October 12th, 2008

   Hello, my undead army faithful readers!
   Sit back in your chairs with a velvet smoking jacket and pipe*, and dig in to another mailbag!
   *(smoking is bad, kids)
   You know what they say, all toasters toast Disaster!
   If ever you look at your reflection and see something move behind you just for a second, that's NK. That's always NK...
   life cycle of a wildrows
   The Shiro is a home video game console released by Nintendo. A distinguishing feature of the console is its wireless controller, the Flying Battery Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detect movement in three dimensions. Another distinctive feature of the console is CriceCannon24, which enables it to receive messages and updates over the Internet while in standby mode.

deear aso shiro drnk wild disaster and other one,
its me again. thank you foir all those nice words, sometings i think your my onoly freds. i wish i could meet you but i live at the botom of the ocean and cant leave the water. i breath air though since my top half is a goat. maybe if you come swimming at the ocean i will be abel to see you, but i might be too afraid to talk to you. im nevrous in front of famous people. or even just regular people, since i am mostly used to fishes and krustashuns.
ok talk to you again sometimes
love from your frend diggery
p.s. i tried to rite my name this time but i am not so good at riting words sorry
   dear diggery, it is good to hear from you again!! we should have a rockin' beach party some time. wildrows makes a great volleyball.
   You're welcome, Digge--wait what. I am not! >:(
   is nice to hear form you diggery agains! we shoudl have praty and yes wildrows is a good voleyballs. love cirno.
   You guys suck. :(
   time for some volleyball practice.
   i gots thsi side
   Aww, Diggery! You're way cute than that stupid old washed up Diddgery I used to have.
   In fact, we've been lacking a cute animal mascot (excluding NK's brief periods as a heron) since that cricecorn left.
   Say, Diggery, why not join us in answering mailbag questions? Write back to me!
   -Captain Aso

When did I first get into Kirby?
Either when I got Tilt 'N Tumble from my grandma when I was 7 or possibly some time before that. I have ancient Kirby drawings that are really really awful.
A few comments about KSSU after reading the last mailbag...
Galactic Knight was EASY! I mean, after beating up a couple of enemies, I could heal myself completely AND get another helper to slay the beast. Now Nightmare was HARD. Took me over 15 Game Overs to finish that StairMaster off.
King Dedede's remixed theme in Revenge of the King was really awesome, but about the scene you see in the credits... What do you think will happen to Dedede now? (This is Question 1)
2. Any tips for beating the True Arena? I know that Wheelie Rider is broken, but my brother and I still die pretty fast...
3. Why is my letterbox full of cannoli?
4. Do you like this horrible boxart that I converted? http://i37.tinypic.com/2vc6wp2.jpg
5. Where did Disaster go? He was teh awesomest mailbagger ever (no offense to everyone else.)
Woo, that's all for now!
3... 2... 1... GO! ->
   We didn't mean fighting Galacta Knight in Meta Knightmare Ultra, we meant True Arena.
   1) He'll probably steal more food or get attacked by Kirby for no reason like usual.
   2) Stone.
   4) Well played.
   1. The ending of Revenge of the King doesn't really make any sense, since it isn't like Kirby took over his castle or anything.
   2. Hammer Flip Hammer Flip Hammer Flip
   3. No idea, paisano.
   4. Still no angry eyes?
   5. Last time I was tired that day and didn't want to participate. It's not like I quit or anything.
   1. Nothing. He'll just go back to his old role.
   2. Stone. And lots of patience.
   4. Burn it.
   I was directing my hate of Galactic Knight moreso to the True Arena rather than to MetaKnightmare Ultra. Everything was easy in MKU.
   2. Plasma is pretty rad.
   4. I was expecting angry eyes.
   5. He's right here! Unless this isn't Disaster..

Long time, mailbag... people.
What started my noticing Kirby was Kirby 64, although I think it was probably Kirby's Adventure that really got me into Kirby. Or maybe the anime. I'm not quite sure.
So, um... question, question... ooh! Have any of you guys ever try to make something in Flash? If so, what did you (try to) make?
   yes, actually! i used to mess about with Flash a lot and i like to think i got rather good at it (that's open to introspection though). ask aso, he's the one i showed most of them to.
   Okay, here is one of Shiro's ones!
   And here is one of mine, using Shiro's Diddgery from the previous flash.
   I haven't tried making anything in Flash, but one time I tried to rip a Flash apart to get what I thought was high-resolution character images. Either the images were scaled to appear larger, or my lack of experience prevented me from obtaining my desired results.
   i downloaded the flash software recently but haven't used it yet

My first Kirby game was Kirby Superstar as a helper in co-op mode, but I first really got into Kirby when I joined the KCCh team and decided to play as many of the main games and spinoffs as I could for research purposes. I fell in love with them.
I'm sad whenever someone was introduced through Right Back At Ya, though. I was playing SSU the other day and this kid comes up to me and looks over my shoulder and HONESTLY THINKS that not only is this the first Kirby game but that it was based off the show. He called Meta Knight "Star Warrior" and asked if I got to fight "the snail guy". Plus, he said Dedede's name with the accent on the last syllable. Made me sad deep inside.
Anyway, if you could choose a new game series for this site to be in honor of, who would it be? (you would still be able to do mailbag)
And, who's your favorite character from an anime? I think I've got a three-way tie between Giroro, Anita King from RoD, and Hikaru from Ouran Host Club (Kaoru's just not as cool).
   the anime is an abomination. i'm not saying nobody else can like it, i just hate it with a passion. also Dororo is pretty hardcore.
   shiro stole my answer up to dororo. switch that for kururu(/kaitou kid/soul eater/hundreds i can't think of at the moment).
   kururu is overhyped
   he is not kururu is hardcore
   Uh... I don't think I'd want to change the single fansite that I truly like!
   Also if it isn't obvious from the order I placed the characters in my submission to NK's recent forum thread... Amu from Shugo Chara o Ao
   Oh, an Aso fansite wouldn't be bad.
   Also Sogeking. There is no other.
   Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh)

It appears my last mail was lost somehow... *cries*
So I'll have to double the size of this one.
So! Have you guys gotten Kirby Super Star Ultra yet? It's pretty cool... Me being the idiot with no life, I've already beaten it all. I can only say that the upgraded Marx of The True Arena is downright creepy.
So... what got me into Kirby...?
My brother. He gave me Kirby's Dream Land 2 because he had beaten it too many times and didn't want it anymore. It was my first video game ever, and he soon got me into a bunch of other ones. But I've always loved Kirby to death.
Now, I gotta send in questions. Of course I do.
1. Your opinion on Kirby SS Ultra (if you already have it)? I thought it was pretty good, to say the very least. But it did get really repeatative after a while... I mean, you went through the game. You went through it with MK. And then the arena, it got quite boring after a while.
2. What's your favorite animal? I like wolves.
3. Dr. NK, you are a peculiar individual. I do have one question, though... Your avatar, of that blue haired girl, did you make it?
   my fouvrite animal is a penguieane.
   1. Great! I didn't think it was boring at all though.
   2. Cats. Definately cats.
   1. I haven't gotten too bored of it, but I haven't been playing it on a constant either. I think it's honestly a wonderful addition.
   2. wildrows.
   3. Not this one in particular. The character is Cirno from the Touhou series.
   1. High quality graphics, amazing quality cutscenes, plus it's Super Star, darn it. The only qualm I have is that it seems like the volume is a bit low. Or maybe I'm going deaf, iunno.
   2. Everything is better with penguins!
   3. NK's avatar sure is cool, isn't it? BlahaHA-*smacked*
   2) diggery the capricorn.

Corn Frosty
The Kirby manga got me into Kirby. I didn't know it was based on a game at the time.
Anyways, questions:
2. Are any of you going to get the DSi? Seems like a gimmick to me so far.
3. any of you want a kssu sig :cool:
4. hey guys when can i becmoe mailbager B) (no I am serious)
Anyways I am planning on drawing all of you mailbaggers some time in the near future. Look forward to it!
Your friendly neighborhood favorite cereal
   I give up, I'm stumped.
   2. Only if the DSware includes all of the great Game Boy games of the past at reasonable prices.
   3. No thanks you, I prefer abstaining from signatures. That way I'll be sure to never senselessly go over the size limitgasdfhg
   4. We need more random and more Japan! Zura fits the bill perfectly you juys.
   1. Um ... What?
   2. Good god no. I'm happy with my DS Phat.
   3. No thank you.
   4. Um .. I dunno.
    Oooh Neat! More fanart! :D
   2. if my lite breaks down which i hope to god it doesn't i love my lite i got the ffcc gemini one from nippon(serious)
   3. yea dood :cool:
   4. if we ever need someone new you will be the first person i suggest!!
   i am looking forward to said images. you're a trooper zura.
   2) I really don't see the point, tbh.
   3) best sig ever
   4) if one of us ever dies you are top of the list for being a replacement
   Also Corn Frosty has also drawn me and you can see it here. It is the best drawing ever.
   2. absatively not!

What got me into Kirby? Well, I forget how I knew this one girl, but when I was around 5-6, she had a classic, huge Game Boy and she had Kirby's Dream Land. So I played it and I couldn't get past Lololo and Lalala. I saved up for my own Gameboy Pocket with allowance money I accumulated and my third game was Kirby's Dream Land (I forget if I got it for my birthday or if I had money). I remember how hard Extra Mode was back in the day.
Anyways, my questions for your mailbaggers:
1. Who's your favorite animal partner?
2. Who's your favorite regular enemy in ANY game?
3. What is your opinion on enemy behavior? How varied do you think enemy behaviors should be in games?
4. In Amazing Mirror, what's your favorite spray paint color?
5. Are you a pirate or pirate captain, Aso? If the latter, who are your crew members?
   1. Coo. Haven't we answered this question multiple times before?
   2. Not... applicable.
   3. The fact that they come right up to your face to get eaten most of the time takes some of the challenge away.
   4. Pink!... Wait a minute.
   1. Coo.
   2. Hm.. Wow there's way too many to choose from. Um.. Goombas?
   3. I'll go with Disaster on this.
   4. The light blue.
   1. Pitch. goddamnit everyone else picking coo he's pretty rad but PITCH IS GOD.
   2. pidgey
   3. ditto w/ wild
   4. probably the white or light blue ones.
   1. Coo, definitely.
   2. umm, i can't decide.
   3. it depends on the game, really.
   4. carbon!
   4) CARBON
   5) I am Captain Aso. My crew consists of myself, First Heef Kamiyana, Diddgery, our NinjaCook Shiro, and our heron NK.

A bee I am not...
I come from 10 years into the future...
And in the future, all is devistation...
The war is raging, and we are running out of hamsters to launch out of cannons...
It is my opinion, Asotoku, that you will supply those hamsters...
1) You are chosen to save the world from aliens. What will you do?
2) Noobs are attacking your house, what will you do?
3) A girl is being harrassed by a ridiculous cult obsessed with the color blue, what will you do?
~ Buzz-Buzz
As for the theme, seven years ago I got Kirby's Dream Land 2. I thought it was a lot of fun, and my slightly-younger friend lent me Kirby's Dream Land, which she still has to this day. I started to become interested in it also because I was VERY young at this time, and like cute, simple things because I could draw them.
Nightmare in Dream Land and the anime helped boost me into a better fan--I soon became known as a big fan of the series. Now I hoard merchandise, geek out about it, run a fan site, watch the anime, import manga... yeah.
~ Leirin
   1. freze a frog
   2. freze 2 frogs
   3. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
   1) send someone else to do it
   2) freze frogs
   3) if she is good looking, she will join my pirate crew
   1. Chicken out.
   3. Get a few cans of red paint.

Hey guys! I've been reading the mailbag for a long time, but I've never got around to asking you anything, so here goes!
First of all, what got me into Kirby was playing SSB for the n64. I was about 8 when I got that and I played with him because I thought he was cute. And then the obsession started...
And now for the questions!
1. You guys seem to think that Galactic Knight was hard. I think he was pretty easy myself... anyways, what bosses from Kirby do you think are over rated?
2. If there was a Kirby Air Ride 2, would you like to see other characters included, for example, Marx?
3. ...I got nuthin' else.
   1) Drawcia, probably.
   2) Having Marx in more games is never a bad thing. Also stick animal helpers in to shut people up and Gooey just because he is adorable.
   1. Have you tried The True Arena yet? I have the feeling you haven't.
   2. Forget characters, lets focus on more tracks first, then characters and Air Ride Machines.
   3. :|
   1. He was hard in the true arena. Not in MKU. As for overrated kirby bosses.. none! None of them are. They're all awesome. Marx? Heavy Lobster? Dedede? All rad.
   2. Most deff Marx, and the animal helpers would be cool too.
   3. then neither do i!
   2. KIRBY AIR RIDE 2, yes. Marx would be cool, yes. maybe he would fly around like meta knight.
   whoops i forgot drawcia. i didn't care for her.
   1. I'm gonna go fire a cannonball into the Shimomura fanboat and say Zero Two. His design is fairly decent, but you're deluding yourself if you claim the fight is "the most epic of epic battles".
   2. Maybe Marx. There aren't too many full-blown characters in the Kirby series, remember? The first Air Ride tapped out all of the major ones, and then even had to make up new colors for Kirby.

Don't worry, there's no weird introduction thing here. At least, I don't think there is. SO UH ANYWAY THE POINT IS:
I got into Kirby by... well... seeing a Kirby 64 ad and wanting the game. Then I played Kirby 64 to death, and was afraid of dying because of the music and the screen going black. Ahh, yes. Goooood times.
Also I don't have Kirby Super Star Ultra yet, _stop spoiling it guys_ D:
pee ess: In my last letter, when I asked you what the worst Kirby thing ever was, you all answered "the anime". Explain yourselves, good sirs and woman! I didn't see anything wrong with it TBQH.
   the anime was some hundred episodes of environmental brainwashing by a little girl.. creature-thing that had nothing to do with kirby
   The anime was okay, but Kirby was unimportant to the plot of an episode outside of looking cute, getting smacked around, and defeating the monster-of-the-day with cool transformation sequences.
   the dub, on the other hand, was nothing short of a masterpiece.
   the opening theme was, anyway...
   the anime is genuinely awful and didn't relate to the games at all(thank god). the dub is a masterpiece. i'd pay money to have the dude who did mexiknight and texan dedede redub the voices for brawl.
   woman? come now, don't call Disaster that. also it's pretty hard to spoil a remake of a game. unless there's new plot-related things but seriously, who plays a kirby game for the plot?
   oh i thought the woman was wildrows
   also I am not a woman
   I'm just a littl anime gril...

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

Macey M.
Hello! It's lovely to finally send a question.
I'll get to the point.
I was introduced to Kirby by Kirby 64, actually. I played it and I found it awesome!
When the anime aired in english, I watched it and fell in love with it. (I was nine, :P)
Later on, I found the subbed version, thanks to Ivyna :D And so I watched it. It was different, but better.
Later on, I fed my love of Kirby on the games, NiDL, and KatAM... And so my love just grew.
~ Oh, and why don't you like the anime? o.o I find it pretty cool.
~Macey (I'm 13 now by the way. xD)

What got me into Kirby was Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and it was probably my most favorite game of that time (and still is). However, years later I forgot about Kirby and it became more of an on/off thing. (Wait...what?) I like Kirby now, but I'm sure I'll forget about him later on and I'll remember him. I tend to switch between franchises, like Call of Duty and Mario.

Kirby's Dream Land got me into Kirby. I'm not getting a game for my birthday. I'm not watching the anime.
See ya

I got into Kirby when I was a kid and I saw the player's guide for Kirby 64 in the store. I read it and thought it was interesting and eventually I found this website and learned about the rest of the Kirby series.

1. Well! The first time I saw Kirby was Kirby's Dream Course in 1995. Then, four years later, I was played Super Smash Bros. as my favorite character to fight with.
2. I wasn't getting a Kirby game for my birthday. However, I had that game for Christmas.
3. I finished watching the Kirby anime nearly three years ago. Today, I only see the anime a little bit.

Dark Hamsterlord
What got me into Kirby? He ate me.
Just Kidding. When I was a little kid, me and my sister played Kirby's Adventure a lot.
My question is a simple one, with a simple answer.
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
   whatever it is, it's cool and froody

Hey, KRR staff yesterday I got Kirby Super Star Ultra. Being the person I am I got the rock ability and started hitting the b button rapidly in hopes of finding the golden statue of Mario. I did, and in the midst of doing it i found two new golden wonders. The first one was a golden statue of Samus Aran, the second was a golden plaque with "HAL Labrotories" written on it with their symbol right above it. I just wanted to tell you these findings to hear your response and so you could update the cameo section. thanks ;D

I played the original Kirby's Dream Land for the original Game Boy. I believe this was the second game I ever played, after Tetris. It was especially fitting that I should play KDL when I was as young as I was (4 or 5, I think).
For those of you who don't have Kirby Super Star Ultra, how well have you been able to avoid spoilers? I managed to avoid them, but then again I only had to wait one week from release for shipping.

KDL 2. Who's asking anyway? And also, why hate on galacta knight, if that is his real name? and I shall conquer KSSU! (somebody call for an exterminator?) 50000000 bonus points to he who gets that refrence. for last two questions, don't know and don't care.

Puffball ninja
The thing that really got me into kirby was my first game kirby 64 . I loved the idea that one game charcter could have so many other powers, it is unlimited. I mean mario can throw fireballs and use a hammer but kirby couldthat plus sword, cutter, ice, ECT. 2 thing I also gave to add. Do you now if any new games will have the combining of powers thing that was in the game. I would love to see that. Here is an idea for next mailbag. If it has already been done sorry. Give an idea for a games story line or an aniame show.

Diskmaster in a funny looking bunny suit (Don\'t ask)
Hey guys, what are we gonna do about the livejournal community? It's long since dead, and I have no idea who owns it. :O
   Didn't RMD own it?
   hi disk
   this has nothing to do with the mailbag theme but i had nowhere else to put it

   Closing Statements:
   I can't think of anything witty to put here this time around. Sorry.
   damnit nk
   press the send mail button for big muscles in your MAILBAG
   Look forward to next mailbag, which may contain Diggery the Capricorn!
   Theme for the Next Mailbag: What did you like/dislike about the Kirby anime?
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