July 15th, 2010

One month ago, Epic Yarn was announced and shook the Kirby community to its core!... its Kirby core! I figured that once all of the hullabaloo died down, we could have a quaint retrospective of the E3 announcement now that the shock that yes, a new Kirby game is actually being released has worn off.

I also figured that news on Epic Yarn would be sparse by now, and this would be a good way to keep it in the headlines. I was right.

Kirazy was going to make a picture for his introduction, but he already met his quota for drawings this session. Tough break, blinky buddy.

Bimblesnaff is around. Yes, still. Why wouldn't he be? I don't enact my plan until next Thursda-- whoops, I just ruined my element of surprise.

This hamster-like critter has no attributes of which readily comical quips can be made, so I'll just move on.

There may be some other blokes in here, too. There weren't as many Yarn letters as I thought there would have been since it wasn't the official theme, so leftovers a-plenty.

- Ometon

King of Pie

Hey Bimblesnaff, what do think about th new Kirby game Epic Yarn? Anyway, to the questions:

1. Can I see your head go boom boom?

2. What's Ometon's favorite mythical creature?

3. Have you seen Alien?

4. Did you kill winnie-the-pooh?

0) I give everyone the right to answer this question. It is a much easier solution than giving everyone the name Bimblesnaff.

1) I also give everyone the right to boom their head.

2) Nidhogg, obviously.

3 & 4) I think the xenomorph did.

Well, Ometon, I'd personally, rather have the name Bimblesnaff, but fine, that's cool.

0. I'm hugely in favor of Epic Yarn. I think it's a wonderful step in the right direction for Kirby. It's returning back to Kirby's adorable roots, with plenty of puzzle solving, and interacting with the environment, unlike the newer Kirby games, which are more killing-centralized. I think that the game looks incredibly fun to play with my friends, and it introduced the awesomeness that is Prince Fluff, so I can't even imagine myself complaining about it. Plus the artwork is just sensational.

1. Aw man, this guy is just begging for a picture. But you know what? De-NIIIED!

2. Why Nymphs of course.

3. Roger

4. He was stealing mah honey.

0) Hey, youse guys-singular, didn't I write-up a huge mess on what my thoughts exactly were for Epic Yarn right-close to it being announced? And don't none of you give me that ol' spiel of "but he asked two days before you posted that statement, Mr. Bimblesnaff. I do believe you to be an incompetent fool," while sipping your scones and munching your tea.

Wait... wait... No, that's right.

1) My head go boom? My head to go boom?! That makes me mad, green mad! Mad enough to ... to ...
Body Boom

2) Why, Kirazy, you forgot the "o" in there, and thems not mythical at all. Well, to Ometon they are. He just can't luck into meeting a Nymophs. Anyone buy that poor misdirect? Thought not.

4) Er, yes... it was Pooh whom did that. Of course. Don't believe anything else heard on the matter or me seen on security cameras.


Sorry for sending in two letters in one session, but...

1. Do you think you'll like Kirby Wii?

2a. Kirby's stomach is a pocket dimension, right?

2b. Does that mean he's the gatekeeper? Because I'm the Keymaster...I'm sorry.

3. Do I have a dumb username? Those letters are my initials, not a string.

4(NQ). I am not a Raichu, I'm a blue thing that's a lopsided U-shape with a long tongue. Not sure why I said this...

5(NQ). On Ado/Adeleine, naming is the issue, right? By that logic, Mr. Flosty is a separate entity from Mr. Frosty.

I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes in either letter.


1. Yes.

3. My first ever username (which I'm not going to repeat here) was very similar to yours- I just took the name of a favorite video game character of mine and added my initials at the end. I wasn't very creative back then...

1) This question actually was asked weeks prior to Epic Yarn's announcement. While I've already stated immense interest in the new Kirby Wii, the old one still seemed righteous to me... I just wish they actually released it back on Game Cube.

2) (a) Yes. (b) What?

3) Regardless what they tail may be, your handle violates two of the poisons to usernamedom: a copy righted character and a jumble tail. The first one is just something that few people consider when picking but will come to haunt you in years to come. For example, interests change and that franchise may no longer fit your fancy. On the more rare case, if one ever were to hope to obtain internet superstardom, having a trademarked character name would prevent wide-spread use of said handle and severe and links to the past, and then Zelda is doomed to the Dark World with Gannon.

As for the end, whether it's strings or numbers, and character jumble after an identifiable word just looks like you're saying "The name I wanted was taken, so I slapped this on the end." Now, none of this makes your username "stupid", mind you. I'm just tossing in my two cents.

4) I'm reminded of a RR user who had "cheese" and "Kirby" in their name but was represented by some girl in Mario cosplay, and one "blue mario" who was a Mega Man sprite. The point is neither made any sense.

5) No, Ado/Adeleine are the same character. How could they not be? Two human painter girls with red berets? The whole Flosty thing is even less worth of separation as it's simply a translation preference. At least with the prior, the source name was changed. Frosty holds and always has held the same name in Japan.

6) Once again, why do the people who don't make grammar/spelling errors always apologize for it?

1. I will love Kirby's Epic Yarn. As for Kirby "Wii" I sure I would have licked it, but not nearly as much as I can tell I'm going to adore Epic Yarn.

2. a. Yes

b. no

3. As Bimblesnaff said, "having a trademarked character name would prevent wide-spread use of said handle".

Good thing I'm Kirazy, so I'll be fine.

4. Well o gee...

Wadd the Epic Dee

The Wadd just noticed something, Meta Knight's ship, the Halberd, is property of Hal, and it took me about 10 years to figure that out. am I slow or what?


I recently searched through the forums for the first time since registered here, there not bad, the Joe the Plumber thing is a little confusing though...

I also have a question, but really just for Bimblesnaff and Ometon: Since you guys are the only ones in every mailbag nowadays, who has been the most enjoyable guest bagger to bag with?

This is the Epic Dee, and he's singing out.

0. Woah. I actually never noticed that. Fantastic, then. But you can still be slow.

Oh, I guess I'm not wanted for answering this question.

...Should be Wadd the RUDE Dee.

2) Bim the Les Naff tires of getting asked this question about every 'bag. Kinda need to have people return at least one more time to get a feel for working with them an' all.

What Bimblesnaff is trying to say, is "Kirazy".

2) I think Kirazy answered this question for me in an upcoming image...

3) And where's his apology for singing out? And having "Epic" in his name. Also, Yarn, I am still waiting to hear back from you.


...How to stay cool? Don't go outside. After not going outside for awhile, the next time I do I'll be like "So hot and so bright!" and run back inside, which will feel a LOT colder. This plan is Epic Yarn. I mean, epic win. Nevermind, there's no difference.

1. I've heard GameStop said the release date for Epic Yarn was September second.

2.Do you have any games to recommend on VC/Wiiware that are preferably RPG's and have little/no fangirls?

3. Do you think classic villains like Dark Matter or Dedede will be in Epic Yarn? The game seems like Meta Knight wouldn't fit into that atmosphere. I'm glad.

4.How do YOU plan to keep cool?

5.When will Ometon get out of jail? What's he in jail for, anyway? If multiple reasons, list them all. If too many reasons, list five.

...How do you close these things?

1. I heard it was October 7th.

3. All I can say is that I dearly hope that Dark Matter returns. Also, I extremely, major league hope they don't create Yarn Meta Knight, as you said. I would literally play hacky sack with my face if he was put into the game.

4. Kirazy digs chillin' in the morgue. Creepy? Not at all!

5. The Seven Deadly Sins of Ometon.

And by the way, in the future, all letters should be closed like this:


I give Gued advice.

1) Awww, that woulda made my birthday.

3) Dedede, maybe. Dark Matter is highly doubted, as is Meta Knight. The latter for stylistic clashing, and the former for never-ending reasons of never returning.

4) I beat the heat with a floggin' stick. Take that, accelerated air molecules!

5) Ometon pretty much has a season pass to prison; it's not really sought after by most, or him. They just never bother releasing him from behind bars since they're certain that he's done something else to warrant going back in.

2) Well there's Super Mario RP-- wait, no fangirls? Nevermind, you're out of luck.

3) Considering both King Dedede and Meta Knight have been in nearly every new Kirby game of the past decade, it would be rather strange for neither of them to make an appearance. Dark Matter is likely to never return, though.

4) Ice pops and ice cream sandwiches. Who needs nutrition when you can have delicious frozen goodness every day?


Hi. This is my first time, so I'm not going to get into a long introdution that no one cares about.

Anyway, here are my questions:

1. Why did it take me so long to find the "Q" key?

2. Why can't I remember my questions? Wait! Remembered it.

2. (Again) Do you think the word "epic" is overused?

3. Is "overused" one word, or two?

4. Why are there so many Meta Knight fangirls?

5. Why are there people looking over my sholder as I wright this?

So, thanks for bothering to look at this, and see ya!

1) It's the first key of the QWERTY setup! How can you miss it?

2.2) "Epic" has become another generic modifier for anything vaguely interesting, like "awesome," or "cool," or "radical." It's a bit annoying to see it used in this way, but that's just how language evolves, I guess.

3) You have it right, it's one word. Though you could just check a dictionary instead of asking some people on a Kirby website.

4) Because he is a mysterious bad boy??? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

5) Hi, KnightGirl's parents!

1. I can never find that key either. Done answering that kwestion.

2. Epic Fail.

4. Because woman swoon over mystery.

That's why I never show up to my first dates. To add a sense of mysterious wonder to my relationships.

5. I see you there

1) Didge, you're assuming people know anything about keyboard arrangements. The plague of hunt-and-peck begs to differ. Which, I for one don't really get. I mean, if you spend so much time hacking away at a keyboard, even without proper home row training, wouldn't you just eventually remember, "Oh, yeah, 'A' is over here"?

2b) The overuse of epic is a sin, but that may be because I'm someone who actually knows and appreciates epics. It's like pop culture stole my nerd word!

3) It's just the word "used" modified with a prefix which makes neither separable or compound; just a word.

4) What Kirazy doesn't tell you is that he's never had a relationship. Which, I guess, doesn't disprove his statement. But, yeah, the horn-ned one has it spot one -- bad boy mystique.

5) Better Kirazy from behind your chair than Ometon from behind your hedges.

2a) I think you could have erased this line instead of just continuing to type after you remembered. Were you unable to find the delete key, too?

2b) Leirin expresses my sentiments on epics quite adequately. How did I ever dig up that picture so fast? It turns out that "Beowulf" isn't a big keyword in our gallery. Whodathunkit?

4) Says the one named "KnightGirl". Irony! It isn't just how iron tastes!

5) Hey, 'Snaff! That's only because I didn't have time to draw a picture of my own~!


1. Can someone explain how pictures get on the front page?

2.Which kirby enemy would you rather eat, Apollo or Mad apple?


4.What was the first word that came into your head on the last question?

1) The front front page? It is a monthly contest. The main page? Simply put effort into your art, and it usually works its way there eventually.

3) I thought it would be funny to include some pre-Yarn letters. I guess we here at KRR have some egg on our face for doubting a Wii Kirby game, eh?

2. Well, with the possibility Mad Apple would bite me back, I would have to go with Apollo, if he tastes as cool as he looks.

I don't particularly feel obligated to answer any of your other questions.

2) Apollo, but I would feel bad about it.


4) "Ahahahhahahahhah" isn't really a word, but considering the circumstances...

1) Give me money, an' I'll make anything happen.

2) One cannot be eaten (it's a Scarfy-mod, un-inhalable), and the other is Japanese candy. This is like asking if you'd rather get a punch in the face or deliver one to your greatest enemy. Something tells me I'd be getting a lot if that choice was passed around...

3) No one really doubted a Kirby Wii game. We all just weren't holding our breath for the Kirby Wii (ie: GCN), which was the only one even hinted at. So, yeah... We were still sittin' pretty. Really.

4) "Har". It was actually "har har", but you only asked for the first.


In response to a discussion in mailbag #76, I wholly agree, Twilight sucks.

What's this? Talk about coming out of the woodwork! The green tarantula with the love of bombs is back, and after a months-long binge on a series known as "Touhou Project", possesses more outside references than ever before!

So, I heard that this summer, there would be ridiculous pairings of fictional characters. I'm not much of a shipping fan myself, but I'll go ahead and toss in Kogasa Tatara + Jumper Shoot.

On second thought, not only are they both the same species (Karakasa), but the pairing is heterosexual, so it might not reach the proper "ridiculous" standards. Whatever. Jumper Shoot needs more love. Anyone wishing to see him in Epic Yarn?

As for how I stay cool, first I find a little ice fairy named Cirno. Then I RIP OUT HER ORGANS- wait, that's not right. Oh yeah, that's what I think Squeaky Bogg does to keep cool in the summer. If he knows what a "Cirno" is. Which he probably doesn't, until he reads this and Googles it. THEN comes the rending of bleeding hearts from helpless fairies. Or orphans. It's hard to tell with Gobbo.

As for me, I do nothing. I don't even have working air conditioning. I just put up with the heat.

Is there even a question in thi-- oh, there it is. Jumper Shoot would be cool in Epic Yarn I guess. Not expecting to see him there, though, since it looks like it's mostly going to be iconic, omnipresent enemies like Waddle Dee and Bronto Burt, plus some new guys.

Fairies and orphans.

While I don't know who the real Cirno is, yes, I do rip out her's organs and make myself a corpse bed to stay cool.

Dag, yo, I shoulda screened this letter better. I woulda loved to have Dr. NK sit in for this Cirno-bashing. Tears give me strength!

But back to your non-Kirazy craziness, species? Heterosexual? One is a freakin' umbrella! It doesn't quality as organic life, and it most certainly does not have a gender. For someone who is putting way too much thought into this, you sure ain't thinkin' a whole lot.


hey, is it just me or what? I noticed that kirby is now off on demand under 4kids and off the 4kids website. That makes me REALLY sad. :( sorry if this was random but now I can't watch the anime and actually understand the plot (somewhat, the dub wasn't the best).

In that case, I'll sum it up for ya:

"Hey, Kirby, do you want to be a marketing pawn in our completely unrelated setting and plot where you'll never do anything of real substance or related to the games that birthed you?"

"... No?"

"You don't get a choice!"

Raise the roof! High five anybody? Daimyo? 'Snaff? Bazzoka? Didgery? ...Ometon?

Looks like it is just you. Hai, so we're all in agreement? The Kirby anime was the worst thing that ever has/ is/ and will forever happen to the series, yes? Okay, then it's unanimous! High-fives all around~! Newbees need to know that HnK is in no way favored by the kings of KRR.

I would draw a picture for this momentous occasion, but I'm too tired |V

hey, I liked it... Also, what happened to 4kids? I thought they went down back in like, December of '08.

The Brawl Girl

Hey guys! This is my first time asking here, since Uncle Gobbo blocked the ask the gurus section.

1. Have you guys seen the bonus Kirby anime episode before? (and yes, it's official)

2. Sorry if this might break the mailbag rules, but can you guys fix the scanlations page in the kirby manga section? (i might help you translate some manga/comics)

(bonus comment)

On May 7th, Nintendo confirmed that Kirby Wii is still in the making. Some say it'lll be out by late summer this year. This is true since the game is set in the list of upcoming games of Nintendo, but as a TBA release.


2) Something is broken? What? There's a lot of content and more possibilities for what could be at fault. Just saying "something" really doesn't narrow down the infinity. And why would pointing out errors against the rules?

As for contributions, no offers of assistance are turned away, as has always been the case. Finding translators who are willing to pitch in are far and few between.

3) ... Does this need to be addressed anymore? Guess it's a good thing we didn't answer the question prior to June 14th.

3) Threw 'em in to show how far off the mark we were. And man, were we ever! Good thing I didn't start up another one of those Countdowns Until Kirby Wii Doesn't Come Out again. I think I woulda had to become some sorta hermit... um, more of some sorta hermit.


I can easily say i am happy that they finally gave us Kirby Wii( And it looks better than the old one to me.).

To celebrate this occasion, I shall ask questions about Kirby's Epic Yarn

1. How do you think the change in gameplay will work out?

2. How do you like the new style of graphics?

3. What are your current opinions on the new characters?

Now for a random one.

4. We all probably heard "poyo" in the trailer. Due to the majority of the mailbag's hate for the anime, does this irk you?

Thanks for answering.

1. I think it's not a major change at all. Pretty much, the only thing's getting changed are Kirby's ability to float, suck up, and gain powers from enemies. ...wait... Those are the staples of the series aren't they?

Never the less, I think it's for the better. Everything's better when it's changed up a bit. The same thing can get very derivative if the same basic gameplay never changes slightly. It's just little tweaks, anyways. Floating is replaced with drifting downwards. Sucking is replaced with whipping yarn. Copy Abilities are replaced with... something we don't have too much information on. I like the new changes personally. Looks like it's going to add so much more enriching gameplay.

2. No, no, no. I can't answer how I like the style of graphics. Because I don't. Now if you had asked maybe how I cherish, venerate, or revere the new style of graphics, I would be able to answer you're question.

3. Prince Fluff. Dayum. 'Nuff said.

4. Yeah, sort of ticks me off. Not nearly as much as seeing that stupid teleporter thing in the background of the King Dedede fight in Kirby Squeak Squad though.

1) I think the changes will be for the better. The basic underlying concept of Kirby is still there, which has always been using foes as fire. It's just the mechanism of obtaining and launching them that has been modified. It looks like a refreshing change of pace after X many games of the same execution. That's not to say that I wouldn't like a game of the same.

2) I'm with Kirazy and most other non-die hard gamers on the matter: Epic Yarn stole the expo for graphical superiority. The ground dips when he stands on it. That's just beautiful.

3) I still think that Prince Fluff (really the only one we actually know of) looks like a mixture of Kirby, Bronto Burt, and blue moon ice cream.

4) It's a sound. That bothers me none. You know why? Because Kirby is still the star, and by action, not just sayin' he is.

1) My personal aversion to major change in established franchises aside, I have no doubt that the gameplay in Epic Yarn will be fresh and cool. I'm really looking forward to playing it.

2) This is going to be one of those games that I wouldn't mind just watching someone play. It's gorgeous, plain and simple.

3) Prince Fluff has already been accepted with open arms, so there's no need for me to comment on him. The dragon and phoenix bosses, however... I'm sure they'll be fun to fight, but at the moment I'm not exactly fond of them. They're just too "generic video game boss," you know?

4) I've gotten used to "poyo," so I've no problem with the noise making its video game debut.

1) The changes in the game's play will not change the game's spirit. Bimblesnaff didn't already say this, did he? * checks * Good.

Taking out flight -- undoubtedly the one affecting overall gameplay the most -- puts a lot more focus on the intricate scenery modification functions to get where you need to be going, one could assume. It'll put a lot more emphasis on the puzzlin', which is a good standby in the series.

Whip-wrapping instead of inhaling is only a cosmetic change, and Copy Abilities are not even a foundation, so no tears for them. In fact, Copy Abilities often subtracted from the enjoyability of the game. Can't inhale an enemy? Who cares! You always have a power, anyway~! In Yarn, they've found a way to combine the primary gimmick (enemy ammunition) and combined it with the a secondary gimmick (enemy abilities), sorta like if Kirby's star bullets gained differing effects depending on what he inhaled. Happy all around!

4) So long as Kirby isn't portrayed as possessing an infantile intelligence such that he requires constant babysitting by a should-be-evil Knight and two whatzits, having a cute li'l chicken sound is fine by me.

3) Speaking of the two animé whatzits: Prince Fluff -- was it really that hard? No one is saying he doesn't look like he fits in the series.

And I'll prolly have to get used to liking Fluffers, whether I want to or not. Consummate second banana position, here I come! (Except I was always Mario and never Luigi. Strange how that worked out.)


if Kirby fought an atomic hamster who would win?

Did somebody say Mailbag Force Comic Blitz? ... Oh, I didn't? Okay then.

... Let's do one anyways.

Oh, wait, it was supposed to be Kirby vs. the Hamster? Well, too late for me to pay any amount of attention now.

Keep in mind, this was made waaay back in December, far before the Mailbag Manga and Kirazy halted his pursuit of making a not Kirby representation.

Yep, Bimblesnaff. I took the cop-out route.

That, and, well, Dedede Daimyo sort of created the image for me, and I just decided to go with it.

Here, let me break down Blink Batamon for yah.

I kid of course, Daimyo. I love My Blink Bat Hat.

Neither. I would jump down and slay the hamster with my sword and shoot it with my bazooka a couple of times. You know, just in case. There, dilemma solved.

I remember this from before, when I was selfishly previewing the MB with no intention of contributing. That is why I included the Were-Didge fight in my Manga. I may rocket-hammer in at the very end with some artwork that will tie everyone's pics together, just so no one has to follow me up~!

Follow Up: He didn't draw anything.


Hey! Can anybody ask Bimblesnaff if he's psychic? 'Cause he made a correct prediction for once. Kindar Spirit showed her face when some news on Kirby Wii came up. (I know the name is Kirby's Epic Yarn, but I like the old name better.) All right, he said when Kirby Wii was released, but still.

Nice joke, Ometon. "'Mound' is not the right body type to be wearing pants that tight!" Heh.

That's just a "no duh" more than a premonition. Plus, "Kirby Wii" was never the name of the game in any respect. It was simply untitled or "Hoshii no Kaabii". Putting the system name in a game is about the laziest thing one can do.

Somehow, out of any sort of context, that joke still works.

Although in Dream Land, how many things even have leg enough to merit wearing pants? Just look at Kirby: he's nekkid 'cept for shoes, and some (sickos) even debate that fact!

The point I'm trying to make is: It is late, and I am tired. © Gary Larson


Isn't this supposed to be an all age site? Then why is there bad language?

Good question.


I keep it PG (nineties' PG!). Apparently, tho', there were some fan comics from before my appointment that had a sailor's mouth.

Samurai Penguin

If the makers of Kirby suddenly made one last game and then said "That was the end of the series" what would happen to the Resort?

What if everybody in the Mailbag unexplainably died right after finishing this issue except for Bimblesnaff?

KRR would still be around even if the Kirby series ended. It's not like we'd see that the last game ever came out and decide, "oh no more new Kirby games? Time to close down the website!"

1) Quite right, Didgo. The Resort is more of an archival museum than a hoppin', "current" joint. I've been a puffhead since the early '90s; I'm not here since Kirby is "hip". Has he ever been?

2) Hey, Kirazy, I told you not to use that window into my mind! Guess we know who's gonna be knife-duller #1, don't we?


Since “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” was announced, it has obviously been the topic on the tip of every Kirby fan’s tongue. And since I have a hobby of creating gigantic walls of text (now sprinkled with obligatory Touhou references), a spiel from me was inevitable, and with nowhere else to put it (I thought there was a “fan thoughts” section of the site, where did it go?), looks like I’m sending it to Mailbag. Kirby’s Epic Yarn (E3 video link for those who, for some bizarre reason, are not in the know) looks to be a charming game that not only is a Kirby game for Wii, but looks like just the thing to get the series out of a very deep rut.

GAMEPLAY: I don’t know about you, but I often find merely plowing through a Kirby stage with some random power to be rather dull & boring (unless it’s Cutter, and I’m playing NES Kirby’s Adventure, I find that insanely fun for some reason). So I, for one, was overjoyed to see the more strategic “enemies as ammunition” system be put back in the spotlight, where it hasn’t been since the original Kirby’s Dreamland. In addition, all those quirky vehicle transformations that were shown (and probably several that weren’t) should definitely satisfy fans of quirky abilities, so the game provides something for everyone.

GRAPHICS: I personally am very irritated at all the people who automatically associate “Good Graphics” with “Photorealistic 3D Models”, and salute this game for sticking with good old two-dimensional visuals. The fun, creative art style is icing on the cake, and is very visually pleasing.

SOUND: The music presented in the video was great, and if the rest of the soundtrack is that good, I will be very pleased. However, I do have one issue, and that’s the sounds Kirby makes. I just don’t think voice acting works with Kirby. To compare, I wish to present this gameplay video of Touhou Hisoutensoku. Yes, that’s my “obligatory Touhou reference” for this nurikabe of text, but more importantly, listen to the sound effects. Dozens of colorful sounds decorate the battle, from zooming “dash” noises, to fireballs being thrown, to even klaxons sounding at one point. But not a single voice can be heard. I think “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” should learn from this example. When Kirby throws his string to grab an enemy, the sound of a whipping yarn should be played, without the “Hah”, “Ey”, or other sound effect recycled from Smash Bros. But that’s just my opinion, and in the end, it’s a really minor thing that doesn’t actually detract from the game at all.

In the end, what I love most about this game is what it means for the future of Kirby. The Kirby series withered when Sakurai left. This is natural. Kirby was Sakurai’s baby, and with him gone, nobody cared about Kirby anymore (on the developer’s side, at least), they just kept him around as a cash cow. Now, what I see is another developer coming in and reinventing the Kirby series. Now, “Yarn Kirby” is this new developer’s baby. While this means we may be seeing the end of “Copy Kirby”, it also means that someone on the developer’s side cares about Kirby again. And in the end, this can only mean good things for Kirby, and by extension us, the fans, in the future.

Xion is back, so of course he is submitting multiple letters for one go! And yes, his two submissions in this session were on the same day -- back to back, at that. We sure did miss ya, buddy...

You... You succinctly, and elegantly said what I've tried to say about this game being a step in the right direction! You deserve a picture.

I don't know exactly what you are supposed to be, so I drew you as a corn on the cob with eyes.



I... I don't know much about you.

Why address anything in text-block-tron when there's that corn cob?

Cob for World President!

Closing Statments: What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig? Well, that there ain't no following up giant corn. Oh, and maybe something about Epic Yarn, but seriously, did you see Candidate Cob? Dude has gotta have a match with P0tad0x and the Weredidge.

Theme Alert! Summer is here, and has been for a while. Shall we re-use the un-used theme of staying cool? Maybe! I mean, we were supposed to use it this time, and still didn't, right?

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can!

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