Is Girl Gooey (or Blob) from "Kirby's Dream Land 2" a clone or identical to ChuChu from "Kirby's Dream Land 3"?
KW: No. Though I don't remember her name, she's only in the english release of Kirby's Dreamland 2. In the Japanese version, it is instead, that girl that you see in Kirby's Dreamland 3. This one.
Hi! You said in a previous guru Q&A that 'Evil Kirby' in Kirby 64 did not exsist. This site says under K64 that Evil Kirby does exsist. Is this a misinformation on the sites part or yours?
KW: ...Neither. I took a look in the codes section of Kirby 64, and it looks like the "evil kirby" they are talking about is the boss costume Kirby. However, there was a rumor going around that you can play as an "evil Kirby" which is Kirby with evil eyes. THAT is false. So there are two kinds of "evil Kirby" floating around. But the one on the site is the boss costume Kirby, not EVIL KIRBY.
hey, how do i get to the secret switch thingy in world 6 door 3? if its easy, don't blame me lol but ive been trying so long..can u tell meh pls? =)
KW: ...It would help if you told me what game you were playing. I assume it's Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. To find the answer, go here. Remember everyone. Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland and Kirby's Adventure are basically the same game.
Brock Goldflies
How come Kirby Super Star Stacker wasn't released in America?
KW: The Super Nintendo's popularity died before the game could be released. It WAS planned for release, but the Nintendo 64 gave the SNES an early death.
what does meta knight look like without his mask? i read the questions and answers page where the kid gets socked in the face at the end but it said u cant see what he looks like from the anime. i think that there should be some link on the internet that shows meta knight without his mask! i looked all over the internet and couldnt find anything, so help me out here!!!!! thanx
KW: If you looked all over the internet and couldn't find it, then you definately weren't looking hard enough. Heck, this site has several pictures of it. Like this one. :)
Suna I. Naabii
Alright! I have Kirby Squeak Squad. A little rip-off there though, because I finished it in one day. =P
Anyways, to the question. On the "secret moves" for "Tornado" and "Wheel" it says ABILITY + Fire/Spark/Ice = Fire/Spark/Ice ABILITY. However this only works when I do it in play, not using the bubble-mix thing. The only mix I've seen so far that actually mixes is Sword and Fire/Spark/Ice. Why don't Tornado/Wheel work?
KW: Unfortunately, you can't mix them in the stomach to get the element tornado/wheel. It can only be done in play, like you said. That's what the game was trying to illustrate.
Hi, KW! It's me again, back with more questions!

1) Is Kirby a boy or a girl? Just kidding, that question gets asked a lot. Anyway, for the real questions (I know he's a boy)-

1) In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror,do you know if HAL and everyone messed up when Dark MK was World 8 boss and Master and Crazy Hand were World 9 bosses? If you don't know, don't answer.

2)How many copy abilities does Kirby have altogether in the games? Including Squeak Squad and Canvas Curse. Thanks!

3) I was looking at the KRR Kirby Superstar page (very well done!), and I don't remember seeing Kirby have a helper for Crash ability. Is there a Crash helper and whoever wrote the page forgot him or there's no Crash helper?

Thanks! That's all for now! I'll be back for more later! If any of these questions were asked, I apologize. See ya!

KW: Dear me, you startled me with the Kirby gender question :P Anyways...
1. No, it wasn't a mistake. You can fight the bosses in any order you want anyways (Yes, including King Golem. You can fight him last if you so please), so it really doesn't matter what bosses are in what level. I guess the setting looks more fitting in world 8.
2. You're in luck, the answer is in the new FAQ I put up.
3. All the limited use abilities (Crash, Mike, etc) don't get a helper.
Kirby Warrior's Comments

Ok, sorry there's not a lot of questions this time. The real reason I updated was for the new FAQ I made. Also, PLEASE stop asking when the new Kirby game will come out. If it's not on the site, then I don't know! Just so you all know. There is no release date for that game, so please stop asking.
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