July 1st, 2008

First, apologies. Due to time constraints and me, glod and Diddgery not being able to get together at the same time (I blame that hamster) we still have not got the mailbag ready for publishing. However, keep sending in that mail and we'll get it to you as soon as we can!

Welcome to the new and improved mailbag! As part of Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W. we will now be coming to you biweekly and with a static staff! Let's (re)meet our cast of characters - a fresh start, if you will.
   I'm Captain Aso, Pirate at Law. As you may know, I just sit around acting important while everyone else answers mail.
   It's a great life.
   Wildrows is our lovable resident Canadian in green and blue. If your mail particularly bores him, he may give you his trademark :|.
   This is Disaster, a cynical b*****d with a penchant for anime, Nintendo games, and laser-shooting lolis.
   ....wait what how'd that get on the end
   hello, my name is wildrows. i am a vampire and
   Go away Shiro I've already been introduced.
   This is Shiro, our very own tumbleweed artist with quick-witted nonchalance.
   His responses may not make much sensFLYING BATTERY ZONE

to the crador of the web im a fan
of kirby say can you make the
sign up thing a little easyier
& i made 50 comic strips of kirby
& i draw him good & talk like him
=:D poyo =:) woyo moyo oyo
   What sign up thing? I uh ... I should probably visit the actual website every now and then.
   Sign up for what, exactly?
   Yeah, you'll have to be more specific. There are multiple things on the site you can 'sign up' for. Also there is a fan comics section of the site, you should send them in there.
   If by 'easyier', you mean 'make it so I don't need an e-mail address'... no way, boyo.

Hai Mail-dudes/dudettes! I figured its time I popped in for a shot at this.
Well in my Mario Kart-ish racing game, I'd love to see Rick or Adeleine in there. You know, "Off the Beaten Trail" Characters. Kine would be fun, especially when the "Realist" Friend of yours, you know the one that always argues with game physics?, comes over to play and starts yelling how Kine has no hands and can't drive so how in the world is he getting his behind handed to him by Kine. Also, 0˛ should totally be unlockable. That would rock. Also, for the "Rainbow Road" Like stage, you could be flying through the Dark Matter room (Where you fight Dark Matter in Kirby 64) as he fires elemental based attacks at the racers as they drive by. And Gordo would totally have to be the "Blue Shell" Item.
On word to the Questions! Or is it pie? I like pie.
OH! Theres one!
Do you guys like pie? Random, I know. I approve.
Actual questions:
~Do yall play any card games? Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Maplestory (Yes its a card game), or such?
~Whats your favorite color? And no, "I don't have one" Is not a good excuse. Thats like the "A dog ate my homework" Of the color world. Is there a color world? If so, purple is king.
~What is the oldest working game system you have? I own a working Atari.
~And just to Kirby up this questionnaire, have you ever played Kirby Tilt 'n Tumble? I just got it, its so addicting!
~Randomly Yours~
   2.) I play MtG, yes.
   3.) Kirby is rainbow.
   4.) My oldest system is an Atari collecting dust in a box somewhere.
   5.) No, I haven't.
   Gordo as a Blue Shell item is an amazing idea. Why didn't I think of that?
   1) Depends. What kind?
   2) No, though back in the day I did own pokémon cards along with the rest of the world.
   3) Red.
   4) Oldest working? The oldest thing I have that still works is probably the original Game Boy.
   5) Nope. :(
   Kine technically has hands? I mean he has those fins on his side.
   1) Anyway, no I hate pie. Pie is disgusting.
   2) I briefly played Pokemon for a single year.
   3) I would have to say blue.
   4) I technically don't own it but there is an old Colecovision at my Grandpa's Cottage that only I use.
   5) Ah, no, I haven't.
   ~2 I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh! before it got covered in GX AIDS (although the fact that there were too many broken cards didn't help either).
   ~3 Blue. Also Purple and Pink are okay too.
   ~4 It would be my mom's Atari 2600 if I could hook it up to my tv but I can't.
   ~5 I bought it when it came out. And beat it. (ONE OF THE VERY FEW TO SURVIVE THE DAUNTING CHALLENGE)

A Mario-Kart Kirby game? Ewww, I'd much rather see an Air Ride sequel with...pretty much anything that wasn't just "fly until something happens because you wasted 40 hours playing this game."
As for a question; why is Shiro so cool!?
An as for a -real- question; you guys ever think of making a Barbershop Quartet?? I think RMD/Shiro/Aso/Diddgery would make an awesome quartet.
   You are my new favorite person. We tried the barbershop quartet once, but Aso's girlish falsetto threw it all off, so we had to scrap the idea.
   Well, a Mario-Kart Kirby game would be pretty much anything that isn't just "fly until something happens because you just wasted 40 hours playing this game." As for your question, I don't know why Shiro is cool. Why are you cool, Shiro?
   But which one plays the piano? :O
   Shiro is so cool because he's a clone of me, minus the pirate. Hence why he isn't as cool as me.

Going on this mailbag's theme, I've noticed the Kirby series doesn't really have many secondary characters like the Mario series does. Making a Kirby-themed kart racer would be difficult unless all of the KDL animal friends got dredged up for it.
Assuming that didn't happen, what sort of characters do you think would need to be created for the purpose of spinoff Kirby games?
   Well, there would be a yellow Kirby with a far awesomer mustache, a robo Dedede (oh, wait), and pointless variations of existing characters such as maskless Meta Knight.
   Don't forget all the helpers.
   None. There are plenty of characters already. The Animals as you mentioned, and plenty of 'friendly' enemies like the Kirby Super Star helpers. Not to mention multi-coloured Kirbys. There's more than enough there.
   Female/baby versions of characters, just like Mario! (Ugh why did we need characters like Toadette and Baby Daisy darn it...)

Pappy Petter
Hai guyz!
So...I'd LOVE a KAR 2. Or maybe Kirby playable in the next Mario Kart. As for questions....
Who do YOU main in Mario Kart Wii, and what bike/kart do you enjoy using? I like Rosalina on Shooting Star.
   I don't have a wii blaaaa haaa haaaa (hands if you saw this coming)
   Mario on the Sneakster. I had too much trouble getting used to Rosalina on the Spear D:
   WALUIGI TIME! I have a few 'combos' if you will. Disaster unconsiously got me on Luigi/Sneakster, I like Waluigi in one of the karts, don't remember it's name. ... Hey guys we should kart later.
   I hate you all.
   How about a game of Brawl after?
   Yeah but there'll be too much laaag D:
   ...It's not my fault seriously. Stop blaming me. :(

After reading some of you're previous mailbags, I have a Question.
What in heck do you mean when you say "Flying Battery Zone"!?!??!?!!!!!!!!???????!?!??!?
   Well, there's a long and detailed explanation for this, for which i am happy toFLYING BATTERY ZONE

Hello mailbagers! It's that guy you sometimes see on the chat. And, he has something to say to Chooch.
Hi Chooch! (If he isn't in this mailbag, please tell him all of this, somebody.) I remember, quite a few Thursdays ago, I was on the chat. I was being a bit spammy, and you got mad and yelled at me. I just have to say, I'M SORRY. I hadn't realized that I was spamming that much. I have to apologize for making you mad. I assure you that I will NEVER spam like that again. Apology accepted?
OK, now, let's lighten up the mood with some questions!
1. What's the best way to defeat King Dedede in Vs. King Dedede? (The stadium in Kirby Air Ride).
2. Jigglypuff is my favorite Brawl character. What do you think of her?
3. Do you think that the idea for Jigglypuff was inspired by Kirby, or is it just a coincidence that they're both cute, pink puffs by Nintendo?
4. Why isn't Godot in the mailbags He's quite an active Op, and he sometimes talks about mailbags, so why isn't he in any?
5. Do you think that the Kirby franchise is going downhill? I mean, the games are getting worse (Kirby Squeak Squad), some have been canceled (Tilt and Tumble 2, Kirby Air Ride 64, and Kirby Wii (even though it is currently having a Japanese release)), and Sakurai quitting HAL. What do you think the next decade will hold for our favorite pink puff?
OK, that's it. I know you guys have a lot of questions. I hope this appears! Thank you!
P.S.: You all (especially (but not only) Diddgery and Disaster)) rock!
   I'm just gonna skip ahead and answer question 4.
   I am Godot in the chat.
   Or, was. I'm back to using the good old Asotoku nick now. Godot is just an alias of mine.
   1) Hmm... I'll have to go with luck. And Needle. If you can get needle and just rapid fire it near Dedede, his health will drop like a rock.
   2) Uh. I don't use her that often but she's got her points I guess.
   3) Totally coincidental.
   4) ..hee
   5) Just a bit. Just a bit.
   1.) I would suggest hitting him.
   2.) brawl, BRAWL, BRAWL
   3.) Um, probably a coincidence.
   4.) The world may never know.
   5.) I think the problem is people keep comparing new stuff to the old stuff. Of course the newer stuff won't own up to its "legacy", but they're decent as their own games.
   1. To defeat the boss, shoot it until it dies. (seriously though use sword or needle)
    2. Has a crazy amount of air movement.
    3. The only real similarities I see in them besides being round is that Jigglypuff has multiple "puffing up" jumps in Smash Bros., which I don't think it can normally do?
    4. what are you talking about he's right here
   P.S.: \o/

Come on, would you really trust somebody like Waddle Doo behind the wheel?
p.s. I made cookies for all the mailbag staff.
   I'd trust Daa more, to be honest.
   P.S. Hi PSC!!!! Nice to get some mail from you.
   (even if you did send it a while ago and this mailbag was extremely delayed :<)
   Considering his lack of fingers, no. Not at all. Don't think I've forgotten what your cookies do, either. >:(
   WOO COOKIES! ..wait don't these usually expl*boom*
   oh no how could he possibly see over the wheel with his one eye

Asotoku's Parents
Dear Asotoku
Please do not forget to leave dinner out of the oven.
   Is something burning?
   No wonder the house is on fire! I had no possible idea what could've caused that!
   Ohhh, you. You had me, there. :)
   ...though there is an awful lot of smoke

KRR Poll
Brawl is out next month! Who will you use first? (If they're all available from the start!)
-Meta Knight!
-Some other character
   Hey shut up Bimble changed that like a week or so ago
   i will play as megaman i hope he is in it!!!!!
   Some other character...
   ...waaaiiit a minute...

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

   And now, time for something new.
   After every mailbag we get a bunch of mails with comments answering the current mailbag theme, but with no questions, so we find them difficult to include. However, with this new section at the end of every mailbag we will showcase your comments and add a few comments ourselves.

my racing game would be very Mario-kart esque with elements of Air-ride, faster than Air-ride but slower than F-Zero.
Characters race on a selection of vehicles grouped into stars, wheelies and other, there is one kart that is specific to each character and several other karts, characters pick up items in a Mario Kart way but also have special attacks that varie in range and effectiveness but don't need to be picked up.
Kirby: Somewhat light but average stats othrwise, special ability is inhale, inhales enemies in front and spits them to the side, moderate range. Special kart: Ball Kirby
Dedede: Heavy character, low acceleration high top speed, cannot ride stars due to his weight, special ability is hammer, knocks enemies that get close to him into the ground, low range. Special Kart: Dedede chariotte
Metaknight: same stats as Kirby but with a higher top speed and acceleration but lower control, special ability is a basic slash that has low range and an average effect. Special Kart: Wings
Waddle Dee: lighter than Kirby but has higher control and acceleration, special ability is parasol, blows enemies to the left and right a good way away, top range. Special Kart: Parasail (comically uses a blow drier)
Waddle Doo: same weight as Waddle Dee, much higher top speed and lower control, special ability is wave, lowers top speed of enemies, high range. Special kart: Parasail 2.0 (looks more like a jet car)
Gordo: Weight just under Dedede, low control, medium top speed medium-high acceleration, no special ability but those who crash into him will take damage. Special kart: wrecking crane (he rides as a wrecking ball)
Other characters: Lololo+Lalala, Adelaine, Knuckle Joe, Kine, Coo, Rick.
I won't wright any more because I know you're already skipping the descriptions to get it all over with, so I'll just ask who you'd add to this collection (maybe some details) and if you liked what I wrote. No there wasn't a question in there technically...
   I like the idea of special abilities, but it'd be a bit hectic if you could access them at all times.
   I'd add some more Super Star helpers, personally. Biospark would throw kunai or a shuriken, Simirror would be able to reflect some projectiles, etc.

ultra mega super special cool time partym'n
The Halberd Captain would drive a Heavy Lobster Kart.
Awww yeah.
   aww yeah

Hey, I don't much get your mailbags, it seems like a lot of inside jokes. Anyways I know you don't like people asking you to update, but could you change your quiz question? It still says that Brawl is coming out 'next month' which is both inaccurate and blasphemous.
A Mario Kart like Kirby game? I'm not sure I would buy it, since I already bought Mario Kart... If Kirby were in a Mario Kart game I would want the hyper candy and warp start to be in it. The effect would be similar to Starman and Bullet Bill. Also Whispy Woods and the Halberd would need to be levels. Finally, Metaknight would need to be an unlockable character.
   The poll has been updated by the time you are reading this. And it wasn't incorrect or blasphemous, when you wrote that mail it was still a month until Brawl was released in Australia and Europe.

Oh, Oh! I knoooww I want a Star Rod and umm... ALL KIRBY DREAMLAND 3 CHARACTERS!!! YAYYY!!
By the way, I'm 8-Bit, and I will be your guide.

Ok, so if there was a mario kart game with kirby i would want dark matter or zero two or what ever. He would be like king boo(i like king boo) As an item i would like the candy because of that song. Wait a second, there was already KKR, Nintendo would not make this game but it would be cool. WELL BYE!!!

This is my first mailbag! Anyway, in response to the mailbag theme, I think Mario Kart is great (especially MK Wii!), and so is Kirby is too, so it's perfect. What do I think an MK Kirby racing game would be like? Let's see....
I would like it to be Air Ride-esque in that they still RIDE Air Rides, seeing as though that's just Kirby's style. Another thing I want is that there to be playable characters (like 20 or something) rather than only palette swaps.
CHARACTERS: (if about 15 or so), Kirby, MK, Dedede, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Rick, Kine, Coo, Adeleine, Ribbon, Gooey, then maybe throw in some obscure characters like the Dorocche-Dan or something. Maybe that's just me....
STAGES: Castle Dedede, (like a tour!) Halberd, Squeak's hideout, and maybe Ripple Star Square (the area around the castle) would be must-haves.
Anyway, HAL never does anything big with Kirby, unlike Mario, so the chances of any of this happening is somewhere in the negatives (especially stuff involving classic characters), so.... yeah.
P.S.: Your Kirby site is much better than mine! XD

It would be interesting to see Kirby enemies (or friends) like Waddle Dee or Knuckle Joe be used as playable characters. For items, it would be cool if some of them could call up non-playable characters like calling Adeleine would make opponents' vision be blocked with a random colorful drawing (similar to the squid ink) and calling Kracko would stun all the opponents temporarily. For stages, it would make the game more difficult if there were enemies wandering around that could attack you if you drive too close too them.

A Mario Kart-esque racing game? I'm assuming that's not Air Ride-esque, then ... all I can think of is having Super Spicy Curry as an item ... but then what would be the point of Kirby having Fire? Now for the questions: Is Diddgery really leaving FOREVER? Will he never come out to please his fans again? Can mobs of crazed Diddgery fans start burning things in anger and sorrow at his leaving this world?
   I'm afriad Diddgery is. His last mailbag will be coming to you soon, and I'll beat him around the head with everyone's comments in an attempt to make him see sense.
   And now, the mailbaggers answer their own mailbag theme:
   What would you like to see in a Mario Kart-esque Kirby racing game? In terms of characters, items, stages, etc.
   I would want an Air Ride sequel, definitely.
   Less Blue Shells.
   Wario's Bike.
   Meta Knight on the Wario Bike would be my main so hard.
   And the Halberd would be a stage. With the Combo Cannon as an obstacle. And music to rival the epicness of Checker Knights.

   Closing Statements:
   well that was pretty decent, as far as mailbags go.
   That actually went relatively quick, considering all the other mailbags take us a few months to complete. See you in two weeks!
   oh and dale told me to say hi to the mailbag for him
   Disaster left near the end of the mailbag while trying to put his Touhou keychain onto his cell phone, but then almost forgot about the mailbag when he paused to eat dinner, and... yeah.
   Theme for the Next Mailbag: Now that Brawl has also been released in Australia and Europe, which other Nintendo series would you like to see the Kirby world appear in a non-spinoff crossover game with, and what would the plot be? Kirby and Mario battling a Bowser/Dedede alliance, like the Brawl event? Meta Knight and Link battling Ganondorf? Or maybe even Kirby in the next Paper Mario?
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