May 16th, 2009

Hey there, every-every! Everybody's least favorite, least seen, yet most active staffer here to do the jobless hobo duty of prepping the Mailbag! Aren't you lucky people? Maybe that should be barely people. Don't think I can't see you through the monitor, Resorters! You disgust me -- and this is freakin' me we're talkin' 'bout! Just think about how bad that is for a moment?

Save your sanity, tho', and don't make it any more than that.

Bogg spends most his time working on KRR when he's supposed to be working on work! What a stand-up guy! He'd have to be -- I don't think his lack of legs would allow anything else.

Diddgery Doo found the mystical Mjolnir and travels space as the Viking deity Thor. No, wait, that's Beta-Ray, not Alpha-Ray. Nevermind.

Leirin is a person we bagged for the 'Bag in a pinch. Then, Daimyo went completely AWOL, and we had to pinch her again. She is now very sore, but that's the price for bein' on board.

- Ometon


Hi! I'm kirbymaniac

Despite my name,I'm intrested in other stuff like Marvel and Digimon. Are you interested in those stuff?

Do you think that the digimon universe will appear in a future Super Smash Bros. game? They've been in video games,too.

Now a Kirby-related question.Do you think Marx will appear in a future Smash Bros. game,too?

Well it's time go. Bye!

1. So? Just because I'm most well-versed in the Kirby series and hang around this site the most, doesn't mean Kirby is the only thing I love... though it is the one I like best. I have plenty of other interests! All of which seem to be Nintendo-oriented in one was or another...

2. The only time I saw Digimon tied with Nintendo was a few DS games, that doesn't seem like enough of a history with the company to appear in a future Smash Brothers, of all things.

3. Well, he probably has a better chance than Geno does. ._.

1) I have many interests. What? Do you think I only give two hoots about Kirby since I work at this site? I fancy many things. I'm not some two-dimensional card to be read just because it seems like all of my time is devoted to ... actually, scratch that, it may be all I have going for me.

2) It won't. Being a game isn't the only requirement to be in Smash Bros., a history with Nintendo is. Sonic had a rivalry for years with the big M. Digimon was more just a competitor with Pokémon, and really only for the animated series. The games never butted heads as they were entirely different.

3) As a trophy, possibly, but he'll have to rack up more appearances than his one to merit being playable. Yeah, one. Remakes don't count folks.

1) I did follow the first season of Digimon when it was new. After that it dropped off my radar. As for Marvel... well, let's just say that when it comes to comics, I prefer to read not superhero stories. Unless it's Watchmen.

2) I remember reading people who were saying that since Brawl was going to have third-party characters, they wanted to see Sora from Kingdom Hearts or even Naruto make an appearance. Completely missed the point of Smash Bros.

3) If the next Smash Bros. (wow, we're already speculating about that? It's only been a year) happens to have a mode similar to the Subspace Emissary, I could see Marx as one of the higher candidates for a boss. We'd probably wind up with Whispy Woods or something, though. Someone recognizable. Besides that, Marx would totally be a trophy and/or sticker.

Funny you should mention Digimon in this bag... or at least funny to me since these letters get rearranged and answered in a non-sequential fashion.

Togemon is my way-fave. I have an old-school Digivice, but have never been able to procure a Japanese Pendulum of the Wind Guardians. Don't care if it is decimal or not -- I wants me a cactus~! Sure, I wouldn't be able to Jogress into it without another Pendulum, but still.

Comics are cool, too. I've lived far away from a (good) comic shop for a long while, tho', so I mostly get my stuff from Comic Book Club now.

Blobby Robby

Hey there. I'm kinda new to this thing... So, uh, please try not to beat me up if I say something wrong! So... without further ado...

1) Who is your favorite boss from KSSU?

2) If you could meet and spend time with any Kirby character you would like, who would it be and what would you do together?

3) Earth Day was just a few days ago. Don't you feel like hugging a Whispy Woods right now?

4) Not a Kirby question, but what is your favorite Mario game?

5) What is up with Dedede's voice in Brawl? I'd rather hear "get that there Kirby, zoi!" instead of some... distorted penguin-like voices.

6) Speaking of Dedede's speech, why does Dedede say "zoi" at the end of most of his sentences in the anime?

7) Which is better: the Big Mac or the Whopper?

8) If HAL decides to bring out a brand-new Kirby game, what do you want to see in it?

Further Ado
Oh yeah, we're not missin' Daimyo at all.

1) My favorite boss from KSS, prolly.

2) a)deleine and b) Date Sim

3) Such action could assuredly cause further deforestation, although it would be the first recorded instance of suicide in trees...

4) SMB3, most def. Can't top Tanooki.

5) I still imagine every Kirby character sounding as the announcers' voices from Avalanche; all the newer blokes are mutes.

6) Never noticed, and "zoi" makes no sense. Country-frying fat southern lawyers never say such things.

7) Big Mac all the way. The Whopper is just, like, a burger, but it's big. Pfft, you can get that anywhere! Special sauce and that wacky middle bun? I know not where else dems can be founds~!

8) I would rather not see animé influence/ruination in it.

1) Kaboola. Oh, wait, that's right. There is no Kaboola in KSSU 'cuz everyone got shot with a re-re ray when translating the game.

2) a) Blooper. b) Short and tasty.

3) Hey, Earth Day isn't for trees. They have Arbor Day for huggin'. Show some love Rocky's way.

4) SMB3, fo' sho'. Frog pwns that fat raccoon dog!

5) Well, he is some sort of distorted penguin and not a Southern sheriff. So... you're complaining about it being more fit?

6) "Zoi", far as I can tell, means "along". Best I can figure it's just his way of speaking improperly... which he does in a concise and formulaic fashion. Interesting!

7) The Mac is the only sammich worthy enough to be served in a special carton. Do they still do that? I haven't had Mickie D's in, like, years.

8) I'd like to see Meta Knight get run through by his own blade. Nice.

1) I've always had a soft spot for the bosses from the Great Cave Offensive.You know, Fatty Whale, Computer Virus, Chameleo Arm, and Wham Bam Rock. With the exception of Computer Virus, they're not really all that popular. Though I guess I also like the Halberd Reactor, in that it's not really a boss as much as it is a (very easy) puzzle. And, of course, Waddle Dee. Because everyone knows Waddle Dee is the hardest boss in existence.

2) Sailor Waddle Dee from Revenge of Meta Knight. I love that little guy. He's such a trooper!

3) Oh, yeah, because we all know what would happen if Whispy didn't get the love he deserved. Remember Kirby's Dream Land 3? Yeah.

4) I want to continue the theme of Super Mario Bros. 3, but since Yoshi's Island is technically Super Mario World 2, I'm going to have to go with that.

5) While we're on the subject, what's up with Bowser? He can talk, but all he does is roar in the SSB series. And don't get me started on DK and Diddy..

6) There's a popular trope in anime and manga where a character is given a little catchphrase of some sort that they say repeatedly at the end of a sentence, almost to the point where it seems like they are unable to speak without saying it. I think it's supposed to enhance a character's cuteness, but when it comes to Dedede... I'm not really sure.

7) I have never eaten either. Forgive me!

8) The animal helpers.

1. Computer Virus from Great Cave Offensive is really quite a humorous battle for its parody on the RPG-style of turn-based battles (especially because of the ridiculous stats that go up at the end of the fight), but other than that, I'd have to say Marx Soul for that wicked scream at the end of the battle.

2. The Waddle Dee with a blue bandana whom you fight (very quickly) in Revenge of the King was always so insecure about himself. I think I'll go with him.

4. Uh... I'm gonna have to go against the flow and say Super Mario RPG.

5. Well, it's Masahiro Sakurai, whom I was already used to hearing from Kirby 64, so his voice in Brawl wasn't really anything to get excited about. I was more afraid he'd get stuck with the "Dee-dee-dee" voice from Kirby's dub, actually.

6. The zoi/zoy matter is really just a character trait. I'm pretty sure his Japanese voice actor, Kenichi Ogata, has played several other characters who say "zoi" often, but not to the point of how much Dedede does.

7. The Whopper, because I've never eaten a Big Mac... although all burgers taste the same to me...

8. Kirby Super Star helpers and animal friends in the same game?! That would be awesome.


I think KRR will be fine...fer now. The world ain't ending until the sun implodes or whatever it'll do. That won't be until, what? Billions of years?

And a question: do you think a full 3D platformer could work for Kirby or would it be better to have Kirby remain where he is now?

And Diddgery:


1) The world may kick the bucket when the sun goes super nova, but all live will end long before that. Rainbow Resort: optimism!

2) I think my opinion of that has already been aired within Gurus. Jeez, it's like taking a test with half the answers filled in.

1) Life is but a moment, a single grain of sand...

2) It's kind of hard to say how it'd turn out. I mean, on the one hand, there's Super Mario 64, which did great in full 3D. And on the other hand, there's Sonic-- and before people start sending in mail I have to say I really like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, okay!

3) Oh, nice! Thank you very much, Zero-Slash. Now I have two theme songs! (You can download the other one here)

1. KRR will probably last for quite some time, the way I see it. As long as members are still active and there are people keeping the fandom up and alive, it could very well be around forever. Who knows!

2. I think the idea would need some working a lot of testing, but Kirby would probably do fine! I'm actually more confused about the controls than anything else...


Hi! It's me again!

Reading mailbags is fun! I'm reading a bit more right now.

Just about my name (Qtie4U), my brother and my cousin made that up for me a few years ago (for internet games like Gunbound). It's supposed to mean cute like bunnie cute. A lot of friends, family and (even teachers!) say that I'm cute (or have a cute voice). My friends call me Miffy, the white bunny. They're always trying to hug me or squeezing my cheeks till they come off. It's pretty ignoring, but they're still my friends.

Just one thing, I just wondered what do you think of Almelo if you went. Because it's my hometown! (^0^)

Well, here are my questions:

1. Do you like animals and why?

2. Do you like children and why?

3. Do you like baking cookies? What kind of cookies?

4. Do you have bad luck every day? I wondered if there's someone else who has a lot of bad luck like me.

5. I was just thinking that Ometon and Gobbo are best friends for life. Is that true or is it my imagination? (Or did I say something really stupid...?)

6. Have you ever been called nerd?

7. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

8. Do you think you're old? I'm thinking I'm old too, but I'm 14 years old.

These were my questions. Thank you for answering my previous questions! And you too Dedede-Daimyo! (For drawing)

0. ...Immature as it is, I pondered if you meant face-cheeks or the other kind...

1. I like animals, because they keep me in good spirits. My cat often comes close to me when I'm sad, like they understand how I feel.

2. Children, like, 12 and under, or toddlers? I gotta say that varies. I sorta fall into that category, anyway... *hugs self*

3. The last time I recall baking cookies was around Christmastime, and I gotta say, making them is actually a pain; that probably comes in part from me just wanting to get things over with, but I suppose the taste is worth it.

4. I have bad luck often in life, and I always have bad luck with virtual slot machines. *shakes fist at Grate Guy's Casino*

5. They are separate entities, yet they share the same DNA.

6. I am the only one who calls myself that. I'm a nerd, and I'm PROUD~!

7. Virtually everything I do classifies as "stupid", but the worst of them all was when I was trying to find the toaster oven plug and plugged in the blender, making a really loud noise... and I was the only one awake at this time.

8. I'm young, but somehow I always feel like a towering giant... which I am.

0) Your family made that name for you to be used on the internet?! Did they want you to be abducted or something? Also, do you want some candy? I have it over here in my windowless van~!

1) I like animals that are cute, but keep in mind that I find most varieties of maggots adorable! They don't seem to like me too much, tho', and often attack me.

2) No, larval humans are filthy, stupid, spoiled, and finding new ways at getting worse.

3) I enjoy eating cookies more than baking. Biscotti and simple sugar cookies are always rewarding.

4) Lots of people have bad luck, and everyone thinks that they do since they tend to remember crazy coincidences that lead to bad more than good.

I have numerically poor luck, however, resulting in entropy violating improbabilities.

5) The exact opposite of best friends: we're brothers.

6) I call myself a nerd, but 'tisn't an idle threat. I'm an old school nerd, not this watered-down, modern day variety. Legends and Latin in the one bedroom house!

8) Sixteen? Alllllll right!

Wait, lemme check something about the Netherlands real quick...

... Sixteen? Alllllll right!

1) Animals seems to have something against me. I think they can smell the gallons of blood I let loose in my time doing toxicology studies with rats. Shoot 'em up, down the middle, snip the abdominal, remove the lungs, repeat! Too graphic?

2) Children don't seem to like me. I think they can smell the gallons of blood I let loose in my time spent slitting open, um, the rats. Sure, why not?

3) Cookies are awesome. I'm glad I don't have access to a sturdy electric mixer, otherwise I'd be fatter than I've been getting. Chips, peanut butter, coffee, and ones with racist names. I'm Italian; I can call 'em that.

4) It's easier to remember when things go awry than when they go as planned. Sure, pouring out a bowl of cereal in the morning slips right by you, but if a viper jumps out of the box, suddenly it's committed to memory.

5) Zing! And slightly, as the relationship is far from secret.

6) Time was the term nerd had meaning and pride to it. I didn't play sports, wore glasses, had great grades and no friends. Now I hear things like "Nerds aren't good at video games". What is that about? Get outta my games, jocks. You actually can play those sports. Or shoot people. Whichever.

7) I bet I know what Ometon wanted to say for this question: redacted! Ha-hah!

8) I'm always being reminded of old I'm getting. Really, when the things and games I had in my childhood are being regarded as "classic" and "retro", I can only shake my head. And you feel old at fourteen? Unless some accelerated ager was put in the waters for the next decade's spawning, not cool.

Thanks, I didn't need to know your life story but it's nice that you shared anyways! Glad you like mailbag.

1) ...uh. The answer to this one should be obvious.

2) Elementary school age and up are pretty all right, provided that they're not annoying and selfish. Kindergartners and under, though.. I can deal with them, but I'm not fond of them.

3) I like cooking in general as a small hobby- nothing I'd really devote my life to, but it's nice to know a few recipes. Eating freshly-baked cookies is one of the greatest pleasures in life!

4) My gut says maybe.

5) They were pressed from the same mold. Kind of like those old action figures that all had the same bodies, but swapped heads. You know, like how you'd buy an Aqua Man, and then you compare it to your He-Man and realize they're the same except colored differently? Kind of like that.

6) I figure I'm more geek than nerd, but upon looking at Wiktionary's definition of "nerd..." I can't say for certain.

7) That is a secret that I will take to the grave.

8) If I could stop aging right now, I probably would. But time keeps on slipping into the future..


I just have a few questions for you guys

1.What is your favorite football team?

2.What is your favorite book or book series?

3.Do any of you have pets?

Thats all for today and may StarClan light your path

1) I've never bothered to follow anything in any sport team. I typically just pick a logo and color scheme that looks good and go with that. Hence why I loath my home's Cleveland Browns. Blank and a stripe. Yeah, that's creative.

2) I'm a horrible reader. There's only one book that I think I've bothered re-reading, and that is There and Back Again, The Hobbit. Later ones, not so much. The one that started it all works better as a complete package.

3) I wish I did. They'd shed less than my brother. I have foot long hairs tangled in my stuff, and we haven't lived in the same place for a year.

1) Since you never said anything against fictional teams, my favorite would have to be the Seibu Wild Gunmen.

2) Umm. I don't think I could pick a favorite, so I'll just name off a few general authors whose works I enjoy: Roald Dahl, Cornelia Funke, Diana Wynne Jones, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Jim Butcher. When it comes to series, the latter two have Discworld and The Dresden Files respectively, which are both amazing.

3) I've grown up with pets in the house for as long as I can remember. Currently there's two dogs, three cats, and a hedgehog.

1. I've never really watched sports of any kind, to be honest. My dad keeps up with them, but not me.

2. I adore the Chronicles of Narnia series, I read all of the books and they were quite interesting. Other than that, erm, I don't actually read much... which I know is bad...

3. Yes, I have a cat named Purin and have had several beta fish come and go, but that's about it.


do u think I/u run the site?

Aso, you spelled your own name wrong and are speaking like an idiot.

... Wait, is that really you or an imposter?



...Hi.I'm not an Impostor.Seriously.

1.)Fitting with the theme...The Oekaki hasn't been ruined...Ah,shoot.

2.)What's your favorite color of original GBA? I like Glacier.;)

3.)How many people have been banned from the gallery since February 1st,2009?(and who?)

4.)(to whoever gallery member[s] are here...)who's your favorite Artist?

closing:You won't see of me for a,bye for now.

0) Ah, you're not? Too bad. I liked that guy. He had spunk to him.

1) From what I heard, there was some exported dairy that stunk up the place. That's right, my already impossible to recognize references just got less noticeable.

2) There's something wrong about the term "original" even appearing near Game Boy Advance. Like, sooo much.

4) Kirazy comes across as my favorite just by style and volume. It's completely distinct, wonderful, and poured by the barrel full. Sorry, Daimyo~!

2) I had the Glacier one, so I'll have to go with that.

4) Everyone is a good draw! (In other words, Diddgery can't pick favorites)

0) Perhaps you are just a better imposter than the imposter! How are we to know?

2) I think it was called Indigo. Whatever the bluest one was called.

3) Just Cheese has been banned since that time. Temp bans, however, there is no way to count. I do those in-and-out and at varying strength due to idiocy, most commonly comment bans.

4) Aru is my all-time favorite gallery artist. The best is Daimyo -- without question -- but talent is no substitute for charm.

5) Shame~!

2. Fuchsia was kinda cool, but I think Glacier wins this.

4. Aru is probably my favorite, but there are so many talented artists out there it's hard to pick just one. Of course the efforts of Dedede-Daimyo can't be overlooked, but what about the other excellent artists, such as Kirazy, Minon, Gerugeon, Wondercrow, Dal, etc.? Ah, decisions, decisions...


If Kirby were a Pokemon, what type would he be?

All pink, round, squishy, cute things are always the same, mundane, boring type. It's like the question was answered for you before it was even asked.

... Dragon!

B-balloon type...


squeaky boggs taste good

1. you have not said one word about my name.

2. if you could be an animal freind, who would you choose.

game info???????

Who took my cookie?

Does kirby like burritos?

Is lololo and lalala bro and sis or married (or both)

1) That's because I don't want to humor you. You came into Ask the Kirby Gurus with, like, five different identities. Yeah, I knew they were all you. Each one was more contradictory than the last. You just took handles that were opposite to fakes as stated. Bogg is bitter. Ometon can't be hugged. You lack awesome. All facts.

2) Who wouldn't want to be Rick? That hammy eats things that are half the size of his body. Ponderosa, here I come! ... in this hypothetical situation.

3) What... what are we suppose to do with this?

6) Lolo and Lala are married, the triple syllables are siblings, the F'd variety are peas from the same pod, and the incestuous ones came from a comment made by Mints on Daimyo's Clay Figurines.


1. You... you ATE Squeaky Bogg? I will never forgive you. ;_;

2. I'd say I'm most like either Coo or Chuchu. I sort of have a "secret identity" thing goin' on where I act differently on the outside then I would on the inside. Funny how the former is loved and the latter is hated...

3. One question mark does the trick, too, y'know.

4. You took your cookie, ate it, and are now accusing us for stealing it. You should be ashamed of yourself.

5. Of course, why not? I imagine he'd eat anything, unless he's like Yoshi in Yoshi's Story and is weak to one specific food. (And I'm referring to the burrito, not the chili pepper.)

6. In the games they are twins, apparently, and in the anime, they are the same person (Lola/Fofa) that have been split into two beings.

1) You'll never be as good as Bucky Katt. Never.

2) Nago can triple jump. I wish I could triple jump.



Uh, I suppose I might ask uninteresting questions for you.

Where do you obtain your movation to work on this site?

How much does it bother you when you see questions with deplorable spelling and grammar?

Do you like thin crust pizza or thick crust pizza?

What game have you spent the most amount of time on?

Do you enjoy the quirkness of camp songs?

Do you own any pets?

Do you enjoy the sound of rain?

Have you ever tired of responding to the Mailbag's questions?

When (and if) you draw/doodle what are you most likely to draw?

Do you like sock puppets?

Have you ever named an inanimate object, other than a doll or stuffed animal?

Is it enjoyable to repeatly zip and un-zip a zipper?

What game is currently inserted into the DS slot of your DS?

And finally, how many fanmade Kirby character have you created?

I like big lists and I cannot lie...

1. I don't work, I lurk.

2. Like the ones we've been getting recently? I personally think it's funny, but I also don't have to deal with those kinds of people on a regular basis like Bimblesnaff.

3. Thick crust is where it's at, man!

4. Tough. Perhaps Super Smash Bros. Brawl (and it's only been a year!), or Banjo Kazooie...

5. My name is all about the camp! Why would I not like camp songs?

6. I have a cat, my sister has a cat, my mom has a cat.

7. I do. It's a gentle, light sound, of pittering drops of aqua on the sidewalk, through the trees and my roof.

8. I wouldn't know, I'm a newbie, but it's been fun so far!

9. I doodle random things daily. First thing that comes to mind is Kirby, Adeleine, and Geno, all of which I seem to draw a lot.

10. The ones made from used, sweaty socks are best!

11. Probably, but I can't remember what, or what I named it. Sorta irrelevant, but I named a mole Bob once.

12. The pants zipper? ...Not in public, anyway.

13. Kirby Super Star Ultra, and as a bonus, MOTHER 1+2 in the GBA slot. I don't need no stinkin' DSi!

14. So many it's unfathomable. I don't make many nowadays, but I know I have Lei, Karenses and Ruby the Hamsters, Lei's sister Ray, Dusty and more, but I never draw them (save for Lei) anymore. I even had a series of Kirbies based on various anime characters (I don't really watch anime anymore though). Oh yeah, and newcomers Shino the Ninja and the Bubble Knight!

0) What is this? A chore to people? "Ugh, I guess I can send in a letter. Blarg!"

1) I get my drive from honor. This happens to be the largest American Kirby fan site. If you google anything Kirby related, here's on the top page if not the top result. I've been coming here for years, tip toed into the community years later, and now sit as one of the most senior staff (remaining...). I've crawled my way through a lot of places, and they always tend to fall apart. Well, this place hasn't. Crumbled, crusty, and crooked, maybe, but it's still there. Gotta admire that longevity, and performing near meaningless CPR on that to-be corpse is worth it. I ... was... Did that come across as a little necro?

2) Terrible comprehension on the English language is only detested when it is done in a fashion can can't be made humorous light of. When it's bad to the point where you can't even understand what they're saying, then I cry twin waterfalls.

3) I like thin crust, truth be told, but I sure ain't paying the same if not more for less dough. What type of gyp is that?

4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle IV: Turtles in Time. It's hard to say why so much time was spent on it. It's something about the side-scrolling beat-em-up genre. And the bounty of playable characters, I guess. And a cousin who would visit that liked the game. Not much two player games in my library.

5) No, I don't find them quirky. Boring, droll, and stupid, yes.

6) I do not, but only since a "pet" has to be an animal that you keep. ... What? Stepping on Ometon's toes?

7) It gets in the way. I listen to things on such low volume that it requires a knob adjustment. That's right, my television has a knob. Who knew they'd be making digital one's with those?

8) Ask again when I get to the end of this. Just half way? Nuts, it's a "yes" right now.

9) Seriously, do people not notice that every Bag as of late has featured art from us?

10) I can't tell if the socks make my hands smell funny or if my hands are getting my socks dirty. Maybe both?

11) I've named cactus, which don't move, so yes. Their names weren't the most inspired. I think "Fred, Mighty Warrior" was the exception.

12) I have better ways to waste my time than that. For example, what I'm doing right now. And you all are wasting it with me!

13) When did I get a DS!? Jackpot!

14) Whew... I'd have to count... And that's not all! I left out the fan made adaptations I did for fellow goers of RR that grew into fan characters, ones who were creative adaptations of characters, weren't wholly translated into other series, and whatever I already had drawn on the sheet of paper. So, yeah, that's a lot. It's probably about fifty all in all.

You're pushing your luck, Spork.

1) ...I work on this site?

2) A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot!

3) Thin crust. It puts the emphasis on the sauce, cheese, and toppings.

4) When it comes to a single-player game... I don't know, there's too many candidates. Multiplayer is definitely Super Smash Bros. Melee- it's gonna take a few more years before Brawl beats that one. And for a game series, I've spent several cumulative months of my life on Pokémon.

5) And the chumbly wumbly bear came a-tumblin' down! ..Wait, are you sure you don't mean campfire songs?

6) Already answered this one.

7) Gentle rain? Yes. Hard rain? No.

8) Right now, I'm starting to feel just a little fatigued.

9) Whenever I feel like it.

10) Not really. I have a weird relationship with puppets. They're either awesome or creepy.

11) Often. My iPod, for example, is named Quaid Mk. II, for reasons very few will understand.

12) Uhhhh.. no?

13) Pokémon Pearl Version.

14) Disregarding the many I made when I was younger, there's only really three worth mentioning: Brachs, Garnet, and Sling. They are a Birdon, a Capsule-J, and a GIM, respectively. ..Oh, and Terry the caribou and Berroll. Remember them?

squeaky boggs taste good

Man, someone imposterised me... but on the other hand id like to ask questions!

1. Do you have any siblings?

2. If so, do they work on the site?

3. To bimblesnaff, why dont u mention my name?

4. To astoku, could you actualy TRY to work on the KSSU page?

5. To DeDeDe Daimyo, whats your cats name?

1. Yes, a sister and a brother. In arms.

2. Nope.

5. We-ll, this question is directed towards Daimyo, so I guess I shouldn't bother, but my cat's name is Purin.

1) I do not.

2) It's Ometon. You know that. He's my sibling.

2.5) Controversy!

3) Ya know, it's one thing to put through multiple questions to be caught in one round of Baggin', but it's another thing to ask the same question in them. It was gotten the first time. Patience!

4) Asotoku is can not get to the Mailbag right now. Please, leave your message at the beep. *splork*

4.5) Contronomatopoeia!

5) The same joke as I used in (4), but with the cat's name as the sound effect instead.

5.5) And that's how you make a droll letter brighten up your day -- by totally screwing with it~!

1) A brother and a sister.

2) No. My brother lurked on the forums once upon a time, but for the most part we are separate when it comes to online activities. My sister doesn't know about this, and I'm gonna keep it that way~!

4) I'll answer on Aso's behalf: "no. shut up"


Okay, lats get started guys!!!!<(^o^)>

1)In SSBB, what would you do if you have to hear Krby say "HI! HI! HI! HI!" for an houre.

2)In the 4kids dube of the Kirby anime, do you think what 4kids did to it is illegal?(>-_-<) (you have to think about this one.)

3)Witch of my current pics you like the most?

4)What does your 1st Kirby pic you ever made look like?

5)Why doesn't some of my Krby pics don't make it into the KRR Fan Art gallery?

6)Bimblesnaffe, why didn't you let my Fire Knight in the "IF" Knights contest?(>*-_-<)

7)Am I tallking too much?.......sorry!

Well by!!!<(^o^)>

1. I practically did one time; I was playing Brawl over Wi-Fi miscellaneously with strangers, when suddenly, everyone begins taunting. Not any bit of actual fighting (except for when someone goofed up; Pikachu would wack them then resume his taunting). I think I could survive it, anyhow.

2. I can't quite decipher what your saying, although I get the feeling you're referencing the supposed vandalism in one episode. The Mona Lisa picture, perhaps? I don't think that kind of parody is illegal. That kind of stuff falls into public domain, I think...

3. Haven't seen many, although I like the one you did for A Kirby and his Cheese.

4. I'm not sure what the VERY first was, although I get the feeling it was just a bland, scribbly, dull-pencil or crayon sketch of the pink puff and nothing more.

5. Some of yours don't? Really? Hmm, I dunno, you'll have to read Ometon's response for an answer.

5) Two main reasons kill make me kill Gallery pics: a) Someone who submits a heap of pics (such as yourself) submits something of especially low quality, or b) anyone submits the same picture twice between approvals. Such impatience results in both images being automatically deleted out of spite.

1, 2, 6) Why do you add unnecessary "e" to words?

4) An indistinguishable blob! Two people may get this.

6- the Revenge) I may be paraphrasing this, but the vocabulary "it destroys everything!" tends to throw an off vibe.

1) You're too slow~! You're too slow~! You're too slow~! You're too slow~! You're too slow~! You're too slow~!

7) Compared to Spork, you're fine.


1 have any of you made an april fools joke and made it succesful?

2 how many of you are older then 40?

3 how much sunlight do you get( vitamin D is good for yooooou)

4 if you had the power to turn into a kirby boss ( not final) who would you be

5 what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything

6 who can understand japanese

7 have any of you played mother 3?

8 why do monkeys smell like poo

9 do any of you knoww how to dislodge your thumb from your joints?(i can!)

10 if u have been to college which on is it

11 for ddd diamyo, how do you draw on the computer

12 favorite megaman robot master?

11 played f-zero?

12 how much gb hardrive on your computer?


14 .......................

16 ( why no question 15?)

1) I made mayhaps the simplest AFD joke this year -- one of the first I can ever remember pulling -- and it is without a doubt one of the simplest. I simply posted a notice on my site's forum reading "Important Notice." Once clicked, it led to the exact same page. I guess some, mostly the tabbin' blokes, didn't realize it for a while and gave it a few clicks before realizing they'd been had. Sooooo satisfying!

2) I think the FBI would be involved if we were that old. Well, y'know, involved more.

3) I'm like a vampiric mole... earthworm.... with Güther's disease.

4) For legal reason, I am not allowed to tell you that the answer is Adeleine. Whoops.

5) You numbered this question five why?

6) Japanese people, mostly, and definitely not otaku. Dem gits can't follow through with anything productive.

7) I am not Japanese nor do I understand it, so no. Also, I do not even keep up on the Mother series. Earthbound was it for me.

8) Because they keep flingin' it at one another?

9) I don't bother gettin' my thumb stuck in my joints. The ones they are attached too are more than enough, thankyouverymuch.

10) Which on is it? I dunno... Virtual?

11) I am glad he ain't with us this session considering he is about the only artist on KRR who doesn't draw on a computer. Way to be a freakin' idiot, Tri-Eight Chills! Now I can see why Gurus loves ya so much~!

12) Air Man, followed closely by Pharaoh.

11?) Own F-Zero.

12?) Forty, but it is partitioned a lot into even smaller, less usable chunks.

14) Hooray!

15) Blutty 'el!

16) Because you can't count that high... waitaminute~!

1. Nope, never, but my sister has. Most of the time for April Fool's I just slip an icecube underneath people's shirts when they're least expecting it :0

2. I thought I already made this clear. I. Am. A. Grandma.

3. ...Two hours... a week...

Journey of Kirby Extra

This one.

5. If you're asking us because you want to KNOW what it is... erm, why are you asking a Kirby mailbag?

6. I can sort of okay... well, I can't speak it, but I can understand a simple conversation.

7. Yes, and I beat it, too! Same with the original MOTHER, although I still need to finish 2~

8. Um... 'cuz... wait a second, why are you sniffing monkeys in the first place!?

9. I have no idea what this means. *blissful ignorance*


12. Bubble Man! No name puts more fear into the hearts of enemies than Bubble Man.

11b. For whatever reason, no.

12b. I have no idea, but it's pretty small... :(

13. But, you went on to write this message, correct?

14. It's quiet in here....

1) A real April related jest is something I haven't been able to pull off. Normally, sloth is responsible. Sometimes, however, the threat of a fooling, that Damocles' blade dangling by a string, is the most satisfying part. ... Okay, I don't think that. I just always wanted to make reference to Damascus' sword.

2) Yeesh, forty? I think we've said our age is up there, but up there for internet purposes. There, it seems like people get freaked out when your college age.

3) The sun doesn't exist. That's just a myth made up to scare children. "If you don't behave, you'll have to play outside! That's where the big, ball of fire is!" "No! I'll be good." Ah, traumatic youth.

4) My pick is Kaboola. Flying and fire power? Yes, please! Plus, like, aren't all the other ones a foot tall? This way, I'd be at least two feet.

5) Phrasing the question as such shows you already know the answer and thus it does not need spoken. If anyone doesn't know by knowing upon just the sight of such, then the answer should not be divulged to them.

6) I understand Japanese, but reading it sure ain't on my resumé.

8) Monkeys don't smell like poo; poo smells of monkey. You're mind has just been blown!

9) I have enough trouble keeping things in where they ought be.

10) I have been to many of colleges. Did high school at LCCC, attended UT, and work at MSU. Daaang.

12) You got... Lead Bubble!

**) I'm sorry, but your Mailbalance has been exceeded. Not in quantity but tolerance.

Oh gee, the kid said NOT an endboss. Yeah, blame Granny's poor vision.

Another one of these?!

1) I wouldn't say any of my pranks were successful, since they weren't "pranks" as much as they were "me acting like a moron," but I thought the Rainbow Rosette thing was pretty fun.

2) D- do you really think we're that old..?

3) Enough to not die.

4) Uhhhh... Chameleo Arm. Invisible, stretchy, adorable. Though I also like Pon and Con. Can I be both of them at the same time?

5) You're misquoting it. I know that, and I haven't even read any of the books!

6) Dedede-Daimyo seems to be the go-to guy for this sort of thing. I barely know enough to carry on a conversation, and I took a Japanese class for a year!

7) Let's see, considering I used Negative Man in this very mailbag, what do you think the answer to that question is? I'm such big MOTHER fan that I actually imported a cartridge and beat it twice, despite not understanding Japanese. I can't tell you how glad I was when the translation patch came out!

8) ...How do you know what monkeys smell like?

10) Virtual-On is awesome.

11) With his scanner I presume.

12) Oh man this is a tough one. Umm. I guess I kind of like Top M-Stop laughing!! Pharoah Man is kind of cool too. And Air Man- not just because of that song, mind you.


Do you like fish sticks?

Only when I have them with obscure sauces no one ever eats fish sticks with like sweet mustard and barbecue sauce.

No. Why? I have my reasons...
Fish Stunt

It shot my father before this, but this is when the photo was taken. Taken in pencil.

Yes, yes I do like fish sticks.

See, when you are unable to deliver the follow-up, the world's funniest joke has absolutely no effect whatsoever~! Technically, you have three parts to deliver, and you can only do the first from your asker's position. Unless you write in the next 'Bag to continue the set-up and the double-next for the punchline.

I haven't had them in forever, though they do remind me of Rocko's Modern Life.

how is kirbby formed?

how is kirbby formed?

Well, first you ...
Making Kirby

First of all--way to spell your hero's name wrong. We'd think we already implanted the name "KIRBY", that's right, with one B, into your mind if you stumbled upon this site, and yet you spell it incorrectly. Wow. Second, it's a video game. Do we really need to know how so-and-so does this and whatever does so-and-so? I doubt all that much scientific logic is put into it.

Although it seems to be established in the anime that Kirby was created by Nightmare, but ended up turning against Nightmare and not following him. In the games, we don't really know. He has no canonical parents, so we're not sure if he was born from his mother's womb or if he came by stork...

they need to do way instain mother etc etc


More Nightmares!Whats a Hormel factory?Which enemy of you afraid of?Why does Kirby destroy harmless Waddle Dees?:(

You do know what Google is, right? Or, like, any search engine? Are you people honestly that lazy?

Hormel makes several canned meat products -- most notably, the infamous Spam. Sure, it is only mechanically separated pork shoulder in reality, but people love to call the magical mystery meat all sorts of horrible-yet-somehow-still-delicious things.

Nope, all delicious. Just pork shoulder. No mystery, and no Waddle Dees, despite my joke.

When I'm playing Kirby's Dream Land 2 I get freaked out every time I see one of those Propeller guys. Not because I'm actually afraid of them, but because they pretty much mean I'm going to lose my animal helper. And I like my animal helpers!

Oh, he doesn't destroy them. He just sends them to a giant glass flask in King Dedede's basement, where they're forced to remain for the next couple of hours or so before they can leave. That's why when you leave a room and then go back, all the enemies have returned!

Really? I thought they were gutted, skinned, turned into a coat, tormented for ages in the dark depths of Hades, and then returned to our slower temporal paced dimension in a bag. Well, whichever!

Oh, wait, I was confusing Kirby with the Legend of Zelda cartoon. That happens sometimes.

Mmm, a Hormel Factory sounds like a place where they make chocolate! Looots of chocolate! ...Wait, what was that, good buddy Google? That's not what it's used for? Wait... nooooo~!

...I'm afraid of Kirby enemies? Well, I guess I'll just go with what Diddgery said 'bout them Propellor guys. They're pretty hard to avoid, too.

The player chooses whether or not to harm the Waddle Dees. If you're the one controlling Kirby, you could effectively make him act like a bloodthirsty criminal, killing everything in sight, or simply dodge said creatures.


I'm not looking forward to anything in particular. I'm not really going anywhere, I'm just...going.

1. To elaborate on what I meant by "game music" in my last mail, I don't necessarily mean 8-bit music. Don't get me wrong, I like 8-bit music, but it's not my favorite. I'm more of a fan of music from the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis (I personally mold the group together into "16-bit" music). There are some more recent games that have good music too, but I mostly look for more synthetic-sounding tunes in my games.

2. I have an unopened container of wasabi (45% real wasabi, according to the product). What's something fun I could do with it?

3. Whether or not you're superstitious, what's a good omen to you?

4. Honey roasted peanuts or dry-roasted peanuts?

5. Do you know of any Kirby-themed custom characters in any game mods?

1) I don't think that is a question. Anyway, as I pointed out, this means you prefer electronica and synthesized music, not game music. Some game music may happen to fall into that category, but simply being part of a game does not make it find your favor.

2) Wasabi, eh? Only fun thing you can do with that stuff is not use it. For serious.

3) Seven-leafed clovers: I have found only one in my entire life, and we're talkin' about a guy who has found over a hundred four-plus leafers. On a good day, I could pull up double-digits, baybee! But alas, my septa-shamrock crumbled into dust in the protective sleeve kept within my wallet some time ago...

4) Honey roasted peanuts are my favorite non-mostly-sugar type snack. Take that, dry~!

5) I know of no game mods anywhere. Pointless and stupid, as far as I'm concerned. I'll play a game that is good stand-alone, thankyouverymuch.

2) Stick it down your pants.

4) I haven't had honey roasted peanuts before. But I do like peanuts.

5) Can't say I have!

2) Wasabi is not related to fun, not when used on oneself. However, putting a different label on the container, like "spicy mustard" or "face cream" can lead to some hilarious fun!

3) Dark skies are always a good omen to me. They foretell a path ahead of me. Literally. All the walkers and joy riders stay indoors at the slightest bit of gloom, and I get no hindrance on my way.

4) Honey is nature's sweet vomit.

2. Hide it in someone's birthday sundae.

3. When the day gets off to a good start.

4. Honey is a delicious, sticky, sweet liquid whereas dry food has little to no flavor of its own.

Closing Statments: Did we even cover much about the theme? Why do we even do themes? We are so backlogged with letters that themes possibly do not even come up until a session or two later!

Theme Alert! Please explain to the Mail Bag Crew why we continue to use themes. There is a shiny nickel in it for you!

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