certain this is the first question you've asked about Zero 3. The answer is "yes" regardless.

4) I have been tracking an IP address from Cyprus. I can't tell if it is a proxy or if someone there actually is doing Kirby things. Is it you?

5) When you ask a question as a run-on without capitalization...


I heard KRR is back up and running, so great!


1. How come Bimblesnaff looks so much like Squeaky Bogg?

2. Do you have any ideas on where I should host my future webcomic (besides here)?

3. Have you seen WiKirby?

... Um... yeah... This letter is from March 2015, so it seems incredibly cruel -- even by my standards -- to include it in my little joke.



Apart from the Mail that I've recently sent, when it comes to crisuses (Or however you spell that), I am very serious about the matter... I have watched KRR for the past 3 years now, and Three years ago, this site was very, populous. Now that I come back for a visit, Not many people are here now... I think mabye a couple 50 members, mabye less, mabye more... Mabye I'm just overreacting and the whole; "site plummetting into the dark chasms of the internet" is doing quite fine, and they've done good to fix that... After reading the quite Hilarious Mailbag 84, (Made so mainly by Kirazy, and Dedede Daiyamo), I read a very horrific and disturbing message, well at least to me, by Ometon, (or at least I "think", I might have to double check) Stating that the staff has done close to nothing to make this site healthy again. Well that was a year ago, Things may have changed, and they're giving it their all to Fix up this site again. I don't know, but if they think someone can help contribute to the rebuilding of this website, I'll be Damned sure that it'll be the hard working members of KRR to help. Me, That guy over there, That person who's passing by, We can all help the cause to make this site, Kirby's Rainbow Resort, a better place, a place for Newcoming Kirby fans, A place for old laughs and fun with old members, A place for people to enjoy themselves on this site. If you all are reading this staff members, take and heed my words. Help us Obi-wan Kenobi, (and everyone else), you're our only hope. ~GMN

Huh, I don't quite get this letter. I haven't been around for one month, not this years nonsense you are goin' on about. I mean, as long as this place even has staffers, I don't see how it could go un-updated and un-maintained~! How could people who care about this place and its fans so much just up and disappear? Barring some sort of coup of petty child-like adults who just wanted us gone for the sake of wanting us gone, of course. * cough * Just look at all the blokes here right now!

No. Now send MailbagTron one metric tonne of fanmails.

Not helping, MBT.

Well then, what about this other totally actually staffer who definitely isn't just a sock puppet I made... in MS-PAINT.

Meowth, that's right!

Meo- What? Not even I understand the sorts of crazy that went into inducing that level of insanity.

I think I need to see my shrink.

You're so awesome that you have to start being less awesome under risk of creating a black hole... of awesome~!.

Thanks, Dr. Socky. I knew I could count on you.

At any rate, if there is ever a problem with this place, the only way to help it is to help it. I've never turned down any offer to lend a hand in running this joint, but I have had to deny lots of blokes unmitigated power, seats on the Mailbag, and nebulous staffer status. I get that people want to help, but it seems like they often don't even know what they could do to help, which means they won't.

And anyone could help, too. It doesn't take a lot.


Helllloooo anyone home

What? This again? Of course we're still here. We didn't go anywhere! We didn't go anywhere.

We didn't go anywhere...

You've been here as long as I can remember, Omeetons~!

Thanks, Socky-- Waitaminute, you've only existed for, like, two minutes!

And you've been around for that entire time.


I'm about to write a Pokémon/Kirby crossover fanfiction about Mew, who put a curse on Kirby, and he makes everyone in Cappytown vomit by saying fried spinach!

You appreciate me!


Please bring back the letters asking where everyone is.

Okay, this is really trying my patience.

Ometon Patience...

Quiet, you! Er, me!

I'm serious. if the next letter, and I mean the very next letter is not the most awesomest letter in all of Mailbag history, I am not only quitting Mailbag, I am not only quitting KRR, but I am also quitting... um, Earth! Yeah, you better get used to Zero-G Ometon, not answering mail from orbit!

Christopher Keith Irvine

I dont even need to say hello to you gelatinous germ incubators. Because I know that I would never forgive myself for doing that.

You hypocrites pander to this small crowd because without any sort of attention, you would be in a hole, dead, by now.

You atleast know none of the people that bring in these texts deserve respect, but you're looking at the one mail-sender that deserves the respect you dont give to the crowd.

I am the 1st Undisputed Champion (or graphic, disgusting "cuddleroses" as you call it), I am now a 3 time World Champion, 9 time champion of the continents, and former-former Undisputed Tag champion. I have done things you couldnt dream of, and I deserve all the respect I can.

So as I managed to finally get the explination out of the way, I was going to ask a few questions. Of course, i'll have to turn down my intelligence.

qu3stun wun: wut is it dat maeks keeng deedee suu meeeen, he have no reasun to do stuff dat he do

que5tion tou: wai cant kurbee juzt eet teh dark mattur, itz purty eelogeecahl eff u fink bout et

quest1on fre: haow dus wahdl deee beecum a halpahr of kurbee eevn tough kurbee keeld moust ov dem, iz it dat wahdl deee iz vewy forgivin


I hope that's easy enough for you, who knows. Maybe one day you might be as innulectual as I am.

But right now you're just gelatinous, germ incubating, tapeworm-like, hypocrites.

And thats whats up, Truth.




Good job, pcfan: once again you've Saved the Day. (Your next challenge is Tuesday Knight Titans.) Alright, KRR, do your worst! Or whatever's left of it since we already had that spinach letter-


Will this site be updated again?

Be Back Later
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