Here we have the questions that people ask OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. So now, if you actually do ask them again... I GET TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.


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Hey, how come the anime is so different from the games? How come Gooey and Dark Matter aren't in it, or Chuchu or Ado or Ribbon? How come there are so many new characters? They weren't in the games! They messed everything up!
Well to answer the first- simply because HAL didn't want an anime that just copied the games, like so many other game to anime conversions do. That's a sure sign of something that's just trying to cash in on a fad- but HAL wanted something unique that kept the basics of the games but could stand on it's own!

The anime is based on the games, but they're completely different worlds! Some say that the only way to connect them would to say the anime comes before the games- but in reality it really has no connection to the timeline. Alternate, parallel universes and all! Close but no cigar.

For the second... Well, why wasn't Gooey in 'Kirby SuperStar'? Why weren't Chuchu and Nago in 'Kirby's Dreamland 2'? Simple - it just wasn't their time!

You know, HAL could have just crammed all of these characters into the anime! But they didn't, for good reason. I mean think about it... If they just went and used ALL the game characters right away... Then they'd run out!

There have been rumors that there's a sequel planned for the anime- and if that's true, it solves everything! The reason HAL didn't use Dark Matter and Beam Kirby and all the rest- they were saving it for later! Wouldn't that be cool, to have a whole new season of Kirby with new stuff instead of just one with a ton of characters crammed in? XD

The third question goes with the first- well they need other characters since they need to fill in the gaps, so to speak. Kirby 64 brought in Ribbon, KDL3 brought in 3 new animal friends- and the anime brought in lots of new characters too, but also a lot of familiar faces!

So no, nothing was 'messed up'! HAL knows their series, and any changes were deliberate and had good reasoning behind them.

What about 'Fololo and Falala'?! It's Lololo and Lalala!
Ha, well blame the dub for that. In the original they got their names right!

Ivy, why is Meta Knight a GOOD GUY in teh anime?!!? He's supposed to be EVIL like in the games AND KILL WOMEN AND CHILDREN!
Again, because HAL wanted him to be! Remember he's not always a bad guy in the games either- he tries to save Dream Land in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and Squeak Squad. Even as early as Kirby's Adventure he was giving Kirby power ups
But he tries taking over Dreamland in Kirby Superstar!
Right you are! There was something about him being possessed by Nightmare, but we now know that that probably wasn't true. All we know are a bit of his motives- that he wanted to end Dream Land's 'lazy lifestyle'. But it isn't too important- the anime is different from the games, simple as that.
What about Whispy?? He's evil too!
*sigh* Just because Kirby fights him, doesn't mean he's evil. In the games Whispy wasn't evil. He just got possessed by Dark Matter a lot and probably was protecting his forest. And remember, everyone you fight in Kirby's Adventure is just helping Dedede protect the Star Rod pieces.

Wait, how come Kirby can't talk? He just says poyo and his name! Kirby's not supposed to be a dumb baby!
*sigh* First off, he can, and he says more than that!

And lemme ask ya- could YOU talk when you were a baby? Eh? Didn't think so! Kirby's way smarter than you at that age! (Or maybe even your current age! Ha!)

As I said before, the anime doesn't follow the games exactly. So HAL wanted to show part of Kirby's life that we didn't really see in the games- before he was a big hero! In a sense, the anime is a story of Kirby growing up.

And yeah he can talk- his 'Poyo' is actually a kind of language that a few people can understand... And he says a lot of things!

Buuuut they get cut in the dub more often than not. Originally he'll say his own ability and attack names, and certain words he really likes. (Like 'suika' for watermelon!)

So someday he'll be able to speak a language you or I could understand, but give him time man! He can only grow so fast.

And how come he never flies?
Oh he flies! Not a LOT, but he has when the situation warranted it. It's just usually walking/running is faster.

Ivy! You said that Sakurai said the anime couldn't have humans in it! But that Salesguy person is a human!
Nope! Salesguy resembles a human (somewhat!) but he definitely isn't a human! Trust me, he couldn't be farther from one! XD

Hey could you draw me a picture please?
Um, the Gurus section isn't really the place to ask this! Why don't you email me or something instead?

How about some screenshots? Do you have any pictures of this character? Oh! I want episodes to download! Can you put them on the site?
Whoa whoa now! You're asking a lot now. If you want screenshots I have a new section for that- over at the forums because that would be easier to keep track of. If you want any screenshots, clips or episodes, please post there! You can also view my subs there.

Wait a sec, you said the anime was based on the games but other stuff is different too! Like how come Bugzzy has Sword power and not Suplex?
'Cause they didn't want him to? I dunno, I've never asked em! They must not have chosen Suplex to appear in the anime, but they still wanted to use Bugzzy.

Same goes with other changes like that- it's just what they did! I have no way of asking them unfortunately, so I can only make a guess.

Hey do we see Meta Knight without his mask in the anime?
Ah, don't you people want to be surprised? Well highlight this if you wanna know!

Highlight. Sorry, nope! Not really. End highlight.

Where can I buy Kirby's Japanese DVDs?
I use myself! You can buy them if you have a credit card.

Does <insert ability> appear in the show? What episode? Can you list all the abilities?
I'd be here forever, man! Why're ya asking me? There's a whole section on this site for that! Check out the Episode Guides- it lists what abilities appear in what episodes and lots of stuff.

Check it out!

What's your favorite ability/character/episode/pizza topping/tv show/etc...
Well I'm flattered that you wanna know what I think! But technically this isn't the place to ask... Still, I'll put the answers here to sate your curiosity! XD

Ability: Crash, Parasol

Character: Knuckle Joe, Sword and Blade, Yamikage, Meta Knight..

Episode: Lots! Mostly 'Loyalty! Sword and Blade'

TV show: What a silly question.


Kirby doesn't come on where I live! Why not??
Well Kirby doesn't show on TV anymore, it ended in the US! Nothing I can do about that. If you live in another country it may still be showing, but you'll need to contact your local TV provider and ask them!

Or you could just head over to the fansubs section of this site...

You always say the English dub is really different from the original! What stuff did they change?
Dude do they cut out a lot of blood and gore?!
Ha! There's no blood and gore to begin with. (Well ~very~ little.) Kirby isn't really an 'action' anime in Japan. It's considered a 'life drama', kind of a parody of real life in some ways. It has action and comedy and satire and drama... It's a mix of lots of things!
They changed the music in the dub? Hey this original music is sweet! Wait, I hear music from Kirby's Air Ride! Did the anime take music from that?
Yer a bit mixed up there- actually, Air Ride takes a lot of it's music from the anime!

How many episodes are there? Is it still on?
The series ended at episode 100 in Japan last year and recently ended in the US as well.

When is Kirby going to defeat eNeME?
There is no eNeME.

The person the dub calls 'eNeME' is actually ~Nightmare.~ Same guy you fight at the end of Kirby's Adventure!
Furthermore, his company is really called 'Holy Nightmare Corporation', or HNM! ^_^ No silly puns, just a kind of oxymoron. =P

And he defeats him in the last episode, duh!

How come the show is 3D sometimes?
Because the show uses state of the art 3DCG technology!

Yeah, they're trying something new, mixing the 3D and cell drawn animation. Most other shows just use CG for backgrounds and robots and stuff, Kirby's trying to make CG that looks more like the normal animation...

Though it looks odd in earlier episodes, it does improve GREATLY at the series goes on with improved models and more fluid movement. It's interesting to compare.

So is there gonna be a sequel?
Well there's no way of saying for sure. I'm not psychic, nor am I able to contact people at HAL to ask... But I've read that the first series ended early because of Sakurai leaving the company. Take that with a grain of salt, it's just what I heard! But with Sakurai not around, there's probably less chance of a sequel.

I trust I've answered all your questions then? Well now you know-
Why isn't Meta Knghit EVIL?!


Don't let this happen to you!

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