November 9th, 2008

   Hello, faithful readers!
   It has been a long time since we last saw each other. A whole month! Unfortunately, Diggery could not make it again. He will join us one day...
   DrNK voted for Harold Saxon.
   Shiro is running for President of the Cannon Fan Club.
   Cricecannons You Can Believe In.
   Wild is the current leader of the Clay Wild army, the most feared band of hoodlums in all of Canada.
   Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has selected Disaster Kirby, a former foreign minister and a self-professed manga fan, as its 23rd party president on Monday afternoon.
~Barack Obama

Gyakuten Phoenix
Hey guys! Man, that last mailbag made me realize how cool NK is. Kururu is hardcore, and Pitch is also the best :>
What I dislike about the anime, eh? Probably the lack of originality and plot. Dedede gets a monster, Kirby gets a power, Kirby beats the monster, the end. Rinse and repeat. KIRBY KIRBY KIRBY THAT'S THE NAME YOU--*shot*
Ok! Question time.
1. Where do you work? If you don't have a job, where would you like to work? Realistically, I mean.
2. Have you ever seen Pure Pwnage? Personally, I think it's an awesome show, along with Pro at Cooking.
3. Soulja Boy as a gamer... Is that some kind of joke??
Well, that's all for now. Later!
   aww yeaaa, you said it right.
   1. uhh, i'm probably going to get a job in the government sometime in winter.
    2. wh- what
   3. what.

I'm one of those weird fans who does enjoy the anime but gets very annoyed with the people who try to mix anime and game canon and even more annoyed with the people who think that the anime is somehow better than the games.
The anime has good humor and does a good job of blending the game world into its own while still maintaining two separate universe. I love the characters in it but I do not see anime MK as game MK or anime Dedede as game Dedede, let alone seeing Kirby as a baby star warrior.
I'm gonna skip right over the 4kids problem like it's a bad memory and just say that I think the biggest problem with the anime is the speed at which it is being subbed and the second biggest problem is that fans (and to some extent, HAL) are trying to blend two very different canons in ways that they shouldn't.
questions, I guess. I'll base the first two off the anime, I suppose...
1) I know most of you guys are not big fans of the anime, so what is the BEST thing about the JAPANESE version of the anime? (people who talk about the theme song of the dub lose 50 heart points)
2) If you were to be in charge of the anime (that means plot, characters, music, artistic style, voice acting, the whole shebang), what would you have done with it? (saying "never made it" is not an answer. You would have some company or other depending on you!)
3) What game do you think has the best fan remixes of any game? I'm thinking it'd either be Ocarina of Time or Earthbound, though if Phoenix Wright had more remixes besides the orchestra and jazz concerts, I would definitely say that. I wanna hear more remixes of Godot's theme and the Steel Samurai theme, dammit!
Well, it looks like writing to you guys has become a regular thing for me, so until next time, I suppose...
   1) I can't really think of any good things about the Japanese version. The dub was the only thing worthwhile.
   2) Follow the games more, I guess. It wouldn't be some 100 episode long environmental friendly bullcrap, meaning I'd get rid of that annoying girl.
   I'd probably get rid of all the anime-only dudes anyway.
   In fact, I'd probably just do it based on the Revenge of Meta Knight storyline. Meta Knight trying to overthrow the corrupt Dedede rulership but naive little Kirby thinks he just wants to take over the world because he's cruel.
   Something like that.
   3) Touhou, of course.
   1. Nothing! At least the dub has texan dedede and mexiknight. Ha ha!
   2. I'd have gainax do it.
   3. Touhou! Undoubtedly. But Phoenix Wright does just fine with just the orchestra and jazz remixes.
   1) The fact that Kirby says more than just 'Poyo'. Also the music.
   3) Touhou, yeah.
   1. I've never actually watched the Japanese version. I can't answer.
    2. I'm not sure, really. Go figure, haha.
    3. I don't listen to many fan remixes so I can't really answer, but I've heard a few kickass Link's Awakening themes.

Personally, I enjoyed the many parts of the anime. The fact that it was mostly disconnected from the games was actually a good point for me, as it allowed for new ideas to be introduced. It was great in much the same way as my favorite anime, Bomberman Jetterz.
However, that is not to say that it was flawless. I mean, they should've tried to make certain things that were straight from the games more accurate. I mean, Sword ability from Bugzzy? Also, there were way too many filler episodes and a too much environmental propaganda.
So, about questions...
1. Kirby Wii. K64-based, or KSS-based?
2. What keeps you guys motivated to continue answering so much mail for such a long time?
3. Why do you like Kirby anyway?
So yeah, really deep questions.
Long "letters" aren't evil, are they?
   1) KSS-based with K64 ability mixing would be cool.
   2) The only motivation I have is the thought of someone else being in charge. I don't like that.
   3) The games are simplistic and don't have too much content to completely overload my feeble mind like most do nowadays.
   1. KSS-based. Definatly.
    2. It's something to do.
    3. ... ... That is a VERY good question. I'll get back to you when I think of something.
   1. KSS? i don't understand the question.
   2. somebody has to do it
   3. originally? or why do i like it still? you're being too vague! if it's why i like kirby 'now', then it's because the games are still fun.
   also there was no filler
   1. If it's still based on the four year-old promo video, then it's KSS-based.
   2. It's... sorta fun?
   3. I think it's because of the abilities. Kirby has the opportunity to utilize anything and everything, which is interesting to say the least.
   Also Kirby is pink. o Ao
   I'm going to go with Disaster for 3.
   1.) i've never played K64 before, but hopefully KSS based.
    2.) our massive paychecks.
    3.) the games are fun. or used to be at least.

Aw, I meant to send mail for the last theme and put it off too long. I'll start with that: Got Kirby's Adventure for like my 7th (I think) birthday. It was the best birthday I've ever had, and that game is still an inspiration in my life to this day.
On the current theme; I don't like the anime at all because it doesn't make me feel the way the games do. I didn't expect it to though, so it's no real loss.
Also, some answer-ables:
1. What's your current employment? Actual employment, I mean.
2. Ever wonder what the mailbag is like from our perspective?
3. Keeping up with the presidential candidacies?
4. Can Shiro have a promotion?
Also, NK, how's the cryogenics business?
   1) Flying Man of Magicant.
   2) I do try and take the mailbag in the direction the fans would prefer, which is kinda hard to do when you have five different people.
   3) A bit late for this question but yup!
   4) Shiro is now promoted to clothesline.
   1. Professional NEET.
    2. ...No? I know what it's like from the viewers' perspective.
   4. Ask Aso.
   1. Mailbag and Chat Op.
    2. Nope.
    4. Ask Aso.
   1. I'm a Prosecuting Doctor! I've said this. ((scroll up))
   2. not really! before joining the Offical Krr Mailbag Staff (OKMS), i used to be a avid reader myself.
   3. obama is president! rejoice! damn this mail is old
   4. oh. he's had one. he's had plenty of PRRRRRRRRROMOTIONS.
   The business is comimg along nicely! Possibly, even, to be made public if this keeps up. Thanks for asking!
   im also a heron and an ice fairy jsyk
   1.) none right now
   2.) somewhat!
   3.) wildrows for president
   4.) if nobody gives me one then i guess i'll have to give myself a PRRRROMOTION

I actually watched the anime when it first came out on the Fox Box. I mainly watched it because it was a game series brought to life on national television. It was pretty good at the time. But I look back now and I say, "How corny that was."
When playing Brawl for the first time and hearing Meta Knight's voice, at first it was a little unsettling to not hear that Spanish accent. But in the long run, I like MK's Brawl voice better than his anime voice because it just sounds more evil.
Anyways, questions.
1. Dr. NK, I personally think you popped out of nowhere onto the mailbag scene. Were you popular elsewhere in KRR or did Aso or someone else just ask you if you wanted to do mailbags?
2. Aso, share to the world your favorite pirate raid.
3. Wildrows, are you ever happy?
4. What is your favorite Kirby memory from any game?
   2) Ha ha, oh wow. That would probably be the time we fought off the evil forces of Uncle Gobbo. While NK messed up his pots and pans Shiro and Diddgery tooking it in turns firing each other out of a cannon at him while me and Kami plundered his ship.
   4) Dedede saving the day in Brawl!
   yeah. hardcore.
   4.) beating that stupid blimp in kirby's dreamland.
   4. N/A, since there are too many good parts.
   3. No. Never. I am never happy. Even at my own birthd--holy crap that's on wednesday I just remembered.
    4. HRM! I am not sure. Oh I know, I'll side with Disaster again.
   1. I've been around for quite some time!! I've even done guest mailbags before. I am popular with the ladies, however. Also the forums.
   lmao @ #3
   4. probably kicking fatty whales' face in with TAC in KSS.

Good news! I finally got my superstar ultra game to 100% in file 1! Anyway here are the questions:
1.Ever compare the graphics from squeak squad, to superstar ultra?
2. Will you get pokemon Platinum when it comes out?
3. Ever heard of the band called I Set my friends On Fire? I think some of its songs should've been in brawl.
4. The DSI will be realeased next april, will you get it?
   1.) i haven't played kssu!!
   2.) i already have diamond.
   3.) no i haven't
   4.) no.
   1. i prefer KSS's graphics to KSSU.
   2.yes! it will be hardcore.
   3. [17:22:35] * drnk np: 011. Megumi Nakajima - [Single #01] Seikan Hikou -(01:18/03:54)- ?(^-^;)/?
   4. no.
   1) Can't say I have!
   2) Yes. Legally? ehhh.
   3) You set your friends on fire? That's pretty whack, man.
   4) no.
   1. It's not necissarily comparing Squeak Squad as comparing the Adv Style to Ultra Style. There's not much of a difference, but it's noticeable. I preffer either or depending on what it is.
    2. Nope. It won't be much better than D/P, because you KNOW that most of the new crap is going to be Japanese only, because NoA never activates events.
    3. ._o?
    4. DSi.. Did not want DSLite. Do not want DSi.
   1. KSSU > SqSq
   2. Perhaps...
   3. ...No.
   4. Give me a good reason to first.

Aki-Chan D:
...That's what I liked about the 4Kids dub. Of course the original was amazing, Dedede easily being my favorite character (cuz he's just cool like that)(FORGET YOU META KNIGHT YOU'RE SPANISH) and... yeah. That's it. Oh yeah and Meta Knight's dub voice is terrible. It sounds... FAKE.
As for questions... oh, dear god, alright, let's go:
1. What's your favorite food? Just wondering here. I like Cheez-Its. :D
2. Take any foreign languages? How'd it go? I'm in Spanish 3 right now, it's, uh, really hard. Apparently Spanish 4 is supposed to be insanely easy, but... yeah.
3. So, NK, what's this I hear about all these frozen frogs? Freezing a frog every now and then is good for the soul, but sooner or later you're going to break one. D:
4. Uhhh... chicken. I don't know. Leave me alone. Oh, here's a question! Has anybody ever beaten the True Arena yet? I made it to Marx, but, eh, he killed me. D:
That's it for now. Seeya!
   1) Some form of cake!! Cake is good.
   2) I studied French and English when I was in school as foreign languages! (also spanish for like a year)
   3) Oh, Cirno always breaks them. Leave her to it.
   4) I tried once and got to Marx. I didn't win and haven't bothered since.
   1.) buffalo chicken
2.) i took french. and i'm not giving it back! wa ha ha.
   1. I like me some Pizza.
    2. I'm Canadian so French is mandatory. I failed it repeatedly from early Elementary up. :)
    4. Marx keeps kicking my ass too. I get worn down from Galacta no matter my strategy.
   1. We've answered this before, I'm sure. But to restate, fried rice with scrambled eggs, bacon bits, and soy sauce all mixed together.
   2. I took up to German 3 in high school, but it got boring. Plus the teacher acted like a homosexual.
   3. Yeah NK, you should chill out and be a little bit icer to those frogs. >:(
   4. Of course I did!... After about a dozen tries.
   1. those are snacks! not food. they are good though. my flavourite food is fettuccine alfredo + chicken + shrimp. i have expensive taste.
   2. lol spanish. i've taken plenty of spanish classes and don't remember a damn thing about it.
   3. its my art! only every once ina whiles i mihgt break it through i dont count thoses.
   4. i've actually not beaten it yet but i haven't tried in a month or so.

Ziggy Shadow-Dust
Hard to think what exactly I like about the anime. I could talk about the characters: Dedede & Escargoon = Great double act. Fumu = Likable and hidiously underated. Meta Knight = Cool as ever.
Yes the anime looks beautiful. No game adaptations, some heartwarming stories, great use of CGI over traditional animation, even (ashamed to say) good dub voices, specifically Dedede, Escargoon and Meta Knight.
What's your favourite Queen album (beyond the 1970's)?
   ziggy, i'm so sorry. i'm so, so sorry.
   if only for don't stop me now.
   again, i'm so, so, so sorry.
   Jazz or News of the World I guess??
   (that you have that opinion on the kirby anime)
   ((ha ha!))

Hey, there! I'm a long time Kirby fangirl, and this is my first time mailing you guys and stuff, soo, on with teh questions!!
1) Why are there two sword helpers to play as in Helper to Hero? (KSSU)
2) Why does Meta Knight blow up his own ship in Meta Knightmare Ultra? (KSSU)
3) Why did they replace Scarfy with some apple in Revenge of the King? I don't remember any apple foe in either mode on the original Kirby's Dreamland... (KSSU)
Also, a shoutout to all of you: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! ^_o-*
   1) Because some people prefer one of the knights to the other, I guess.
   2) He realised it always ends up blowing up during it's appearences and thus decided to do so just for the sake of completion.
   3) They're the evil ghosts of apples you spat at Whispy back in Spring Breeze.
   1. one is blade knight and the other is sword knight. they are metaknight's entourage.
   2. he hated the curtains?
   3. somehow i dont remember this.
   why thank you.
   1. Because the second Sword Knight shows up in Meta Knightmare Ultra. The difference between them? One has a standing up attack. Why they bothered? I have no idea.
    2. Your guess is as good as mine. I subscribe to the fact that it never happened in any kind of 'timeline' and it is just a bonus for people to play.
    3. Dunno.
   1) To reference the anime. But seriously, who knows but HAL.
   2) To see if he could if it fell into the wrong hands! But seriously, who knows but HAL.
   3) Revenge of the King isn't a perfect replica of Kirby's Dream Land Extra Mode. The Cappies didn't turn into Bloppers, and a number of other enemies were different as well. Plus there were the NiDL mini-bosses.

Dear Mailbag,
First off, Happy (belated) Halloween. What did you all do for Halloween? I didn't get to go trick-or-treating this year because I had to go to a Halloween Carnvial and face paint little kids. One of them actually wanted a Kirby facepaint.
My best friend and I dressed as the Ice Climbers, and we were suprised at how many actually know who they are (I'm serious even some of my teachers knew). Did any of you guys dress up?
   Rather than going through the trouble of dressing up and trick-or-treating for candy, I waited for children to knock on my door and ate them.
   I was going to go to a friend of mine's Halloween party, but I got sick! feels bad man.
   I handed out candy, but only four kids showed up. Oh well, more for me. Living in the boons rocks. I did not dress up.
   I sat around at home and spent the night doing the same thing I do every night -- TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORL-*smacked*
   i didn't have any plans, but a bunch of friends convinced me to go trick-or-treating like the super mature manly man i am.

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

Oh, Halloween. I was NiGHTS from NiGHTS into dreams! Perhaps I'll be kirby next year...
Anyway, the costume (made out of LINER, not actual fabric, mind you) managed to survive THREE HOURS of Trick-or-Treating! It lit up and was really flashy, but of course no one knew who I was. How long did any of YOU go trick-or-treating?

What do i like/dislike about the anime...
Obviously meta knight in a penguin suit!
   Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Asotoku\'s Mother
Asotoku, Honey.
You left the oven on again...
   Hang on, my mother doesn't call me 'Honey.' Mrs. Aso calls me that. Nice try, buddy. Nice try.

Dear KRR I really love your website it is so cool I was gonna make a website like this but I rather just stick with yours!
   Why thank you. You visitors to this site are cool too.

I hope this time you ANSWER my comments...
Ok, first of all, as we have Brawl in this place, wouldn't it be a good idea to upload pictures of Kirby related things, the ones that can and want and have (like me, for example)...
Oh, and about the topic... I am one of the little group of people that doesn't dislike anything of the anime... It was part of my Kirby childhood...?? Well, however, I loved the anime, probably because at that time I knew little about Kirby.
I hope this time you ANSWER my comments...
Goodbye, good luck, good times!
   I guess I should ANSWER these comments...
   Not that I really get your question. A section of the site where you can upload screenshots of Kirby related things in Brawl, you mean? That'd be cool.

Third mailbag write-in, wewt!
So. I liked the anime for Tiff/Fumu, because at the ripe young age of 9 I thought she was hot.
Also I saw a promotional comic in Nintendo Power.
Also was a big fan of Kirby at the time (still am), so put two and one together andddddd...

Hello. :)
Alright. I love the anime. I won't bash your views, though. ;P
What I liked about the anime ...
Probably that I had only seen Kirby in games before and that he was animated! It was exciting. Also that there were new characters with the old ones. I could relate to Fumu's short temper, and Meta-Knight was awesome. I love the pengy suit thing. Also, Escargon was a pretty interesting addition to the anime.
Anyhoo, is there ANY SMALL thing you guys like about the anime? :D I'd like to hear something positive buried in the negative comments. :P
And, what do you think of chicken fajitas?
;D Thanks for answering.
   Dedede being in it is a good thing! And he sends minions to do his bidding rather than run out into the fray himself. True to Dedede, I guess!

El Garbanzo
"Theme for next Mailbag: What did you like/dislike about the anime?"
The Kirby anime... Well, at first I hated the whole thing. A few years later (and now that I've actually watched a full episode) I realize that the reason I hated it at first was because of its stupid fans.
Not saying all of the anime's fans are bad or anything--mainly just the ones who don't realize that the games and anime are two separate storylines that are pretty much incompatible with each other. The thing that pisses me off the most is when people take the whole "Star Warrior" concept from the anime and attempt to copy-and-paste it over the games, which doesn't work at all. Kirby in the games (especially the earlier ones) was just another normal guy who only got involved because he happened to be around when someone came with the news that Dedede was up to something, or that Dark Matter screwed something up; he wasn't some "chosen warrior," he was just the only one brave enough to go see what was happening and do something about it when everyone else just panicked.

puffball ninja
All right well were to start. Well I dislike that some of the fights well suck. I kind of uses the same clips from the battle to use again. Like they are doing some random slashing, 1 min. Later and you see random slashing again and you find out ITS THE SAME MOVES. Not only that but kirby always getting smacked around. I think that about everyone really just hates Tiff, besides the one episode where those geeks make a animations of her. OH YAY!!! Besides all of that it keeps my attention right at the screen. Nice job 4kids you dumb *$£@!

hi me again this is sooo awsome im a die hard kirby fan!!!u and kirby are 2 awsome 4 word's.

The Toaster Known as Kirby
About the Kirby anime, I have to say that I love all of Kirby's Copy Abilities making appearances in each episode (the hats are adorable!, but I what I don't like is what 4kids did to the voices (*shudder* redneck Dedede.....). That's about it.
P.S. I Love you, KSSU!
P.P.S. But I'm not snooPING AS usual, though.

'Tis been awhile since I did one of these...
There's a lot to like about the anime. The goofy cartoon-ish style is probably one of the best things about it, thus making it seem less generic. Also, King Dedede and Escargoon are frequently hilarious, even in the dub.
Yes, that's right, I actually LIKE the dub. Sure, there's a couple of things that were censored, and a lot of things was changed, but it was still high-quality stuff. My only problems with it are the weird additional walking sounds (aka. tapping on a block of wood) and the occasionally over-dramatic music.
As for the original version, my complaint is the very opposite. Fast-paced action scenes don't always have the correct music, instead relying on the same scary score used in more emotional scenes. It's not THAT big of a deal, but it's noticeable.
SPEAKING of action scenes, the demon beast that Nightmare sends after Kirby are a bit TOO wacky. Seriously, a giant CORNCOB monster? A jack-in-the-box? RICHARD SIMMONS!? I know it's a kids show, but this is ridiculous even for the Kirby universe.
And the sound effects are occasionally lame or out-of-place. The sound of Amon's horn attack is a very good example of this problem.
Regardless, the Kirby anime is great, and is easily one of the better video game cartoon adaptations.
   Where is the RABID JAGUAR demon beast, anyway?
   (unless there is actually one)

What I liked about the anime:
(1) It had some nice humor (from both versions)
(2) It featured Kirby's abilities quite nice
(3) It wasn't based on just one plot per episode
What I disliked about the anime:
(1) 4Kids screwed it up with the voices and script
(2) It strayed too far from the games (even though that was the point) and is now influencing the games
(3) The Japanese theme song was too cute and unnecessary, not to mention stupid
(4) They made Kirby stupid
(5) "Poyo!"
(6) 'Cause it's an anime show. Bad excuse, I know.
And here's one question for you slave drivers:
What would you want in the next Kirby game, 3D and/or 2D?

As I expected, I review a Kirby anime!
Good parts: Cute Graphics, Great Voice Acting (English and Japanese), Excellent Music, and Kirby's abilities are awesome.
Favorite Episode: Apprentice Showdown! Cook Nagoya! (A Chow Challenge in the US)
Bad Parts: Mediocre Plot, Fighting with Monsters could be a little better, and Heavy Dialogue (English Only!).
Overall, I give this one a %79 out of 100. It is a nearly great anime for all (or some) ages.

A Penguin Named Ted
Eh-hem. I origionally made the full song, and planned to send this at Christmas...but no! You only get the last verse!
On the twelfth day of KRR, the Mailbag gave to me…
Twelve dancing Shiros
Eleven pirat hooks
Ten lazy mailbaggers
Nine pots ‘n’ pans
Eight jumping Wildrows
Seven Kirby games
Six marble statues
Five explo—PINGAS
Four gambling Kirby’s
Three ugly questions
Two paranoid Magis
   Beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Lance Corporal Dororo
I absolutely love the Japanese Kirby anime, but I hate the 4Kids dub. I think it's stupid on how Dedede's voiced like a cowboy.
Plus, I am going to turn on Asotoku's Trauma Switch unless if he doesn't answer these questions.
1. Why does Dedede sound like a cowboy?
2. Are you guys planning on dressing up as Kirby people for Halloween?
3. Do you guys like watching scary movies?
4. Freddy or Jason?
5. Oh yeah, all of your Trauma Switches just turned on.
   1) YES
   2) Dale
   3) Parasol is my favourite ability
   5) you lied to me ;_;

With the theme...
I like the anime because it's unique, the animation is smooth instead of all choppy and old looking like some cheap anime (like Tokyo Mew Mew mainly :P), better than Sonic's. LOL.
What I don't like...
Too many... new things! I found it hard to get used to. I mean, Fuumu and Boone are okay characters but they steal the spotlight from Kirby and the usually-important characters in Kirby's gaming world WAAAY too much. Also, some plots were meh. Not the best representation of Kirby.
But I still liked it! ^_^ It doesn't help I was in kindergarten at this time--that's how nostalgic it still is. O_O
I've had a crazy time lately! Busy with all my dumb fan stuff!
So, yeah, questions:
1) The New York Times is considering your mailbag worthy of a feature. What do you say to THAT?
2) I probably shouldn't ask this, but I'm curious: which mailbagger, since you've had multiple come and go over the years, would you say was the worst?
   1) I think I speak for all of us when I say PINGAS, FLYING BATTERY ZONE, POTS AND PANS, :|

   Closing Statements:
   Closing comments are like the hardest part of the mailbag, mang.
   Bye bye
   you know, i might just make my closing comment for anything now what i'm listening to at the time
   drnk is now playing: 001. Matsutani Suguru - [Nodame Cantabile Anime Original Soundtrack #07] Nodame Rhapsody (Jazz Version) -(00:24/02:32)- ?(^-^;)/?
   and i will never ever ever ever ever write a song about sibby
   Theme for the Next Mailbag: Staying on the same wavelength of the Kirby anime, what video games do you think should have an anime made out of them? Would would it be like?
   NK's asks: NK has his own mailbag theme he wants you to answer. Here it goes: "Suddenly, someone pushes you out of an airplane. You're falling, with a parachute. Normally you'd open it soon, but you see something in the distance. A giant Kirby. You can either land on it, a chance you will fall to your death, but if you do land on him, you will be taken to the land of kirby. Or you can safely pull the chute. What do you do.
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