Hello. In Kirby Superstar, why is kirby able to do more attacks with his ability than in other games. Are there going to be more attacks going with the abilities in the New Kirby Squeak Squad game? Like the exact button locations. Oh and to finish my Enquiry, when exactly is the new Kirby GCN for gamecube going to come out, I've been waiting frantacly. Thank you for giving me this time and hope you get back to me soon. Auvoir!
KW: Because Hal thought it would be a good idea? O_o Kirby and the Amazing Mirror started using this idea again, and it's even more used in Squeak Squad. As for Kirby GCN, I've already talked about this in my last GUru update. We don't know what's going on with it. It may not even be GCN anymore. We just don't know.
Hi KW! Lemme get something outta the way first:

Quote: kirby fan
when and where will the new DS game "Kirby Squeak Squad" be coming out and will it be in the US?


Some guy told me it was in stores December 5 or 4, 2006.. I think that's right... and now questions!

1) For Kirby: Squeak Squad, what do you think the Metal ability does?

2) How many times has Clean/Broom/Cleaning Kirby appear in the game?

3) I've seen movies of Squeak Squad having a SSBM inhale sound, and a weird floating sound, and a Canvas Curse transform sound. This might sound weird, but would you like to have these sounds in the game? (Don't answer if you don't get it!)

KW: I believe when that question was asked, there was NOT a set US release date...or maybe there was, and I didn't see it yet. But yeah, December 5th is it release date (even though it's the 6th now).

1. It's like Stone from Kirby 64. Actually, why am I answering this? The game is out now. Sorry I'm so late with the Gurus XD.

2. In Squeak Squad? It doesn't appear in Squeak Squad.

3. Uhh, i don't understand, so I'll take up your offer on not answering.
Noah B. Woods
ok I have two questions 1in Kirby nightmare in dreamland in rainbow resort in level 6 where is the switch I got 99 percent I realy need that 2 I also have a 99 percent on Kirby and the amazing mirror in peppermint palace on the top to the left the room with the down arows wheres the treasure in there?
KW: 1. Inside the moon at the end of the level. Just go in it like it's a door.
2. ...I have NO idea what room you're talking about...sorry. Don't you think a game guide would be better anyways? O_o
Hello it's me again. You can see my last question from a few years ago in the archives. I have two questions this time.

1. I noticed that Meta Knight sometimes is an ally to Kirby, like he was in Amazing Mirror. In Kirby's Adventure he was a boss, but he stil gave you invincible lolipops on some stages. Is there a reason for this. I think they made Amazing mirror to clear some of this up. Mirror Meta Knight could of been in the previous games. Like the evil Meta Knight was just his mirror version, and his good side gave you the power-ups. But my theory doesn't explain why he was all evil in Revenge of Meta Knight.

2. I noticed in your old answers, that you answered stupid posts just for the sake of having enough questions. Like a while back there was that Shadow guy for example. He was this random troll that you just kept on posting his flames untill he decided to quit it. You should only let the questions that aren't silly or weren't answered before.

Thanks for reading. Keep up the great work.
KW: 1. No, he's just testing Kirby's abilities. He's like that ya know. Maybe he knows about Nightmare and tests Kirby to make sure he can beat him, thus gives up his piece of the Star Rod when Kirby defeats him. You know, since Meta Knight always seems to know when something evil is going on.

2. Oh heavens no, Shadow didn't stop. I just stopped responding to him because everyone has seen what a fool of himself he made and I didn't need to do any more. Of course, I doubt he even realizes that he made a fool of himself, and he thinks he's cool or something like that. I already have stopped replying to silly posts (I may put up a few once in a while though). I still get silly things, or random "hfvuidhyg7843hg54d" stuff.
Does the mirror kirby from KATAM have an official name? When you attack him, his health bar says "Shadow Kirby", but in the ending, they say "Mirror-World Kirby" will be there to keep the Mirror World safe. Also, what's with Dark Meta Knight? The Mirror-World Kirby follows him around, and Dark Meta Knight splits Kirby into four halves then flies back into his own world. Why would he do this? Is he trying to keep the mirror world safe from more intruders somehow(since Meta Knight already entered it), or is he evil and trying to cause havoc?
KW: It's name is probably just Kirby, but they call him Shadow Kirby/Mirror World Kirby to differentiate between him and our Kirby. He's just from an alternate universe. Dark Meta Knight is just trying to cause havoc. Shadow Kirby is following him, probably trying to see what he's up to so he can stop him.
(Spoilers! Highlight to see) Hey KW. I had just read a faq for Squeak Squad and the last boss is called "Dark Zero". Now, everyone has so many names for Dark Matters core, from O to Zero to O2 to Zero Squared. out of curiosity, is Dark Matter the final boss?
KW: (Spoilers! Highlight this as well) I assume you read Wolf4Knowledge's FAQ. Did you see the Credits? You'll notice I helped with name translations, so of course I knew the name of him XD The official names for the Zero enemies are just Zero, ZeroTwo, and now Dark Zero. As for Dark Matter being the final boss...no. it's Dark Zero.
is it true that in kirby squeak squad you can fues powers to gether?
KW: Yes. But it's not like Kirby 64. You can't mix any two abilities and get a mixture. You can mix Ice and Bomb, or Fire and Sword, and stuff like that, but not like...Ninja and Angel. Otherwise it treats it like the Mix roulette.
What the capacity in Kirby's stomach in Kirby: Squeak Squad?
KW: 5 I believe.
Can you tell me what those scrolls in Kirby Squeak Squad do? I know the official Japanesses promo site says it, but the text is in a photo, so there is no easy way for me to translate. Also, from what you have seen, what do you think of Kirby Squeak Squad?
KW: They power up your abilities by giving them new attacks and such. As for the game itself, it looks like they're heading in the right direction with the changing the environment thing, but I've heard the game is very easy, even finding the treasures. Dorocche Gang is still the most awesome thing to me (I refuse to call Dorocche by "Daroach").
Samantha (Just call me Sammy!)
I've been a fan of Kirby for quite some time, my first game being Kirby Super Star. But that's asside the point...

When I was little I recall having a crush on Adeleine, thinking she was a he in Kirby 64, and it was only after researching alittle bit recently I found that I had mixed her up with Ado from Dreamland 3 which I have never played before.

So my question has to be:

How can I tell them apart? They look alot alike, I'd just hate to make a huge mistake like that again. Finding nice pictures of them is difficult as any picture of Ado I find is of his appearance as a sprite you see...

Can you kinda clear it up for me or just give me a tip or two? That'd be greatly appreciated!
KW: Ado has brown hair, Adeleine has black.
Burnin' Leo
Hello KW, I have a question (obviously). In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, Sword Kirby can use final cutter using up-B correct? But with Kirby (with the 'Master' ability), you only poke upwards but I did final cutter with it twice. (once on my GBA & on GBPlayer) I have tried it many times but I can't seem to do it as often. Is there a way to use final cutter?

My second question is about Kirby: Squeak Squad. I beleive you can mix any ability yes? But yet some abilities seem to creat a random draw? Is it because some abilities are un-mixable (like sword-wheel or somthing?)

My final question is about the Kirby Game for GCN (if they're still doing it). I can't find any type of hope for it. I've E-mailed Nintendo a few times and they claim it's still releasing (but I have to check back on the site to find out when). I asked them when about might they update it but they say with the upcomming release of the Wii, it's too overwhelming to do so. I also visited the Japanese website for it but there's not much there. You know anything? Thanks
KW: 1. Slide, and durring the slide, press up + B.

2. I answered this a few questions up, so I don't need to answer it again XD

3. Nope, I don't know anything other than what I've said.
Dude on Mac
I have a few questions, so bare with me:

1. In one of your Guru responses, you said that Kirby's gender was up in the air, but in all of the Kirby commercials, and a lot of the references involving pronouns in games and such I see him mentioned as a he. I'm assuming that means he's a guy, but is that just used for lack of a better pronoun?

2. Even though Marx only appeared in one game, he was still a great character. Do you think (if there IS a sequal) Marx will be in it? I just hope they don't make him a good guy or do stuff really out of character! >_<

3. What episode(s) does King Arthur and those other guys from the movie apear in? I think I missed that episode.

4. How does Kirby grab stuff? Does he have psychic powers or adhesive hands or something?

ok, that's it. Good luck with subs!
KW: 1. ...WHAT!? I never said that! O_o (If I did it was a typo or mistake or my brain was off while I was typing) I always said he is a boy.

2. I dunno. We can only hope. I want him in Super Smash Brothers Brawl :D

3. I'm not the anime guru. This question goes to Ivy. (though it think it's episode 99 and 100)

4. Who knows.

I don't do the subs, Ivy and her team does XD
I am a theoughly devoted Kirby fan! I research Kirby when I'm bored. I'm also writing a book in which I'm turned into a kirby. :P Also, I have the American version of the Kirby Mirror game: Officially it seems to be 'Kirby and the Amazing Mirror' A few Q's now: 1) How do you get the light blue spray paint in Amazing Mirror? 2) How would you describe Kirby's personality? 3) Wouldn't Kirby be 14? His first game was 1992. 4) I know you answered this before, but, when did you say you thought Kirby's birthday was? I can't find it. P.S: SHADOW stinks!
KW: 1. Find a guide.
2. It seemed to change. It went from a caring concerned person, to a next to clueless person.
3. I wouldn't make his age be how long since his first game was released. In Kirby's Dreamland, he was already a young boy. Not a baby. Then we don't know how long apart each game takes place, so we can't really know Kirby's age.
4. Actually I don't believe I've ever answered such a question, and I don't have an answer for it anyways, since I have no idea.
KW: O_o I already answered a question like this before. It's not Kirby, so I won't answer it again. Go find it yourself.
lucas (call me luke)
In kirby airide, can you unlock the legandary machines in airide mode?
I saw the special machine intros but it might be single race on city trail.
KW: No, you can not.
What is the name of kirby's home. In some games it's dreamland in others dream star, In one it's pupupu land and in the show it's Popstar.
KW: ...It's NEVER been called "Dream Star." But here's how it goes. He lives in Dreamland which is a continent of Popstar, which is the star it's on. Pupupu Land is Dreamland's Japanese name (but Pupupu does not mean Dream in Japanese).
How do I know a gba kirby game is fake?
KW: Easy. There's only two Kirby GBA games. Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. If you see an English Kirby GBA game by any other name, then it's a fake.
Would you know if the "No Humans' rule for Kirby applies only to the anime, or the games as well? Because Adoline seemes like a human too me.
KW: Only applies to the anime.
Freeze Kirby
Why was Shadow Star from Kirby Air Ride named Devil Star in Japan?

One more thing: Why did they get rid of Freeze Kirby in the games? It was the best!
KW: You mean why was Devil Star renamed to be Shadow Star for the English release. Because devil = religious, and NOA hates that :)

As for Freeze, I doubt they got RID of it. They can't use every ability, all the time. In fact, they just used it in Canvas Curse.
Please explain to me in detail how to activate this glitch.
I don't think the poster's instructions were very clear.
KW: I don't know. I've never seen that glitch before. Reading his explaination it sounds like you need to get Master, then go to that place he's at in the video, right as you enter the door (or come out of it I guess), drop Master, and get Sword. If you did it right, then the glitch should be activated.
Michael Whelan
isn't kirby squeak squad out? cheak wikipedia for all the details.....you guys SHOULD be updated with this info already !_!
KW: Oh, but you forget, we don't get paid for doing what we do here, so we have no obligation to update new info at the exact time it arrives.
Zezah Kirby
i was just wondering. yeah i know its a stupid question but does anything in kirby start with X? i need it for a project and its annoying me.
KW: The only thing I can think of is the Xmas Tree item in the Great Cave Offensive of Kirby Super Star.
Kirby Warrior's Comments

WOW! I'm suprized at all the repeat questions I got this time around. And no I don't mean questions that were asked back when the gurus first started, I mean questions that were answered in my 34th set of answers....this is the 35th! That's it...I'm making an FAQ :( It's not going to be put up the same time I put this up. Maybe next time I answer the gurus...
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