September 25th, 2010

Okay, are you ready for some summer fun? Waitaminute, September isn't summer. What is going on here? Who would bring up such a thing when all the kiddies are braving the autumn cold on their way back to school?

Oh, right, me!

Okay, okay, I'll address the belatedness. Guess I kinda have to. See, despite sending out subpoenas to all sorts of 'Baggers, few showed. That put it back twenty-five days? Hmm, that seems a bit high...

All that, plus Kirby. Sewiously this time.

Ah, good ol' Diddgery! We can always count on him to be in Mailbag! That is because we give him a can of pork-and-beans and a warm place to sleep for the night. Then its back to the boxcars for him!

Daimyo may have run out of a steady stream of sculptures to upload to the Gallery, but he is still very much alive. Or a zombie. Maybe some kind of robit. Or just an imposter with his password. Some person and/or thing is answering letters, and that's all I need.

Bimblesnaff Bogg has been the only visible person keeping this site afloat these past few weeks. Yeah, like that has never happened before~!

- Ometon


I stay cool by diffusing ice cream through my skin cells. This way, my cell nuclei get to enjoy a delicious treat whilst I stay nice and cold.

And now, on a more serious note:

1)How do you think Kirby stays cool during summer?

2)Is there even any evidence of changing seasons on Dreamland?

3)Were's your favorite vacation spot?

And finally, 4)Does anyone else think that Mr. Frosty is one of the worst minibosses in the game?

Thats all folks! (Oops, should have done that for the gimmicks mailbag...)

1) Ice Cream Island seems like a nice place to relax and cool off, and Aqua Star might as well just call itself "beach vacation planet."

2) Of course, th-- oh wait no that was Floria. Nevermind.

3) If by "favorite" you mean "place that I visit on vacation the most," it'd have to be San Diego. But if you meant "place that I enjoyed the most and want to revisit if possible," that'd be London.

4) Why would anyone think that! Mr. Frosty is a mainstay of the series. The way he shuffles around and bumps ice cubes with his butt... it's charming!

1) Step one: Kirby finds a Chilly. Step two: obvious.

2) My mind was going there, too, Didge.

3) I never go on vacation.

4) If by "worst" you mean "easiest", then yes. The guy is so basic. Until they gave him chuckin' larger cubes, there was next to no chance of him landing a blow.

1) He takes a Warp Star ride to Rainbow Resort (the actual one), like birds flying South for the winter. Except in reverse.

2) The seasons of Popstar never seem to change; what you see mostly are diverse climates at different geographical points.

3) Virginia Beach.

4) I vote nay. Fat Walrus Miniboss is a classic Kirby character, and all classic characters are undeniably good. Only the newer Flagship,etc. additions can be considered the worst, such as that “Mr. Flosty” character... Abominations!

4) If you meant easiest, then I would say that there are prolly worse (like fellow-Freezer Yuki). If you meant Frosty was worst from a design perspective, then you have plenty worse. Giant Bobo? Really? That guy isn't even a good regular enemy! Do we really need more of 'em?


You guys enhoy summer while I put up with Mr. Frosty mooning me outside my window <.<

well anyway *AH HEM*

*COUGH COUGH COUGH* gots the cough,

1. If there was a deadly virus going around (eg. T virus, honkusponkus, blorbs) should I wear one of those face masks no matter how weird I'd look?

2. E3 coming up! whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop! I have high exspectations on my favorite companys such as Nintendo, Capcom, Valve and *COUGH*Hal*COUGH*laboritories*COUGH*

3. *COUGH* *COUGH* *HACK* do you have any home made cures for the Coughs?

4. Can I post links to Videos of Kirby games I made on WarioWare D.I.Y?

Cheerio, I have Yoshi's to feed.

1) Face Masks

2) Kirby's Epic Yarn! You called it! Hooray for Hal Laboratories! Well actually, Good-Feel, Inc.

1) Nay, the mask, it does nothing. Don't fight the virus. Let it consume and destroy you. There is no surviving the plague. All shall fall.

2) Yeesh, pre-E3 questions. We gotta empty out this bag more often...

3) I say an ax does well to end the cough. Just apply directly to the throat. It ends your life, but you won't be coughing.

4) That sounds like something to post in the forum over the mail bag. This isn't a play to showcase your ... anything-outside-of-question?

2) Hey now, if you remember correctly, this theme was preempted originally because of an E3 announcement that actually had to do with Kirby.

3) Don't they make a syrup specifically for that purpose? What's it called again? Oh, yeah, maple~!


the only thing i like about summer is the word break and or vacation that follows summer because i dont have to go to a place of learning for some time and if my break and or vacation comes with everything mentioned in the theme then i guess it comes with summer

By the time you read this, your summer leisure-time will have passed. My guess is that if you had broken a bone, or were forced to vacate your living-quarters over the summer, you would like these words much less. Might I add, this “place of learning” is necessary for you to improve your capitalization and punctuation skills.

Learnin' be overrated. Ya don't need no fancy-smancy educashuns. I didn't not get no book learnin' an' I turned out alright.

Wait, no I didn't. Get back to school!


Yeah, more questions, sue me.

1. Which Kirby speaking personality do you prefer, Avalanche, anime, or manga?

2. What Kirby boss gave you the most trouble?

3. Have you ever made a fan character?

4. If so, what was it?

In other news, I have thought of a very painful way for ometon to be hugged. Chop his spikes off.

1) None of the above. Avalanche Kirby is too much of a snarky jerk, Anime Kirby can barely formulate a sentence and Manga Kirby is kind of creepy and weird. The speaking Kirby I like the most is the one from video game instruction manuals (like Kirby's Adventure).

2) When I was younger I had a lot of trouble with Kracko and Meta Knight. Nowadays the only one that I have particular difficulty with is Galacta Knight...

3) Yes. Several times.

4) Generic Kirby recolors were the first, of course. After that I branched out into helpers and obscure enemies, and then finally arrived at original Kirby-themed creations for IF Contests like Berroll and Polly.

1) I kindof like a little of each. Avalanche I prefer most because of Kirby's 'devil-may-care, don't-take-crap-from-no-one' attitude. This is probably what started the "American Kirby Is Hardcore" tradition. On the other hand, I respect what Sakurai tried to do with Kirby's voice in the anime, but believe the final execution was severely flawed.

2) Initially, it was hyper-possessed-Dedede from Dreamland 2. Being the first Kirby game I played, I was not used to the King's familiar attacks, and the Darkmatter within made him even harder. Especially frustrating was that Animal Friends and their combos were restricted from aiding in this battle.

3) Yes, of course; who hasn't? Though I do my best work when dealing with official characters. As you are aware, just about every site-goer has, with Gobbo's beloved IF Contests.

4) The latest preliminary-sketches: Knights

5) You know, The Ometon's spikes appear to only cover the top-half of his body. If someone wanted, they could just attempt to hug his bottom-half... That's just what he wants you to do~!

1) There's a lot of different personalities in the mangas; it's not just one. That's 'cuz there's a bunch of mangas. Still, I prefer the snark of Avalanche, mostly 'cuz it's what I was weened on.

2) Dark Matter (Knight and Real) probably gave me the most trouble all in all. You know, until I figured out you could hit the orbs back at him.

3) Well, there's this little thing ya might have heard of called "Squeaky Bogg"...

4) Just a samplin'.

1) You have to remember that, back in the day, we had none of this interwebs you youngin's are accustomed to. If a game had Kirby in it, that was by-gum Kirby! We had no reason to think it was a rebranded, haunted forest puzzle with a state-side scripted puffball inserted into it. Maybe I just like Avalanche 'cause that personality is opposite Kirby's cute appearance just enough and not too much like American Angry Eyebrows Kirby.

2) Kracko -- in Pinball. It sucks to see one of your flippers taken out, and there isn't a blutty thing you can do as you slowly roll to your doom.

3) Probably.

4) Not a recolor, that's for sure. You know what a differently-colored Kirby is called? Kirby!

Yellow Kirby

What ability would you want to use over the summer? (Example: I would use the fire ability to roast mrshmallows in a campfire.)

I think it's obvious that Freeze would be the top choice. Take that, electric bill for air conditioning!

You think it would be hot enough to forgo the Fire Ability, of all things! I would choose Parasol, to shield myself from the harmful and lately-intense UV solar-rays.

Sleep, so I can sleep in even later! I'm so lazy.

Crash. Take that, sun~!

And then we'd all want Fire to burn cadavers as the only source of warmth in the post-apocalyptic, arctic end I had just unleashed upon the forevermore cooled world...

Duth Olec

Duth Oleeeec! It's the name! The name that is new, It's heard loud and true!

And he's sending a letter here! When the name is heard, everyone gives a cheer!

He's Duuuuth Olec!

And also he's actually Topmonhit.

Yeah it's me. I have a new internet name, which is a new pen name. (I needed one that wasn't related to video games, you see.) If I give you a ham, can my passport name be changed to Duth Olec? (No, seriously, is it even possible for a site admin to change passport names?)

1. Theme. Summer... might be my least-favorite season. I have a lot of body heat, so I really don't like the heat. Go cold. I'm movin' to Northern Canada. I don't like the beach, and if I'm going to take a vacation I'm just going to stay right where I am and do what I always do. That's a vacation for me. Oh, but I do like ice cream. That wasn't even a question, was it? Okay, what's your favorite topping for ice cream?

2. So thinking about Phan Phan and Rolling Turtle, what is your opinion on them? I know there's not much of a reason for the replacement, but personally, I like Phan Phan. It's cute and wacky and nonsensical. Those are three of the best things, y'know. And it's a two-legged elephant I can't say much on Rolling Turtle other than it looks weird.

3. Speaking of two-legged elephants, if you know of/watch Homestar Runner, you should draw Phan-Sad. Yes, a mix of Phan Phan and Strong Sad. Go do it.

4. Duth Olec, The Cloud. Can I get your opinion on it?

0) I will never be able to process your name-change. You were a Mailbagger as Topmonhit, and also as Topmonhit with all other facets of the site. If you do this, consequences will never be the same! Dyslexics will get you confused with Lord Deguass, as well, I guess.

1) I enjoy late-summer-autumn best because, unlike yourself, I am cold-natured and am never bothered by the humidity. Tastiest topping is shaved coconut over soy, green tea ice cream.

2) I greatly dislike Phan Phan, both for replacing Rolli and for his horrendous design. This half-animal trend started with the newer generation of Kirby games/ the anime, and has just gotten worse. Rolling Turtle only looks weird in his early official artwork (the in-game sprite is cute, yea?), plus he's a lot tougher than the pathetic pachyderm.

3-4) Phan-Sad

1) Toppings are overrated. All the good stuff is in the ice cream.

2) You look weird. Yeah, burn.

3) No, you should draw that. Yeah, burn.

4) Repeat of previously established trend of answering.

I'm all for the name-changery. It has been done before 'round these parts. Kirbyzilla transmogrified (wait, that passed spellcheck? That's actually a real word?!) into Chaos Kiwi. Plus, having an anagram of The Cloud means you can have a non-Pokémon related appearance and easily fit into fantasy settings, too. Your previous avatar of an upside down version of an already upside down Pocket Monster was a li'l weak, too.


Hmmm... staying cool in the summer? Well, consitering I live in a area that doesn't get very hot, I don't have to worry much about that.

Anyway, Questions:

1. Your thoughts on final exams.

2. Do you think that someone who can't draw humans could learn how?

3. Your favorite fanticy creature? Mine are dragons, because they are fun to draw and because I like the game "Spyro the dragon".

4. Favorite book?

5. Least favorite singer?

So, I hope I didn't annoy you with any of my questions.

1) They're necessary, but that doesn't stop them from being torturous.

2) Certainly! Anyone can learn to draw anything, with proper guidance and lots of practice.

3) Hard to say. I kind of like unicorns and capricorns. Maybe I just like corn.

4) I've read so many great books that there's no way I could narrow it down to just one.

5) I've heard so many terrible singers that there's no way I could narrow it down to just one.

1) Done for years.

2) Technically, yes. Realistically, not necessarily.

3) There are so many to choose from. However, there's a little yellow bunny by the name of Al-Mi'raj that I think takes the cake.

4) There and Back Again.

5) Any from the last decade. And America. Talentless hacks...

1) Actually, Didge, I have found many classes will waive the final exam for students with the highest grades/ best attendance. So, not always necessary. Anyway, there are no final exams, or written tests, for that matter, in art-college~!

2) When just beginning, you should not look at what you intend to draw as a human, animal, or object, but as a series of shapes and lines that will ultimately aid in forming the figure. Once you learn to capture the correct shape of your desired subject, then you can consider its label and defining qualities. Yea, so, practice.

3) Oriental dragons are the best. I'm pretty sure Spyro features no such creature.

4) A Dictionary of Chinese Symbols.

5) Nearly every modern band/ singer. A.K.A: What Bimblesnaff said.

2) Everyone who can draw human figures had to learn how. Not like they were born with that ability or anything, so obviously, there is hope for anyone who is willing to put in the effort.

Ah, there's the rub.

3) Squonks aren't really fantasy -- more of folklore. Nidhogg is mythological and not really fantasy. That genre deals more with broad categories than obscure specifics the way I likes. Guess I've always liked cyclopes.

4) I prefer generic collections of folktales to specific titles. Slavic is by far the best region.

5) My least favorite would have to be the one with the most inversely related fame/talent ratio. That Adam Lambert guys sticks out in my mind a lot right now. Know why? When is the last time, heck, when is any time someone actually spoke about his music? No, he is a musical talent known only for not music. At least that abomination Lady Gaga gets play, even if her songs suck.

Steve Valor

Yes!!! Summer is here! My Freshman year is over! Only 3 more years of hell left! Now i can finally go to Puerto Rico again! 1. The reason why I like to use Japanese names is cause I like them. Come on, would you rather take Daimaou Piccolo over King Piccolo? 2. What's is that cyclone that is shrouded within the Nightmare? Is it like a whole bunch of bad dreams combined into 1? 3. If 0's eye came out of the front in KotS3, how come 02 has a bandage on her (Don't ask.) head? 4. To the winged, purple Kirby, no hate shall fall upon you. 5. Dragon Ball Kai sucks on Nicktoons. They cut so much crap out that would make even Kami-sama cry. Your thoughts on the show?

2) His non-corporal body. It's not really said (who could be surprised by that nugget?) what he's made out of, but in a non-sprite form, he's only shown with a very much still tornado.

Old timie nightmares were envisioned as being gaseous, seeping through cracks into a sleeper's room, so maybe presenting him as some sort of non-solid is a throwback to old folklore.

3) The bandage is from the ruptured eye. I mean, the eye is still plainly there in 02's head. That is probably more an indicator to Zero being defeated previously in general, not to any specific wound.

5) You were expecting a filled-with-cuttable anime on Nick to not be cut down slim? Who is the crap what makes cry in this scenario?

1) Yes, the Japanese name is much better. Daimyo Piccolo

2) That's his only weak-spot; stars bounce off all other areas of his body. The designers probably made it swirl and flash to make it a more obvious target.

3) That is his her main weak-spot; damage can be dealt to the wings and tail, but the eye and bandage are the killers. Not to mention the color-flashing halo-- it's like the designers took every opportunity to screw 02, to the point that it's insulting to the player's intelligence.

5) I watched it on the CW a couple of times, and I didn't mind it. All I'm glad for it that they decided to stay with the “Z” series, and not corrupt the original, funny, and beloved Dragon Ball. Kami-sama knows that after the disaster that was the live-action movie, that particular series must not be marred further.


Summer is awesome.

Now I`ll tell you all about it.

Topic questions:

1.What if everyone in the world got to any beach?

2.In the Japanese Kirby and the Amazing Mirror commercial did anyone see Red Kirby in the beach?

3.What do you think about summer?

4.What do you use to not get sunburned?

Off topic questions:

5.Will Burning Leo enjoy the weather?

6.Who loves winter?

7.Will there be any updates for Kirby Cosmic Chaos?

The last questions are Mario-related.

8.Do you think that Super Mario Galaxy is a must-buy?

9.What is your favorite map engine in the Mario games?(not including fan games)

See you next mailbag!

1) Everyone in the world got to... what? You're missing a verb there, buddy.

2) Pretty sure everyone who watched the commercial saw it.

3) I am not a huge fan of the heat. But my birthday's in summer, so that's nice.

4) Sunscreen. What a surprising answer!

6) I like snow, but I don't like how incredibly cold it gets. I guess it's so-so.

7) I notice that this question was before E3 and before KCCh put out a new trailer, so if you're looking for any big updates, that's it! If you aren't already, I recommend keeping an eye on the project's topic in the forums for any future updates.

8) If you own a Wii, yeah.

1) I believe most of the world's population lives along the coast, anyhow.

2) Why, that is the Screen Shot for the clip found on our commercials page!

3) The days may be longer, but it still flies-by way too quickly.

4) My Korean conical straw-hat, the Satgat.

6) Jack Frost.

7) That's what I want to know. Minon! Check the BBS!

8) The expanded-sequel is out now, so who cares about the first game anymore?

9) Super Mario World's map had a charming design and good amount of interaction. The 3D graphics just can't equate to the feel of those 2D sprites.

1) All at once? Or just at some point in their life? Insufficient input to compute. Error. Error.

2) This question is no different than asking, "Did you see that commercial?"

4) Avoiding going outside between the hours of seven and seven. No burn if no sun.

6) Snowmen. They adore the season.

5) Which weather is Leo supposed to enjoy? The weather on the beach he got to?

7) Yup, the Mailbag sure is crawlin' with folks from the Cosmic Chaos team. No, wait, that would be their aforementioned forum topic and YouTube channel. Why don't you ask there? Oh, right, because they berate anyone who pesters them about further updates, kinda like I do whenever anyone asks about that stuff here. Diff is that, over there, it is at least relevant. Why would we here know any more about that sorta stuff than anyone else?


Hello, you fluffliters. I have to tell you that I only remember Summer for

A: Summerslam

and B: sitting on a towel with my sister.

and there, I keep cool by becoming a desert inhabitant, complete with sight-imparing turban.


1. What do you think is the best way to use a mechanical good guy in either TV shows or games? Support team like in Starfox? Monotone turned main character like in Persona 3? Or just useless quest person?

2. If there was a world inside the TV, what would it look like?

3. Do you believe that billions of lightyears away, their just MIGHT be an alternate universe where all phenomena such as fortune telling could be true?

4. If Apes and Gorillas share some traits with humans, why is it that we don't teach them to be civilized?

5. Do you think there could be some sort of secret to life, matter, and reality?

1) Writers are allowed to use their robot characters however they want. There isn't a "best way" to use them, it's just personal preference.

2) A foggy abandoned studio with crime scene outlines on the floor. Is that the answer you were hoping for?

4) We already did.

1) How about the “bad-guy turned good, then reprogrammed to bad, then good-again” model? I favor the clockwork-ninja Sasuke from the Goemon series.

2) The Game World, a universe of tiny proportions, fashioned after the lost city of Edo! Also from Goemon.

3) Yes. It is also possible that such phenomena could be true in our own world, without the need to travel billions of light-years.

5) Yeeesss... You really should try asking more complex questions than ones with simple yes/no answers.

1) Robots are best used as support characters and not in the main spotlight. It's not interesting to put an emotionless automaton in the driver seat since their lack of emotions leads to an unappealing series of adventures. If you do, you just the boring, emo-like "I can't feel/What is love?" BS that has been done to death and wasn't even interesting when first pulled off.

2) It's very dark, cramped, and full of circuits. Also, it's hard to get in there and even more trouble to get out. And you get shocked a lot.

3) Alternate universe exist parallel in other dimensions. They are not separated by any degree of the distance in the x, y, or z planes. C'mon!

4) Haven't you ever seen a chimp in a business suit?

5) Scientists already cracked the ultimate formula for all existence -- the God equation, or somethin' like that.


HALLLOOOO MAILBAG PEOPLE!!! HAPPY SUMMER TO YA!!! ON TO QUESTIONS!!!! 1)ok,guys which breakfast meal in the summer would you like better an omelette complete with mushrooms,green onions,ham,and tomatoes with pork bacon on the side, or cinnamon strusel muffins with grits? 2)alright,have you guys ever heard of THIS: Plant Kirby, eh? What would he look like and what certain moves would he have in a game such as Kirby Super Star? 3)here's a way I'd might(scrach that:not so much of a fat chance doing it)stay cool during the summer in the kirby world,me:hey,Chilly! Chilly:well if it isn't my favorite waddledoo,what can I do for you? me:on second thought.....

1) I definitely would take the muffins and grits over the artery-clogging, animal-product-filled former food.

2) Plant Kirby in a game similar to Super Star? Look no further than KCCh's Wood Ability. Seriously, do not look at other renditions because all are pretty inferior.

3) I have no idea...?

2) A plant based ability is too vague to do anything of value. Like said, KCCh has "wood", which offers a more solid basis. Even "flower" would give something. What is "plant"? Throwing leaves? That's cutter! Whipping with vines? I'd rather have a dedicated Whip power.

3) That's what I was sezzing.

2) Plant ability would give Kirby Stunt Granny powers. You're welcome, pcfan~!

3) I'm sorry, but did our letter-writer just starting talking to him- or herself mid-question? And why are so people refusing to use the blutty Enter key this 'Bag? Newlines exist for a reason!


I stay cool by using my cool-o-matic. It's like a walk-in closet, except it's a refrigerator with pools of icecubes that you can lie in. Surrounding the pools of icecubes are rivers of cold soda and lemonade with ice cream chunks floating in them...I'm going to stop here. My mind is getting way to bizarre.

1. What would happen if Squeaky Bogg ate super spicey kurry? How about Ometon?

2. What is the best summer-themed baddy in the Kirby series? In any series?

3. So how are you mailbaggers liking summer? Do you spend it indoors or outdoors?

4. Why did Tookey cross the road?

5. Why is there a pink spraypaint can in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror when Kirby's already pink?

6. The statement below is false.

The statement above is true.

Granting you many wishes for an awesome summer!

-Forever CK

1) My guess is that, not only would Bogg's breath be toxic and super-hot, but he would also burn people at five-times the normal rate. 'Ton on the other hand would prolly melt or spontaneously-combust.

2) That depends on how you would define summer, as in, the sun and heat, foodstuffs, activities, or clothing styles, as no one character really encompasses all aspects of the season. Cool Spook is my cop-out answer.

3) I'm really liking the weather so far-- mostly sunny with some clouds and only a minor hurricane. I try to balance my time inside and out, so as not to waste the day, yet not exhaust myself, also.

4) To escape being gutted-alive by Colonel Flanders.

5) I suppose, just in case co-ops 2-4 would like to be pink Kirby in order to further confuse the main player. I've always found the spray paints to be utterly meaningless, however.

6) I see. So you don't actually grant us wishes for summer-awesomeness? What a jerk.

2) Waddle Dee in a little raft is pretty summer-y. Though the ultimate enemy that can be linked to summer is, undoubtedly, the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3.

3) Everything's starting to cool down, so I like that. The heat made staying outdoors for extended periods difficult.

5) Wouldn't it be so you can turn Kirby pink again after you spray him a different color? I forgot if there was an option that'd revert him to his original color.

1) Acrid Blazer

2) You can't spell summer with Mr. Bright. ... Oh wait, you can.

3) It's been summer? So that's why my turtlenecks and sweaters were making me sweat so much.

5) Like D3 said, it's to make the non-first players turn pink. They may want to original styles, ya know.

6) You're a statement.


How do I stay cool? Well, I swim, and wear shorts, and kidnap cricecorns, and eat ice cream, and sleep in.

1). What are you going to do most of the time?

2). Will any of you vaction in Ohio?

2b). Northeastern Ohio?

3). Will you eat a vast amount of frozen foodstuffs?

4). Will you throw wood with a groundhog due to temporary insanity caused by heat?

5). Anybody get a vacation/break during the summer?

0) WHOA, whoa whoa whoa hold on a second there! There is no way kidnapping cricecorns can help you keep cool. Seriously, stop doing that!!

1) For summer? Or to stay cool? This question could really use some specification.

2) Nope.

3) I do that anyways! It's a fact that ice cream sandwiches rank high in Diddgery's favorite foods (but not higher than bees).

4) um. no i would not

5) I didn't take summer classes so, yes!

0) Oh, stop getting so worked up, Didge. Everyone knows that you can crack open a cricecorn to extract the sweet, sweet coolant hidden within. Nothin' beats the heat like that.

1) Breathing. Having my heart pump blood. Like to keep those activities up fairly often. Sometimes I forget, and then I die.

2) I lived there. Going back isn't a "vacation".

3) I enjoy Mrs. Pell's Fish Sticks. Oh, yes! They're even better raw!

1) Working, I think. Thems scales o' time are tipping in an unfortunate direction for me right now.

2) Can going to Ohio ever really be considered a vacation?

I kid, of course. Born and raised there. And we have Cedar Point. Take that, everyplace else that pretends to have roller coasters! You're a freakin' merry-go-round compared to the best amusement park in the world!


Hmm, FLEA's first letter...

And you ask how I stay cool during the summer?? I live in Canada. Enough said.

Well, all jokes aside, (or are they?) I love sittin' with some friends at the park with some watermelon, popsicles, and most importantly...Iced Capps. The ultimate summer treat. (Even if I do eat them all year round...) If you've never had a Tim Horton's Iced Capp, then I LAUGH IN YOUR FA.....that is, I pity you.

The real question here, my dear Mailbaggers is: How do YOU stay cool?

Wait, that came out really lame....oh well, enjoy the warm weather that I'm not experiencing and make the best of your summer!!!


I have not had an Iced Capp, because there's no Tim Horton's around where I live. Oh well!

As for how I stay cool... air conditioning. Also ice cream.

I use fire. You get warm and toasty so that when you put it out you're comparatively cooler.

Wait, that's a horrible idea.

I'm pretty sure only Canucks and border-region Yanks have ever even heard of Tim Horton and his apostrophe-s. Quite frankly, you can keep them. Our coffee-famous establishments come with doughnuts. They're like bagels with a side of heart attack. And that is more, and coming with more is a better value.


hello im nate stockman i dont know how to post comments can you right back so i can know

Congratulations, Nate, you successfully posted a comment to the mailbag! Well done.

Hello, I'm Nate J. Stockman. The “J” stands for “Jay”. Doh!

How Many Gordos?

Hey who is smarter Kirby or Goowey?

Okay okay okay, not only did this questioner not understand the "How Many Gordos" guest-test (a Re-Captcha substitute on RR, for you long-time members) enough to list it as their name, but they also balanced out the lack of commas with the addition of a W to Gooey's name.

I guess we all know who isn't smarter.

Yeah. Kinda obvious, but Gooey really doesn't strike me as the brightest mind amongst the 'Matter. However, considering the anime, Kirby's not far behind.

Isn't Gooey googly-eyed, vapid, absent-minded, and regarded as less intelligent?

This is rhetorical.


First of all, to keep warm in the Summer, I jump in a convinently place pile of snow and ice. In my dreams, anyway. Next, the questions of (supposed) doom! *Insert dramatic music here*

1.) Should I eat?

2.) Is this a mailbag?

3.) Why am I asking stupid questions?

4.) Is this annoying?

5.) Am I done?

0) Supposed doom is overrated. I prefer supposed sundaes. Mmm...

2) If you didn't do #1, then you wouldn't be doing #3 to #4 us, and you'd be nice and #5.

Yep, this is Mailbag!


Summers good, but if you live in norther Puerto Rico, youre gonna hate it. 1. Which boss do u think needs an upgrade? 2. Should there b another final boss in space? 3. How come when the nightmare in kirbys adventure doesnt damage u when he swoops down? Is that some kind of glitch?

1) An upgrade implies the boss returning in another game-- after all, bosses like Whispy Woods and Kracko get new attacks added to their repertoire with each subsequent appearance. In that case, I'm gonna say Heavy Mole. He worked well as one of those running-away bosses, but it'd be neat to see him return and be on the offensive.

2) The only final bosses I can think of that aren't fought in space are instead fought in some sort of parallel evil dimension; the only exception to both of those is King Dedede in the very first game. It's just one of those recurring things about Kirby- just like how almost every final boss is some sort of horrible eyeball monster.

3) With that attack I think the intended goal was to trick the player into jumping up in an attempt to dodge, which would cause them to get hit by Nightmare.

I agree with Diddgery on all points. Thankfully, I need not write more than these two sentences.

1) Ice Dragon needs updated. He's all awesome and deserves another shot.

2) They all must be in space. It's the final frontier -- final for final bosses.

1) King Golem really needed something to make him stand apart from his counterpart through the looking glass... um, the other way through it. I mean, I think he was actually easier than Whispy ever was.

2) Cosmonaut King Dedede. Make it happen, Nintendo!


I've got a question for Ometon and one for Bimblesnaff.

Ometon:How much coffee do you drink? It seems like a lot.

Bimblesnaff:Why is your green character named SQUEAKY-bogg? Does he squeak? At all?

I always envisioned him as some sort of doggy squeaky toy. And, yes, originally Squeaky Gobbo just make squeaky noises. When squeezed.

And the Ometon cannot be squeezed. And they're identical twins. Don't ask how.

I drink a pot every day, two on weekends, usually. "Pot" is only four cups, tho', and not even real cups. Not even the traditional coffee "cup" size of six fluid ounces, but, for some reason, a cup of five fluid ounces -- nearly half what a cup is supposed to be! Why even include the word "cup" anywhere in that equation if you have to list the ounces right next to it? Just say the ounces and leave the cups out of it!

That's right, I'm so angry and agitated with caffeine that I'm ranting at coffee measurements.

Lost Hero

To keep cool, I'll probably just submerge myself in a pool of beer. Few problems can't be solved by doing so.


1. Ometon, why must you go all 1984 on me and delete my comments without warning and treat it like it never exisited? Can you at least put up some rules so I know what I can and can't do?

2. Is everyone holding a memorial service for (Untitled) or is it just me?

3. I'm trying to draw a comic to contribute to this lovely website, but due to my slacking habits I can not find the drive to continue. Any advice?

Thanks for your time, and have an awesome summer.

1) a) I have no idea what 1984 means. I was one then, and b) I'm not the only admin 'round here, y'know. And there are rules posted here: this ain't the forum, so don't treat it like one. Comments are meant to commentate. C'mon, if your stuff is getting deleted by a mod, you are being told this, no?

1) Redacted! You should have chosen a more comprehensive analogy, like the Nixon cover-ups from a decade earlier.

2) Everyone thinks that the 2.5D game has been permanently scrapped or altered to become KEY, but look at it this way: there will still be more games after Epic Yarn. I'm sure HAL will one day revive this promising title like they did with Kirby Air Ride in the past. They probably just postponed it because they wanted to release a different kind of Kirby game, as opposed to another Super Star clone, as we had just received the remake late in 2008. Patience~!

3) Well, if you are having trouble starting a comic, there is a huge chance you will falter after it's initial submission. You can't make something good if you don't have the drive to do so. You don't want to be like the scores of other slacking submitters, and their decaying remains of unfinished comics. 'Tis why I'll only submit complete works, to save face!

2) That's a bit much for a game we saw very little of. Sure, it was the most promising of all the canceled Kirby games, but it's not like it was your best friend who died suddenly or anything like that.

3) Draw the comic! That simple.

3) Get some matches and literally light a fire under your butt. Or someone else's butt. Tend to care more when it's someone else's well being at stake.


Hey gaiz.

I happen to live in Bimblesnaffn's refrigerator all summer long. 'Tis cozy.

1. What other vehicles do you think Kirby should be able to turn into in epic yarn?

2. Do you think Kirby's new look will stick?

And now on to the non-Kirby questions:

1. Now that the mailbag force has apparently been disbanded, what exactly will you all do for a living/in your free time?

2. And what will happen when some new force of evil/your evil counterparts/you all painted black and purple show up to destroy the Rainbow Resort?

1) I'm not a huge fan of the vehicle transformations. They're kind of cribbing on Yoshi's Island's style. I mean, car? Submarine? Come on.

The robot looks like fun, though. And I'm always glad to see UFO.

2) The yarn thing? Nah, it's just this game's gimmick. I'm not expecting another Epic Yarn, just like I'm not expecting another Canvas Curse.

3/1) I'm a professional cannonball. It's not easy work, but it's a living.

4/2) In that case, uh... I guess the Mailbag will be the Mailsack, featuring Bumblesniff, Needle Gooey, and all the rest. So it'll pretty much be the same as always.

1) Bring on the Heavy Mole-Tank~! ...wait, the game does actually have one of those? Shiesh~ Yoshi's gonna be pissed.

2) I'd like to see the return of Kirby's early look, with small features, cheek-whiskers, and fat body, but as has been said, “That's progress.” The yarn-stuff is just a gimmick, but Kirb's new look is here to stay...

3) Duh, making art, OMG.

Wait, who says we've disbanded?! Just because we have yet to unite for a complete comic or new mailbag session in countless months doesn't mean-- *deih! OK, I see what you mean...

4) I would draw a collabo-comic for this, but I've already overloaded myself with pictures this 'sack. (Bribe me.)

0) I thought I had severely less freezer space than in the spring. And less food...

1) A ... rocket. Yeah, that'd be cool.

1) ... Hey, wait, isn't there already one of those ones? Anyhoo, I've some means to fill out my time lately.

2) I tried to destroy the Rainbow Resort, remember? No one else gets that honor but me. I'd put a stop them. Then do what I prevented.

Two the First) The yarn definitely will not be permanent, but don't doubt a return. Kirby's gimmick games have had sequels before. Well, just Tilt 'n' Tumble, I guess, and even then, not really. Depends on sales, I guess. With the kid-targeting, fun-over-all market Nintendo is looking to capitalize on right now, I'd be surprised if they didn't put more of a focus on Kirby after KEY's impending success.

One the Second) Free time? Nope, just a living: Systems programming and low-level software development for Linux-based edge routers. Yeah, take that, Bumblesniff. My job description is now way more stupid than yours!

Steve Valor

This... Summer... Sucked. Im doing virtual school. Wah... Plus alot of stress. And i know im not the only one. On the bright side, i completed a mario screenplay. 1. Do you think that the Great King Dedede's castle roof is the best final boss enviornment fo the next Kirby game? 2. If Fumu would like 2 play the pocky (chocolate stick) game with you, would you do it? 3. If Shenlong were 2 appear, what would your 3 wishes be? 4. What is your biggest fear?! (Bwahahahaha- *cough cough* My bad.) 5. Should they make the Smurfs movie?

1) Totally. I would love to see the Great King Dedede as a game's final boss, again. But his castle would have to be one unlike its appearance in Super Star. The reason: the roof of that model is glass, apparently.

2) I would, but only if I were not required to consume any of those gross pseudo-snacks. I don't care if they are Japanese. That doesn't stop them from being bad for you.

3) But Shenlong only grants a single wish at a time. Oh, you mean by the DBZ rules. Either way, I believe I will go the Yamcha route.


1) The roof ain't for fighting. The king has his own roped off ring in one of those castle chambers.

2) I despise Fumu and Pocky, so unless I got to stab her with said confectionary sticks, then I'll pass. Until then, I'll play this game.

4) I fear having a fear.

5) They shouldn't, but they will. And are.

Lord Deguass

I think I sent a letter before the theme got switched.

I don't remember, oh well!

Question 1:

What is the greatest aspect of Beautiful Katamari? Apart from the excellent soundtrack it features.

Question 2:

Did you know one of these was asked in a French accent? Betcha can't guess!


What, prayetelle. Iz yor opneon, on Epeec Yar's Nuu Charictear, Senior Fluff?

(I think he's great.)


What is the greatest Summer you can recall?

Mine involves a cruise and a trip to Mexico!

1) I haven't played Beautiful Katamari so all I can say is that it has an excellent soundtrack.

2) That isn't a French accent. That's... I don't even know what that is.

3) He's all right.

4) Last summer was awesome for various reasons.

1) I love a Beautiful Katamari. There is beauty in the lumpy-mass.

3) He's a bit too similar to Kirby for my tastes. Gooey was at least of an entirely different class. But, yea, Fluff is better than the accursed Kirby-recolor-clones.

3) "Senior" is not French for "Prince". Sewiously.

4) The summer I graduated from high school. No school, no job, and no responsibilities. I got so much business done in that season.

Spud Alpha


I have a few questions:

1. what genre of music do you guys like?

2. what's your favorite sea animal? I personally think seagulls are adorable.

3. do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?

4. how come you guys don't answer every question people ask?(I bet someone's going to skip answering this one XD)

5. Isn't It Annoying When People Type Like This.(incorrect capitalization intended)

6. what do you think of the 3DS? At first I was skeptic, as I don't have much money to fork over for yet another console. In the end though I'm a sucker for Nintendo so I'll prolly end up getting it.

7. what do you think of what's been shown of the new 3DS Paper Mario game? Personally, I think it looks awesome. It really resembles the first Paper Mario game, which was my favorite.

8. I think from what I've seen Bimblesnaff and Ometon are Homestar Runner fans. I think the site's dead(?). I mean, they haven't had a video in like 4 months, and before that was a halloweeen one. Kinda sucks IMO.

9. where are you going if anywhere this summer? Me personally, I've no idea, prolly nowhere, but eh.

10. to top it off, do you have a summer job? I have to work with these snot-nosed children from 9 to 5. fml.

1) I like a lot of different types of music, so it's hard to say for certain. But I can tell you that I'm not particularly fond of country music, and I'm not a huge fan of metal or hip-hop.

2) Agh it's too hard to pick, I love marine animals. Seals and other pinnipeds are pretty high up there, though. I love mollusks (cuttlefish are adorable), and if you can find an animal that is more colorful than a nudibranch, you'll have to tell me. Seriously, do an image search on these little guys some time, you won't regret it.

3) Depends on my general mood.

4) There are several reasons as to why we pick-and-choose what questions to answer! A lot of times it's because someone else already answered the question accurately, and there wouldn't be much of a reason to give the exact same answer again. Other times, it's because the question is directed towards only one 'bagger. There's times where only one of us is actually knowledgeable about what's being asked. And then there's the questions that are silly, inane, or otherwise unanswerable. So if you ask a question and it gets skipped over by most of the crew, now you know why!

5) Here's a special tip for all you mail writers out there: Don't write these "is it annoying if I do this" questions. The answer will always be "Yes, it's annoying, stop doing it."

6) I'm very interested in the 3D technology, which is kind of bothersome because there's no way to actually experience it until I have a physical 3DS in front of me. The system itself looks great, though. I'm looking forward to it.

7) I'm excited to see Paper Mario returning to the turn-based RPG it started as, instead of continuing on as a platformer-RPG.

8) I find it hard to believe that Homestar Runner's biting the dust just because there hasn't been an update in a while. I'm willing to believe that The Brothers Chaps have been busy working on other projects (especially considering the recent announcement of Poker Night at the Inventory, which includes Strong Bad). That said, it is rather surprising to realize that the last real cartoon on the site was nearly a year ago. I'm expecting it will return someday.

9) I went to Albuquerque for a week! It was nice.

10) I did not have a summer job this summer.

1) All types of Japanese Minyo folk music. Ska is good, as far as western tunes go.

2) My top three are penguins, coelacanth, and ocean sunfish =D

3) I consider myself an optimist, yet perhaps others consider me a pessimist?

4) *See Diddgery's answer*

6) I haven't really looked into the system yet, but it already sounds like the next best logical step for Nintendo in the hand-held field. It puts the DS/i/XL to shame in yet another generation of obsolete hardware and glutenous consumer waste.

7) I also like the first Paper Mario the best for the timeless story, traditional characters, fun partners, and simple design. I do not care for the segmented look of newer PM games, because the characters loose their special 2D quality, in favor of an origami/pop-up-book feel. The upcoming game needs to return to the series' roots to win it for me.

8) I must acquaint myself with this series in order to draw a bashing-picture this session.

9-10) Going to: Work.

Details: Built a barn, painted a boat, laid sod, moved junk.

1) Isn't this asked about every other bag?

2) Nothing trumps the mighty cuttlefish. It's cuttle bone gives it its awesome.

3) Half empty, spoiled, and laced with deadly poison, my glass is.

4) skip

5) Uuuggghhh...

6) Well, I was smart enough never to buy even the original DS, so the latest-yet installment of the same system is just another eye-roller to me.

10) I have a job-job. Not just for the summer.

1) And I still say METAL about every other bag~!

2) Manatees are the best in so many ways. They're herbivores so fat that they'll eat tiny animals if they get in their way! Take that, taxonomy! Sea cows don't gotta follow your rules!

3) I don't look at things negatively; I just look at them realistically, and studies has proven that optimists look at things unrealistically. Guess I'm a pessimist then.

4) The sign of a good 'Bagger is knowing which questions to answer. If everyone answered every question, there'd be tons of repeats in an oversized and boring 'Bag. Nobody wants to read that. Every question gets answered by at least one 'Bagger, tho', and that is usually my duty before publishing a session.

6) I don't have use for any mobile devices. When I go places, I go there for the place; I don't need to bring anything to do there, and I don't take public transportation, so there's no need to stay busy on the trip.

8) The site is not dead. I've spoken at length about this with my other brother: they don't need to make more 'toons. The Brothers Chap live off of no advertisement revenue and entirely off of merchandise sales. They have other projects in the works, as Diddge said, and new cartoons seem to just earn them more ire than love. The internet has become content with meming the Hel outta Trogdor and Stinko-Man, and for everything they make one iota less popular than those things doesn't really help improve their overall stock. No ads, so they really don't care if they get more traffic. It prolly costs them more than anything else, actually!

They much less need to make new 'toons and can now focus on wanting to more than anything else. Nice to see that their are still hitting their calendar marks, tho'. April Fools was great, and I expect the Hallow/Decemberween marks to be hit as well -- hopefully without any sort of after-midnight delay this year!


Dear Mailbaggers. Previously I nearly completed a Kirby fan-game. I stopped for a while, but, as previously mentioned, it is nearly done. I would like your opinion as to whether it is worth finishing or not.

At first the game was supposed to be "Kirby DDR." It has strayed from its roots a bit, but still retains some of the original idea.

You play as Kirby. He stands at the center of the screen. Objects such as bombs, punches, yo-yos, Craker Launchers, and other such things fly at Kirby from top, bottom, left, and right. Upon pressing an arrow key Kirby will attack in the direction pressed. The idea is that Kirby must attack the things being launched at him before they hit him. Upon destroying enough objects Kirby will go to the next level. Each of the three worlds has three levels and a boss. The difference between each level is threefold: the things being tossed at Kirby, the speed and rate of the things being tossed at Kirby, and the color of the background. The boss battles are a bit different. The player will control four Kirbies, each will respond to one arrow key. The boss will attack and the player must hit the arrow key for the appropriate Kirby to counter the boss's attack. So, basically the same thing, but with a different layout. The bosses are Whispy, Kracko, and Dedede (though the Dedede battle has yet to be made). The only difference between the worlds that cannot be said about the difference in levels is that the sprites Kirby uses when attacking are different.

The game still lacks music, the final level, and I do plan on making the backgrounds more than a solid color (which they are at this time).

So, back to my question, do you think this game is worth finishing?

Only if you can somehow find a way to make Whispy and Kracko dance.

Seriously though, the game sounds alright, actually. I hope you are able to finish it. Far too often, dreams are left unfulfilled, but yours sounds like it's able to be realized soon enough.

It's hard to sell a game with a lengthy description. It's normally better just to supply some type of example.

When a Blank fan game is only Blank because of the Blank stock graphics used in it, is it really Blank? It could just as easily be X.

I likes my fan games to feature enough relation to their source to merit being called Blank.


1.Did you know that the Ultima spell's animation in Final Fantasy VI/III is identical to Kirby Super Star's Crash ability?

2.In Epic Yarn, do you think you will be able to summon Prince Fluff as a helper without two-player, akin to Gooey in Dreamland 3 and helpers in Super Star?

3.According to the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Kirby gets sucked into a magic sock for the duration of Epic Yarn.

4.Who do you think the final boss of Epic Yarn will be?

5.Have you reserved your copy yet?

6.How often would you say Kindar and Ivy come on KRR as of right now?

7.What's the worst fan theory you have ever heard of, naming one specifically?

8.Opinions on Pokemon Black and White?

Alright, done. I'm not used to writing these, and I'm still hyped up over Gamestop says the release date in North America is October 1st...

1) They're similar, I'll give you that. But they're not identical.

2) It's likely, though I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't.

3) And your question is...?

4) Pretty obvious that it's Yin-Yarn.

5) I don't usually reserve games unless there's a pre-order bonus, so, no.

6) Rarely, if at all.

7) Marx is not evil and Kirby's brother, because they're both pink, Marx helps you at the beginning of Milky Way Wishes, and he sits in the front row of the audience during the special 100% complete movie in Kirby Super Star Ultra. There was a hilarious debate about it in the chatroom the other day.

8) I've actually been avoiding information on Black and White, after seeing a video featuring triple battles; I kind of spoiled everything about Diamond and Pearl before they came out, and that lessened the experience for me, so now I'm trying to learn as little as possible about the new games so that there will still be a lot of surprises when I play them. Though now that it's been released, it's going to be much, much harder.

3) I kinda dislike it when the plot of a game takes place in a magical miniature world (within the already established world), like a story book or globe. It undermines the greatness that is the established world (Planet Popstar) and all of its unique, wondrous environments. That said, this must be one hellofa sock! Though I remain skeptical until I witness it first hand.

8) If the plot has anything to do with the balance of Yin and Yang, or any other related Chinese/Asian mythology, then I will totally consider getting back into the Pokemon craze. I want to spoil the game for myself, so I'll know if it's worth my money to buy it and worth my time to play it.

2) Undoubtedly so. Every Kirby game with multi-player action has both AI and 2nd player control. Cutting that trend now wouldn't make any sense.

3) According to Nintendo Power and the latest released video, yes. That's just so cheesy it's great.

4) Well, since there's some evil yarn wizard shown on the cover of Epic Yarn who sucks Kirby into said sock, ya think it could be him?!

6) I see your "rarely" and raise you a "never".

7) I don't want to relive what I've already covered in the past. Too many bad memories.

8) "The same Pokemon game with more variants of monsters you've already seen before now being sold to you again." That's pretty much my opinion on any game past the metallic generation.

8) Every new generation of Pokémon creates even higher and even more higher-tiered beasts for the competitive community to use solely. It was my opinion that it was too bad back in the day, but it is becoming beyond ridiculous now.

Pokémon is Magic: The Gathering. Big in the nineties. Too many overpowered modern expansions for this decade. I <3 :@, but I think it is time to hang it up. Oh, hey, look at that! In more ways than one~!

Closing Statments: Won't be so long till next time, but this session was long enough. Moving on.

Theme Alert! Obviously Epic Yarn will be the next point o' focus for our Mailbag. It will be a strange read, too, since we'll bring to you all of the anticipation the days before its release and the early reaction after it!

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