October 24th, 2009

So what exactly has been going on here? What's the deal with the Mailbag, and under which rock has it been hiding? Short answer: that one. Over there. Just turn around and look. It is there.

If you're too lazy to turn around, there is this simple answer you might have missed, too:


Of course, the truth -- the real truth, unlike that pesky fake truth most of you are used to -- is far more sinister. You see, and promised last bag oh so many months ago, I programmed a robit! Yes, I took many a painstaking hour to carefully craft an artificial intelligence so lifelike, so impeccible and flawless in response that it eliminated the gimmick of being an artificial intelligence at all. I mean, no one would believe it! It acted just like the ol' Mailsack crew! Don't believe me? Wellsir, read for yourself and be agasp at your stupidity for denying its complete and utter perfection!

So instead, um, old stuff. Yeah, we found these letters in the back of the fridge. We really need to clean that thing out more often. Not only are some of these from last bag's theme, but bags before that, too! It seemed a shame just to delete them, and we only have so much room to make it to the grand stage.

We have decimals now, tho'. Nobody cares about these sessions.

Bimblesnaff runs Gurus, too. He does pretty much what he does there here, but without the fun icons. So... he should stick to being over there.

Dedede-Daimyo is a gallery favorite. He draws and scuplts awesome Kirby art with large amounts of description over there. In the bag, he just draws whatever nonsensical requests people want. So, um, he is better over there than he is here.

Leirin isn't all that active as a site staffer. What she does here is pretty much the highlights.

Diddgery is vary popular for being shot out of a cannon. For some reason, this ticket to fame only works when you aren't a cannonball. Those guys can just never catch a break. Or do much of anything since they are lifeless lumps of metal.

- Ometon


after totally forgetting/putting it off for the last couple mailbags I decided to show my face on KRR again! So anyway I like Sunkist. With my second favorite drink being sprite.

Now I think I'll just ask some questions

1: who is the most awesome?

2: who is the least awesome?

3: how did "I have fury become" a meme?

4: is it true that 4chan is the center of evil on the internet?

5: how will the world end?

0: Cut back on the sugary Sunkist and Sprite, and maybe you will be able to muster-up a better letter... BTW, since I missed the grand, spill-your-guts-favorite-drink-'apoluza, Mine is hot tea. Even on a sweltering summer day, you can't go wrong with a cup of hot-cha! A heat-stroke of relaxation.

1) Awesome McAwesome Pants, the king of awesome dancing and shiny slacks.

2) Me, for typing the previous statement. Sorry, folks.

3) Hey, I'd rather have "I have fury" than "I have furry". Nobodies likes dem guys!

4) The internet is already a center of evil. A center doesn't have a center; it's as inset as vague localizations get.

5) Hopefully with flashy, noisy explosions. It better not cop out on us and go a slow, lackluster route. That would be totally weak.

1) Um...

2) Is it me? I hope it's me.

3) Fawful

5) Regardless of anything humans may do, it's almost certainly going to be eaten by an expanding sun a couple billion years from now.

...Is it just me, or does the mailbag always have at least one of these morbid sorts of questions about the future? We need to lighten up.

1) Dededoo is the most awesome.

2) Me. IT'S ME! (anyone but Daimyo, anyway)

3) And this battle shall be the delicious mustard on that bread! The mustard of your doom! I've always liked that one better, why isn't that a meme?



Er, maybe I shouldn't say the first thing that comes to mind.

Favorite beverage? Sulfuric acid. A bit unsettling, but... that's all I got.

Seriously, I can't think of anything to say. What a waste of a letter.

Up the concentration in that acid then. Do the world a favor.

Hyper Gumba

Am I allowed to host my Flash series DeDeDe´s Minions here ? Yesterday I released episode two and I guess it might be ok for KRR. Here the link for the first (which is kinda crappy): (Linked removed)

And here is the second one(my best work so far):

(Link removed -- find it at NewGrounds at your own risk, if you want!)

The site is the by far best Kirby related website on the internetz,props to you :3

I watched it and, I must say, it certain is better than a lot of things I've seen there. I'm not sure if we can link to it from this site, tho', unless we wanted to shimmy up from a cool PG to, yeesh, R rating?

One of your downfalls is pacing. There seems to be a lot of pause, wait, and dead air when not used to add comical elements. I'll agree that the second floored the first one, mostly due to microphone skill (a lot of blowing in the first).

I'll admit, when I was watching the first, I kept thinking how great the German accents were and how much flavor it added to the characters. After learning you were German, the compliment shifted to your English, better than most people the natural speakers I know. Go, failing American education system!


Hey i have some q's and here they are............ 1)If all of you guys were in a deserted iland,what will u guys do? 2)what kind of pie you guy like and hate? 3)wat is the most disgusting thing/food/(person) you ate/eated? 4) And last do you guys have a virturl sheader or insnatrator for unused mail? Ps,GIRRRRR

1) Probably eat whoever looks the most delicious.

3) What? Diddgery. When? After we get deserted on an island.

4) Unused mail gets flagged as garbagé which future baggers can look through and pull some sort of use outta.

The pie made from the unused mails when stuck on the desert island was the worst thing I ever ate. Thank goodness we had those with us otherwise we would have all starved- ... Where'd Diddgery go? Ometon! That was a fictitious scenario!

1) First I would draw something spectacular in the sand for all my mailbag friends! Then they would see it and cheer-up, forgetting all about being on the deserted island. Then, while their backs are turned, I'd carve the only palm tree into a canoe and (jabu jabu jabu) paddle away as fast as I could! I would desert the deserted island.

2) I used to be quite fond of lemon-meringue pie, but now I detest all pie and desserts because I know better. I have soured toward sweets.

3) “(Person)”???Not all of us are cannibals; though most are. I, however,... nevermind; you've seen Dedede inhale any-and-everything for edibles, so I guess I'm not too far off...

4) No. But I volunteer my services on occasion~!.

1) It doesn't matter, since really I already live on the Nowhere Islands.

2) Goodness people, another pie question? Sigh. I don't actually hate any kind of pie. Though maybe if I actually ATE IT, I could choose...

3) I'm in ur fridge, stealin all ur foods.

4) Shh! That's top-secret information! Have you been stealing info from the mailbag headquarters?


Yes, bimblesnaff. I'm back. Since i've already asked you enough, i'm telling you right now you dont have to answer these. Kay-o, onto the questions.

1. Why is ometons..body, look so wierd? If you take the blue eye, and the sad face, and the tear,it looks like he's smiling! Let me tell you, took a long time to figure out the real face

2.In contests, does everyone hope to get in second because they know daimyo will demolish their puny submissions?

3. Why does everyone ask about project R.A.I.N.B.O.W?

Well, thats all i've got to ask. See you next time I feel like getting off youtube, KRR!

1) You wanna talk about weird bodies (slanted for stress and not mockery of your use of common, modern day misspelling of such an easy to spell word), you gotta talk about Benny first. Then we'll discuss why a ball is considered unusual.

2) I wouldn't think so. Despite his lethally awesome art (five people have died to date), he only ever claimed top prize in the first ever Interactive Fandom contest due to normally going overboard with complications. Still, he tends to be the fan favorite.

1) Take the sad face, and it looks like he's smiling? You lost me, there, and there ain't even that many steps!

2) It isn't an art contest. If it were, he'd surely win everytime. Instead, people just forget what it is supposed to be and vote as tho' it is an art contest, even if Bimblesniffer himself does the drawing for the lot of them. Pictures pretty -- words hard, boo.

3) By asking about Project RAINBOW, you are one of those people, y'know.

Besides, nobody cares about that dinosaur anymore... er, finally. The new thing to do is get on my case about Avatars... jerks.


HIYA!!!! Questions:

1. Whats your favorite holiday?

2. What kind of music do you guys like?

3. Do you believe in aliens?

4. Kirby is awesome!!! What is your favorite part about kirby?

See ya peace out bye and rock on

Rainbow Resortoes, rock-rock on!

1) You have to love 'Ween above all other holidays. It has candy, costumes, candy, gourd carving, candy, aaand candy.

3) I do not. Frankly, I refuse to believe that someone would go to another country that they weren't born in. Ludicrous!

4) I prefer his left flipper. That's where all his charm is.

1. This 'Ween will be a grand one, indeed. I plan a big picture, in hopes the 'Resort will lovingly embrace it. Its obscure references will sadly-but-surly be lost among even the most Japanese of viewers, though.

2. I love all old Asian music, but have lately been draw towards traditional Japanese Minyo folk music. Fushi/Bushi, Chindonya, Bon Uta, some Enka, and especially Ondo. More on this later...

3. Sure. One can believe in just about anything, but without solid proof, it is all just speculation.

4. I think his eyes are pretty interesting. They always have a white shine in them, regardless of whether he is in the light or dark, or if his eyes are closed. And who doesn't love that subtly-smooth blue hue? It's a diamond in the black-rough, if you ask me!


Good news, Dayimo! Eulb isn't me! Rather, one of my minions. Oh, yeah, and your silver sword hit CuboneQUEEN, not me. Oh, well. I was gonna kill her for dinner tonight anyway. So YOU DID ME A FAVOR! Muhahahahahahahah! Anyway, why do you all hate me? Also, good by, GameSpy! Woo-hoo! No more ads blocking you up EVERY 5 MINUTES.

Dayimo is a woman beater, spread the word. Now, if only we would find out who this Dayimo is, as it obviously isn't Daimyo since no non-moron could make a typo that poorly, and what they are doing with Bazzoka's Silver Sword.


Hi! Hi! Hi! so i am questioning to you guys about STUFF!

1. I like you guys! You make me lol! Do you think your funny? LOL!

2. Birds are pretty! I like birds! Do you guys like birds? LOL!

3. The dark scares me! Do you guys think its scary? LOL!

4. I describe myself as a sweet and smart girl. What describes you! LOL

HOPE YOU LIKE MY QUESTIONS!!! or i will get upset:( Have fun lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol I like this website it makes me lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol!!!!!!

1. Hi-Whaha! I may think I'm funny, but you all know I fail pretty hard at actually being it. ^_^!

2. They aren't so pretty, but I like my cousins a lot. (Inside joke!)

3. The Dark Matter used to scare me and the other bigwigs/ citizens of Popstar, from fear of becoming possessed; but that is in the past. My guess is that you would not like Alaska in winter...

4. Ometon's going to tear into this one

I'ma disliker of LOL. NEXT~!

Agreed, there are too many mentions of that most dreaded net banter for me to even want to bother. Of course, it's not like there was much to work off of anyways. I mean, what? Yes, no, no, and yes!

I would, Daimyo, but how can we be certain that this individual is, in fact, a girl at all? 'Tis the internet, after all.

If so, tho', yes... to what Daimyo said.


what would happen if Kirby copied Chuck Norris

If a cat always land on its feet and buttered toast always lands butter side down what would happen if you tied a piece of buttered toast buttered side up to the back of a cat then dropped it

1) Nothing. He would fail!

2) Wow, did you spend the whole of 0 seconds to regurgitate that tired old double phrasing?

Yeah, c'mon, Zlf. Cat? Buttered toast? Everyone knows what would happen: it would be delicious~!

Lurker Without Posts

What is your favorite type of pastry? I prefer croissants and turnovers, myself.

Gisu-gisu~ I would not normally eat such filth. However~! Once when I was working to help perform maintenance on an Asian bakery, the hot waitress gave me a bag of lemon tarts as a parting gift. Nothing had ever tasted so good again.

Oh, don't I know it. Sounds just like the time I- oh, you meant Asian pastry tarts tasted sweet. You were talking about the... So I thought you meant... Tasted sweet...

Boy, is my face red!



Someone, apparently, likes downtime, slow loading, and unending and unnerving ads.

Frankly, I think this is a planted Game Spy employee.

I love lamp.

... Huh? What movie?

Eulb, the guy whos obviously not Cubone king!

no. not even close. like i said who i used to be is unimportant!

the fact is i came to complete several cases of "unfinished" business.

I'm looking at you, Sqeuky Bogg!or however you spell your name...

i bet you think you know who i am now don't you?

well i garuntee thats not me.

As for my real question:

Why do the skies of KRR darken? (other then the hosting disappearing)

Kan-kan!! Guess what? Who cares who you are?! In essence, all of you naysayers are exactly the same. You come up in here, or Gurus, or wherever else smoothness flows, and you prick, annoy, and ripple-away at the hard-working staff, all for your own amusement. I guess bashing the bad-apples is our only option for relief! Not that I want to invoke a wrath, but it seems that your type is all talk and no action. Welcome to the world of unfinished business!

Furthermore, how ungrateful you are, CuboneKing/ Bogg's Nemisis/ Ohshii, whoever you are, for not busting your kneecaps to thank me for the bashing-picture. To the copper-mines, with ya!

Squeaky. I spell it "squeaky". Squeaky is a word, and not that complicated of one. Why do people spell it with two E's or not-a-U following the Q? It's a basic, fundamental, and in no way exotic word or spelling. Not that hard, folks. Not that hard at all.

And... there's not even a real question in here.


doth thou liekth moddkerpz!

...well, you SAID letters that are so old and unfunny you've never been able to make use out of them.

Can't tell if the theme is saying "HEY LETTERS WON'T WORK SINCE WE'RE MOVING AND THEY'LL BE EATEN BY A GARBAGE DISKIRBAL" or not. Either way, here's some question for thought:

What is your favorite question that has been asked in a letter 5 or more times that you have already answered at least once?

What is your least favorite question ditto mark ditto mark ditto mark.

...I can't tell. Did I spell question wrong? It looks really weird to me. Maybe because I put "quesetion" first, thought it looked like it could be a spanish word, now my brain hurts. Stupid... waking up... midnight... 2:30 AM...


1) I don't like any question that is asked more than once, especially considering that this hasn't been going long enough (with this crew) to warrant readers missing that something has already been asked every other round.

2) "Favorite Kirby game". I swear, it seems to come up every time.

Love Parallelogram

Hey guys.

1) This is a horrifically unoriginal question, but...what's your favourite Kirby game and why?

I'm seriously curious.

2) Manga and anime are one thing, but do any of you watch Japanese live-action ドラマ? I'm in the middle of Love Generation right now.

In response to the theme, I actually will miss one thing about GameSpy's hosting: Having the likes of KRR, the MDb, Castlevania Dungeon, and even Hardcore Gaming et al under one roof. There was a sense of one-step-disconnected community in that they were all labours of love for their fans, oftentimes largely the work of one tireless person or a small and dedicated team.

Of course, none of that has to change, but it was still cool.

Plus, I'd probably never have found KRR if not for the GameSpy Network, so there you have it.

1) This question is asked so many times, I think I can just randomly point to any session ever for the answer. Or this one!

2) "Love Generation"? That sounds like the kinda thing Ometon would be into. With, of course, the "generation" being the latest.

3) While having a super-connectivity of sites was pretty plus-side, that was the days before people treated Google like a URL bar. For swear, man, even I get lazy and Goog' something rather than bothering.

So, sure, you may not have found it when you did, but your first venture to try and find an American Kirby fan site would have lead ya right here, as all roads do.

2) Dude, are you even going to give me a chance? You don't know for certain that's what I would have said... I may have said the next~!

Ghost of Starman


I was wondering who owns the plush pictured here?

I've been looking for this one forever, and I'd be willing to pay alot for it! please let me know, my email addy is duckhand@hotmail.com

1) That's a picture snagged off from on-line randomly. There's no record of who owned it or where it even came from. The site it was taken from is equally likely to have gotten the image from another site. No one here has it; no one here knows were you could buy it.

2) I miss the original Starman, too. How dare he get gunned down like a common trapping clay to make way for a tired anti-superhero '90s cliché.

Seriously, you want that ugly, sorry excuse for a plushy? It's so bad-- basically just a frail pink throw-pillow, rounded, with the corners cut-off used to make the flappers and feet-- I'd bet money that “Official Seal” of Nintendo is fake. You'd be better off making one yourself.


Within all the kirby games and only with a few power ups on some, do you think the next,new wii/ds game that will have every ability including being able to use meta knight again?Will we again be able to use the freinds from kirby`s dream land 2/3.Will there still be a helper system, that`s atleast what I want in a new kirby game. I wish that could happen.

All the wishin' in the world doesn't make stuff happen.

There never will be a Kirby game to have every power in it since some of them overlap. On top of that, they won't be having Animal Friends plus a dump of abilities just leads to a multiplication explosion of way too many possibilities. Really, a lot of the Dream Land 3 power combos were kinda lame, and they only had forty-eight. With the standard twenty-some, you'd be looking at 100+ possibilities. That's what we need -- twice the number when they already ran out of ideas.

Anyhoo, we know that the next tentative Wii title has a Super Star-esque helper system where abilities are sacrificed to make up to three assistants for the cream puff that can be stacked up and ride one another. How much like the pet system this will be cannot be told right now. Or four years ago. When footage for this game first game out. And the game itself still hasn't come out. Anyone's guess until then -- being never.


how come someone evented kirby canvus curse,squeaky squad(sorry!),and mouse attack.

Head Asplode


1) Whats your favorite kirby game?

2) whats your favorite kind of cheese?

3) whats better waffels or pancakes?

4) I LIKE PIE!!!!!

5) whats your favorite kirby ability?

6) have you ever been to Hawaii?

7) How old are you?

8) Whats the best kind of chcolate? vannilla,milk or dark

9) whats your favorite pizza topping?

10) am I evil?

11) Can I haz cheezburgerz?

12) what color is your car?

13) Do we have to write in english 私たちは日本語で書くことができますか?<--- it says cant we write in japanese or something (hopfully)

14) do you like sprite comics?

15) Is 15 questions to much for 1 day?

16) Why you eated #9

17) Whats better any kind of skittles or any kind of Hershey bar

18) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19) Whats your favorite key on the keyboard~ mines the squiggly~~~~~~~~~~~~~

20) Whats better some thing squishy and cute or something soft and cute or something like Kirby?

21) do you have an account on youtube? If you do whats your username?

22) Why isnt the e-mailer working?

23) Can you find the word here? (it has 3 letters) gfduygtfusdguwgsuyfuyegrfpieuhyywgruwgeiuyfioaghiugrf

24) whats your favorite Kirby character other than kirby?

This wantwit actually submitted twenty-five different letters instead of just grouping them all together, with the names kirbyfan 1-24. Being an idiot and all, dude used 24 for the last two questions -- the latter of which was removed due to gross incompetence.

Yeah, it actually got worse...

@_@ muka-muka?! OK, I'll play your game. But only because I pity you!

1) KSSU.

2) Do not want.

3) Whichever can be made vegan.

4) It's gotta be good pie...

5) It varies.

6) In my dreams~

7) According to last 'sack, I'm supposedly from the 50's, so you do the math...

8) Whichever can be made vegan. Dark

9) Pineapple, Mushroom, Pepper, Onion, Tomato, Tofu, mo' veggies.

10) Domo~!

11) Baka?! What's up with all these food questions?! Haven't I established my preferences yet?!

12) Invisable/ clear/ nonexistent.

13) You're supposed to leave it up to the reader to translate the message! It adds to my appeal.

14) Some are A-oh-kay. Most are-not.

15) DOMO~!~!

16) Because I employ 'simple eating', a Taoist practice. Basically pescetarianism, veganism with the exception of seafood.

17) Decreasing your intake of such foods will make you less of a jackass, hopefully...

18) Don't you mean, "???...", ya' git.

19) Mo' Tilde-bang~~~~~! "Like a breath of fresh air to the new KRR~!"

20) How about Kirby in a fur-coat and squid-hat? <=Three-fold happiness

21) I don't think I want you to know.

22) You friggin' broke it with your non-stop annoyance!

23) GTFO. If it's not in there, it totally should be.

24) Asking someone that, whose name is taken from said character, is as pointless a question as any you've asked.

Ja-tame!, now I'm going to have stalkers >_<*

Because there's so many questions, I'm only going to answer the ones that are prime numbers! Ready, go!!

1) Kirby's Dream Land 3! I am pretty sure I have said this before several times.


3) Crepes.

5) My tastes are always changing. Right now I'm rediscovering an affiliation towards the classic Beam. Wing, Yo-Yo, Jet, and Ball are constant mainstays in my favorites, though.

7) At the time of writing this, my age will be 168 multiplied by 3 divided by 8 minus 45 in a matter of days. This answer is mathematical!!

11) No?

13) YES you must write in English.

17) Just thinking about Skittles makes my teeth hurt.

19) The humble ampersand.


Well, that settles that.

You play his game 'cuz you pity him. I refuse to humor this sap 'cuz I pity our loyal readers. Instead, I'll say a few things I bought from the store:

- powdered milk

- oatmeal

- bread loaf

And it was more intertaining than answering that dump, possibly even more entertaining!


I do not want KRR to end!

No please!

What should I do with myself if that happens?

Maybe it did end and I didnt notice.

...And no, I dont have any memories... oh wait... oh no thats another one...


see ya in another life, brother!

I'm not your brother! I thought it was that guy with a weight problem.

... Too subtle?

poppy bro fan

has kirby ever had a poppy bro as a friend? because I'm not really sure the only thing I see is kirby being attacked by a poppy bro. well that's all I want to know. I_I

Unless there was too much "poppy" in your seed roll, I don't know where you'd even get the hint to such. Kirby's friends are strictly limited to the animal variety, Gooey, and the 64 crew. There's never been anything close to a Poppy doing anything other than bombing him like mad.

And Super Star. And Ultra. Poppy was a helper in both of those. Helpers are like friends. Except you can't ride them. That only works with really good friends.

* beings whistling inconspicuously *



Your name stands for 'rolling on the floor'; possibly from having fallen, yourself.


*You cannot un-see it*

I'm pretty sure he meant the acronym to be "Riding On Tuna Fish". And, if he didn't, he does now!

No. I hardly go to see movies in the theatre anymore because A) they're overpriced and 2) movies are ridiculously long nowadays. Mind-numbing action flicks don't need to be over two hours long!!



Does it?

Thats THE otemon TO RAN RAN RUU!



caps is scary.

How many?


Which one?

Knightly ni or impaly ni?

RAN RAN RUU citrus?

Head Asplode


this question prolly has been asked before...but wondering in this is member site? and if so how do i join?

how do I join like a password or somthing?.....



If it was a member site, then you'd be greeted with pages reading "You must sign in to do such and such" or see links to sign-up or log-in on every page. There aren't those. This is an information site. There is no need or purpose for someone to sign up if it wouldn't make a difference to if they did or not. There's a message board and fan art gallery that use member accounts, but that's really it.

Nothing says you need to sign up. Nothing implies you need to sign up. There aren't any means to sign up. So, why is it that so many people assume there is some type of membership to the site? It was bad enough getting this non-stop in Gurus, but now it's spilling on over here?

You just sent in a question to the Mailbag, Aiden. Did you need to sign up to do that? No? Then, guess what -- you don't need to sign-up to use this website!

And now, of course, you can sign up. And there is a link on every page telling you to either do so or log-in. Hooray for ancient letters~!


According to this site, Super Star Ultra is an April Fools Joke.

What is this about? A Joke?

C'mon people you have to do your best now that we dont know about KRR's future!

Just thinking...

Wow... wow.... just wow.

Okay, you are clearly ignoring the top of the page which states "You do not have permission..." That is the joke, not KSSU.

And here I thought I did KRR a service by letting all these visiting halfwits realize that the update made on freakin' April First was a -- gasp, shock, lo, and behold! -- joke. Every other day, there would be a legit comment about how they could not access the page. Thus, I put up the little message, clarifying for those slow among the internet, and now, we get stuff like this.

Of course, mail like this comes in much smaller volume, so it shan't concern me as much.

Well, in Mya's defense, I think that happening was a lot more expected in, ya knows, April. The entire page should have been wholly returned to its non-April Fools' Day status back in May. What? Putting things back as they were? Madness!

Hey, look, I found a treasure chest! Still.


This fellow "XionGaTaosenai" got like 87 mailletters last time.

By that logic, I should be able to get two.

Or zero.

Wait, I didn't say that!

I just wants to let you know that if you had some sort of fancy New Mailbagger Tournament Jousty thing, you should and make people who want to go for it have to answer random letters that occur in past issues. (I do that in my head sometimes...)

I'm not eligible. I don't want you thinking I'm trying to get in. (Even if I think being on a mailbag stuff would be great...)

I'm pretty sure Xion is banned from sending in so much mail, henceforth. Others have sent in two letters a bag, without penalty. In the end, though, it's up to the Mailbag Master to determine which letters get included in a session. The reason why some may be surprised to see their mail sent in a month ago show up in a recent session.

Good idea for the tournament, but I fear it won't go over well with 'management.

Why would anyone want to relive the past when our loyal readers send in the same question time after time already?

That's right, I'm now blanket labeling and insulting our fan base. 'Cuz I can. Ha-hah!


I wonder what happened to XionGaTaosenai? For how much he put into maibag #68, his abscence in #69 was kind of quaint, to say the least.

If by "quaint" you mean "enjoyable", then yes.

Oh yeah? Revenge sequence, activate~!


Just how long has Daimio's Art been on the entry page? He may be the most awsome person on the entire site, but other people need a turn too.

Secondly, MB69 taught me that senders who go off on tangents get ridiculed. A lot. But, going off on tangents is a big part of what make you guys on the recieving end so funny! So, how can I prove that I am qualified to be in that coveted position without going off on tangents?

Maybe I'll just ask. Can I guest #70? Or do I still have more hoops to jump to prove myself worthy?

1) No, they don't. Other people suck. I'm not saying their art is bad, but they, the artists, suck. The entire point of the year of the year long Daimyo reign was to tell real artists, "Hey, people, care." I would only get rushed and effortless MS Paint drawings submitted to me for the front page, so I wanted there to be some time off. It'll come back re-branded as an actual artistic endeavor, something that people will want to strive for and not just blow off every month.

2) If you have to ask, you obviously don't have it.


KRR certainly was certainly better when this WASN'T the only thing being updated.

Seriously, fellow fans, if you miss the old KRR so much, how 'bout you actually participate in making this site fun again? You can't be constantly b****ing and pushing the current staff to do something cool, after all.

Apparently, they can be constantly b****ing. 'Cause the lot of 'em are.

Of course, as with most things in this world, the vocal ones tends to be the stupid and annoying ones. There are heaps of registered members and far more simple visitors who go by unheard, and since their numbers outweigh registered members -- loud annoyances or otherwise -- 'tis they the site is made for.


Urm...what's this mailbag's theme? My favorite drink? Unsweetened iced tea, followed by Glacier Freeze Gatorade and Mr. Pibb. Dr. Pepper has hardly any flavor and goes flat too quickly.

Anywho, onto the questions:

1) Universal accounts? So, when we do move, universal accounts will be implemented. Okay. What happens to the stuff in the Fan art gallery...will it survive the move?

2) Favorite Crystal Shard combo(es)? Mine are the Drill, the Missiles, and the Fireworks.

3) How come everything got bigger in the advanced Kirby games? I do remember being quite puzzled seeing a massive King Dedede when I got NiD, which was my first Kirby game I had after I sold my K64.

4) Do you think the DSi have a VC? I hope so, cause I want to play a Kirby's Dreamland 2 game that can actually save.

5) Uhh....What is my fifth question?

6) Has the Daimyo returned for this mailsack?

And I guess that's it. Wait...one more thing:

7) Among the fan remixes that are good, which are your favorites?

There. Now we are done. Time for me to jump back down the warp pipe and head to bed...Which is completely irrelevent to this mailbag. Whatever.

0) Whoa whoa whoa, hold up there. Dr. Pepper clearly states on the can that it is a blend of 23 unique flavors. That is certainly more than "hardly any." Wouldn't you agree, superyoshi888?

2) Fire+Cutter and Spark+Cutter. I like the swords.

3) Sprite evolution? I dunno. Maybe they just wanted to make the bosses more imposing. I think this was a bit of a bad move, considering that larger bosses = larger targets = easier boss fights. At least Meta Knight wasn't turned into a giant freak.

4) Probably not. Why do that when they can make even more money off of remakes? Same reason why Super Mario All-Stars will never be on the Virtual Console.

7) I like most of Dynablade's stuff, but really they're the only ones I've listened to, so... yeah.

0) Mr. and Dr. got nothing on ol' Mountain Thunder! Go, generic brands!

4) Think? Nah, we pretty much know that, and have for some time. Isn't it a suggested search term in Google? Yep, there it is. Six characters gets ya there. Now, if said VC will have Dream Land 2 is yet to be determined.

5) "Why do people love wasting time?" would be a good one.

6) This question is kinda silly 'cuz, when reading this, you'd either see him here or not and know the answer regardless of what we say. So, I'll say it: moko-jebada!

1) The Fan Art Gallery better survive; I am putting quite a bit of effort into drawing/ sculpting/ writing stuff for it. Universal accounts? Definitely not my domain...

2) Favorite Crystal Shards combos: Cutter+Stone: Animal Friends, Spark+Stone: Shock Rock, and Bomb+Needle: Gordo.

3) Compared to 'Adventure, the larger sprites may exacerbate the games' playability, but from an artist's standpoint, they sure do look sexy.

4) Oh yeah, I forgot about that feature! Looks like I'll be trading in my DS for the New model, if KDL2 actually comes out for it, that is.

5) Sans-Cinq.

6) Like the Cheshire Cat, I could be here without very well being here, altogether. --And the mome raths outgrabe~~

1) I sure do hope so. Better go save all your drawings just in case, everyone!!

2) I like the animal friends combo, the explosive shuriken, and of course, the dynamite!

3) New bits of memory means larger graphics are possible. Plus, I think this makes it more accessible for little kids who want to play the games.

4) I really, really hope it will. I always wanted to play Link's Awakening. (Besides, it's my only motivation to even buy a DSi... hohoho)

5) Your fifth question is the one where you offer all the mailbaggers foot massages. :)

7) Despite being such a huge music fanatic, I actually haven't heard many fan remixes for Kirby. I ought to, though! Adventure has always had some good ones...

1) The Gallery will be eaten by the Passport (formerly known as the Universal account system) at a date to be determined in the future. Everything will stay in place; if I can't keep everything, I won't do the switch. It is gonna be a pain trying to get all of the links to keep working with the underlying mechanics entirely changed...

Closing Statments: And so ends the biggest mail-thing ever. (That name is so not ever gonna be repeated.) Our reserves are at a respectible low now, and with the rest of the site trending a little closer to stable, it seems these things can go back to being regular releases now.

Theme Alert! We've missed you! Where have you been? No, not the bag! You! The reader! Don't you ever visit? It was cold, and we were scared. And "scared" goes right in line with our theme: Halloween! Yessirree, I recoded this hunk o' junk just to give a one week's notice for the best day of the year, for some reason!

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