August 24th, 2008

   Hello, faithful readers!
   When I said last week I'd get around to answering mail we missed, I wasn't expecting someone to clear out old mails. So we won't be! Sorry.
   Wildrows' absense during the last mailbag meant that he was the lone man who could (and did!) save us from the dreaded Bad Horse.
   Disaster, smelling strongly of horse breath returned home, claiming it was "like one of [his] Japanese animes!"
   Shiro tasted so bad, Bad Horse spat him back out again.

The Magnificent Flying Buttress
What is your favorite band or artist when it comes to music!
   they might be giiiiants (boy)
the arrogant worms are pretty funny too
   I don't have a favourite.
   Horrible, huh
   Various video game musical artists.
   Silver Forest. They made my favorite song, *awesome crazy Touhou remix #09*

The Jaguar is back for round three!
As for the last mailbag... Aso, HOW did you lose in battle to a toaster? Those things are COWARDS, man; it's freaking impossible to lose to those things.
A KRR store would be awesome, so long as it mainly sold Kirby products. You know, the kind of stuff that can only be found in Japan?
I just re-bought a DS (after unwittingly selling my old one months ago) as a preparation for the KSS remake. Hopefully there will be enough additional content to be fully worth it.
Speaking of the DS, The World Ends with You is an awesome game that is totally worth its price.
Is there a way to become part of the mailbag-answering staff? Do you have to be invited, or can you simply request it?
Also, since Ivy doesn't seem to be around much, anymore, is there any other staff member that I could email my Kirby fanfics to, so they could add it to the site?
Vash the Jaguar
   you must defeat wildrows in unarmed combat.
   No I don't want to fight people. ;_;
   Ah, you've never met Toasterman.
   He's no ordinary toaster.
   He's no ordinary man.
   You get specially picked by a totally unbiased panel of mailbag judges.
   Also known as Asotoku.
   You have to be a part of the "in-in-crowd", which is fairly difficult to achieve. And even then you might not get to!
    Also I think Bimblesnaff has taken up managing the Fanfiction section? Maybe it's just the Fan Comics... gah, iunno.

If there was a mailbag-themed store, then I'd wanna see...
-A Disaster Kirby plushie
-A Diddgery action figure that comes with a cannon that actually shoots him out
-A shirt with Shiro on it that says, "I DON'T HAVE A WII"
-A Mailbag's Greatest Hits CD, for no reason at all
-A shirt with Disaster Kirby's image on the back, and on the front it has a picture of one of those hand-drying things and says, "Push button, receive bacon!"
-A shirt with a picture of all the most current icons of all of KRR's mailbaggers that ever bagged a mail, and say, "IT'S MAILBAG TIME!" with the KRR logo/Mailbag Logo and a hyperlink-ish thing to the site on the back
Now it's time for a few questions-
1. How awesome do you think Kirby Super Star Ultra will be, judged by everything you've seen and the first Super Star?
2. If Aso is a pirate, then where's his parrot?
3. Have any of you guys that talk about how cool Brawl is have an account on Just wondering, because it's a really cool site.
4. Do Meta Knight fangirls make you feel all sick inside, especially when they talk about how "hawt" he is?
5. Any of you guys seen the Perfect Kirby cartoons on Newgrounds?
6. If RMD was dead, and then he did a mailbag after that, does that mean that he's a zombie?
7. What was a game/show that you thought was awesome as a kid, and then when you got older, found out that it's awful?
   1) Extremely. I mean, it's a Super Star remake, meaning it'll be awesome in the first place. But then extra content that may either be more stories focused on Meta Knight and Dedede, or MK and Dedede playable.
   2) I don't need a parrot. I've got a heron.
   3) No.
   4) Very much. He's like, a ball. With a mask. That's not hot, that's creepy.
   5) No.
   6) RMD? Who?
   7) M-Mario is Missing. I was young. And it had Mario. ;_;
   1.) if it's anything at all like the old one, it will be awesome.
   2.) it tasted delicious when deep-fried.
   3.) fffffffffffff
   4.) yes.
   5.) yes.
   6.) yes.
   7.) Kirby! ha ha ha ha hagh. no seriously, I hate that show with a passion. (but that's just me.)
   What, I can't be on the front of the shirt? D:
    1. It's Super Star. With modern Kirby graphics and new modes that apparently are "worth being sold as a separate game altogether". How awesome do you think?
    2. On back order. Quality parrots are hard to come by these days!
    3. Not really interested, sorry.
    4. I find it a little disturbing that they're swooning over a ball with a mask, yes.
    5. Yes. I liked them before I realized that they are terribly-drawn.
    6. A robot zombie? How funny!
    7. Every game show ever, except for The Price is Right!.
   k thx get out
   1. I have only looked at a small bit of screenshots. But if the mechanics don't change too much (Like Kirby's Adventure to Nightmare in Dreamland, but that ended up for the better) then it should be great.
    2. Shiro ate it. He said it was delicious.
    3. Never heard of it.
    4. Beats me. I don't know any.
    5. Yes. Neat concept, blatant ripoff.
    6. Nope. It means he's dead.
    7. Uhm.. Wheel of Fortune?

Blue Kirby
So if there was a KRR Store ...
I'd love to buy plushes and figures of ...
Asotoku, his parents, Asotoku's oven, Diddgery, Ivyna J Spider, Shiro, Disaster Kirby and such.
Anyways ... here are some questions ...
1. What do you think Project Rainbow's last few letters are going to be?
2. What if The King from Youtube Poop was a Mailbag member here?
3. Is Bad Horse ever going to return? He gave me nightmares last time.
4. Kirby Super Star Ultra for the DS is coming out in less than two months! I'm so excited!
   Asotoku's parents are just a concept. Asotoku was actually formed by the elements colliding at the same time in one place.
   1) I'm not really allowed to answer this, considering I already know.
   2) I wonder what's for dinner
   3) He is a very scary Horse.
   4) question
   a sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get information in reply.
   1. I know! I know! One of them is DAILY COMICS, I bet!
    2. Which Pooper is the King thou- ...ohhh.
   3. Oh dear I hope not. He has some crazy ability that neutralized my nuclear powers, rendering me defenseless when he ate us last time!
    4. Less than a single month now, but yeah. New Kirby game finally.
   1. No idea. Us mailbag guys are generally kept out of the loop. I know I am, at least. Why is everyone talking about KRR Stores and Staff Merchandise?
    2. ... :(
    3. I'm not rescuing them if Bad Horse comes back. They're on their own.
    4. Nostalgia bombs away!

Master Otenko
First of all thanks to the surgeon who killed the horse and rescued you, guys.
Now for the mailbag theme - I'd love to buy shirts, mugs, caps,... the typical stuff from your shop. The imprint needs to be recognizable like: "RMD is NOT dead." "Ivy is a goddess" "KRR - We've got Mailbags".
You don't know how bizzare it would be, if I meet a Co-KRR-Fan at the GAMESdotCOM (Cologne) next year.
So, here are comming some questions:
1. Which Nintendo franchise should come to an end?
2. Why do most people hate the pink creampuff Kirby?
3. Will anybody of you go to the GAMESdotCOM next year? (There will be cakes and beer)
4. What is the most important invention of all mankind?
5. ... W-What's that behind you? *disapears*
Greetings until next time,
Master Otenko
   ...Wild is a surgeon?
   ...RMD isn't dead?
   2.) but i LOEV kirby
   3.) probably not.
   4.) the cannon. heh heh heh hooorf
   1) Uh, Pokémon. Eventually they're going to just start adding robot parts to Kantomon.
   ...Or would that be good?
   2) Do they? All the visitors here seem to contradict that.
   3) I have no idea what that is, but cake and beer means I will be there.
   4) The mailbag.
   5) Nothing compared to what's behind you.
   You're damn right I am, Disaster.
    1. I have no idea.
    2. It's probably the pink. People don't like pink.
    3. I lack sufficiant funds to go on a trip anywhere.
    4. Fire, of course. Without fire, everything else probably wouldn't have gotten invented.
    5. What? It's only Shiro.
   b-but wild, i'm in front of you.
   1. It isn't so much that it should come to an end, but... where can Metroid go now? The Prime trilogy is over, and in Metroid Fusion, all of the Metroids in the universe have been destroyed (last I checked). They'd either have to make more plot-middlin' games, or DEUS EX MACHINA some into existence.

I would probably buy action figures or plushies of all the staff.
You know I've been thinking of new questions and I got some good ones...well not really.
1. What brand of Hand Sanitizer do you prefer. (I <3 Purell)
2. Have you been watching the 2008 Olymipics?
3.Do you believe in stupid questions?
4. If you had to choose would you choose 1 billion dollars or infinate food?
5. Who is your best friend in the staff on this site?
(Go to youtube and type in "The Hand Sanitizer Song"!!!)
   1) I don't.. really rate hand sanitisers.
   2) No... I've been winning medals at the 2008 Olympics.
   3) Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of the stupid questions.
   4) Infinite food. I can't use dollars here... I could convert them, but that would require effort.
   5) E-everyone? I've known Shiro long enough to make my IQ drop into negatives, though.
   1.) i like the one that sanitizes your hands.
2.) not really!
3.) ahahaha.
4.) i would choose infinite food, and start a company that sells food. i'd be infinite rich!
5.) i <3 all you guys. i've known Aso for like half my life though.
   1. Plain old soap and water.
    2. No. I think the Olympics are boring.
    3. Yes indeed. I make a lot of them, myself.
    4. The food. You can sell it as needed to aquire whatever funds you need. With a billion dollars, you're limited to just that.
5. I cannot pick just one. :(
   1. Uh, whichever brand my mom buys ._.
    2. Aren't they simply exhiliratinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    3. The same amount that I believe in stupid answers.
    4. "Infinate"? Infinite half-eaten food? No thanks, I'll take the money.
    5. Uh... um... can I use a lifeline?

Ooh, my question turned into a theme. =)
Anyway, coffee mugs are ideal. They're common among online stores, fan or not. And how about those T-shirts? Slap an ugly King Dedede sticker on it and you're ready to go! Or maybe even art folders!
(...I'm just wondering if this is a theme because it was a good idea or because you're possibly considering it...)
Anyway, some questions:
1. How does Bimblesnaff manage to update the Ask the Gurus EVERY day?
2. Have any of you been to a convention? Like, Comic Con, or Anime Expo (I know Disaster has), etc.?
3. Have you ever cosplayed?
Anyway, bye!
   1.) he's secretly a robot!
   2. and 3.) no and no
   It was because it was a good idea. We aren't considering it.
   1) He gets a stupidly large amount of mail.
   It all says "why is kirby pink"
   2) NO
   3) NO
   1. Dedication.
    2. Yep.
    3. Nope.
   1. He has a lot of free time? Or he's just really dedicated.
    2. I guess I don't need to answer this question, bahaha!
    3. ...Only for Halloween.
   Halloween doesn't count.
   Whew! Okay then, I guess I haven't.
   Wait yes I have, curses!
   ...No wait no I didn't that was Halloween too
   *head engsmsplodes*

If you made a mailbag store the first thing I'd buy is a Disaster plushie. Maybe a model of Shiro's cannon, too, and an Aso action figure...
And I'd pay RR a couple million to buy NK. I then could use him as my personal glomping statue. I'd give ya lots of pots and pans, NK...
1. What do each of you think the remaining letters in Project Rainbow will be used as?
2. Do you go to school?
3. Would you sell NK to me? Or, if you are NK, would you sell yourself?
   1) We answered this earlier. So instead I'll tell you a story.
   Once upon a time Captain Aso was taking a stroll through a park in the rain. The rain was bouncing off his aura of awesomeness and overly large ego. He then saw a heron flying out of a kitchen. The heron said "pipipipipi :> i am a heron."
   The Captain replied "hi NK"
   NK said "sup"
   the end
   2) No, I've already left school. I miss it. The people were great. etc.
   3) oh dear
   Wow, I'm surprised that so many people want a plushie of me in particular :O
    1. No seriously, I really think that DAILY COMICS is gonna be one of them.
    2. ...Maybe?
    3. I'd rather see you sell yourself to NK. :P

You'd have to pay me a lot of money for me to allow you to sell things based on my intellectual property, let me tell you. But it would be cool to have a plush toy of Diddgery. Or maybe a The Egg That Will Never Hatch Ever action figure, with incredibly not-hatching action!!
Here is a question. It says "what kind of mail do you dislike having to answer?" I didn't like answering mail that assumed that we watched the Kirby anime.
   I miss you Diddgery. I dislike having to answer the same things over and over. It's annoying.
   Questions we've already answered, questions that aren't questions. You know the deal.
   My favourite ones are from diggery the capricorn. He's adorable and can't do anything right.
   I try to answer every piece of mail, but there's sometimes a particular one that I just can't think of anything good to say to.
   i dislike having to answer questions that aren't questions. also questions that have already been asked. :(

I have a very specific shirt in mind. The front would say, "anyone who randomly say's someone else deserves to be banned needs to think a little better... wait,you a a dark matter??!?!?!?"
The back would say, "Suddenly from a nearby wall, Diskmaster breaks through, revving up his CHAINSAW OF NATURAL SELECTION, he promptly saws Gegalix's face off."
It would have an uncolored sketch of Diskmaster with a chainsaw.
As for a question...
1. What do you guys think of the many new forum posters as of late? You know, the ones who leave posts like "I AGREE!!1!"
2. Apples, Tomatoes or Raspberries?
Also...trying to think of a Kirby question you guys wouldn't have seen too often...Got it.
3. What is the worst fan ability you have ever seen?
   1.) i don't really go on the forums, at all.
   2.) lemons.
   3.) Disaster. n-no, i'm kidding. ilu disaster <3
   1) That's new? I thought that was KirbyFan103 syndrome.
   2) Why would they be fighting anyway? They're generally peaceful.
   3) Kirby. Horrible, horrible, horrible.
   1. I don't really go on the forums, at all. (Hi Shiro)
    2. Apples, I guess.
    3. Mini was pretty terr--oh, fan? Uh ..I don't think I've ever seen a fan ability. Most fanchars I see just have permanent versions of pre-established abilities.
   Honestly I think a picture of Disk with a chainsaw and CHAINSAW OF NATURAL SELECTION for text would be awesome enough.
    1. The new posters do that? I thought that robot KirbyFan103 did that. (I think he ran out of batteries; he hasn't been around lately.) I'm more upset that there's a few that treat the forum like a chatroom or GameFAQs, making one-line posts that veers the thread direction off a cliff.
    2. No thanks, I'm a meatetarian.
    3. DISASTE- wait what

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

The future of drinks.
"Drink NKola! It'll make you the storngest!"

I would like to share my weirdest dream from number 22 session. Well, Here we go!
I had my weirdest dream. The Subspace Army (Spoiler Warning!) took over Dream Land. I saw Tabuu from the Subspace Emissary and he wants to absorb his power and rip the entire area apart. Suddenly, Kirby and his knight appeared. They beat all the armies, but then Kirby battled Tabuu. He used the Star Rod to defeat him and save Dream Land. And that's all when I woke up.
If there were a KRR store, I would want to buy a Gobbo plush doll.

Hello, again,
Hmm... if there was a KRR store I would definitely buy the DS game Diddgery's Amazing Adventure.... have you never heard of it? Oh well then I will explain it to you. You play as Diddgery, who wakes up one morning to find that someone has stolen your Banana Hoard. So then you have to collect all the Crystal Stars to open up the path to Hyrule Castle, in which you defeat Ridley. But then it turns out Ridley was on your team all along and you both have to journey to NOVA and kill Marx, who explodes after you kill him. But after the credits, if you beat the game on Legendary, it shows you and Ridley, having survived Marx's explosion, on a severed segment of the DAWN station drifting toward a planet.
It's a fun game.

Alpha Knight
A KRR store, eh?
would every diddgery plush come with a cannon to fire it out of at near- light speeds?
some other things I would like to see if it were to ever happen:
1.) an "I'm the storngest." tee- shirt
2.) sharkwithwheels MUST become a shirt as well. shark on the front, lyrics on the back.
3.) the shiro figure should have a space in the plastic as if there was supposed to be a small plastic wii in it. but it would be empty.
4.) random things that have small things to do with kirby (specifically to prevent lawsuit) like how have it.
What do you think of all of this stuff?
what would YOU GUYS want in the store?
I like shirts as you may be able to tell.
PS: an "I am not a hamster!" shirt would be sold out forever.
   At this point Shiro began sobbing uncontrollably.
   some day, krr.
   some day.
   Stories encompassing me and my ragtag crew of the people you'd least expect to be pirates. We're not any old pirates. We're completely useless pirates who just make it up as we go along.
   I don't think that will happen. At near-light speeds, even a soft plushy becomes a deadly weapon.
    1 and 2.
    3. Haha oh poor Shiro. :(
    4. ...sure why not.
    PS: Yes it probably would be. I'd love a shirt like that.
   Also, I'd buy all the sharkwithwheels shirts in a heartbeat.
   1.) I think that would conflict with the Touhou store down the street.
    2.) I think that would conflict with the... wait where is sharkwithwheels.swf from again?
    3. Totally not ingenious!
    4. Yeah but NoA doesn't care about the MOTHER series, so can get away with that stuff.
    I want a Disaster plushie now too D:

Skull Knight
I there was a KRR store, I would buy a plush doll of both Sword and Blade. They rock! Speaking of witch, is there such a thing as Sword and Blade plushies? If so, were can I find them?
   I'm afraid I don't know. You'd have better luck asking Gobbo.

   Closing Statements:
   And now, for something different! Bimblesnaff has sent in some comics...
   Aaand now your regularly scheduled closing comments!
   Bye Bye!!
   Aso-Faku is quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen ever.
   More people should draw Aso. Seriously.
   Especially Aso shooting things.
   Hey people, look out for when Mega Warp updates the front page with a new Kirby remix album sometime within the next week! I had to personally rip and create all of the mp3s that he is uploading, so be sure to listen to th-*blatant plug-smacked*
   Theme for the Next Mailbag:
Carrying on with the merchandise theme, do you own any Kirby merchandise? Maybe even Kirby-themed bedrooms? If so, please do send in photos (or descriptions) if you can, (upload images to somewhere like Photobucket or TinyPic and mail the link) so we can show them off here! (yes, we are running out of ideas!!)
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