February 14th, 2008

Welcome to an impromptu Valentine's day glodbag! We decided to do this out of the blue with what little mail we had that we didn't answer in the previous mailbag, and a few from older mailbags. As we decided to do this with no previous planning, we are missing some of our most valued mailbaggers. Shed some tears, as we truly love them <3
Disaster has a long-standing crush on Diddgery, which has been present since their time in the Academy. Her feelings for him are rooted in his determination, confidence, and strength, all of which she feels she lacks. Despite her rather obvious feelings, Disaster has yet to openly admit that she likes Diddgery, though many characters have been shown to be aware of it. Similarly, Diddgery has remained completely oblivious to Disaster's feelings, identifying her blushing as just her being weird, though he now enjoys her company more than he once did. Disaster tends to break away from her usually timid self when around Diddgery, such as going out of her way to help him or putting more effort into something because he is nearby. She also becomes more assertive on Diddgery's behalf and never hesitates to defend him, even to himself. Diddgery also acts as a key component in her quest to better herself, as she trains so that she can be like him and impress him at the same time.
Shiro is a famous model, singer and actress, who obtains a Death Note, and becomes known as the second Kira. Upon realizing that the first Kira is Wild, she develops an immense crush on him, partially because he "punished" the criminal that killed her parents. Shiro is hyperactive and knowingly allows Wild to easily manipulate her, claiming she doesn't mind as she loves him so much.
glod is a retired American professional basketball player. Nicknamed "Sir glod," for his aggressive and outspoken demeanor, and "The Round Mound of Rebound," for his unusual build and talent as a player, glod established himself as one of the National Basketball Association's most dominating power forwards. Upon meeting his first b-ball, he describes it as being "love at first sight". He risks his own life multiple times for the sake of b-ball, even defeating the dreaded b-ball monster. "B-BAAALLLLLLLLLSSSSS"
DrNK is Aso's love-interest as she cares very deeply for the blue hedgehog and marvels at all his personal traits. Most often, Aso gets involved in the story while searching for DrNK or trying to find information about his whereabouts. She tends to plunge ahead at first glimpse of his figure, this prompting unusual confrontations as she embraced both Dale during the events of DrNK Adventure 2 as well as RMD in DrNK '06, though the latter was dissolved as part of the storyline. Aso travels the world in pursuit of DrNK and won't hesitate to throw herself in the line of danger if it means protecting him. While DrNK appears to dislike her consistent approach of marriage, he values her as a very good friend and has been known to come to her rescue whenever she needs him.
Dale and Wild met on April 30, 2007 in Federal Hall just after Dale's transfer to a New York military base, where they became romantically involved with each other, becoming lovers. However, Dale was unaware that Wild was actually a spy for the Patriots, who had her likeness and personality altered to reflect Dale's personal tastes. As Wildrows continued her duties, she began harbouring genuine feelings for Dale and fell in love with him. She becomes pregnant with Dale's child shortly before the Big Shell incident.

kirby k EX
im EX! yha! well now i will ask some EXstrem stuff(or not) ok now lets go! 1.how old is kirby? like 18 ? im not sure... 2.why was the first kirby games black and white? 3.if kirby ran for prez in the 08 would you vote for him? 4.if you could make a kirby copy(abilty)what would it be? for me ghost or computer kirby! from the always grate <(.n.n.)>K ex!!!
1. something like 17 or 18
2. it was on gameboy so really it was in shades of greens
3. I'd rather vote for Tumbleweed
4. you didn't make ghost kirby you kinehat
1. schfifty-five
2. because they hadn't invented color yet
3. considering most of kirby's vocal capabilities seem to be screaming like a little girl, probably not.
4. i think the best ability ever would be wheel- oh wait, they already made it!
1) Old enough to love <3
2) Black and white were the old colours of love <3
3) Yes, he brings love to the world <3
4) no i can't keep this gimmick up it's terrible
1. He is baby years old in the anime. No idea about the games. (Not all characters NEED an age, y'know?)
2. What? No they weren't. They were black and green!
3. He'd be better than any of the candidates running right now, in my opinion.
4. ...Ghost Kirby is a real ability already. Did you somehow miss Squeak Squad? (Also DISASTERRRRRRRRRR)
1. I dunno. How long has it been since his first game?
2. Don't you mean Black and Green?
3. I'm not American. I couldn't vote for him.
4. I dunno. There's nothing interesting out there to make an ability out of.

Well, in regards to the question you ask, I'd have to say what I want in a Kirby game is the same thing as I want in a 3D Sonic game. I want a game that stays true to the old 2D ones but adds enough variety that it isn't a stale experience. A lot of replay value wouldn't hurt either. I'm a huge fan of it.
A question for you all would be... What's your favorite video game song? A list is fine if you can't decide on one. I know I can't.
I could list the Brawl soundtrack, but that'd just be silly.
Wisdom of the World from MOTHER and Megalomania from Live-A-Live.
... I've been listening to a lot of Pikmin music lately. But I can't really decide. Lots of good music out there.
HI CHOO CHOO M- King Dedede's theme, according to my playlist. (Thrash King, to be exact.)

But is this an answer?
* Wildrows smacks Shiro
THIS IS NOT AN... wait yes it is. Shoot.

Darth Vader
Hello again, KRR, The theme for every mailbag to follow this one should be "What should the theme for the next mailbag be?" This way, you can cheat your way out of all your mailbags. FOREVER. Question time! 1. Do you think it was a good idea to put Sonic in Brawl? I think it was a cheap move on Sega's part. 2. I recently bought Squeak Squad and thought it was boring (except for playing as Ghost Kirby). What say you? 3. What did you think of Mr. T's World of Warcraft commercial? 4. Diddgery still needs his own game. Not, however, a dating sim. How's about an FPS? Intriguing... 5. Who's your favorite sith lord? Thanks for listening! ~DV
I love you.
2. it was fun, but short.
3. i .. what?
4. sorry, bioshock's already covered the bee department in FPSes
1. Yes!
2. I
3. Am
4. Number
5. One!
1. Shiro probably hates you for asking a Brawl question. Way to go.
2. I agree. Kirby games are straightforward but there was something about this game that made it..more straightforward.
3. I'm Mr.T and this is my Night Elf Mohawk!
4. Haha, rapid fire horns!
5. Vader. The answer is always Vader.
Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes.

Hey, everbody. I'd like to thank Diddgery for persuading me to write this. Okay, after some thought, I think the next mailbag should be CD-i themed. I'd like to see how that would go. Speaking of which, how do you think life would be different if HAL gave Phillips the right to make a Kirby CD-i game? I think it'd be for the best.
I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorok!
I just got done throwing up and I would rather do it again than have read this.
i.. w.. what?
I need a monsta t' clobber that there Kirby!... oh, wait.

helen drakov
Dear Respectful, Good day, I know that this email will come to you as a surprise because you don't know me and i don't know you too. My name is HELEN DRAKOV,i am 22 years old and an ophan. My late father was killed in a suspected road accident in December 2005 but the police reported that my late father was drunk and full of alcohol before his death.For further information on the death of my father,you can visit this website: http://www.mosnews.com/news/2005/12/22/drunklatvian.shtml However,my late father was a successful business man who lived IN HONGKONG AND SHENHZEN CHINA before coming back to my country, Latvia. Before the death of my father,he told me that he deposited the sum of US$5.000,000:00{five Million,united states dollars only) with a bank in china in the year 1999.I have contacted the Bank and they told me that i am free to come and claim the money as the only daugther of my late father as i have the secret number my father gave me . Now,i am presently living with my uncle who is taking care of my school and my uncle is very wicked to me.He has seized all my late father,s properties and sold them away without showing any consign to me.Now, i don't want him to know about the US$5.000,000:00 with the Bank that is why i am contacting you to give me and urgently assist so that i can instruct the bank Bank to transfer the money to your account to enable me come to meet you in your country. My main reason of contacting you is because i don't want my uncle to know about the money because he may claim it and seize the money and i will not get anything. I am assuring you that this money belong to my late father and it is safe,risk free and legal. the deposit is with the bank Let me know if your ready to help me on this so that i can give you the detail information of the bank,and we reach and agreement on what will be your share. I am waiting for your reply. Best regards, Miss helen drakov.
waiter, there's spam in my mailbag.
I am your uncle! WAHahaHAha AHSHAH Fhsggujvwr
An Ophan (Lat. ophan[us], pl. ophani[m]) is one of a class of celestial beings called Ophanim described in the Book of Enoch with the Cherubim and Seraphim as never sleeping, but watching (or guarding) the throne of God. The word ophan means "wheel" in Hebrew so the Ophanim have been associated with the description in and possibly again in the (mentioned as gagal, traditionally "the wheels of gagallin", in "fiery flame" and "burning fire") of the four, eye-covered wheels (each composed of two nested wheels), that move next to the winged Cherubim, beneath the throne of God. The four wheels move with the Cherubim because the spirit of the Cherubim is in them. These are also referred to as the "many-eyed ones" in the Second Book of Enoch.
Please to be giving money to mine bank account. I spend this money on find my frog. Him name is hopkin green frog.
speaking of which, where is our valentines day love from grand papillion
You mean Grand Papillon, Shiro.
Just one I in there.
grand papito
grand paparazzi
where the hell is mirriam webster when you need him

First the answer to the last mailbag, then give you the questions. Sounds right?! I would like to see any Kirby 64 music in SSBB. Now to that questions: 1. Kirby Vs. Sonic. Who will win? (Only you are fan of Smash Bros. will answer!) 2. I'm playing Kirby's Adventure on the Wii Virtual Console. Is it OK to play on the Classic controller? (Only you have a Wii! will answer!) 3. Is King Dedede more meaner than Bowser? Bye and Happy New Year!
...Happy New Year to you too.
1. Could go any way.
2. Hey, you can play it any way you like.
3. Hardly.
2. i don't have a wii. blaaa haaa haaa.
Well hey, guess what? 02's boss theme is in Brawl! Horray!

1. Hard to tell. Sonic is pretty fast, but apparently Kirby is better than he was in Melee (even in the first Smash Bros., even!).
2. If you're asking whether it's compatible, then yeah. But I'd personally stick with the Wii Remote.
3. Dedede's so mean, he pimp-slaps Bowser in the Subspace Emissary!
You can tell how old this mail is. Happy New Year to you too <3

Do you love Valentine's day? <3
so ronery ;~;

Even Pirates love <3

DO YOU KNOW WHAT A DOOKIE IS?????????? It's a poo!

'Sup, fools? Wassa goin' on?
Anyways, I believe that the theme for the next mailbag should be, "What character are you most excited to have in Brawl?" Because, you know, Brawl's coming out soon, and...
1. If someone told you they hate Kirby, what would you do?
2. What's your favorite Kirby character?
3. Do you like barbecue ribs?
4. WHAT - is your name?
5. WHAT - is your quest?
6. WHAT - is this Monty Python joke doing in my letter?
7. ?
BONUS. Was RMD cool?
C. Suck their face off.
Bonus: He still is.
but glod, RMD is dead!
even in death, aso
even in death.
You called me a fool, so I won't answer your questions or go along with your Holy Grail reference.
1. to each his own, hey?
2. i like that one guy who does that thing. you know the one i'm talking about.
3. not really, no.
4. what is the velocity of a coconut-carrying swallow?
BONUS: no comment.

Hola, "mailbaggers!" In my kirby game, kirby would be able to pilot a gundam, fight some ninjas, swallow a few Pokemon, and become Disaster Kirby. But now for the question.
Could you bring Dale back to the mail bag, FOREVER!?
Also, c'mon, Dale was just in the last mailbag.
Sounds like a pretty boring game. No offense.
what, psuedo-dale isn't good enough for you?
i love dale
Wild D:<
Oh. Hi Disaster!
Rejoice, Dale will be returning in the next mailbag, which will come to you on 1st April 2008!

Two questions:
1)Aren't you upset that neither Kirby Super Star nor Kirby's Dream Land 3 have come out on Virtual Console yet?
2)If you were in the reins for the Kirby Cartoon, what would you have done differently?
1. see above comments regarding the console known as a Nintendo Wii
2. i wouldn't have made one!
1. Moreso for KSS than KDL3.
2. Not made a Kirby Cartoon.
1. Not really, considering we're getting a remake of Super Star on DS.
2. If I was in control, it'd be worse than it is now.
1) I don't buy Virtual Console jaems. 2) I would be the main character, and it wouldn't be a Kirby cartoon. Dale would be the main villain, and he'd fire lasers beams from his eyes and eh kills guys and doesn't afraid of anything. He will be avenging his lover, RMD, who died three years previously. YUP
1. Nah, Super Star is gonna show up in DS form here eventually. Dream Land 3 will probably show up soon, though (it and Super Star Stacker are the only SNES Kirby games left to put on the VC).
2. It's pretty good as is. Wouldn't have changed a thing.

Closing Statements:
W-well. Guess that wasn't quite as Valentine's-themed as I was hoping. Still, join us next time, On the 1st April.
* Shiro proceeded to smash glod into the walls in a fit of pure and unbridled rage towards Brawl anticipaters everywhere
You guys didn't give me much to love here. Sorry.
Sorry glod, I guess we're just not a very loving bunch >:
I hate Valentine's Day
I love Valentine's Day. Except for the part where I have to buy something.
Theme for the Next Mailbag: Same as last week! Also, as an added bonus, how much do you love us!?
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