September 28th, 2008

   Hello, faithful readers!
   KSSU is out and (a few) of our Mailbag staff have been enjoying it's wonderousness!
   So, let us start.
   i hate galacta knight
   i hate galacta knight too.
   I love the game!
   That's about it for my in-depth review.
   Wildrows hasn't played the game, but he knows practically everything about the game already.
   Shiro hasn't played the game either.

Blue Kirby
It's really fun dealing with you guys. However, as usual, here are some questions.
1. Does anybody know/watch The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack?
2. Why is Diddgery reduced to just a regular question-asker?
3. Do you think there should be a new additional character called Dedede Jr?
4. Which character do you believe should make a future appearance, excluding remakes and Nightmare's appearance in the anime? Choices are Marx, Nightmare, Squeak Squad, and Dark Mind.
5. What type of game should Kirby star in next?
6. (Not really a question) If you know who "Weegee" is, what would you do if he came to you when you were sleeping.
   1) nope
   2) Because that's all he wants to be.
   3) That'd be ridiculous.
   4) Marx firing laser beams out of his mouth never goes wrong.
   5) They have a working formula, they have no reason to change it.
   1.) nope.
   2.) because he quit! he wasn't "demoted" or anything stupid like that.
   3.) not really.
   4.) Marx, most def.
   6.) "goddamnit Wild, stop it."
   1. I don't even know what that is.
    2. I don't think Diddgery's sent in any mail since he left. Diggery has, though. They have similar names, so I understand your confusion.
    3. No. Bowser Jr. sucks in Super Mario, and a Dedede Jr. would suck in Kirby. No.
    4. Nightmare making a comeback would be neat. It'd be better than all these new 'Dark NAME' characters we've been getting.
    5. A good ol' platformer.
    6. Go back to bed, WEEGEE.
   1. um, no.
   2. why are you asking us!
   3. nope.
   4. yeah definitely marx.
   5. platformer, same as usual!
   6. ditto wild
   1. I find that offensive
    2. Revor was swallowed whole by Aso
    3. For the love of god no
    4. If there is a god there won't be anymore kirby anime
    5. One where he sucks in enemies and absorbs their powers.

All right, three questions.
1.) If they made the Wii Kirby game, would you buy it for $60.00?
2.) What got you into Kirby?
3.) Which one of you made a mess of my pots and pans?!? Holy crud, someone stole my Wii! Someone spray painted my walls with a :| Are these cannonball marks? Who took my box of Japanese Animes! Is this the corpse of a robot Penguin and a Cricecorn? Or maybe its a hamster?
   1) Going by the exchange rate as of right now, that'd be about 32. That sounds a reasonable for a Wii game, so why not.
   2) Joining KRR. Yeah, I joined the site before becoming a fan. Crazy, huh.
   3) It was all Bad Horse. He rides across the nation, the thoroughbred of sin.
   1.) ...
    2.) KDL for the gameboy! it was a pretty sweet game.
    3.) i think there's a pill for that.
   1. I'd be hard pressed to buy any game for $60.00, but I don't even have a Wii so the answer is no.
    2. My parents bought KDL for me when I was 8. 3. i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this video on 10 other videos i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
   1. What is this, the early 90s? Nobody pays $60 for a video game anymore.
    2. ...I ...have no clue honestly. I remember getting KDL2 and liking that.. 3. I don't think a Cannonball would make just a 'mark' in the wall. :|
   uh actually wild most new games are $60 now
   Pfft. Where I come from $50 is not $60.
   1. Sure! Why not. I'd pay that much for a 360 game that probably doesn't deserve it.
   2. Kirby Super Star.
   3. magi is my heron accomplice
   next question please

   is this the question
   magi is here so things are turning twice the awesome

KRR fan
Hi I love your mailbags so I made a picture for all of you because you are so cool! I worked hard on them :>
   where am i
   i love you so much
   i am not on there this is the worst picture ever
   no magi you're a frog
   and inside one of the icecubes
   i'm sure of it.
   Thanks for the picture. You're looking pretty good, nk!
   i know! :)
   why did shiro steal my bandana
   why did aso steal my glasses

Hello, Mailbag-meisters.
1. First off, Asotoku, regarding the Brawl Hacks Galore! thread in the forums, it must take some skill to get those hacks working and in picture-worthy shape. Do you do this for other games too?
2. What would be your dream job?
3. What will you be doing 5 years from now?
4. There's a bear behind you.
   1) While I've played with other games, I haven't taken any screenshots or uploaded them on the internet.
   3) London, probably.
   2.) i wish i was pirat
    3.) i dunno lol
    4.) oh.
   2. Winning the lottery
    3. Hopefully crunching numbers for the rest of my life
    4. oh that's just wildrows
   2. I have no idea.
    3. I have no idea.
    4. Pah. Wouldn't suprise me. They try to get in my shed every summer.
   1. Not really actually. SORRY ASO STEALIN UR THUNDER
   2. doctor prosecutor/heron/ice fairy combo. definitely.
   3. Hopefully well into getting my law degree!
   4. no that's wild- damnit magi

Noctourne Wonderland
Theme- I own the Kirby toys that they had at Wendy's fast-food reataurants a while back (sorry, no pics). Other than those and the games, nothing. =(
Everyone's probably asking this, but who do you think benifitted the most from the new graphics in Super Star Ultra? Who do you think looks the worst in new graphics? The game itself as a whole is gorgeous- I think it takes all the good aspects of the original magnum opus of Kirby and, well, makes it...ultra! And those cutscenes! The new names for Dyna Blade's levels are cute- Mallow Castle makes me think of Mario RPG, though. XD
   I don't kave KSSU blaaaa haaaa haaaa
   KSSU is great, but I actually prefer the original look to this one. Plus there are some little changes in it that annoy me a bit, like changing some of the treasures in GCO! What's up with that!!!
   I don't kave KSSU either blaaaa haaaa haaaa
   Marx and NOVA looked pretty cool in the cutscenes.
   I don't think anyone looks bad enough to be considered the 'worst'. They all look good. Kinda going with Magi, I prefered the original look.

Well, I recently purchased Kirby Super Star Ultra (Omega Deluxe Alpha (extended name)) and to be completely honest I would have to say this is an excellent remake, in fact it's up there with Kirby 64 and Amazing Mirror (which are some of my favorites). It's got nice graphics, LOTS of gameplay and for once an AGGRAVATINGLY DIFFICULT KIRBY GAME! I was impressed by Revenge of the King, which re-animated some old gameplay, such as the Star Chariot, and dialog. Oh and you finally get to meet that blue-bandanna Waddle Dee, if only for a fraction of a second ;D.
But anyway, what were your guys' opinions on the game? Did you like Helper to Hero? What about Capsule J2, better than Capsule J(1) or disappointing?
   I think it's a great remake, but it's not difficult. There really is no such thing as a difficult Kirby game. (Except for the True Arena which was difficult at first) Helper to Hero is alright, and I don't care about capsule j(2)
   Oh, I loved it. Greatly amusing, I thought - I'd say better than the original. The returning enemies/bosses in Revenge of the King were a welcome addition, and Meta Knightmare Ultra had an interesting final boss. I am horrible at the arenas.
   The game is great in general and Helper to Hero is fun. The True Arena is hard as fffffff, though. Capsule J2 is the frikkin terminator.

Midna this is what you call a computer? Huh. Pretty interesting. I'd never experienced one of these things before until I'd got to here from the Twilight Realm in a series of events much too detailed to go into right now.
also this nothing that i have on is severely cold how i long for the bikini i used to have before i escaped from the twilight realm D:
Anyways. Long-time reader, first-time sender. Here is some questions, as every mailbag must have one:
1. What is two minus one?
2. Do you like freeform jazz?
3. Are you a vegetarian
4. Have you ever played golf before?
oh wait i guess these questions are supposed to relate to kirby in some way sorry
1. What is your favorite Kirby stage?
2. What is your least favorite Kirby enemy?
3. Favorite ability? (Note: DISASTER is not an official ability. Do not put it down. I do not know where you live.)
4. Hardest Kirby boss?
5. Best Kirby music?
6. Worst. Kirby. Thing. Ever?
Well, bye. I have some gaping huge green portal in the sky to close up before the Twilight Realm and Earth merge.
So, uhh, see you later.
~Signed, Midna
1. uh maybe the one in that one game
   2. fatty whale
   3. rainbow kirby
   4. Galacta Knight
   5. Dedede's theme
   6. The anime
    also you're not midna don't even pretend
   3) NO
   1) Oh, I dunno. KSS Halberd.
   2) Scarfy is pretty silly. Except for Apple Scarfy in Revenge of the King. They're pretty cool.
   Answers 4-6 are the same as Magi's.
   1.) FLYING B-- that castle in Dyna Blade.
    2.) i hate those one-eyed things that chase after you :(
    3.) wheeeel
   4.) um, i dunno. i beat them all pretty easy.
    5.) that first bit on the halberd in ROMK.
    6.) the anime.
   a1. difficult.
   a2. but i prefer orchestra.
   a3. there were scallops in the stews
   a4. yes.
   b1. the one with the freze eyece
   b2. the frog
   b3. to freze frogs probablys. its an art. an art of mine.(wing)
   b4. galctia knight and that boss at the end of true arena (not spoiling for wildrows)
   b5. marx's theme or new dedede theme in kssu
   b6. anime.
    signed, cirno
   1. The Great Cave offensive counts as one level right? A really big one.
    2. Those jerk animal killers in KDL2 that kill off all your Animal Helper's health in one hit.
    3. I've said many times over I can't choose a favorite. :(
    4. I've been hearing the new bosses in KSSU are pretty hard. I'll go with them.
    5. I do like the Brawl Mix of Regenge of MetaKnight.
    6. Anime.

Samus Fan
I only have a kirby plushie whick is technicly (yay i cant spel) my little brothers :(
2 Which is the coolest number: pi, 42, i (square root of negative 1), undefined, or elevendysix? I asked my scarry math teacher that, I have yet to get a reply.
3 Anyone here have Spore? I want it, so I can make Kirby, MK, and *shudders* NK.
   1) All of them. Yeah, I said it. All of them. They're all good! They all a range of different things. Put them all together and you get combined fun. Stick with one and you only get a third of the fun. See what I'm getting at?
   actually changed my mind krr mailbag is better than those three
   3) I have Spore. It's not all that special.
   Well, creating things is.
   1. You know what? If you asked me that question 6-7 years ago I would have had the same answer you did, but considering how truly bad I think the Wii is (like, really, it's a terrible console) I'm just going to go with Microsoft.
    2. n/a
    3. n/a
   1. im not going to choose! why do i have to!! i will not. not even a little.
   2. are you a horrible troll or a wonderful troll i cant tell
   3. asos a pirat he has spoar-- also it would be kinda difficult to make me. probably.
   1. Nintendo and Microsoft. Hah. There hasn't been anything on a Sony system I enjoyed (that I've played, at least) aside from Metal Gear Solid.
    2. Pi is pretty cool. Longest number ever.
    3. I should not have gotten Spore. I'm uncreative and don't do much with it.
   1.) all 3, but nintendo needs to STEP IT UP a little.
    2.) 42, obviously. only the froodiest of guys know why, though.
    3.) yes. my race of cricecorns is slowly dominating the universe.

The Extra-Ordinarily Expanding Paddle
Greetings from the land of the mystifying and generally ignorant my good mailbagmen!
I am known as the Extra-Ordinarily Expanding Paddle, or teoep in short.
I wish to provide your usually mediocre and simple questions section with a sprinkling of myself! For what good thing could exist without moi?
I shall write regularly to yonder mailbag, so become prepared!
I shall ask you a question so all is not pointless, or rather, a riddle to solve.
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
If you are to complete this challenge, great rewards shall become apparent in the near future.
Farewell for now!
   because one of its legs is both the same
   I .. ..don't ... know?
   ping! you are now a sandwich.
   Results 1 - 10 of about 77,300 for Why is a raven like a writing desk?. (0.13 seconds)
Nope. Not seeing it.

Hey there, everypeoples! Instead of blabbing on about nonsense like some other senders, I'm going to actually ask questions!
1. What would you guys do if it weren't for Kirby?
2.Who is the best underrated character in any Kirby game?
3. What the heck does "PINGAS" mean?!?!
4. Kirby Super Star Ultra: EPIC FAIL or EPIC WIN?
   1. probably the same thing i do now
    2. the tooth with the cape
    3. uh.........45 DEGREES! YOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH!
    4. YOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOokay it's epic win i guess
   magi is amazing
   1) Well, I wouldn't be doing mailbag right now and I'd probably be doing something less awesome. Mailbag is great. Mailbag is good. You people are beautiful.
   Not as beautiful as me. That's not possible.
   2) the sixth waddle dee you come across in kdl3
   3) I'd show you an example, butI don't have one!!! I'm just bones!! Yohohohohoho!!!
   1.) probably not play kirby!
    2.) i dunno.
    3.) press the s button and you'll find out.......
   1. Quite a bit actually. Quiiiite a bit. Heh heh. heh. hehhhh
   2. agree with magi
   3. you ask that, but i see you there. snooping as usual.
   4. the ladder.
   #1 did not come out how i planned
   Hey, that wasn't very nice. Some of their nonsense is pretty cool.
    1. Metroid.
    2. I can't think of anything so I'll go with Magi and nk. :|
    3. PINGAS
    4. Win.

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

Someone just ask me, "What game is the hardest boss battle?" I'll tell you this. The hardest boss battle is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you select an Intense difficulty, every boss is much harder and faster. But beware! All 10 bosses, except Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Petey Piranha are instinctively KO you quickly. When you reach Tabuu, the ring of death will kill you quickly.

Dear Strong Bad,
How does one type with Boxing Glo--
(red text, bold)THIS USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST.(end red text, bold)


I <3 Ninjas!
NK, I just wanna say that herons are awesome! Asotoku is lucky to have such a cool bird! Also, if Shiro is a ninja, then why does he tell everyone he's a ninja? Shouldn't he keep his ninja-ness a secret?
p.s. pipipipipipipipipipipipipipi
   Shiro just throws you off. If he tells you he's a ninja, you don't believe him. Then, when your back his turned, he sneaks NK into your kitchen and your pots and pans are made a mess of. Then Shiro kills you. To add insult to injury.
   must... kill... ninjas...
   you wont think we're so awesome when you check your kitchen......... pipipipi.. :>
   maybe i tell everyone i'm a ninja so they think that a real ninja wouldn't say he's a ninja to distract from the fact that i am in fact a ninja.... or am i?
   must... kill... narutards...
   * Shiro explodes.

I don't own any kirby merchandise except for games which are NiDL, squeak squad, amazing mirror and K64 on my wii's virtual console(which if I understand correctly, everyone but Shiro has. But Shiros still awesome. Seriosly. So are the rest of you. Especially Bimblesnaff.)
On to the questions
1.Does no one besides me have chuchu as their least favorite helper?
2.Not kirby related! Disaster, I'm thinking of a Touhou game(probably Iamp or SWR) any recommendations and places where I can buy them/good MUGEN chars/instructions (IN ENGLISH)
3. What do you think your favorite KSSU ability will be
P.S. Iamp english translation is out, unless it was deleted, you'll find it on the message boards
   I dunno about purchasing, but if I'm understanding your question right a good place to get Touhou games in English is here.
   That's an external link. We are not responsible for it.

   Closing Statements:
   closing comment
   Theme for the Next Mailbag: Turning a question Enker asked us earlier against you all: What got you into Kirby? Getting a game for your birthday? Watching the anime?
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