The following appeared as the 2012 April Fool's Day gag for KRR. The important thing to realize is that, yes, this was for 2012. Otherwise, it just don't make no sense.

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The OmetonPosted by The Ometon on Apr 1st, 2012

April 1st, 2011

So, how about those Russians? You know the ones I'm talking about: Olga Romanova, Anna Belaeva, Svetlana Vysotskaya, Ksenia Markevich, and the oh-so-wonderful Masha Scream. Gooooooood stuff~! And all Russians are as good as these loverly ladies, too. It is not like any of them would dare be ne'er-do-well hackers or the like.

I mean, this is Rainbow Resort? How could it ever be hacked? And how could the staff ever take a full week to notice this fact and start doing something about it? Simple: it'll never happen! Whooo! Party like it's 2011! 'Cause it totally is~!

So I hear there are some new Kirby games in the work. Yup, I bet Rainbow Resort is gonna be all of that, with tons of information and all the groodness you'd expect from a site of this calibre. This ain't some two-bit blog -- it isn't like we're just gonna post news you already read at some other site, my no. Cutting edge is all what we're about.


You want Dedede Daimyo? Well, too bad~! Instead, our new sponsors suggest Tsar Dadada. If you are having Daimyo-withdraw, that cool guy has finally set up a DeviantArt page for all his art.

Overwhelming demand has led to Duth Olec making his triumphant return to 'Bag! Man, everyone sure does just loves this guy.

Remember those awesome Kirby Kuts comics? Well, those were the brainchild of Australia's #1 Kirby superfan James Ghost. He's been on the Mailbag radar for a while, and I finally let him in after he promised not to use any rubbish Aussie slang.

Kirazy is a man of many hats, but he keeps wearing that Blink Bat one! Gah! Kirby character that is just a Kirby in a hat! Urge to kill... rising!

Super Vaporchushi 888 has way too many names to try and make sense of, so we just call him Veech. He may be a robit. He's your standard stand-up member who tries his hand in every far reach of the site, and that's what we like here at Rainbow Resort -- trying~!

I heard this guy (in addition to liking Mudkipz) was gonna go rogue and do a Mailbag all by himself. Not on my watch, buddy~!

- Ometon


Wow, this site's pretty neat.

Sorry, just wanted to ask, when did you discover/become interested in the Kirby series?

Hey, we have some pretty fresh faced chaps this time 'round. Let's all hear their origin stories!

I was nine or so when Dream Land debuted, so I saw the commercials and thought, "Hey, I gotta try that game." And I did, and I loved it, and I started buying them.

Why, yes, this site is quite neat. Let's hope someone doesn't come in with muddy shoes and dirty up the place!

And this is what's great about rotating mailbaggers: old questions can be used because different people give different answers.

Anyway I discovered and became interested in Kirby at the same time I did with Mario: Super Smash Bros. I was good at Kirby and Mario characters, so, those were the series I liked! Terrible, I know. I already liked Pokemon, though.

I grew up with Kirby's Adventure and The Crystal Shards, but I didn't really get into the series until I picked up Nightmare in Dreamland sometime in 2005. After that I started to seek out the other Kirby games. I found KRR in 2008, though I'm not sure why or how I sought it out. Whatever the case maybe, it hooked me enough to keep me around.

I may not be a new face, but that doesn't mean I can't answer the question of my origin story!

I was born in a small town in England, my father a British tea delicatessen. We lived off of the tea we harvested from our anual fishing trips. We would collect English Crawdads - we used to call Catfish that because it was the sland back in the day - and we would stomp the tea out of them whine-vineyard style. This was all well and good, until my mother recieved a letter from Parliament. Apparently the later said that English had recently become totalitarian, and was administering Stalin-esque purges of its civilians. Unfortunately, my mother had been purged to work in a southern-Irish railroad to help construct the Great British Trade System Railroad, (or GBRSRQ as we called it back in the day.) As sadness engulfed my life, I bought a Gameboy in a hasty attempt to bring joy to my world again. My first game was Kirby's Dreamland. So does that answer your question?

Razy failed to mention the part where he embarked on a life changing journey with his new Gameboy, filled with emotion-filled musical numbers and whimsy.

I feel ya, Blink Bat Hat



We need sprites here.I don't see any.

Kine Chair

You can find plenty of Kirby related sprites on this wide archive called 'The Spriters Resource', just google it.

But in the mean time, you're welcome to use my sprite sheet.

yay kirby sprites

Funny, I remember seeing lots of sprites in the various Game pages, but that's mostly for the ol' games. But, yeah, like said above, TSR does it better than anyone else, so why re-invent the wheel?

I'll tell you why: this is the new wheel!

New Wheel

Double Battle!

What do you mean I'm reusing images? What do you mean You're Fired?


Is there going to be another Kirby game after Kirby Super Star Ultra?

Didn't you hear? That was the series finale. Way to end it on a remake, HAL, you lazy gits!!!

Yes, Kirby Super Star Ultra II: Ultra Ultra Ultra!!! It will be a remake of Kirby Super Star Ultra featuring everything in Kirby Super Star Ultra, but also adds Dedede to Hero, Kaboola's Revenge, The Lie Arena, and 16 new subgames that are all just old subgames reimagined as the same subgames.

This is an out-of-date question because Kirby's Epic Yarn is out now but I got the idea for that response and couldn't not do it. This is often how I make my decisions: awful, but amazing enough to go through with it.

With how things tend to go, HAL should be remaking, I dunno... Amazing Mirror sometime soon here. We can all look forward to that again.

I'm pretty sure HAL is stitching a new game together *snort*


Wow!It`s past February 15!

1.What's the worst picture you saw on the Fan Art?

2.Why does Cooky hate Bimblesnaff?

3.Hey Kirazy,draw me an picture of raining Waddle Dees.

4.Which would win,a panda or Mike Kirby?

5.What will you do if Bomb Kirby burned your house or apartment?

6.Kirazy,how many times you had stole TheRandomInsanity`s face?

7.What is insanely great but broken by a bunch of Fighter Kirbies?

8.Would you like a surprise Ometon?

1) Prolly some MS Paint nightmare crafted by KahC. I abbreviate it that way 'cuz saying it that way is about what the member was like.

2) Who doesn't hate me~!

4) Pandas lose at life. Why do you think they're endangered?

1. *We are forbidden by law by the rulers of KRR to criticize a user's art in any way, shape, or form.*

3. Oh sure, get Kirazy to draw them Waddle Dees. Especially since he sucks at drawing them.

Unfortunately, vchu was unable to finish this response because he was arrested for art critique.

1. Probably something by that idiotic terrible artist who's always drawing stupid asian-inspired pictures. What's his name? Dedede Daimyo?

2. I would draw a mildly amusing picture of a cookie telling Squeaky Bogg he's trash, but I'm about to draw something else for you right now, and nobody gets two pics per letter. Nobody.

3. How... dare you, veech. My Waddle Dees are gorgeous.


4. When was the last time Kirby lost in a fight.

5. Be confused, considering Bomb Kirby's bombs don't actually set anything on fire in the games.

6. Not enough~!

Their moms tell them they're handsome...

8. ...Okay fine, you get two pictures.


Wow! So it is!

2. Because she is upset that he and Leirin are a pair instead. DON'T DENY IT! Past drawings of the Mailbag have confirmed it! Okay so that's the only one but still.

3. Regal Dee

Oh, wait, you said raining Waddle Dees. Oh, wait, you said Kirazy.

7. Your... legs? Get well soon?

8. Surprise Ometon

Why Feb 15th!? Was the world suppose to end once again on that date?

1. everything that isn't Diamyo's is bad, that is also one of the unwritten fan-art laws.

2. I guess thats just the way the Cooky grumbles :B

5. If Bomb Kirby burnt down my house...

7. Silly person, the arena mode in super star ultra is broken by Hammer Kirby! not by fair fighting Fighter Kirby.


ometon and surprise

My Little Ometon: Friendship is Tragic? I'd watch that!

1) 2)

3) 4)

5) 6)

7) 8)


hi. first, i love meta knight. do any of you? next, how do ya'll tolerate all the stupid questions you get? (no offense to question writers) o

third, do you like my kirby emote? (;D)8


and finally............................wait for it.............. dose bimblesnaff run za site, cuz i only see him postin' stuff, but i joined only a month ago, so i may be wrong. WAIT! Bonus question...will you guys draw and answer to one 'o my questions! gracias. oh, another question. why dose meta knight have a spanish accent in the anime?! WHYYYY?!?!?!?!

1) Bimblesnaff's opinions on Meta Knight summed up in a nice, bite-sized, collected dump. Well, okay, it's more like a three course meal.

2) Normally, we flip whatever they say into some actually humorous instead of what they think is funny. 'Cuz it isn't.

3) Oh, is that what those floating "ohs" are? The positioning in text box you filled out doesn't translate to the page your letter will appear on. It just looks like you were briefly amazed twice while typing.

See how #2 works?

4) No, I do not "run" the site. I guess you could say that I keep her running, since, yes, I perform most all of the public content updates. Former staffer Ivyna J. Spider was also accredited with doing such in her heyday for similar reasons.

Yep, it sure is nice to know that all my hard work is appreciated. And, you know that I'll be going strong with updates in the months to come, what, with the sudden resurgence of Kirby games. You know, barring something stupid happening.

1. Meta Knight I've never been too huge a fan of. I've always been a Dark Matter fan for my villiany needs.

2. I just mock the people who ask stupid questions, you clod.

3. My Kirby emote's better. It's King Dedede. I made it myself.


........................................,--''' .,,---,. .\¯¯.,-''-,



....................................,-''. . .'\: : : : : '-,,__,-':::::::|

.................................../ . . . . .|,: : : : : : |:::',:::::::'|

................................,,|. . . . . . .'''~--,,,,_|_:::;:::::::|

.............................,-'' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .)::;:::::,|


...............................| ./''#|:::/##''-,. '\::::::,-'. . ,|,,--'

....................,,-'''¯¯''-,|,|#0||,,|#O##|. |:::,-'. .,-'' :''-,

.................../; ; ; ; ; |''' . . . .¯¯¯¯''''''''''-/. . /: : : : : \

.............,,--'''\,,; ; ; ; /\.,,,___,,,------. /'. . |: : : : : : :|

............|_,,--'',-|''~~''|/'\,,_. . . . ,,,,,,,-'. . ./: : : : : : : |

................../. .|##;/ . .|;;:'''''''''''''::::::;;|. . /''''¯¯'''-,: : : /

..................|. .'-,,-'| . .|--,,___,,,,---~| ,-''¯¯''-,. . \,,-'

...................\,. . .,| . .|\.|.\. .|.\. .|..\.\|; ; ; ; ;||. . \ :\

.....................''~~'|. . |.\...\,|...\,|....\|'-,__,,-'|. . . |: :\

............................\,_|''''~~--------~~''''\''-,###|. . . |--''''''-,

........................,-'''¯¯¯'-,,_::::::::::,-''¯¯'\,''~--'. . . |__,,-'

.......................|,,_______'|'''~~---|,; ; ; ;'-,,_. . _/


...It would look better if it weren't for Ometon's line-spacing he implemented into the mailbag!!

Darn you and your efforts towards actual read-ability, Ometon! Darn you!

16 or whatever the last question's number is: Because they couldn't get a French actor to play him. They had to go for the second-most accent that American girls find attractive. I guess, I don't know what people find attractive.

Aussie. Good sweet wallaby babies! The lady-types were just fawning over my Australian friend no matter where we went. All he had to do was open his mouth and I think they fell a wee bit in love with the lucky bloke.

Who would'nt love meta knight and that handsome face of his~

2. Because this is my first mailbag I haven't come a across a stupid question yet! (until now)

3. That is a strange looking it suppose to look like this?

weird emote

1) 2)

3) 4)


Hi Mailbag, or should I said... FAILbag!!! Hahaha only kidding. I'm a long-time reader first-time mailer, so let's get questioning!

1. Which is your favorite transformation from Kirby Squeak Squad or some other game I can't assume you have all played? Mine is Iron or Metal I can't remember which one was in that and which one was in the anime!!

2. Why doesn't Bimblesnarf like the Kirby anime! It is verry good!!!

3. Do you like this Kirby smiley I made <(-'.'-)>

(Plese give credit if you use it)

4. I think that the reason Meta Knight was missing from the Dream Land series and Gooey wasn't in 64 is because Meta Knight died after the Halberd crashed in KSS and during the events of K64 where dual abilities formed Gooey ate a Batamon and a Sword Knight or something and became the new Meta Knight and that's why he helped Kirby in games after that. I also guess this isn't a question???

5. what would you do if kirby was real

0) "Or should I said"? FAIL-grammar~!

2) Snarf, snaaarf! Liono is a tool for keeping around those two twerps. I don't care if he is technically their age. Also, he should kill all Ro-bears. Did they keep all this in the Thunder Cats reboot?

Regardless, I think I clearly explained what I thought was wrong with the animated series. As a TL;DR (which boy-howdy, is it!) it might as well not even been named Kirby, just like how the Super Mario Bros. movie might as well been called something else. It was familiar faces pasted over foreign concepts, and even taken as something new all together, I still didn't think it was done well.

3) Are you claiming to have invented that? 'Cuz, hate to break it to ya, but Kirby ASCII art has been around since at least a decade. Don't know when it started, but I know that I've seen it in the '90s. Yeah, those were real.

4) That... that... That's probably one of the better theories I've heard. I mean, it's clear, it's concise, and it's not over-burdened. But, I think we do see Meta Knight's face again at some point, don't we, and it's not googly eyed?

5) Hide all of my food.

0. With every joke, there's a hint of truth... So yeah... You hate us... Thanks...

1. Favorite copy ability from Squeak Squad? Sleep. You heal while you use it. That automatically makes it better than any other ability. Don't you dare poke holes in my arguement!

2. Bimblesnarf isn't a fan, but why doesn't Ometorn like the anime either is my question? And while we're on the subject, this Dedederp Daimyor doesn't seem like much of a fan either.

3. Do you like this one? ( ಠ )

'Ees Dark Matter.

4. CSB

5. Not. Steal. His. Cheesecake.

1. They all kind of, what's the word? Oh yeah, suck hard. Guess I can say that I'm a fan of Bubble tho'.

2. Hoshi no Fumu-tan Feat Kirby is okay, I guess.

3. This response is original, don't steal!


1. Because I really hate you, I'll draw another picture for ya.

2. It wasn't a bad anime, the creators just failed to realise they were suppose to make a "Kirby" anime. Tiff can jump off a Cliff. hur hur

3. (;-_-) seriously dude?

5. If Kirby were real, I'd skin him and he'd become my new trendy travel bag. (I drew a picture of that but I think I really want to post it...)


2) 3)

4) 5)

Hi Darvo.


Why, hello MailBaggers! Or MailSackers. But probably MailTruckers since I don't see many mailpersons 'round here.

So, uh, how did Debageldond become a MailBagger again, in Bag 76, when he was devoured by Bimblesnaff and Ometon in MailBag 62? Wouldn't that mean he would have to force his way out of both of their digestive tracks and reassemble himself? Ewwww.

Speaking of ewes, what is favorite fluffy animal that is fluffy and cute and stuffed. Er, I mean stuff!

Erm, okay, see you or probably your words and possible drawings later.

1) I cant be the only one who wants Daimyo to make a picture of that~!

The simple answer, however, is that the things that happen in the 'Bag aren't real. I mean, if they were, The Ometon would be serving twenty to life in prison!

2) Fuzzies are all too adorable to really pick between. How can you say a wombat is better than a skunk? (More pleasant to smell, I'd hope.) But, I'd say the lovable red panda is the ultimate fuzzy. It's like if you put a fox and raccoon into a blender but the result wasn't vomit-inducing!

0. We prefer Mailboogers, but okay.


2. My favorite fluffy, fuzzy, cutesy thing is Amber the Ball of Brown Bird Fur.


Never heard of her? Probably because I made her up just now.

Also, no draws for you. Better luck next mailbag! MUAHAHAHA!

Oops, I already did? CONSARN IT.

Man, I thought at first you meant a picture of MailTruckers. I'm not even sure what that would entail.

Anyway, I'm partial to rabbits for some reason. They're small and cute and fuzzy and go "Eh, what's up, doc?" However for the most part I don't care much for mammals, of which most fuzzy animals are. Go crocodiles and snakes and turtles and spiders and centipedes and salamanders and slugs and ducks and vultures and wooper.

1. Kirby ate Bandana Dee in Revenge of the King, yet he's back moments later for the final fight. The site deals with Dreamland's laws of nature.



Mr. A. Awesomeson from Awesome Isle

Hello! I am a mailbagger from the future, and must warn you, you can not let Bimblesnaff take over! Bumblesniff ond Squeaky Bögg will start a revolution and destroy the Resort.

Oh, and 'Snaff, the puppy is immortal! Kindar protects it in the future! Heed this warning!


Only a matter of time.

What a grim warning! From the future, you say? Well, you heard it here, folks, in April 2011: If Bimblesnaff takes over the site, total disaster will ensue. The Resort will decay. Productivity will cease. The heart and soul of the site will whisk away.

... You seriously think that would happen if I took over? Hah, unlikely. Why, so long as I'm around, that'll never happen, yep-yep.

Plus, good ol' Uncle Gobbo is the only one round here that has a Anti-Russian Force Field. A leftover from the Cold War era...just in case they decide to invade The Resort. We don't need to worry about them, though, right?



Hello! It's sweetums99!

1)I have an idea for an OC called Rainbow Knight.

Anything skethy worthy on her subject?

2)I look rather like a cross of Pikachu and Galacta Knight. And since my real name is Pika Knight, what do you think I look like?(I'm a girl.)3) What do you think Chirby looks like?

4) I would prefer Meta Knight with an American accent more. Wouldn't you?

5)What do you think me and my Mety plushie look like?

6) What in the world happened to Sailor Waddle Dee?

7)Do you like Shaymin Land Forme of Shaymin Sky Forme better?

Ok, Bye!

1.1) That sounds like something that would fit into an Interactive Fandom contest. Who knows when the next one will start, but it should be soon!

1.2) You have offered nothing outside of a name. How are we supposed to sketch an original character without information on her appearance? I mean, we might as well just draw anything 'cuz who knows what it's supposed to be. And, thus, I present Rainbow Knight.

2) I'll lazily say this?

3) Chirby!

4) I thought he deserved an English accent, something really "knight" worthy. French, maybe?

6) I didn't see Meta Knight carry him out of the crashing Halberd, so you know what that means! ... Sailor Dee stole Meta's mask and sword to gain his powers and become him. Take that, Nejirby~!

1. Rainbow Knight drives its Rainbow Car on Rainbow Road to the Rainbow Resort.

2. You had weird parents.

4. Meta Knight would've been way better with a Russian accent! In fact, I'll bet that was the REALLY REAL plot of Revenge of Meta Knight, he was planning to turn Dreamland Communist!

6. Lande Form. And now here's Kirazy with a different opinion.

2. I bet you look like this, cutie.


4. I'd prefer him with no accent. All video game anime voice actors make me wish to commit sixteen different suicide variants they're so bad.

5. Something Like This!

6. Sky but of course!

heeellllllooooooo sweetums~

1. I'm gonna take the Kirazy route here and say that Rainbow Knight would look like this


2. Ok ok, I'll actually draw something this time

4. you've all got it wrong!

6. He sailed the seas in search of a new land to claim as his own. Eventually he did and that became Australia. *salutes sailor dee*

1) 2)

3) 4)


6,7) He took to the Skies!


4) American accent? As an American, I know there is no such thing. Everyone else has accents; we speak correctly~!


Hi Mailbaggers! Got some more questions coming your way with references most people will hopefully get!

1. If R2-D2 and C-3PO were in danger and you could only save one of them, which one would you save?

2. What if Bimblesnaff and the Ometon were attacked by the monster known as Real Life and never returned to KRR?

3. What would you choose: peanuts or almonds?

4. Have you ever pitched a winning baseball game?

5. Have you ever successfully punted a football?

6. Have you ever played in a pit orchestra? (I have twice.)

7. What if Kirby was never created (and don't give me the "we wouldn't be here right now on this website" stuff because that's a given)?

8. What if your toaster decided to go on an adventure with your lamp, radio, electric blanket, and Kirby vacuum cleaner?

9. What planet do you want to travel to the most? Yes, I will accept Pluto.

10. Just to please my OCD: An interdimensional portal opens up in front of you. What do you do, jump in or ignore it?

You don't have to answer all of them (which I know you won't) and congratulations to any guest/new Mailbagger!

1. R2-D2, obviously! We store all of our awesome digital stuff in his body. 3PO is just our hat rack, so we wouldn't miss him.

2. Wouldn't that be the most horrible? Unfortunately for you, I can only guess what would happen: The site would go to ruin, and we would have new, eviler and lazier overlords! Luckily for us, I can't say for sure. I would need to be typing this in the future or something.

3. Peanuts. Almonds just can't compare to good ol' Charlie Brown. I mean, have you heard anyone reference Clarissa Yellow's search for the Undead Turnip? I don't think so.

10. Jump in. Why not? I could end up in a pizza dimension. A PIZZA DIMENSION. The rewards of that would far outweigh the risks.

Thank you for! I hope I have a bright future here at KRR~!

1) Who even cares about C-3PO? That dude is annoying. R2 is all, "I wanna hug it and keep my garbage inside its adorable cylindrical body!"

2) I can assure you, Real Life monsters have no effect on us. It's only the sinister forces that exist on-line that could keep us two out of action. But, hey, why speak about what will never be? Gobbros goin' strong 2011 to 2012!

3) Peanuts are the flavor nut, and also not scientifically classified as a nut, so they are just the "flavor", I guess, to be accurate.

4) I sure have! "Hey, batter. I think you should hit a home run." "I like that angle, kid. I'm gonna try it!" And he did. Didn't give me much credit for it, tho'.

5) No, but I have successfully Spunted a football!

Spunted Football

6) I once played Pit of Icarus fame in an orchestra. The other suits didn't appreciate my toga and feathers like I thought. So I arrowed their arses.

7) If Kirby wasn't made, then we'd never enjoy lazily adding a two dots for eyes and a great, big smile to various round shapes to recreate the lovable puffball! Who would want to live in that world?

8) Their adventure would end quite abruptly since I've made double certain to toaster, lamp, radio, and blanket proof my doors and windows. That will not happen again.

9) Does Pop Star count as a planet?

10) I'd call a scientist. Oh, wait, I am one. Then, I'd write a publication on it and get all famous-likes. Chicks dig scientists who study worm hole physics, right?

1. I thought R2 was a mini-fridge...

2. They just look so out of place...

4. Yeah. I had actually bet against my team, so when we started to win, I purposely made us lose.

5. No, that little girl keeps pulling it away!

7. I wouldn't be answering these ridiculous questions!

7. Oops I keep typing seven. Whatever, two sevens now. I don't have an electric blanket, and nobody has radios anymore. Anyone who does just has a TV that lost sound. Yes, SOUND.

9. Earth. It sucks, but it's at least habitable.

10. If it's floatin' in the air I'd grab the edges and try to pull it wider until it's big enough to swallow the Earth. Then I'd go and revise my answer to #9.

1. I'd chose R2-D2, you gotta save all those holograms of Princess Leia.

2. well in Soviet Russia...

3. ACORNS, I don't care if that isn't a proper answer.

4. No. but I have been striked out on a losing cricket game.

5. No. I successfully kicked a ball directly above me once, I'm not gonna say how it landed...

6. I fail at sport, oh wait this isn't a sport related question? I've played in band if that counts.

7. If Kirby weren't around, I'd continue to spam attack as Lucas in Smash Bros.

8. My appliences go on adventures all the time, but never come back. and sometimes my valuable stuff goes on adventures with them.

9. TO THE MOON! so much awesome stuff gets sent there these days.

10. I'd jump in the portal if it only it took me to the moon ;_;

I did answer all your questions! with 0 drawings too.


2) Made possible by Real Life~!

3) 4,5,6)



10) Ignore.


I stay cool by being uncool. OK, that does not make sense, but it's true...

1.- If you had a plush be... I mean, plush animal in front of you this instant, what would you do with it?

2.- If you were given the chance to ride one of the stars (or wheelies) from Kirby's Air Ride, which one would it be and why?

3.- Who do you think is the worst superhero ever?

4.- By the way, did any of you ever watch Freakazoid?

0) That was the least cool thing ever said.

1) I'd probably say, "Hey, a stuffed Lakitu. I bet it's name isn't Al."

3) Superman. "I'm ultimate! ... That is all." Batman is just a guy, and he could still ice Supes.

4) You're gonna need more rope~!

You're burning up on reentry!

1. "ehey e offas je keu odOH GOD IT'S GOT A KNI mean, um, no, nothing's wrong. I'm totally fine. Nothing going on here that is a threat to my life."

2. I've looked at them and concluded the only way I could ride any of them is by standing on one food and riding them like a skateboard. Pretty sure that's a one-way ticket to getting myself injured. Actually, maybe Wagon Star or Bulk Star would be big enough for me to hang onto...

3. "CG: YOU ALL TRACE THE MYTHOLOGICAL FOOTSTEPS OF YOUR BELOVED HUMAN SUPERMAN WHO'S REALLY JUST A MUSCULAR CAUCASIAN ALIEN./CG: IT'S HILARIOUS HOW HUMANS WORSHIP HIM AS A PINNACLE OF HUMAN HEROISM AND VIRTUE BUT HE ISN'T EVEN HUMAN." And Batman is rich, which I assume means his friends own Nascar teams. Spider-Man is at least sort of relatable?? Except for the whole spider thing. Unless that's supposed to be like hormones, I guess. Spider hormones. Oh my glob Firefox why do you not list relatable as a word?

4. I've already taken up my quote-a-quota for this letter, but yes, I even have the whole show on DVD.

I stay cool by being refrigerated. Also, as I've mentioned, I hang out in morgues.

1. I'd do unspeakable things to it.

2. I would totally ride the Chinese Box Car. Because that's the only one I remember. And I can't even imagine that that's its real name.

3. The Green Lantern. I mean, what does that dude even do? No, of course I've never read any of his comic books or seen his movie!

4. Nope. I guess I'll check out the opening intro to the show.

Oh my god, best 1 minute, 1 second of my life.

1. Well, depending on what the plush animal WAS...

2. @Kirazy: That would be the Wagon Star.

Hmm, my favorite three were the Wheelie Scooter, Swerve Star (that's the green pyramid looking one, righto?), and, I dunno, the Shadow Star. I'd probably take the Scooter then, because them Wheelies need more loving.

3. Worst superhero? Can't say I'm familiar with enough of them. Probably the Hulk, on account of him not actually being much of a hero. He just gets angry and smashes stuff. Sure, he probably happens to stop bad guys or something, but he is just as likely to blow up on the good guys as well.

4. I've seen scenes of it, but I haven't actually seen a full episode. I'll try to give it a shot someday.

2. No matter which one I'd ride, each one would hurt my balls just as much.

4. 4chanman is best superhero.

1) 2)

3) Just like Watchmen!


1) I almost always have a plushie of some sort sitting in front of me. It usually just sits there, and I let it.

2) The X-Men introduce new mutants (not New Mutants, who were mostly cool) every now and then. More often, they suck enough to say "Yeah, they could qualify as a worst."

4) Freakazoid is so old that the internet was equated with cosmic rays in super power inducingness. I feel old.


Yay, this mailbag should come out around my birthday! :D

Uh, I keep cool by living in a mild climate. It's a dry 80 degrees Fahrenheit on hot days where I live, but I still get sunburned. >.>


1. So, for any of you guys still following Pokemon- What do you think of the latest Pokemon's designs? I wish they looked more like Gold and Silver's Pokemon, but a few of them look pretty cool so I guess I'm okay with it. But I will kill every Munna and Musharna I see. HIDEOUS DROWZEE MUTANTS.

2. If this site ever gets really active again, will you ever consider adding a Fan Abilities section?

3. Okay, so back to the subject of Pokemon- Which new Pokemon is your favorite so far? The American Pokemon (Wooguru/Wargle) looks cool to me, as does the Grass Starter. I'm still hoping it becomes a Grass/Dragon. Also, THE BOOGER. That little fetus child is going to make me pick Pokemon White instead of Black because he's only in Pokemon White...and because it has the White Forest.

4. So, is 4Kids gone for good? I don't have TV, but the TV guide that comes in my newspaper seems to show that 4Kids has been replaced by infomercials. I, like most/all of you, say good riddance (and "Yay!") to bad rubbish.

...Though I still like the Japanese Hoshi no Kaabii. I think I mostly watch it because it has Kirby in it, but that's not to say I don't enjoy (some) of the other characters!

5. Oh yeah, and you kinda touched upon this last 'bag, but was I the only one to notice that ALL the Kirby sounds were recycled from the anime and games? I heard both Melee AND Brawl sound clips in there.

6. Also, am I the only one bothered by the fact that the people who are making Epic Yarn are the same people who made Wario Land: Shake It? My brother and I were both disappointed at that Wario Land game, even though the visuals were stunning.

And uh, I guess 6 questions are enough for you guys, so I'll sign off with the highly appropriate-


2.1) Yeah, things have really slumped. Remember back in autumn when we were pushing out updates two, three times a week? Either fan comics, Ask the Gurus, or some other venture. Things in 2011 are slipping down to just a few a month. What a shame. Can you imagine if things get worse?

2.2) Interactive Fandom is supposed to have "Make a Copy Ability" as its ultimate finale. Sorta been building up to that one. I imagine it would be the most popular since it's probably something everyone has thought of rather than, say, "Make an Animal Friend". Of course, none of them do that well, ever, so why should it matter?

Man, around here hot days are anywhere between 80 and 90 and it's either dry or wet. Cold days are between 20 and 30 and it's either dry or wet. Normal days... don't exist here.

1. If by "Gold and Silver's Pokemon" you mean Hitmontop, Sneasel and Wooper, I'm all for it! As for the end of your remark, Drowzee is already hideous and a mutant, but in a good way. Also, for no reason, this.

2. "Wood!" "Dagger!" "This is too hard!" Every time I think of a plausible "this is like a canon ability but slightly different" it's been done. There's been Spark and Plasma; Bubble and Water; Bomb and Missile; Stone and Metal! Those last two are somewhat more different, yet exactly the same. If Hal's abilities repeat themselves, I can't wait to see what fans come up with!

3. And its counterpart, the vulture, is certainly Russian! Wait, Wooguru? NEW SEGMENT: ASK THE WOO GURUS

4. Now if only we could get rid of infomercials...



1. Pokemon designs have only gotten better in my opinion. I'm a fan of the more geometric, stylized, kiiiirrazzzy approach the series now takes on animals.

2. Things can only get better for KRR from this point up! Trust us, you won't ever have to worry about KRR falling into the depths of the internet's obscurity, or getting hacked by crazy russian web-terrorists.

3. My favorite is the ice cream pokemon. It exists. What do you mean that hasn't been revealed yet? It'll happen... Juuuust watch...

6. Shake it is the greatest video game since 'Sliced Bread', the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda-esque, new adventure game. So in summary, get out.


1. The new Pokemon are positively amazing. Well, okay, so there are some duds from the newer generations but for the most part, I'm okay with them.

2. Fan abilities huh? Cool! We could have a section for gems like this, that, and even some of this!

...On second thought, I had some not so good ideas. I figure that the same would hold true for most of the users here as well.

Bug is still totally awesome though!

3. Razy, that joke would work if this was like, AFD 2010. Black and White came out last month after all! As for my favorite, it's hard to top a living garbage bag.

6. B-but, Epic Yarn is like my second-or-third-favorite Kirby game....

Happy Birthday!

2. Anti-Virus Kirby would be a good fan-ability. (just a feelin)

4. I liked their dubbing of the old pokemon seasons, so I won't be grave dancing like some people.

6. I think 'Wario Land: Shake it' was a good example for platformers with artistic graphics, and may have served as some inspiration for later games like Braid and Rayman: Origins which have similar traits.




3) 4)

5) Intermission...



I keep coming up with stuff after I send in my questions...

This is the last bit though, I swear!

What would the Mailbag Force do if all of your archnemeses teamed up to kill y'all?

Like CuboneKing, Ohshii, Bomegon and that Unnamed Archnemesis that Bimblesnaff used to have?

Egad, if all our foes united their forces against the Mailbag Force, they'd probably disband us and have our kind exiled from Rainbow Resort. Or, this sequence of MBF comics would occur: Mailbag Nonforce #1

My neme, neme, oooo, my neme, neme, neme, my neme, neme, oooo, my neme, neme, neme--er, wait. Sequence? Oh, but, I'm afraid I have not the time to make a comic! If only I had an extra year to work on one. Too bad this is coming out in just a few days, April of 2011!


Why was the Super Smash Bros. Brawl page never updated? Its 2010 so it was not just relesed like the page says. I was looking forward to KRR's info about it but never got it.

This question comes up a lot, and the answer is strewn across the site so it's easy to miss.

Basically, I've been the only one to even try to edit a game page since '08? '09? It's been rather dry. Now, since I don't know anything about Smash Bros., since I own neither the games or systems they are on, I can't touch those pages in good conscious. But, hey, someone else surely will take a crack at it, right?

Prediction: no one ever will.

Come on now Bogg, those pages going untouched is just as likely as the Resort getting hacked.

Word from the horse's mouth is that Kindar wanted to handle the game pages herself. So if you want anything to get done, you'll need to pester her or try to wait patiently. On the plus side, if you are capable of taking in game pictures I'm pretty sure that the staffers will accept them.

Anyways, KRR is primarily a Kirby site. It's kind of in the name? If you need information on Smash Bros, there are probably a dozen of other sites that deal specifically with that series. Until we get some new information up on the Brawl page, I would look elsewhere. Hopefully this game page update drought won't last too much longer. If it continued on into next year, that'd be ridiculous.

And be sure to send us pictures like this!


Sup, broskis. This is the Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder with a special episode of Z! True Long Island Story! Woo woo woo, you know it!

Today, i'm gonna be having an interview with my bros at Kirby's Rainbow Resort! But before I start this, I have something to say for myself about this site about some game series, which coincidentally is the theme of this party.

Glod, if you're listening, bro, this site could use a little more Long Island spirit. That's why i'm recommending a feature in this site which can give your favourite Kirdy characters a new look which is similar to my look!

But enough about that, I have some questions to ask these Quirby fans.

1. Do you think "The Situation" Mike Sorrentino will ever reply to my challenge, laid down in a recent episode of Z! ?

2. Does this Yirky guy have any chicks with him?

3. Will that little blue goth cheer up, get a girl and start partying and fist pumping with his bros like me?

4. Can I please get a push now?

Wow, great answers, mailbag cast! I'll be sure to buy Shirly's epic Wool if I ever see it!

This has been Z! True Long Island story with Zack Ryder. Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

1-4. I honestly have no idea what the hell anything you're saying means.

But I'll just play along.

Please, do continue.

0) I feel that Quirdy is the best, but nonetheless -

1) In order for someone from Jersey shore to answer to you, they'd have to be more than an exaggerated fabrication of media outlets. Why not challenge the tooth fairy? Just as real.

4) No. Face facts, broski. You will never get pushed, never get your dad over Jo Mo, never hold the US title, and certainly never get any hotties like, oh, Eve. We love ya and all, but we all know this stuff is just a pipe dream.

Oh, pcfan, I think I'll miss you most of all... y'know, if I was ever, like, banished or something. My only hope is that I would still be able to communicate just how much I enjoy all the members who enjoy making this site fun instead of making it all about themselves and, like, unrelated franchises like Sonic, Pokémon, or MLP. Sure, people may like them, but Kirby gets next to no love on the internet, and it is a good thing that the internet gets regular, meaningful updates to address Kirby and Kirby fandom.

And no one can ever take that away. No, wait, they could. But why would they want to? They would have to be pretty spiteful. And would probably regret it after the fact despite demanding all of those wonderful things and their creators to leave the site forever.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, cool story, broski~!

3) I have no fist with which to pump nor girls with which to party. Not for the lack of trying, tho'.

There are some people out there who would see this and just not respond with anything funny or even meaningful. We are not those people. *splatters accent paint on myself*

Yo, homie, I's gotta say, that was way tight, and, like, totally a-ma-zing, but y'all'll need t' warsh yer hands before ye scurvy dogs get yer blasted, grubby mits all over me bag!

Er, whoops, I got my accents mixed up there.

This dude is such a bro...

Well, lookie here~ Good letters = Good responses~! KRR: The Kirby Shore.


It's about Kirbypedia. I don't have an email address and I'm only 10 so could you please deliver the following to Kirbypedia? It's a contribution.

New Article:Marx Soul

He is undead

Yeah, undead just like this site! As long as we're around, KRR will forever be a walking zombie. You know, as opposed to a sitting zombie. That would be just weird.

If you ever wanted to know why Ivy J. Spyder made the Kirbypedia not a "wiki", bam.

The Marx is undead!
I'm so glad the Marx is undead!
The Marx is undead! (Dead!)
I'm so glad the Marx is undead!
The Marx is undead! (Dead!)
I'm so glad the Marx is un-
Just the claps! Just the claps!

You're seriously making me rethink my Wikipedia fandom.




I have a confession to make, regardless of how painfully obvious it was. When I did some of the game sections stuff around a year ago, I admit I was doing it mainly to grab attention and to inflate my own ego. I feel bad for not doing more and ultimately disappearing from this site almost completely. I just didn't really have that kind of mind set and still don't. I'm sorry for not continuing to do stuff and I hope you can forgive me and my horrible laziness.

Perhaps, but the thing is, you did something for the site, not promised something to its members. Actions speak louder than words, especially empty ones. Actions for attention still get it done; the problem comes in with promises. They can get attention, too, sometimes even more than actual content since the viewers' imagination can run wild. Not delivering, tho', is a kick in the pants. (Ten Year Anniversary special, anyone?)

Laziness is only a problem when it prevents any action, not further action. Staffers come and go, at least they do in a lot of places. Staffers that don't do anything certainly are free to leave. And should. Can you imagine a site that was in the stranglehold of a staff that never did anything? How could they even be considered staff~!

You were in it to win it, you were in your stride/But I cared less, I was just along for the ride.

Anyway, yeah, better than doing something for attention than not doing something and still expecting attention!

Doing some work is better than doing none, and you did contribute to the site. In recent time, it seems nothing's been done to site EXCEPT to whittle away at the features. So much here has been cut down to nothingness...and it's quite unfortunate to look upon.

Nobody here holds anything against you for your supposed "inaction." I'm very familiar with that feeling you've described, and speaking up is far more than what the rest of the staff has done. Be proud of yourself for the work you DID do, and hope that the rest of the resort remembers you fondly.


ok here they are

1. what happened to log ins?

2. can anyone guess why i hate ometon and nobody else?

3. whats a podcast?

4. which boss would be and awesome helper for kirby?

5. what would it be like if there was a grand arena with every single kirby boss?

6. six is an ugly number

7. do any of you play kingdom hearts?

8. who hires and fires kindarspirit or someone else?

thank you and PS. wolves are awesome

2. You're secretly tsundere for our spikey friend?

5. Pop Star would implode upon itself from the sheer cruddiness. I love myself some Arena, but you gotta admit that would just be stupid.

6. Six is only ugly because it has spent several decades living in fear of Seven. Oh Nine, how we all miss you.

Sir/Madam, I must regretfully inform you that, on the scale of awesome things, wolves fall just behind hamsters, with hammer wielding penguins at the very top.

2) My top two guesses are he land smote you or an incident involving your little sister...

3) A podcast is a web broadcast that people said, "Hey, why call it the logical 'webcast'?" to.

4) Heavy Mole would be of the most use, I'd think. Need to get anywhere? Have Mole dig you there.

5) Isn't that... pretty much... just The Arena?

6) Six thinks you're a number. Burn!

8) I was hired by her. Most people don't need to be fired. They just... vanish. Or quit. Then come back. And quit again. I only know of one individual who was ever actually pink-slipped.

1) What do you mean? They are still there! The only reason they would disappear is if the Passport disappeared. And if the Passport disappeared, then there would certainly be no reason for log-ins any more, except for staffers.

Back when we used to have Cutenews (oh, such dark days~!), staffers wouldn't even sign in to leave comments because they had to answer Captcha and put in their password on a separate screen. Can you imagine how annoying that would be? Regular members were not even given the option to sign-up or log-in due to how annoying the whole procedure is. I may knock the old RR a lot, but that was one good and logical decision they made.

2) I always project my character in a villain role. Or I use big words. By which I mean "eighth grade level English." I've heard both as reasons to hate me.

8) Kindar hires people, but because of lax control, rules, and regulations, those people can hire those people who can hire other people, ad nauseum. It becomes much less about "Hey, you are a pretty cool web guy" and much more "You friend. Me make staffer now. Good."

1. They logged out.

2. ...Snow cones?

3. A magic spell where you transform a foe into a pea pod.

4. Most of the bosses be, I think. Otherwise you wouldn't be fighting them. For the second part of your question, Prank. Pranks would be an awesome anything.

5. Not quite, Gomblosnopffenheimer...? The Arena just has the bosses of the game. The Holy Carp Insanity Arena has every boss from every Kirby game ever, from Whispy Woods to Whispy Woods to Whispy Woods. I mean, from Lololaleli to MagaMarx. I guess.

6. That must be why it is so saaaad. Seriously, when I was younger I thought 3 and 9 looked happy, 5 and 7 looked angry, and the rest looked sad. Truly I am an amazing numbersmith.

8. The Hires and Fires of Kindar Spirit, a brand new show on the Titles That Rhyme Network.

2. He got a pony, everyone has a reason to hate him now.

3. Look up Tofop, it'll teach you what a podcast is. and some other things too...

4. Whispy Woods

6. I think six is super sexy

7. *puts up flame sheild* Nope

8. Eight is a ugly number



1) 2)

3) 4)

5) 6)

7) 8)

Yellow Kirby

Okay so...

1. Do you think Zero, or Zero 2 will return in Kirby Returns to Dreamland? Or perhaps even a Zero 3?

2. Why couldn't Gooey be in KRtD as a second player? Just because he was a part of Dark Matter and he was destroyed doesn't mean Gooey has to be, too!

3. What are your thoughts on the "Kirby Master" subgame in Kirby Mass attack?

1. I think they're going to introduce Aych 2 Zero. It'll, um, be the fish Dark Matter.

2. Hal doesn't like bringing back cool characters. Gooey and Prank need their own game.

3. Wasn't as engaging as I'd expected, but still an interesting diversion. I like Kirby Star Patrol Shooty Shoot Minigame more, though.

1) I doubt the true Zero will be there. I do bet, however, that their will be the number zero. Yeah.

2) Return to Dream Land has the pre-powered characters as Kirby's allies, and I believe that even the other three alter-colored Kirbies can be used. Since you can play as a Kirby, which uses the same model and controls for all four, there's no real reason to create a new model and modified controls when he's essentially just blue Kirby.

1. No, but I do expect a big whooping can of Orange Zero!

2. I like the little blob too. He should get his own spinoff or something. Maybe coded by our resident blue tech guy? But what are the chances of THAT existing?

1. Herp, we all know Magolor's going to pull a Marx on us. (It doesn't count as a spoiler if it hasn't been revealed to happen yet~!)

2. Gooey's too busy being meta knight these days. Both blue blobs? Can't be a coincidence.

3. I liked the appearance of the unnamed Dedede-bot. That made me happy. But then I saw escargoon, and my smile went upside-ile.



why can't krr have a message center for each membership where you can receive comments from anything that you post on the website? or what about feedback being sent to your account from any comments you post? I haven't exactly explored krr too much but i think this would be pretty nifty. Also, why can't you edit your profile other than changing your password?

Whaddaya mean? The Rainbow Resort Passport does that! The universal account that connects everything (that our forum/oekaki admin didn't throw a fit about, at least) together with a convenient message center.

You need to look harder (or to the top-right corner where the Passport lives). All of the awesome features like the Interactive Fandom are hooked up through the Passport, not to mention those awesome threaded comments I rigged up oh-so-long ago. Can you imagine if the comments weren't threaded? How would you even know who was replying to you comment if it just went to the end every time?

Yup, the Passport sure is awesome, although some have complained about it since before it was even introduced. Good thing they will never call for it to be removed for no good reason.


I have one question for Bimblesnaff that I did not include in my previous letter: Has Mints left the site permanantly, or does he still come around, just as a lurker?

That is all. Many thanks.

Who the blue blutty 'el is this "Mints" character? * searches * Oh, him. Well, you may be one of the only people not named "Mints" to even know who he is 'round this joint (and even that is debatable~!).

Couldn't blame the dude for leaving with how lackluster the response was to his Interactive Fandom contributions, but he kept with it, apparently. I guess as long as there are IF contests and, more importantly, user-generated content on Rainbow Resort, he'll be around and invisible.

Mints, huh? The last thing I think I saw from him was his latest Java fan game, Tuesday Knight Titans. Like Om-momo said, folks didn't quite care for his stuff. For example, his complete and fully playable game was described as "sluggish". Lotsa peeps said that they'd make fan games better than his. And, since so many did, I'm certain at least one of them will follow through on their promise and give KRR a new, great fan game in the year to come.

Isn't Mints just Ometon? And aren't Ometon and Bimblesnaff the same people?

Mmm, Mints. My favorite kind are those soft peppermints that like- ooooh you mean Mints the person. I can certainly confirm that I did not eat him. Yep yep yep.

Wait, Mints? I've been calling him Mince!

Darn it, Kir-lazy, you were supposed to animate this for me! Never-mind, I got the job done...

Ometon's admirer



Stockholm's syndrome, kiddies. It's not a good thing.

I know, we all admire Ometon's amazing programming ability yet unpretentious attitude that makes him just get stuff done without asking for recognition and this admiration causes us to create a paralinguistic respiration in the form of a deep and especially audible single exhalation of air out of the mouth or nose because deep down we know we are not as awesome as him in either his programming attitude OR his unpretentious ability.

Actually, I am past the point where I'd actually need to suck up. I just thought this was the cleverest way to respond, and ended up laying it on a little thick. I just hope what's being laid on is not hunny mustard sauce!

Um, Ometon's admirer, there is one big problem with your letter: where are the digits~!


Tune in for the inevitable next mailbag; sure to have 20% more image image reuse by yours truly!

Ometon certainly makes most people fall for him. Except for the girls he has stalked. And for the guys. Really, the only people that like Ometon are manly women.

Lets end this Mailbag with a song.

Next Time~! Um, yeah, no. This has been fun and all, but time for a curtain call.

Closing Statments: Wellsir, I hope you've had fun this April Fool's Day. Originally, I wanted to say that last year, the new old staff neglected this place on AFD, but it turns out, they did make an update... about the gallery being "broken"... which means they asked for me to remove all my handy showcase features and brought in people from the chats who had to sign up for Gallery accounts to be the new admins.

Oh, they did do something Fools-related, however. Just only in the forums. 'Cause, y'know, Bogg and I created such a rift between the actual site and the forums that they don't include the lambasted "Main Site" in on any of their fun. How truly selfish of me to make them do that~!

I thought this would be a good chance for a lot of the people who were more visible to the casual visitors to get a proper good-bye. We all left the site at different times, and unlike the clubhouse that is the forum stuff, we weren't "internet friends" elsewhere. We all came together and wanted to give Rainbow Resort something that wasn't just days-old news. (If it isn't new anymore, then how is it "news"?)

I would also like to give the good people of the Resort one parting piece of advice. On the internet, people come and go all the time (although they usually go by choice instead of force). KRR is no exception. Just before I came onboard, MegaWarp and Ivyna J. Spyder were keeping this joint afloat, and some of the current baggers had no idea who those two were!

Right now, Rainbow Resort theoretically has one of its largest staffs ever. However, no one has picked up the ball. It is just lying there, and the clock is winding down. Or whatever sports analogy makes sense there. You wouldn't know that there are more staff members now than there have been in years because of the lack of meaningful updates.

Look up. Know how many of those Mailbaggers were considered staff proper? Two: Bogg and I. Everyone else was just a contributing member. And you know what? They did more for this site than any staffer. They made this place enjoyable. And there are plenty of other members across the various sections of the site that did the same. They were regular members that became great members by doing something.

So many times, I heard requests from patrons to become part of the staff. Know what I never heard from a single soul during my tenure here? What they wanted their responsibility to be. Being "staff" is a sickness at Rainbow Resort I have seen no where else online. It is a status symbol that comes with no duty. And we had plenty of duties that needed filled. No one ever offered. No one wanted to. They just wanted to say that they would make everything better, slap themselves on the staff page, and disappear forever. They already have the recognition -- mission accomplished, as far as their narrow little view goes.

None of these views come as a result from my banishment from Rainbow Resort. If you ever completed the Storybook, you would know that I've said all of the above four years ago, because Rainbow Resort has been this way for years before even that.

And, if you've never been able to beat the Storybook, well, maybe I'll just end my last hurrah at RR with what was my first: do something. Do anything. You can't rely on anyone -- not me, not Bimblesnaff, not even the founder -- to make this site great. It is the normal people who do extraordinary things that keep everyone visiting (what used to be) every day.

Bimblesnaff started out rotating the front page image that most people never even pay attention to. There are jobs to do plenty of ways to make Rainbow Resort better. And almost none of them require any technical know-how. They just require caring. And apparently, not even that is needed to be a staffer nowadays.

Catch ya on the flipside, dudemeisters.

The Ometon
AKA The Evil Gallery Admin
AKA No One
AKA Mints

Last Updated - April 1st, 2011