Ask Guru Gobbo #80

Yay. It actually took some time to get enough legitimate questions. A whole half-day longer. I take my victories where I can.

- October 25th, 2008

  1. Gas Mask
  2. Rgijaba
  3. Error Taxi
  4. Kirbychu HR'D
  5. Kirby Kid
  6. Luca
  7. Kirby Kid
  8. Kirbyfield Monster
  9. Rgijaba
  10. Kirby+Pac-man buddiez

Gas Mask in the outhouse, er, I mean Ask the Gurus. Questions:

1)What is Chuchu?

2) Could you make a new Squeaky Bogg? Preferably one playing a gameboy or something? If so, show it.

3)If Nightmare fought 0, who would win in your opinion.

- Gas Mask

Squeaky Bogg

1) Chuchu is, by anyone's best guess, an octopus. Some say "a blob", others (don't) say gum, but being as they are Animal Friends, the octo proposal makes the most sense. Sadly, the second wave of pets didn't have introductions such as "Name the What" like the initial breed did.

2) Could? Yes, very much so. Will I? No. Said before, this is supposed to be an insightful section answers questions. What the half-thought-out, funny cartoon figure to the side of the answers does is irrelevant and shouldn't be cared about

3) Nightmare is just a nightmare. This is entirely his origin. He had no real power. Zero, on the other hand, is a powerful force that enslaved worlds under his dark dominance. Nightmare, of course, was pretty much given the entire 0-trait sheet when he became the villain in the animated series since Nightmare, previous to that, was a one-shot, never-to-be-seen-again foe. Zero had several encounters under his belt at that point, but, no, the Kirby team was fractured and had something against "those" titles and went the other route.

1.In Kirby Block Ball's enemy page, it says there is an enemy called Mini Robot, abd that it's offical name is unknowen.Do you, by some slim-ish chance, know what it is?

2.On that note, it has another one called Birdy.Isn't that Twizzy?Same with Kabooma(not Kaboola, they have that right).Isn't that Bomber?

3.Also, I wasn't complaining about Kirbypeidia.I was just curious!But, if people do complain, why wouldn't you complain about something that says Buboo first appeared in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror?

4.The odds of it getting posted are unlikely, so I'll ask again(no disshing out the patience thing again), do those paintings in Kirby Canvas Curse from the World of Drawcia have a name other than painting?

- Rgijaba

Squeaky Bogg

1) That is Buu-Robot. Truthfully, "mini" does not belong before any of those people's names. That is just an unofficial prefix adjoined to the name to differentiate it from the Boss of that level since they are, in every case, preceded by a micro-version of themselves. Or, in the case of folks like Cappy and Squishy, they are followed by an inflated version of themselves. Regardless, Buu Robot has his name reported on the Boss page. It was a joyous day when Kine the Genius found out what that thing was called for everyone. It would seem that the excitement had quickly caused the boss page to be updated but not the enemy page that also mentioned, in effect, that boss's name. There's tons of that junk floating around Rainbow Resort. It's like an Easter Egg hunt.

2) Yes, there are several flawed names on that page. I have a lot of enemy pages in updated versions but, due to layout hitches, they have yet to be posted. "Birdy" is one of those crummy, false names that is thrown out every now and then. But, hey, when you have things like "Sparky" and "Spiky", who can blame one for trying? As for Kabooma, that is not Bomber. Bomber is the the Crash enemy, shaped like a bomb similar to an atomic bomb. Heavy duty stuff. Kabooma, on the other hand, is shaped like the spherical, cartoon bomb, like those tossed by Poppy Bros. Sr. Now, in truth, I don't really know if that is its real name, but it is different enough to warrant a different denotation than the familiar and established skull faced bomb foe.

3) I would complain about something like that, and probably have. Thing is, Buboo is in a game I don't have. I don't normally go near or touch any pages related to games I don't play or have knowledge on since I can't verify that the information is true. There's a lot of garbage proliferated across the internet, trust me. Why, take this for example. Man, this is a steamin' load.

4) I have no idea what your talking about, be it the question having come up before or what paintings you are referring to. Anyhoo, I've delved into it, and they barely even get mention. They aren't recorded on any enemy lists, and that's mostly the way I know stuff about Canvas Curse. It's not to well documented of a game, sadly. However, in this case, it seems more that they are just that unimportant. Just a wield thing thrown at players to give 'em the creeps in conjunction with the sinister music.

I have a theory:

Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy is to Kirby's Dreamland as Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Rival is to the anime. Wow, actually, wow. That works!

Anyways, I was always thinking, if it's called "Dreamland", and I know that the residents enjoy sleeping but, could this entire world just be a kind of... "dream world"?.. That could account for every single inconsistency in the series, because it's a ~figment of your imagination~... hmm, I like to dream I was there sometime...

- Error Taxi

Squeaky Bogg

Nope. "Dream Land" is just the American name. I know I sometimes like to think that, but it's just a load of bull. The real name is "Pupupu Land". The States just went with Dream Land since, well, it sounds a lot more magical over here than a string of syllables that resemble feces. Not good. Yep, "Pupupu" has no connotations of dreaming or fantasy to it. It's all just a translation error.

Me again!

1. How many kinds of minions does MK have?

2. Do you think there should be a Kirby-Mario crossover?

3. If Kirby were to eat a skunk, what would happen?

Also, I figured out what the Drawcia Soul music sounds like. It sounds like the Nightmare theme from Kirby's Adventure!

- Kirbychu HR'D

Squeaky Bogg

1) Meta Knight only has one slew of minions, The Meta Knights: Ax Knight, Trident Knight, Mace Knight, and Javelin Knight. The other knights of the blades do not count as his minions, even though they are used in the animated series and Super Star Ultra.

2) No. I ... I really think it would just not be good. Really, they have Smash Bros. That's all of the crossover any video game characters need. It's about the only way to mesh all of the different game plays together.

3) He would have very bad breath for a very long time. Skunks don't have powers, after all. He absorbs abilities. It's fun to say stuff would happen, but that's not really the case. The animated series be damned! Eating ice cubes doesn't give you Ice power.

hey bimblesnaff its me again. guess what i am about to end the galatic knight is the future kirby argument for good! i was right the first time galatic knight is a legendary warrior from the past.i figured it all out when i was fighting him today. because during the fight i paused it for a second and it went to the screen and then i pressed the right arrow key. it went to the the screen that said vs. galatic knight under that it said your opponet is a legendary warrior who was sealed away long ago. if he was sealed away long ago he couldn't be from the future.see bimblesnaff i can do research of my own.

- Kirby Kid

Squeaky Bogg

Thank you! Now, I'm not thanking you for ending it, I'm thanking you for confirming something I always thought. You see, I could have sworn I remembered the official Galacta Knight flavor text saying "sealed away long ago", but the problem was that I could never find this text replicated from an actual screen shot. There's even been mention of his pastness before, but since more mention of temporal distortion came up than a tragic past, I couldn't just fly with this scenario.

In fact, in my original response to Future Kirby question, I originally had this large, over-the-top chew out about how stupid the proposal was because of the very specific text, "seal away long ago". The problem was, I couldn't find this. I could only find mention of time being bent. Man, I wish I saved that whole spiel, too, as I really went all out on the guy. But, no, no one could have a simple screen capture of this text or easily found mention of it. Now, I look the fool when, from the start, I had it right but couldn't find actual support to that end. And that's why I hate stupid people who miss blatant and obviously given facts.

Also, that's not really "research". Research generally involves more than looking at the screen. That's just ... well, looking at the screen. I don't really do "research" on a person by telling you what their hair color is when I'm just looking at them.

1Who's the easiest final boss? I say Dark Nebula/Zero!

2.Who's the least evil final boss?I think Marx,or at least KSSU Marx.He giggled and just wanted to cause mischif.

3.why do you think people say stuff like "there is no number 5"(when i said "never mind" that one time i was going to ask a question but decided not to!)

4.If you got a DS,which Kirby game would you get first.I'll guess you'll say Canvas Curse.

- Luca

Squeaky Bogg

1) The easiest boss, is by far, King Dedede. He's still a final boss, people. Just because it was the first game doesn't mean he's exempt from the running.

2) No, Marx was evil. He wanted what every cartoony super villain desired: to rule the world and have ultimate power. That's selfish power mongering. Nightmare, evil. Darm Matter, evil. Daroach, power hungry. Once again, King Dedede takes the cake, literally. All he did was have the munchies. Selfish and greedy, yes, but in the end harmless... kinda.

3) People like to waste time.

4) That's not a guess at all. It's what I've stated in sessions before. Original concept to poor reception any day.

hey bimblesnaff it's me again. i have theory on meta knights name i think the meta in his name is short for metal because he wears a metal mask. and he goes by meta knight because metal knight just wouldn't sound as cool as meta knight.true this theory of mine sounds childish and simple but i think it might be right. what do you think of it.

- Kirby Kid

Squeaky Bogg

No. Not at all. No where close. This is deja vu. At least your assumption is more logical. "Meta-" is a lot closer to "metal" than it is "mecha-". I don't know where that nut was coming from.

But, yeah, no. "Meta-" is a defined prefix of a certain meaning. It fits nicely with Meta Knight in comparison to all the other ones, setting him out as the diamond in the rough. If he was to be named after his mask, then he'd be "Mask Knight", not what it was crafted from. In fact, I think every other one of the Knight enemies has more metal in their character than he does. Suits of armor, wider covering helmets, bigger weapons, or are totally robotic.

Hey Uncle Gobbo, me again. Few questions.

1- How could the Drak Matter form a Planet in Kirby 64?

2- What is the point of Miracle Matter?

- Kirbyfield Monster

Squeaky Bogg

1) Dark Matter is a dominating, all controlling, all feared, super powerful force that held the solar system on the brink of despair. You think collecting some space debris is a feat out of it's league? Believe me, that's not going to break it.

2) Miracle Matter is suppose to be a clever, thought provoking battle that requires use of abilities and mixing to challenge the player. However, from what I've heard about it (having never faced the fiend myself), the concept went far beyond what it would seem to reach and turned out far more demanding a fight than it should have been for the rest of the game's pace.

*Gaspish sound* I also just realised Kookler was labled Togezo in the Kirby's Block Ball enemies page! Who did that enemies page?!

- Rgijaba

Squeaky Bogg

Kookler sets you off but Bounder being named "Climber Guy" doesn't set off any bells? Yeah, that page, and most of the old enemy pages, are ripe with misinformation. As for the culprit, every page, ever, gives the creator or at least the last person responsible for righting it (yes, righting it). Yeah... it's an old page. Information wasn't as easy to find back then. Again, per your previous question, I have a large cache of updated pages to plop out, but they're sitting in some mess with layout hassle and whatnot.

hellooo, itz mes. *click* sorry for mistranslation.*click* question time!*click*

*click* 1. I know of the low possibility of this, but do you think Kirbies appetite was inspired by pac-man? WHACKER-WHACKER-WHACK-*click*

*click* you know where I can find pictures of Galactica knight (correct me if I spelled it wrong)*click*

*click**click**click* oh there it is *click*

3.I had a friend who said she found a picture of meta-knight's father somewhere on this website. Is this false or do you know where it is?*click*

*click* you have no new messeges. *click*

- Kirby+Pac-man buddiez

Squeaky Bogg

1) Tradition has Pac-Man's saying as "wacka-wacka-wacka". I don't know where that H and R come from. I blame human resources, always trying to meddle with us. Aaand, that's all I'll dignify to answer there.

2) There is no official artwork of Galacta Knight release, that I know of at least. All the Super Star Ultra official artwork can be found in the multimedia gallery, and it's really just Kirby, King Dedede, and some powers.

3) They could have, yeah, but that picture would have just been some fan art for a fan fiction that pulled every ounce of that garbage straight out the same source they used to write said fiction. Hint: It's a toilet. 'Cuz it's stupid fandom banter/babble/bull.

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