December 25th, 2008

   Merry Christmas, faithful readers! Today, we finally have our special guest star, Diggery the Capricorn!
   On the fifth day of Christmas, the mailbag gave to me...
   Four sea creatures
   Three :| :| :|
~And Asotoku in a pear tree

Uh... not Aki. *insert stupid face here*
As for your question? Why would I explore an anime world? Most of em have deadly weapons and whatnot, I'd probably be decapitated within, like, the first five seconds. If not, it's not like I really care about anime anyway. Just get back in the darn bus! Unless you're a Narutard, then I guess you can go out and get killed.
Now, then, I'm just gonna churn out some random questions. Get ready.
1. Sooo... what'd you do for Thanksgiving? What? Stalker? What's that supposed to mean?
2. So let's say you sudden discover some really cool yet violent ability. Who or what do you test it out on? (like do you try it out on a punching bag or what?)
3. If you discovered your best friend was really an assassin planning to murder you by the end of the week, what would be your course of action?
4. Worst ability from a Kirby game ever?
5. NK, my pots and pans are a mess. Explain yourself.
6. ...Oh, wait a second. I don't HAVE a question six. >_<
So that's all for now, I'll come back later to ruin your lives all over again.
-Not Aki.
   1. I don't remember. It was back in October. I ate turkey I guess.
    2. Trees. Lots, and lots of trees.
    3. Why are you asking such sad questions ;_;
    4. Ghost.
   you do not need to be a narutard to enjoy anime. there are tons of anime. that is retarded. Anyway,
   1. ate food
   2. uh, maybe a tree i guess.
   3. i'd be pretty upset to say the least-- wait why am i answering these seriously. -damnit wildrows you stole my 2
   4. um, sleep i guess
   5. these things happen! you can only blame yourself for not posting it 10 times.
   1 wats tahnksginvg
   2 all teh meen fishses
   3 my bstet frend is a sponj tehy cant move by tehsmvles so i tink id be ok
   and i cant answr teh rest
   1) I'll second Diggery's reply.
   2) Probably all the stupid mails we get sent.
   3) My best friend is a total drugged up lunatic so I'd out-assassinate him any day.

Answering NK, it depends on what I see there. If it's Naruto, I'm rushing back to the bus immediately. However, I don't know what I'd do if I was in Death City. If you mean that other inaccurate definition of anime, Gensokyo'd be a nice option too.
Alrighty then, I'm thinking some of these might've been answered before, but blarg.
1) How different was KRR in general back when you joined compared to now?
2) How is it that common sense is so rare in the new folks in the forum lately? Or does it happen every Kirby game or so?
3) What is the destructive force of a Cricecannon?
4) What's that mechanical Dedede-like guy doing in the back; yeah, behind the curtains over there?
   1) Haha oh wow, completely different when I look back on it. Back when I first joined some 4-5 years ago I was only on the IRC channel but I'd say that had a good collection of some of the funniest people you could know. Most of them are gone now, though.
   2) I've been on forums for many many years, and to be honest I'd say 'new members' have lacked common sense across the internet for as long as I can remember.
   3) Think of the world exploding.
   Yeah. The Cricecannon is nowhere near that weak.
   4) Oh, that? That's just his corpse. It's like the mailbags version of beating a dead horse.
   1) there were different people i guess.
    2) i wouldn't know! i don't go to the forums.
    3) plenty......
    4) oh u~
   1. Pretty goddamn different. I was horrible too, but we all were when we first started. This is undeniable.
   2. There's always a handfull of people like that, but I've got to admit that there is a lot more now than usual.
    3. See Also: Destructive Force of a Supernova
   4. observing and laughing whenever you do anything stupid
   im sjut hapy to be heer tdoay with al lof yuo
   My answers are the same as Shiro's. So I won't bother retyping them. Instead, here's a :|

So, as we're drawing to the end of the year, what has been your favourite
1) Film
2) Game
3) TV Show
   1) ummm, there were lots! I liked Iron Man and The Dark Knight particularly though.
    2) too many to choose from. also GODDAMNIT.
    3) i don't watch tv! wakka wakka.
   1. Prob Iron Man or The Dark Knight
   2. I actually played a lot this year sdhbj fdhgbfdhffds dfdmanit shiro
   3. shiro took all my answers(house md or 30 rock, probably doctor who tho
   Damnit my answers are the same as those two jokers. ;_;
   1) Iron Man, The Dark Knight or, uh, Madagascar 2. Srsly.
   2) O-oh! Um. Gee, I dunno. S-Sonic Unleashed? (the xbox 360 one, of course) Sonic Chronicles!? One of those DS remakes/ports such as Super Star Ultra and Chrono Trigger? I honestly don't know.
   3) Well, the answer is probably always Doctor Who. But I've watched quite a few shows over the past year. Mostly comedy. Of the British kind. House has been good too! Especially that episode. Um, Birthmarks! That's it.
   waht ar yuo guys talkeng abot
o but my flavrite game is hide and sek, oranj always loses caus im such a godo hider

To answer the anime world question, it would depend on whats going on around me.
1. Mac or Windows? I has a Mac.
2. What is your favorite type of pie? Mine is blueberry and apple.
3. Everyone really knows who would really win in the pirates vs. ninjas battle: Vikings.
4. When your base has been belonged to them, do you fire for great justice?
5. If you had to blow up a nuke on an anime city, where would you do it? I'd blow up NarutoLand. (or whatever)
Thanks 4 Your Time
   1) This should really be "Linux or Windows" because nobody wants a Mac.
   2) Apple. How many times have we answered this one?
   3) Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of pirates and ninjas combining into a giant robot and crushing the vikings.
   4) did you just--
   5) Oh, yeah, totally nuke NarutoLand. (sorry guys)
   1) linux! wa ha ha.
    2) i am particularly fond of cherry pie myself.
    3) could vikings stand up to the combined might of the ninjapirates? i think not.
    4) i hate to burst your bubble but this got old years ago.
    5) where does kirby live in the anime..?
   1. Windows.
    2. A PIZZA PIE! No seriously, I do not like pie. I think it's awful.
    3. Pirates = Ninjas. Princess Zelda is really Tetra. Tetra is a Pirate. Princess Zelda is really Sheik. Sheik is a Ninja. Pirates = Ninjas. I thought we went through this last mailbag.
    4. ...Sure. Why not.
    5. Outskirts of Cappytown, Shiro.
   1. macs are terrible.
   2. apple
I.. I mean Diddgery. It was Diddgery.
*presses power button on Diggery's computer*
   by giys tak to yuo latr
   w-well, you have been gone a while.. a-and we were kinda looking to replace you wi--
   o-oh. w-welcome back
   1. I DON'T LIKE PIE. I mean. Uh. Windows, I guess.
2. See previous question.
3. Scoff.
4. Oh wow you're so clever, that is so clever.
5. I seriously tried to come up with a single answer but I came up with too many.

Dear Mailbag,
I'd like to say first of all that I really like this website, as Kirby is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises up next to the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Star Fox and many others. I like reading all the interesting mailbags you all have answered and put up with.
Now about NK's question, I would actually love to go to Europe more than Japan, but either way would be awesome. I'm sure a few years ago I would have LOVED the option of going to an anime world. But after I've outgrown my obsession to that overrated stuff, I'm not so sure. I still like some of it and all and there would be some pretty cool characters to meet up with. I know I wouldn't want to go down the hentai district (who knows what would happen to you down there) and if I had to go the anime world all by myself I'd probably choose to go back on the bus. I'd freak out actually, probably thinking someone drugged me or something.
Now if it were to a comic book world I'd love to stay there. Though there probably is a higher chance I'd get killed quickly, I like comic books more than anime/manga. But if I got to meet Batman, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Dr. Doom, The Punisher... I'd absolutely love it. I'd also really like to go to a video game world (hopefully not in a Halo one because I don't want to get shot down in a heartbeat) What would all do if given the chance of going to an anime world, or any other world?
   I'd totally work for House. Or travel in time with the Tenth Doctor and stop him from regenerating ever.
   Hell yeah I'd go to anime world. Hell frikken yeah.
   Do I have to go? I'd rather stay here at home.

I'd go to anime world, hands down. But rather than being a world where all the existing animes in the world are intermingled, it'd be a world where it's an anime, but not a recognizable one. My adventure in this land would be an anime in itself, where every anime standard is portrayed in some way or another.
Anyways, here are some questions and other things.
1. I'm kinda bummed there aren't communities a lot like Rainbow Resort for other games like Metroid and Zelda. Unless I'm not looking hard enough?
2. Do any of you guys know what a Space Marine is?
3. One gripe I have is that the Kirby series lacks immediate but gradual satisfaction when it comes to completion of objectives. You beat a few levels, you beat a boss, YAY! You're at the next world. At least in the Mario series, you beat a level, you walk along a road to the next level. You can actually tell you're progressing through the game. This is actually present in Super Star, with Dynablade and Milky Way Wishes. And in Amazing Mirror, where the series shed away its linearity.
4. Despite pirates equaling ninjas, will they EVER get along?
   2) yes i do! and if you're talking about the 40k sort then, bonus points.
   Well, also on classicgaming there's The Metroid Database.
   1. I'm not sure about Zelda, but you might want to check out The Metroid Database. It's the only one I know of. There might be more out there.
    2. Space Marines. Soldiers in Power Armor in just about any game that takes place in space. ...what about them?
    3. Kirby just follows the old style of platform games, is all. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
    4. Maybe. We need more PirateNinjas like Zelda. Only then can a truce be forged.
   1. You're not looking hard enough, obviously.
2. A.. a marine.. in space? Yes, no?
3. What Kirby games have you played? I can only think of one that didn't have a hub or world map of some sort that let you tell how far you had progressed, and that was the first game, Kirby's Dream Land.
4. They form a truce once the vikings show up.
   1. what they said.
3. Ditto with Diddgery.
4. who said they were equal

Master of Pi
NK~ I would go out and explore. The real world is so boring, and at the very least, it would be funny to laugh at the English dub anime-people.
1~ What is your name? What is your quest? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Have you watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
2~ What do you want for (insert winter{or summer, depending on your hemisphere} holiday here)?
3~ Edward or Jacob? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, spare yourself and don't try to learn. If you da, what is your opinion of the movie.
4~ Werewolves or vampires?
   1) Yeah, yeah. Fine British comedy. Too much focus on Holy Grail and Life of Brian though. They did more stuff! Much more.
   2) i want 2 be a pirat
   3) !?!? Ed Edd or Eddy!?
   4) stupid people have made me hate both
   this goth and or emo etc crap
   you know what i mean
   i hate it
   1. My name is Max. My quest is to find the Grail. I um... er... 20km/h? *FLUNG* AAAAAAGH
    2. Christmas? Drink eggnog, and hang out.
    3. I have no idea what you're talking about.
    4. Did you know that one of the original ideas for a Vampire had them able to turn into a Werewolf? VAMPIRES = WEREWOLVES.
    1. ive answered all these questions already
2. i have most things i'd want, but a ps3 + tv + new cell phone would be nice.
question 3 and the tildes are pretentious btw
    1. We're a bunch of guys who frequent the internet, what do you think? A better question would be 'have you seen any Monty Python anything that isn't the Holy Grail?'" 2. Books. 3. You have absolutely atrocious taste in books and movies- in fact, you probably have terrible taste in all means of entertainment- and as such you're not worth my time any longer. Good day.

I would defiantely check out the anime world because I've always wanted to go to anime and I hope when you die you deteriorate a dimension and become anime or mongas.
IMO I'm not sure why yo'd go back at all considering the fact you have to go on a bus and buses are uncomfortable and dirty and ppl are on them. Why go on a bus? And why go on a bus BACK? It just seeems like some bad decision making
Here are questions:
1. also im not zura so its japan not europe
ok questions
thanks talk to you again soon
   dear dr rmd
   here's something else
   you could either go to anime world or take the bus back but on the bus you'd meet your waifu, purple-chan. the love of your life.
   what would you do then dr rmd md
   what then
   dear rmd. how is the weather in your part of canada. just kidding i don't care. stay cool, your pal wild *skateboards away*
    dear rmd! i used to be in the mailbag too. those were good days huh. hows death. bestest pals forever, diddgery.
yea thats what i illuded to in the last mailbag, thats what happens when you die.
also buses dont normally or ever get flat tires; you just have bad luck. but look what happened. you went on the bus. you took that chance and now you are at anime. if you go to japan and ever see a bus, you had better hop on that bus as soon as you frikken can.
1. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=h3quTc2-GyM&fmt=18
ok rmd bye

kirby kirby kirby
what are your fondest christmas memories
   Definitely getting a Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure and Power Stone back when they were released. Some of the greatest video games I ever did play. I mean geez, the consoles I had before that were a NES and a CD32. Quite a bit of a technical jump there.
   The year I got my own TV. That was a nice year indeed. No longer did I have to share the TV in my brother's room if I wanted to game, for I could do it anytime in my own room. <3
   Um.. I.. I don't know. I can't think of anything, really...
   To be honest, probably the Christmas I got KSS. My parents tried tricking me into thinking it was something else, but I knew. I knew.
   The year I got my Game Boy Pocket! I even got Kirby's Dream Land to go along with it, and spent all day playing it. That was a good one.

   Hey, hey! I can be cool too! Uh.. Just a small town giiirl, living in a looonely woooorld, she took the midnight train going aaanyyywheeere...

Hey everyone. I'm new round here so i thought i'd aska few things.
1. How does KRR choose its staff, and why doesn't it hire more? I don't have to look far up the chain to find some broken links...
2. I joined the forums a month ago and my account still ain't activated. Wtf?
3. Does anyone on this site have a Steam ID or a XboxLIVE Gamertag? I can't be the only one...
4. If Bonkers, Captain Falcon, Master Chief, Billie Mays, and Solid Snake all got into a fight, who would win?
6. The Halo movie is FINALLY coming out. Therefore, if they made a live-action Kirby movie, what do you think it would be like.
7. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I can't find that b****!
8. Did you realize there was no #5 until now?
9. So i herd u liek mudkipz?
   1. As far as I know kindar and Bagel used to pick the staff but they're not around as much anymore. We will be doing work on the main site in the near future, so stay tuned.
   2. Uh, sorry about that. For some reason your account didn't appear on the 'awaiting activation' list. I've activated it now.
   3. Quite a few people do, ask around on the the forums or chat.
   4. Captain Falcon and Solid Snake would team up and rule the world, obviously.
   6. Horrible. Unless the main character was literally a face drawn on a marshmallow with marker pen. Then it'd be a box office hit.
   1. I think they put a bunch of names on a dart board and throw darts at it.
3. Probably. Not me, though!
4. I want to say that Captain Falcon would win, but Billy Mays would just yell at them to buy OxiClean and they'd submit.
5. What, you too good for a fifth question? Is the number 5 not good enough for you? Is that it? Huh!? Explain yourself!
6. It'd be terrible.
7. Whoa, watch the language, young man (or.. or lady)! We's gots childrens on this wedsites!
8. You're prejudiced against the number 5, aren't you. That's it. I'm not going to deal with this intolerance!!
9. so i herd u liek broekn kneecaps?
   1. They type all the applicants in google and whoever's name has the most results, they pick.
3. I have a LIVE account, sure.
4. WHOA BUDDY, BE CAREFUL THERE. THAT'S A BIT MUCH. Master Chief would be the first to go. Then Bonkers. Falcon, Snake, and Billy Mays would fight to the death and it would end in something awful just awful I don't even want to imagine.
6. i dont want to imagine!
7. look harder.
8. I noticed your racism against the number 5, yes, you horrible person.
9. i own this number and do not remember allowing you to use it.


I would get off and start a revolution to free Japan from an evil tyrant using magic and robots. And maybe a heron or two.

Jaguar's back. This time, WITHOUT the monotone retardedness.
As for your question, NK, I'd stay in the anime world. While it has its flaws and dangers, it's certainly better than the boring, buerocratic dump that is the normal world.
That is all. This is Jaguar, signing out.
   hey man, sonic adventure did it right. and unleashed. (the 360/ps3 one)

sonic kirby
hi there i just joined!
im a big fan of kirby
(well blue kirby more like)!!
   Hello! Merry Christmas! How are you.

Hey, staff of KRR.
This is just a quick question, I was just wondering if you where ever going to upload the 4kids dub of the Kirby anime? The japanese dub is alright, but lets be honest: Southern Dedede and Mexican MetaKnight add to the shows originality.
I can also help, to an extent.
I'm asking this because in Australia (where I live) people here have never even heard of a Kirby TV series, because 4kids stuff never airs. This also means it's difficult to get the DVDs.
So if you could do it, I'd be really obliged.
   There are currently no plans to upload the dub of the anime. If you ask nicely enough on the forums there might be someone who has them who'd be willing to upload them, however. No promises, though.

Nintendo Man
It's the Legend of Zelda and it's really rad!
Those creatures of Ganon are really bad!
Octoroks, Tecktites, and leavers too!
But with our help our hero pulls through!
   i'm just gonna leave this here

   Closing Statements:
   Slowest mailbag ever.
   drnk now playing: 6716. YMCK - [Family Racing #04] C'mon! Swing All-stars -(01:44/03:57)- ?(^-^;)/?
   this is my new favorite song, everyone google it and download it.
   also every song i end mailbag with.
    also: drnk now playing: kohmi hirose - promise
   diggery loves you all, despite being forced out.
   More mail! Send more mail! You're not sending enough!
   this mailbag was more awkward than that time i told wildrows i was dating his girlfriend.
   and that was pretty awkward.
   ..what are you talking about
   i.. i did tell you, didn't i?
   I've never had a girlfriend.
   then .. then who is this
   I'm out of here for REALS now. Don't.. don't go replacing me again! Even though I'm not coming back ever!
   You miss us really.
   disclaimer: diddgery is not to be held responsible for hurt feelings
   See you in the New Year!
   Theme for the Next Mailbag: What did you get for Christmas, and did you make any New Years Resolutions?
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