July 29th, 2008

   Hello, faithful readers!
   On the 26th of March, 2001 Narf presented the first ever mailbag.
   Fast-forward seven years and a few months and here we are today, Mailbag #50, with our lovable crew of lovable people who answer lovable mail from you lovable fans.
   Or something.
   Aso once balanced 50 cannonballs on his chin.
   A trip to the emergency room later and he was balancing 50 stitches on his face.
   The inside of Shiro's head contains of about 50 brain cells doing the Macarena nonstop.
   :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|
   :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|
   :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|
   :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|
   :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|
   Disaster once followed 50 anime series at the same time.
   It was an experience he described as "enlightening."
   The temperature of a room drops 50 degrees whenever NK enters it.

Captain Rainbow's obscure Nintendo friends and enemies should include the Etecoons and/or Dachora's from the Metroid series as helpers, Sword Knight and Blade Knight from the Kirby series as rivals, a Mr. Saturn from the Mother series as a helper, Moblins from the Zelda series as enemies, Palutena from the Kid Icarus series as a guide, and Navi from the Zelda series.
Just kidding on that last one.
Now, here's a question for you: What is the weirdest video game boss you've ever seen?
   Earthbound's Giygas, most probably. He was weird in a scary sort of way.
   Weirdest, huh? Now that is a good question. I'd say without a doubt the Mother 3 boss. Giygas is a close second.
   I was thinking of saying Giygas at first, but I think I'll go with that talking pile of barf, Master Belch.
   I don't see why everyone hates Navi. She's not that annoying. We seem to be on an Earthound trend here so I'll go with Carpainter. Seriously, he paints everything blue, shoots lightening, and even attacks with paint. What's up with that.
   giygas is pretty weird

helo my name is diggery. i am a capricorn (a goatfish) that lives in the ocean but sometime i can use a computer. when i red some of these mailbags i am happy to read that people like me. it makes me feel like i am not a useless hybrid. ps i am sorry my typing isn't so good, it is hard to type with hooves
attached is a photo of me
this is how sad i used to be
until i found the mailbag
until you made my hollow life worth living

did i say photo
i meant crude sketch because i cannot work cameras
but i can work etchings in the sand
   You poor creature, you. Can't do anything right.
   We all love you <3
don't worry diggery, i've got a cannon just for you
   i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick diggery out of the water w/ my beak.
   That's not very nice, NK.
   consider your pots and pans made a mess of, wildrows. :> pipipipipipi
   i am a hunter. i ahev a long gun and i shoot herons out of the sky w/ my gun
   this means you, nk
   shiro............ did you check your kitchen lately?// :>
   I bet your typing accuracy would increase if you put boxing gloves on.
   i sure did, nk. it was hard to see my pots and pans with all the dead herons in the way though
   pewpewpewpewpewpewpew :>
   do not sleep
   L-ladies, please!

Lord Emperor RMD
Hells yeah I'm going to write in to mailbag #50. Golden frikkin' centennial all up in here.
I, actually, have nothing to talk about, aside from maybe make empty threats and vows of ultimate revenge plans or something, MAYBE. But I won't even do that. I will confirm there is a revenge plan though.
Oh, what's this? Uhh if I had to be forced to think of someone for Captain Rainbow to help, the trainer on Route 3 in Pokémon Red/Blue could suddenly realize he needs a better to t-shirt to match with his comfy and easy to wear shorts. Or something. Screw it.
I guess as far as questions would go, fffff uhh
1. What did you think of this year's E3?
2. Do you wanna know how I got these scars?
   A mail from beyond the grave!
   1) Microsoft turned into Nintendo, Nintendo didn't reveal anything of interest, and I didn't even bother watching the Sony conference. If Microsoft and Nintendo can't churn out antything interesting (Well, Fable 2 was) then there's no chance Sony would.
   2) You're not a monster...you're just ahead of the curve.
   1.) i didn't! hahahahaha
   2.) not really, no.
   Is this a joke? RMD is dead.
   1. E3 is over, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are finished.
   2. ...N-no not really.
   1. Worst E3 ever. EVER. EVER.
    2. I already do, but I wish I didn't...
   it's true he has a revenge plan it is p bad. but as for QUESTIONS
Wii60. also wii and ps3 shiz nobody cares about
   2. Everything burns.
   ps this is reminding me to send that postcard i will actually do that

Hey, guys, I'm a first-time sender, long-time reader. I have 2 questions for you:
1: Who is your favorite animal partner in Kirby's Dream Land 3? (mine is Pitch)
2: What's your favorite Kirby Super Star ability? (I like Mirror)
P.S.: Lololo and Lalala don't get enough attention!
   1. Coo. Owls are awesome.
   2. Oooh that's a toughy. I like most of them, if not all of them. I can't pick a favorite.
   P.S. Lololo and Lalala are just cameo characters anyway.
   1.) Coo, definitely.
   2.) Wheeeeel.
   1) Kine. How can you not love Kine? He has such a gormless look about him, he's adorable.
   2) Probably cutter.
   1: Coo is coo', mang.
    2: Either Mirror or Yo-yo.
    P.S.: What Wild said.
   1. Aww yea, Pitch. Most badass helper ever. COO IS ALRIGHT BUT HE IS NO PITCH GUYS COME ON.
   2. Something between Wing, Fighter, Suplex, Mirror, and Yo-yo. Or Cutter. Or Jet. Or Hammeyou know it's whatever.

Warrior Against This Oppression
In Issue #48, you guys got a some questions (and praise) about the KRR site. You didn't shy away the praise for the site, but you sure didn't have any answers about it -- or even know what was going on at the site, for that matter.
Truth is, only one of you is actually a listed staff member of KRR (and even visits the KRR, apparently, with the election confusion), and even then, what was the last non-Mail Bag update made, Disaster? Well, one that wasn't dumped on another staff member, at least. Cleaning up the links page? Is getting people out of here that high a priority?
I don't mind the Mail Bag being for entertainment purposes (at least I guess that's what it is supposed to be), but it really doesn't seem fair to your readers that they believe you are responsible for the non-Mail Bag portions of the site. And if you won't tell them, well, I guess I just sort of did.
Spanish Meta-Knight ownz the Mail Bag.
   We are not responsible for the rest of the site. Well, Disaster is.
   Also you don't own the mailbag. Ever.
   You make it sound as though site updates cannot be collaborate efforts. Just because a particular person makes the front page news update doesn't mean that they're the only person that worked on the new material. Sure, Bimblesnaff has been making all of the R.A.I.N.B.O.W. updates recently, but you make it sound as if I don't have anything to do with the project anymore. I'm not allowed to create material with other staff members?

Just sit back and enjoy the new content, mang. Sheesh.
(Also the reason why updated the Links section is because I was personally asked by the owner of one of the sites to update the link to their site, and I just decided to clean up the list on a whim.)

Greetings now-set-roster-of-mailbaggers,
For obscure Nintendo characters, I'm thinking along the lines of Ice Climbers and Pit. Although they may not be as obscure what with Brawl and all. Lolo. Yeah that's it, Lolo. He and Lala are pretty obscure. How long has it been since their last game appearence (not counting Kirby Super Star Ultra)?
And well, I suppose because it SORTA ties with a recent week's theme, but a few years back I actually came up with the idea of making a Kirby RPG using some of KRR's RPG Maker resources. Working title was "Kirby of the Stars: Omega Max." However, after two iterations of ideas and making a few maps in RPG2003, I abandoned the project and started working on something else, an RPG with Kirby-style characters (i. e. same species) called "Project: Tears." I'm reluctant to disclose information on it in this mailbag, because I've felt I've talked enough about something that I did for an ego boost and as a shameless plug.
So anyway, question: what are some of your favorite summer movies so far (like Get Smart, WALL-E, etc.)?
   I've recently seen WALL·E and The Dark Knight, and they were very good.
   I'm not much of a movie type of guy, I much prefer British Television.
   Being British and all.
   The Dark Knight and Wanted were pretty rad.
   I haven't seen any movies. I'm cheap like that.
   The Dark Knight and Iron Man were pretty boss.
   Only seen WALL-E so far.

Hello, mailbaggers!
This mailbag's theme was which obscure characters we want to see in Captain Rainbow. Unfortunatly, I don't know what obscure means and I'm too lazy to look it up.
Here's a few question for you guys.
1. So, who's your favorite character in Super Smash Brothers Brawl? And yes, we all know that Shiro doesn't own a Wii. What about Melee or 64?
2. What's your favorite Kirby game? I personally like Super Star.
3. What Nintendo games do you like besides Kirby? For me, Pokemon, Zelda, and Star Fox were cool.
   1) Favourite in Brawl would most likely be Meta Knight or Toon Link, though I most often just choose "Random" when I play. In 64 and Melee it would be Captain Falcon.
   2) Super Star, Nightmare in Dreamland or Squeak Squad.
   Yes, Squeak Squad.
   3) Pokémon is alright, and Zelda can be fun.
   Mario platformers are pretty cool too!!
   1.) i don't own a wi- oh wait. ummm, probably captain falcon (the knee ftw)
   2.) KDL1 :)
   3.) Pokemon and Zelda are cool, yeah.
   1. Kirby, Kirby, Kirby (THAT'S THE NAME YOU SHOULD KN-*smacked*
    2. Dream Land 2
    3. Any and every main series game of every Nintendo franchise ever.
   Main Entry:
   \äb-ˈskyu̇r, əb-\
   Middle English, from Anglo-French oscur, obscur, from Latin obscurus
   15th century
   3: relatively unknown
   1. I use just about every character regularly, so I don't have a 'favorite' persay.
   2. Super Star
   3.Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Pikmin... Eh I'll just go with Disaster's answer: just about every main franchise.
   oh uh also Wario is my other favorite in Brawl
   1. i've done this already but (v◕◡◕v) TOON LINK(and ness and marth)
   2. KSS or KDL3.
   3. too many!

Blue Kirby
Thanks for excluding me in your mailbag 48 :(
Anyways ... about obscure characters ... they should put Bowser's Kids in there. They got sold out for Bowser Jr. Or somebody more obscure like Lip (Panel de Pon), Sheriff, or even that bugsprayer guy from Donkey Kong 3.
Now for the questions ...
- What would be an obscure character you'd put in that game? I would put all of the above I mentioned.
- If it wasn't limited, what obscure characters would you put in? Like if they allowed 3rd parties? I'd put Marina from Mischief Makers. She is at least being referenced in Wario Land Shake It!
   I already answered this one last week with Diddgery and glod. :)
   Flying Battery Zone.
    but you forget the other great overlooked N64 character
   marina is the only right choice
   STANLY? STANLY "THE BUGMAN" MARIO? How could you forget his name!? Shame on you!
   1.Eggplant Wizard, definitely.
   2. Uh.. Um.. ..for some reason I can't think of anything.
   1. oh i know, the bee from earthbound i forget his name oh right it's buzz buzz thank you wild

Heyheyhey Mailbaggers of '08! Soo hows life without you good ol' Glod or Cricecorn??
Question time:
1. Do you believe in the bermuda triangle??
2. Have you ever been in a play?
3. Have you ever made copies of yourself
4. Have you ever had a girlfriend????
   Life is good without glod and the capricorn cricecorn.
   Though there's a significant lack of small cuddly animal to make fun of.
   1) W-well, yeah, the Bermuda Triangle exists.
   What goes on in it is questionable, however.
   2) I've been in a musical recently, actually.
   I was a bus driver \(°Д°)/
I love theatre. Especially being in it.
   3) Haha, definitely not. One of me is bad enough.
   4) Naturally. I have one right now.
   And no, it's not glod.
   5) Toodles to you too.
   1. God no. I don't want to go near that place. I've heard nasty things about it.
   2. No. And I don't want to be. Ever.
   3. Do making copies of photos of myself count? If so, yes.
   4. I am a sad, lonely little man. :("
   1.) no.
   2.) yes.
   3.) no.
   4.) w-why do you ask (yes)
   1. Yes, I've jumped through it in a video game before!
    2. I was the star of the show in my christmas pre-school play; I was the little drummer boy, and made a spectacle by shaking my head no instead of hitting the drum when the music played!
    3. wat
    4. Hey shut up I could totally get one if I tried (haha yeah right)
   It's sad and lonely but love travels through time and space. We are never without them.
   1. wat
   2. yeah a few in grade school god those were awkward.
   3. yes in my cloning labwhoops i've said too much
   4. ~( ̄∇ ̄~)( no i haven't, ze~.
   I really really hate the idea of being on stage

Bad Horse
He rides across the nation
The thoroughbred of sin
He got the application
You just sent in
It needs evaluation
So let the games begin
A heinous crime, a show of force
A murder would be nice of course
The Evil League of Evil
Is watching so beware
The grade that you receive
Will be your last we swear
So make the Bad Horse gleeful
Or he'll make you his mare
Get saddled up
There's no recourse
It's Hi-Ho Silver
Signed Bad Horse
   He's the thoroughbred of sin, Wildrows!
   He saw the operation
   You tried to pull today
   But your humiliation means he still votes “Neigh”
   And now assassination is just the only way
   There will be blood
   It might be yours
   So go kill someone
   Signed Bad Horse
   This brought tears to my eyes (partially because I'm only half-awake).
   you'll see, wild. when i hand you the keys to a shiny new australia..
   I'm so confused..
   with my freeze ray i will stop the world.

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

I'd like to see Jill from Drill Dozer in Captain Rainbow, since I love Drill Dozer so much.
This is begginning to remind me of when everyone would talk about who they wanted in Brawl...
captain rainbow for ssb4 y/n?
   Very yes.

I think it wouldn't be bad to put in Meta - Knight in that game, What would you think?
P.S.:I.....Will not Rest....In...Peace.............................
   I wouldn't really count Meta Knight as "obscure."

Thank you for adhering yourselves to a strict Mailbag schedule. Damn you for making me come up with a question every two weeks.
On the subject of Captain Rainbow, do you think it will see an American/European release? The group creating it also created the GameCube title GiFTPiA, which was Japan-only.
   I don't really think it will, personally. Which is a shame, it has potential.

Thank you for not comment me at all! Comment is very rude to me, but I'm appreciate not to do so as well. If you comment me, I won't answer anymore in the next issue. This time, I won't answer any questions for now on. Well, the bad news! When I watched the Nintendo Press Conference in E3 this year, there wasn't very exciting like no upcoming Kirby or Mario or Smash Bros. games. The Wii Motion Plus looked impressive, but it will fail as the Wii Zapper did. Oh, the good news! Animal Crossing: City Folks and Wii Music was announced and both look excellent as usual. With the Wii Speak announced, I'm sure it will support other games like Brawl. For the upcoming Japanese WiiWare game, Captain Rainbow, I would you like to see Knuckle Joe and Adeleine. Knuckle Joe can fight some enemies with the good Captain, while Adeleine can paint enemies and other reinforcements to attack them as well.
   The Wii Speak is a good feature, if not a bit late. Quite a few games could've used it well.

Icy Mirror
Everybody's excited for Kirby Super Star Ultra! Me too!!
I wanna see Heather from Drawn to Life. : ) I wanna know what's up with her half-dark thing she's got going. Do any of you know about the dark thing?

Wait...what is captain rainbow? Well, whatever it is, it would be neat to see Kaboola in it, considering she (or he?) was in only one game.
As for my question: Who wrote this? (this is a quote from Kirbypedia!)
"Kirby Super Star is a collection of eight subgames (plus one hidden) for the Super NES that was released in 1996. In 2007, it will be released on the Wii Virtual Console."
2007? TWO THOUSAND AND SEVEN!?!? We are well within 2008. Somebody should change that, cause it isn't happening. Although I do look foward to the remake. So, uh, bye for now.
   I've alerted people who work on Kirbypedia about this, it should be fixed soon.

All right Mailbag people. I have a question, a statement, and a question, organized in just that format. QUESTION: What is the deal with Mailbag themes? I don't get it. It's like you're busting into a radio station, giving your two cents on a randomly chosen topic, and then asking an equally random question because you have to do that to be let into the broadcast room. What the heck? STATEMENT: For obscure Nintendo characters, I could think of dozens, I'm sure. Everytime I play a game they appear, only to never appear again. But because they're so obscure and plentiful I always seem to promptly forget about them. Anyway, I'd like to see a starman enemy from Kirby, any parter from Paper Mario, Popple and Fawful from Mario & Luigi, oh geez there are so many. I'll stop there. QUESTION: As a big fan of the hi-jump ability, I am disappointed when it is left out of a good game, such as Super Star or the Amazing Mirror. Is there much of a chance of it appearing in the Kirby Wii game, or am I just setting myself up for depression?
   The Mailbag theme was a feature that RMD included in mailbags, and I just carried on the tradition. It gives people more chance to get involved, and that's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.
   And if they do bring back Hi-Jump they'll most likely give the ability to a completely different enemy.

Meta Knight? Um... Cappy? No, wait, that's not obscure. DArk Matter and Gooey. But Gooey is not obscure. He is just a piece of D... Oh, sorry. Well then, I don't know.
Maybe It's time to realize there's no option to live.

Not Diskmaster
This user was banned for this post.
   And stay out >:(

It would be awesome to see Bald Bull as a boss in Captain Rainbow, preferably as an opponent to Little Mac.
a super macho man is fine, too
   If Diddgery were still with us he'd probably agree with you.

random dude
Hello everybody at KRR! In captain I thing wario would fit in. Also, isn't kirby a batamon? See you next time, you guys are awesome!

   Closing Statements:
   she said
   Theme for the Next Mailbag: Disaster asks: What kind of content do you want to see on the KRR site?
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