September 7th, 2008

   Hello, faithful readers!
   Ah, the September blues. I'm sure the majority of our readers will be going back to or have already started going back to school now. That may or may not be a good thing for you. If it isn't, we feel for you! We really do.

Blue Kirby
Well I don't really have too much but I have this. It's basically a fanmade drawing of my name.
I also copy and pasted the Kirby Super Star Ultra boxart, cropped it, and color printed it so it could be used as a cool cover design for one of my school folders.
So anyways ... the questions come:
1. Since Kirby Super Star Ultra is on its way, I shall ask this one. Who was your favorite helper from that game?
2. Do you think that they should make another Kirby game after KSSU and the supposed Kirby Wii?
3. We all saw the terror of 4Kids taking over our beloved puffball as they turned the anime into a freakish nightmare with a redneck Dedede. But here's the question here ... what if Al Kahn and his 4Kids gang of grunts came here and redubbed you guys so you wouldn't sound the same.
4. Has this happened to your computer before?
5. Ever imagine cats wearing afroes?
6. Anybody here ever tried Yugioh Card Maker?
   1) Well, TAC. TAC was every helper. :)
   2) Well, yeah. Otherwise we'll have nothing to talk about!
   4) My computer has experienced worse things.
   5) Now I have! Creepy.
   6) I've used it on the rare occasion. It can turn up some interesting results.
   1.) either biospark or wheelie.
   2.) if they get someone to do it right, sure.
   3.) fortunately our horrible and tokenly foreign accents would be impossible to detect through text.
   4.) n-no i can't say it has.
   5.) no, but i have now. and it is wonderful.
   6.) i made an ERNOLD! D8 card once (nobody will get that joke though.) Aso made a Cannon card, too. no guesses as to what that was for!
   1. Uh... um... I don't have a favorite okay
    2. No, they should finish Kirby Wii first and THEN figure out what to make next.
    3. It would still have the awful stock music, though.
    4. "This"? Not sure. However, "that" happens to my computer all the time! Blahaha- oh what there was an image with this question
    5. ...No.
    6. Also no.
   1. Hm. I don't really have a favorite helper. I just take what's available, or what I need for a backup power later on.
    2. It doesn't matter if I think they should or shouldn't, they'll make more. That's how they make money.
    3. I...don't know.
    4. Hey I had program like that ages ago, except instead of beetles, there were termites that ate the screen away. And you could smash 'em with all kinds of stuff like a hammer or a flamethrower.
    5 & 6. and no.
   1. Favorite helper huh.. maybe Sir Kibble. Or Simirror.
   2. Sure they should. It would be infinitely better if Sakurai got back in on making them, but that's hardly going to happen.
   3. I'd demand either mexiknight's voice or the texan dedede. I love those guys.
   4. If you mean 'has my computer ever gotten an error message', sure. That specific one? Dunno.
   5. not really, but i can definitely imagine frogs wearing them. gahahahdajkdlkdfslk
   6. Yes! I made a Cirno card and it was most certainly the storngest.

Meta Leonidas
There he is :D I got him from Gen Con this year, directly from Japan :D
I've never actually sent anything to the mailbag this is rather exciting :D
So here are some questions:
1. What kind of Kirby merchandise do you think would sell well?
2. Would you go to a Kirby Convention?
3. What would you suggest? Broccoli or Brussel Sprouts?
   1) Oh, various Kirby plushies would just walk off shelves if they bothered to sell them in actual stores.
   2) I wouldn't go to any convention. Unless I went with NK.
   3) Broccoli any day.
   1. I'd buy a plush Marx.
   2. Depends! If it's close to where I am, maybe.
   3. I like broccoli. Can't stand brussel sprouts for the life of me.
   1. Shirts? iunno, Kirby isn't really the kind of series that you can slap onto everything and expect it to sell.
    2. ...Maybe? I'd rather it be KRRcon, though. Or a Nintendo in general convention.
    3. I would suggest you stop eating awful-tasting healthy foods.
   1.) the kind with kirby on it! but really, it depends on who's buying it.
    2.) er... probably not.
    3.) broccoli.
   1. I can't think of anything. I suck at questions like this.
    2. I guess. Depends if friends are going.
    3. Broccoli.

I really don't have much Kirby merchandise. I have Kirby Air Ride, all the Kirby DS and Game Boy Advance Games, and Kirby 64. Although I think somewhere in the attic is Kirby Super Star for my broken SNES. I have one kirby thing that isn't a toy though. Got it off ebay in my Kirby obsession: [IMG][/IMG]
Question time!!!!!
1. What Legend of Zelda games have you played. (I bought Ocarina of Time off the Wii Shop Channel and now I'm attached.)
2. Shiro I'm saving up money to buy you a Wii, four controllers, and two games of your choice. Is this ok with you?
3. Do you think that you should get paid for your mailbag duties?
4. What is your favorite sound effect to type? (i.e. kaboom!)
5. Do you ever want to ask us fans questions instead of us asking you questions?
   1) Oh, just about all of them. I couldn't list them all because we'd be here for days. Ocarina of Time was the best, though.
   2) Nobody ever offers to buy me things.
   3) Yes.
   Yes we should.
   4) PINGAS
   5) I only usually question some fan's sanities.
   1.) just about all of them, save for twilight princess and phantom hourglass.
    2.) er, w-what. on the off chance you're serious, please don't!! i'd feel really bad.
    3.) hey aso, i think he's on to something.
    4.) PINGAS
    5.) i dunno. it might be interesting and or fun, but it would be complicated to set up.
   1. I've played all of them. Well, unless you count the CDi games. In that case, I havn't played all of them.
    2. Ha ha oh wow.
    3. No. No I do not. That's just silly.
    4. Um.. I don't know. :(
    5. Not really, no.
   1. All of them! Except I still haven't beaten the original or Link's Awakening yet. (no the CDi games will never count)
    3. Ugh, no way; if making these qualified us for money, I could get rich just sitting around the house all day.
    4. Engsmsplode, of course.
    5. Not really, because I know everything! Blahaha-*smacked*
   1. Nearly all of them! Aside from the first and second originals. Started with A Link to the Past.
   2. that plastic hole will get filled yet, shiro......
   3. damn right.
   4. PING- darnit shiro
   5. pipipi.. pots? :>

Hey guys!
I have some questions!
1. Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog?
2. Isn't Michael Phelps amazing?
3. Have you heard David Archuleta's new single?
4. Isn't it upsetting that WB pushed back the release of the 6th Harry Potter movie to July 2009?
5. If Kirby ate Harry Potter, what would happen?
   1) Of course. It was the best thing ever. That's why Bad Horse came for us.
   2) No.
   3) Who?
   4) Not really. books are always better
   5) The worst crossover ever.
   6) question åĒĻoun
   1. a sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get information in reply.
   1.) yes!
    2.) who..?
    3.) what..?
    4.) i'm not a fan of the potter movies, but think of it this way: the more time they spend on it, the better it will be.
    5.) well isn't that wizard
    6.) THIS IS NOT A QUESTION (this brings back memories)
   what the heck is all this
    none of these have to do with games
    5. He'd get the Magic ability, obviously.
   1. Who?
    2. Who?
    3. Who?
    4. Companies do things like that all the time.
    5. Who knows? Probably some ability related to Wizards and Magic.
    6. Red + Blue = Purple. :D
    1. I take it you haven't seen the last couple of mailbags.
   2. Yeah yeah sure sure, he's good and all. Seven world records is just fine.
   3. who

   if you can PINGAS him, i'll give you a prrrrrromotion
   delighted to come
   Snooping as usual, I see!
   how thoughtful of me to offer you te-te-te-tea

"Carrying on with the merchandise theme, do you own any Kirby merchandise? Maybe even Kirby-themed bedrooms? If so, please do send in photos (or descriptions) if you can, so we can show them off here!"
No, but I want and maybe
My friend's also sending me a birthday present with a kirby plushie she made in it and something else that is "pink and round".
I want to get them really soon. -_-
Oh, and does having a printed out copy of the KRR fan-fic "The Apple Tree War" by Tikitikirevenge count?
Ok, now for some real questions-
1. Do you dream in color?
2. Have you seen Wall-E yet? Because you should. It's awesome.
3. Disaster Kirby is teh awesomez. xD
4. Have any of you guys seen the Longchu cheat? It's nightmare fuel, truly.
And, umm... That's all I can think of right now... ^^'
   1) U-uh, I guess?
   2) Yes I have.    3) He splodes stuff up.
   4) I've done it myself, and took screenshots. And posted them on the forum, along with many other nightmare fuels.
   1. I think so...
    2. Yes I have.
    3. \o/
    4. Pikaman? Yeah I saw it. Crab Toon Link and Sonic-Peach are more nightmare-inducing than it, though.
   1. I would imagine so.
    2. I don't want to.
    3. Nope.
    4. In my day, a cheat was something like Infinite Lives. I would think the Moveset Swaps are more like Novelty Codes than Cheats. To answer the question though, yes, I've seen Longchu, and no I don't think it's nightmare fuel.
   1. Yes.
   2. I haven't! I have not seen that movie.
   3. disaster kirby is teh PINGAS
    4. Not only have I saw it, I've made it. Nessquirtle is much more amazing however.

Corn Frosty
accumulated over about 7 years; I found kirby first through manga.
I have no idea where these are anymore
whoops what's this doing here
   what is this corn frosty nonsense!? submit to the will of the crunch or you will be ended.
   also, TOON LINK
   where are the questions

dear mailkbag
hi it is me again. i want to be pen pals if thats okay, so let me tell you what i did yesterday.
yesterday was my birthday and i was excited about it. i decorated the cave i call home with the nicest sea shells i could find and i told some of the other sea creatures that it was my brithday. but on my birthday nobody came. and then the sea shells turned out to be hermit crabs and various mollusks and htey all left me. but at least i got to eat some seaweed instead of going hungry.
it was my best birthday ever.
love diggery
p.s. i tried to make another drawing of me. this time it is what i did on my birthday
i think it looks ok. i have been practicing because i have nothing els to do.,
   I cried manly tears reading this. You're a trooper, Diggery. Let's be best friends.
   Dear Diggery
   hey mang
   we should hang out later
   from your BFF Shiro
   p.s. don't let those hermit crabs bother you, they are jerks
   still no questions
   hi diggery. we cans be firends. i will send you a froze frogs for your birthdays. if i visit the water might get too cold and thats woudl be not good. sinciernly cirno

curious guy
Kirby merchandise? Hmmmmmmm... Well i have a mcdonalds toy of kirby on a warpstar if that counts, but I'm only 12 and dont know HOW to send in a photo.
1. disaster, actually the metroid series can go somewhere due to the fact theres a ship following samus at the end of prime 3 if you get a 100% completion.
2. are you guys happy that the water ability is going to be in kirby wii?
3. are you guys also happy that Robo Mecha Dedede is in kirby wii?
4. who wants the animal friends to return? Well thats all i got, bye!
   2) There's a water ability?
   3) If the game ever comes out I will have great joy destroying it. (hi RMD)
   4) Everyone wants Kine. He carries lightbulbs in his mouth.
   2.) oh. i am interested to see how it works out.
    3.) wait, what
    4.) that would be pretty great: coo was pimp.
   1. Except that the Prime subseries occurs before Metroid II: Return of Samus, making the trio of games a bunch of middlins. So any game that is based off of Prime 3's ending would also be a middlin.
    2. Just have to have an ability for every element, huh?
    3. I'm indifferent.
    4. They were interesting, but a combination of the moves from the hats and the animal friends would result in waaaay too many complexities for a Kirby game.
   1. It could! The way they ended it was clearly pointing to something further.
   2. Assuming Kirby Wii still comes out, It will definitely be interesting to try out.
   3. Most certainly! RMD being in Kirby Wii is brilliant. I was talking to him about it.(ha ha!)
   4. It would be pretty cool if they were included somehow. Pitch especially. Best one.
   1. Ah, too bad Retro is taking a break from the Metroid Series so we won't see what comes of that ending for a long time, huh? Also Disaster has a point or something, too.
    2. Could be interesting.
    3. RMD is dead. He can't be in a video game.
    4. Hmm. It would be nice, but I preffer the Super Start gameplay style.

Hey. It's me again.
First off, I'm going to laugh at NK for telling me he'd sell himself to me as long as I was a female. BAHAHA!
And next... I have a Kirby and a MK plushie, but no where near Ivyna's collection. (Have you guys seen it? It's huge!) And I'm cheap, so I won't show you guys. (too lazy)
Again, I have questions for all of you!
1. So... With Nintendo's latest previews of video games, what are you looking forward to in the next year? I mean, besides Kirby Super Star Ultra?
2. What's your favorite video gaming system?
3. What's the coolest thing ever?
   Sonic Chronicles.. if that counts.
   Other than that I have no idea what Nintendo is coming out with? Outside of Nintendo then Fable 2.
   2) Dreamcast. Dreamcast? Dreamcast!
   3) That would be myself. Not Shiro, me. Always me. Forever.
   1. Uh, Wario of course, and... uh... all the other announced Nintendo games right now suck. There's actually some decent third party games worth looking at now though, like The Conduit and Madworld, and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World comes out in November...
    2. The Nintendo 64, easily. The Super Nintendo has tons of great games as well.
    3. Japan.
   Don't you know it. ;) (no i'm kidding, you're great though.)
   1. Well I actually DO want Animal Crossing, but I'm not megas looking forward to it, or anything else coming from Nintendo that I can think of.
   2. The PS2 is probably the best system, but it's not my favorite. Probably the SNES. aww yeaa.
   4. daleks.

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

Well! I have good news. I FINALLY got a Wii! Now I can start playing Brawl once and for all.
Oh! I don't want to use my Wii friend code. It's for private gamer only.
I own my merchandise, the medium-sized Kirby plush doll. Unfortunately, I don't want to send picture to you. Sorry!

I have been in love with Kirby for, ironically, seven of my eleven years alive (though more like about eight now). Dedicated, but nothing too impressive I guess. And for about five years it's been my favorite thing, ever. =)
Let's see.... I don't really have a camera/knowledge of it so I haven't taken pictures of my collection (or have I?), but I have amassed some good stuff. If it's not too redundant, I'd like to give direct links to official images of the products on occasions.
Official Comics/Manga:
Hirokazu Hikawa's "The Story of Dedede"
Volumes 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, & 15
Yoshiko Sakuma's
Volume 3
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards 4-Koma Anthologies
Volumes 1 & 2
Kirby: Squeak Squad 4-Koma Anthology
Volume 1
[On this site]
The Kirby Collection
Episodes (dub order) 1 to 9
Kirby Right Back at Ya: Fright to the Finish
Games I've Played:
Kirby's Dream Land (borrowed)
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (GBC)
Kirby's Dream Land 3 (ROM)
Kirby Super Star (ROM)
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (64)
Kirby's Adventure (VC)
Kirby: Squeak Squad (DS)
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (GBA)
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land! (GBA)
Kirby: Canvas Curse (DS)
Kirby: Air Ride (GCN)
Kirby: Tilt 'n Tumble (GBC)
All "Smash" Titles on their respective systems
BK Kirby Top Spinner
Kirby soft plush
Kirby keychain
Box of Kirby toys (got this at a convention, my brother has some too)
Paint Kirby, Meta Knight, Plain Kirby
A Kirby figure I got some time ago, but it's banged up thanks to my brother.
Yo-Yo-esque Kirby plush toy. It rings.
I've made some figures myself as well.
Other stuff:
I have a Kirby website (random). Oh, and on one of my birthdays, it was Kirby themed with Kirby plates and hats and a Kirby hat and piniata made by my mom. This year's party (earlier this month) Mom made me another Kirby cake, although due to costs it was not entirely a themed party.
The Future:
I also plan on creating a Kirby anthology (if I can ever organize a group), writing guides and other "fan books", and other things. I hope to create another great Kirby site (there are very few. )=)
I, even though it sounds useless, would like to import a Japanese guide too to show off (they never make guides in English for Kirby!!). I also NEED a soundtrack. The music in these games is astonishing, and makes me remember my earlier years.
Sorry for being so long. Oh, and a couple random questions:
1. On a scale of 1 to 10, what kind of fan of Kirby would you say you were? I might be 7.5/10 or 8/10
2. Do you agree that Kirby should have his own Happy Meals like Mario (or Smash Melee did), or do you think he would become a sell-out like Sonic the Gloryhog?
   6 or 7? I play the games and enjoy them, but I don't really go any further than that.
   Unless you count answering questions about it.

Besides a couple games, none. I used to have some kinda cook Kirby slot machine thing from burger king, but that disappeared. I have non-kirby merchandise (a bunch of pokemon figurines, some stupid pseudo-pez dispenser that makes Link look like a girl, a monkey dressed in a tootsie roll wrapper...)
Anyways, do any of you guys go bowling? At bowling alleys? With people? And nachos?
   I love bowling.
   I use cannonballs.
   And Diddgery.

I don't own any Kirby merchandise myself, but-
Yo listen up here's a story
about a little puffball that lives in a pink world
and all day and all night and everything he sees
is just pink like him inside and outside
pink his house with a pink little window
and a pink corvette
and everything is pink for him and hisself
and everybody around
cos he ain't got nobody to listen to
I'm Kirby da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die...
I'm Kirby da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die...
I have a pink house with a pink window.
pink is the colour of all that i wear.
pink are the streets and all the trees are pink.
I have a girlfriend and she is so pink.
pink are the people here that walk around,
pink like my corvette, it's standing outside.
pink are the words i say and what i think.
pink are the feelings that live inside me.
I'm Kirby da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die...
I'm Kirby da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die...

kid kirby #1
1. I have lots of Kiby merchandise. I arranged it into a shrine of Kirby on top of my tv stand.
2. Do you think there will be any new Kirby modes in Kirby Super Star Ultra? I do.
P.S. Kirby <('.')>
   There will be new modes. Two of them are called Revenge of the King and Meta Knight Ultra.

Let's see... What Kirby merchandise do I own... Well, Nightmare in Dreamland, Squeak Squad (which sucked), and a plushie.
This reminds me, let's all play Brawl later. Then Mario Kart Wii. Then some other online Wii game that Shiro doesn't have.

   Closing Statements:
   I think I got razorburn. :(
   Wildrows must learn to keep away from sharp mail.
   I mean bye everybody!
   be sure to get back to me, diggery!
   im frezeng through the skies, yeah
   two hundredth (of a) degrees
   thats why they call me mr frezeinhight
   im travlin at the speed of 9
   i wanna make a supersonic frog out of you
   oh dear I'm getting a PS2 next week
    my reign as a Nintendo fanboy is gonna be destroyed
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