What's known about the wii game, I've seen the video for it, but not much else since 2005, is it canceled?

And umm... can you tell whoever wrote the copy abilities for kirby 64 that stone+ice= a curling stone, not a hockey puck and that fire+electricty=kirby rubbing his head with sand paper or something till it catches fire.
KW: Last I checked, it was officially announced to be a Wii title, and no I don't mean that list we found a long time ago. That's all I really know...I don't think there is anymore information on it than that, but I may be behind on the latest news.

And maybe someone will see this and fix it !! Or maybe I'll fix it myself...eventually.
Samantha (Just call me Sammy!)
Yep, here I am again with another Adeleine/Ado issue. People keep denying that Ado is a male, they like to claim that he's just a botched translation of Adeleine. I try and explain it to them but they just won't listen!

"SHE wears a skirt!" they claim.
"No one can prove that HE wears a skirt!" I reply.
"SHE is girly looking!" they claim.
"HE is just an effeminate male! Japanese videogames and such are full of them!!" I reply.
"SHE dresses exactly like Adeleine!" they claim.
"HE may dress like her but it doesn't make them the same person!!" I reply.

I also brought up your stating yourself that they have different colored hair, I've even grown to notice that Ado's eyes are brown and Adeleine's are blue...
Yep, they still deny it.

So, my question is this:
Can you say yourself, here and now, one the blessed site that is KRR, that Ado is a male?

Thank you!
KW: Oh, this is a popular subject. Ado and Adeleine are two different people. You can see this best on the Japanese Kirby 64 site, where they call Adeleine by the name...."Adeleine." It's even in English as well as Japanese. And I don't know where you could find Ado's name unless you have Japanese Kirby's Dreamland 3 or something, but it's official that his name is Ado. So they must be different people of they officialy have different names, even in Japan. :P
Rick Wolff
I was playing Dreamland 3, when I came across this...
...thing in 2-4. To my knowledge, it can't be interracted with in any way through normal gameplay, and I've never seen it in any other Kirby games.

So what exactly is it?
KW: That's Batamon. He's even in the enemy list in our Kirby's Dreamland 3 section. He appears in various levels. The easist way to kill him is with Spark + Pitch. Other than that, he has no purpose, but is still an interesting enemy. His name may even be the name of Kirby's species.
Mister Suncloud
in nightmare in dream land 1, my bro is stuch on kracko!!! How DO u beat him?!?
KW: Fly as high as possible before trying to attack him. Using Hijump is a good way to get as high as possible.
Hi Kirby Warrior!
I have a question about Kirby Squeak Squad: I'm an European boy, so i have to wait till June 22nd to get it... Here's my questions: The levels in Squeak Squad - are they a labyrinth like in Amazing Mirror or like in Nightmare in Dreamland?

Thank you, Chester :-D
KW: It's like Nightmare in Dreamland. Though the world maps remind me of the Dynablade map in Kirby Super Star.
Poppy Brother
What does "T.A.C" stand for?
KW: I don't know. It may not even stand for anything, other than it being the word "cat" backwards, as well as sounding somewhat similar to the work "take."
Do the Master Sword and the Rainbow sword have anything in common or what?
KW: No. Master and Rainbow Sword are totally different swords.
Mr. Frosty
Hi! In the picture gallery on this site, it shows Kirby 64 concept art featuring Kirby in a strage labratory thing. If you know anything about it, please share. Also, why, in K64 and KDL3 is the apearence of Chilly the snowman different from that of the other games? Does it have to do with Sakurai leaving? Speaking of Sakurai, if he had nothing to do with K64, why is he listed in the credits as a voice actor? Who did he voice? Thank you!
KW: It's just level ideas. Obivously that one wasn't quite used. Also, the appearence of Chilly wouldn't have anything to do with Sakurai leaving since he hadn't left HAL yet when KDL3 and K64 were made. Also, when I said he had nothing to do with K64, I meant production-wise. Though I was not aware that he was one of the voice actors...
Just Kita
I have three questions, both pertain to Kirby Air Ride. Firstly, For the "Air Ride Formation Approaches" event in City Trial, does it really do anything? I thought at first that it might be possible to jump upon one of the cars, but I've been unable to even reach them. Secondly, there are a few checkmarks that seem impossible to beat for Air Ride mode. The ones involving Bulk Star, Rex Wheelie, and Rocket Star seem impossible. I've tried everything. Can you somehow explain how to use these cars effectively? And lastly, this is more or less for confirmation, but I've been led to believe that the weight patches also affect flight, and that more negative weight patches allow the car to fly higher/farther. Is this true?
KW: I haven't been able to do anything with the "Air Ride Formation" thing as well. And it's odd because I hear different stories about it's purpose. On one side, I hear that if you hit them, they fall and you can use them, and on another side I hear that if you hit them, the game freezes. Then the ONE time I was able to hit them, I flew right through it. Very odd indeed.
It would help a lot to know exactly what the missions are that you are stuck with.
As far as I know, weight only makes your stopping time faster, since I ALWAYS collect weights, and I never notice a change in my flight.
Does anything special happen when you beat extra mode in squeak squad?
KW: Apparently not...at least not when I beat it.
Hi!! My name is Bianca and i'm from the Netherlands,, I have a problem with Kirby's dreamland 3!! I'm playing the kirby game on my snes emulator. It may sound a bit strange,, but i don't know how to get further at world 1 level 6!!(you know,, with the clown and the juggling shapes) I'm in the tree house and I have all the juggle shapes,, but I don't know how to exit the tree house room!! I've looked on your site,, I've seen Christoph's question too,, but I still don't know how to get further in the game.. So I thought maybe you know the answer? Or maybe it's just my emulator or rom having a bug..

KW: I apologize, but I have very bad at explaining how to get through that map. It's a map that many people seem to have troubles with, so I know it's not your ROM. I actually don't remember the layout of that room to be honest, I THINK you want to get to the right side of the tree, then find a path back into the tree closer to the top. But I could be wrong.
Is Spinni in Squeak Squad male or female? This site says Spinni is a boy, but this other site said Spinni is a girl.
KW: Unfortunately I can't give you an official answer, since I don't have an official source. But I will say that I've seen some Japanese fan-sites mention Spin/Spinni as a girl. So I'm thinking Spin/Spinni is a girl! But again, since it's not an OFFICIAL source, I do not know for sure.
Yami Mono
Hi, Could you tell me Gooey's japanese name?
KW: Gooey. Or if you want it in Katakana, ???
Hi KW! You're awsome and I can't say anything bad about you! YOU ROCK! To the questions:

1) Do you live in US or Japan? I've always wanted to go to Japan :-)! Anyway, how do you get info on games- one place to another? Sorry if its been asked/mean question.

2) What is your favorite Kirby color? I heard many of them are going to be in Brawl! Oh- in SSBM, Kirby can make Yoshi a pixel glitch size! I did it, can you?

3) The homepage of KRR says NES and SNES. I have no idea what they stand for- Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Super Nintedo e' new, what? Please tell me- I want Superstar!

4) This is my last question. In SSB 64, for the Nintendo 64, ther is supposedly a glitch that on 2-4 player melee, when you spin the controller in a circle 30 times non-stop, you can be Master Hand! Many people say it's true and false! I thought you'd know- if you do, is it true? If so, with or without AC? (Action Replay)

Sorry if I said any repeats. KIRBY WARRIOR OWNS! I'll write more soon!
KW: Oh hey, thanks.
1) I live in the US. I got a lot of my info just by playing all the Kirby games obsessively. The rest comes from internet research :P
2) I tend to like the white color.
3) NES is Nintendo (Entertainment System), and SNES is Super Nintendo (Entertainment System)
4) I am pretty certain that all "play as master hand" codes are fake. The only way I know to play as Master Hand is with a GameGeine/GameShark/ActionReply or whatever it was called.
On kirby nightmare in dreamland, where is the switch in rainbow resort level 6 (the last one before king dedede)?
KW: That's the black and white level, IIRC. The moon in the last room is a door that leads to the switch.
Hey, My friend keeps complainin on whether Kirby is a boy or girl. I keep telling him he is a boy but he wants some solid proof and he keeps calling him an "it >_>. He says that on wikipedia that the Maximum Tomato is his favorite food but I beg to differ. Could you shed some light on this please? Both statements? the boy/girl and the favorite food thing? ^-^ thank you!!!
KW: I've said it over and over again, Kirby is a BOY. As for favorite food, I don't think he has one. Though I believe in the anime his favorite food is watermelon.
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Oh my, I haven't updated in forever! SORRY!! Life makes people busy. And then I got lazy this month since my birthday was on the 14th. Anyways, sorry, no FAQ YET, I know, I'm terrible! I'll make it soon! I need it bad, because of so many repeat questions! Also, I didn't answer all the questions I got, since a lot of them were from so long ago. Also, make sure to be descriptive in your questions. Just asking something like "How do I find the switch?" doesn't help me at all. I would have no idea what switch you are talking about.
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