I'm not sure whether or not you recieved this question when last asked due to the broken question form, but if you did, I apologize.

You said in earlier Gurus that Nightmare was possessed in Kiby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland, correct?

So what was Nightmare like before being possessed?
KW: Well, it's possible. But due to the language barrier, and the higher number of mistranslations form me back then, it's not really proven to be 100% true. Even though that incident in the Amazing Mirror indicates that it could be true, there is no solid proof. Either way, there's no way of knowing anything else about Nightmare due to nothing else being said about him. :P
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hi kirbs my queston is how many abilities has kirby learned in the games. There are lots of them i know but can you say some of them please
KW: Fire, spark, fireball(burning), hi-jump, wheel, mike, crash, parasol, hammer, suplex(backdrop), throw, light, ball, stone, laser, sword, UFO, cutter, bomb, plasma, yo-yo, jet, wing, paint, beam, fighter, copy, ice, freeze, needle, sleep, tornado, clean, ninja, mirror, cook, star rod, magic, angel(cupid), missile, and balloon (I wouldn't be suprized if I forgot to mention an ability or two). Then we have the new (confirmed) abilities in the new upcomming Kirby game for DS, which are, animal, bubble, and metal. There may be more new ones, but we don't know yet.
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Rememeber me? Of course you do.

I heard somewhere along with the "Splash" Glitch in Kirby's Adventure, there was some "255 Microphone" Glitch. Is this true? And if so, how do you get it?
KW: The Tips and Codes section is your friend.
Will there EVER be a kirby game for ps2?
KW: No. And unless Sony and Nintendo join forces, there won't be a Kirby game for any other Sony systems as well.
why is it that in kirbys adventure there are no hats.
KW: Because the idea for ability hats didn't come until Kirby Super Star.
I've heard the painting boss on roller skates refered to as both Skainter and Paint Roller. Are both used in different games or is one a misnomer?
KW: The only official name it has ever had is Paint Roller. Skainter is some made up name someone gave it.
I plan to get a Wii, but I don't have a Gamecube. Since i wanted the new GC Kirby game, I am planning to get it for the Wii, but I have learned in other forums that GC games will be saved on GC memory cards, not SD cards which Wii games will use. Then, this random dude then posts, replying that the new GC Kirby has become a Wii game now. I am now confused about this, can you tell me which console it is for and what is it's release date, or estimate release date.
KW: It really isn't known what's going on with the Kirby GCN game and stuff. A Wii game list on the Japanese Nintendo site shows a Kirby game. We aren't sure if this means Kirby GCN has moved to Wii, or if there's another Kirby game being made for Wii, or if they are putting GCN games on that list because the Wii can play GCN games as well. We don't know. But if you don't have a GCN, then get the Wii, because if Kirby comes out for GCN, you can still play it, and if two different Kirby games come out, one for GCN, and one for Wii, then you can play both. There are GCN Memory Card slots on the Wii (Or so I've read...).
Will the characters of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards be put into another Kirby game? Or will there be a sequel to this game? Thanks!
KW: Dunno. Probably not.
Hi there Kirby Warrior. I'am a big fan of the kirby series and i have 4 questions that i hope you can answer to:
1.Who serves as the ultimate evil in the Kirby games? Is it Nightmare or Dark Matter?
2.Why did Masahiro Sakurai quit on the kirby games? Is he not proud of it or what?
3.Has any more creatures which are of the same species as Kirby and Meta Knight been seen in the games?
4.How would it with be if new characters which are of the same species as Kirby and Meta Knight where added to the Kirby games? Is it something that you guys at the forum has discuss about?Has HAL think about it?
What do you think Kirby Warrior?

well, thats all my questions. I hope you can answer them. Bye!
KW: 1.Dark Matter (or 0/0^2)
2.He didn't quit on the Kirby games, he just quit Hal in general. It's said he quit because he wanted more freedom than what he got at Hal.
3.Well, there's no way of seeing if two characters are the same species or not, since it's a game. We can only guess by the way the characters look. There is Batamon in Kirby's Dreamland 3, which could be the same species as Kirby, and there's the audience in Kirby's Dreamland and Kirby Super Star which could be filled of characters that are the same species of Kirby.
4.Well, yeah, I guess Hal has thought about it if you consider the different colored Kirbys in Kirby Air Ride, Nightmare in Dreamland, and Amazing Mirror, to be different characters that are the same species as Kirby...Other than that, I don't think anyone really gives much thought about it.
1.) In Kirby Canvas Curse, in the second room on Collapse Castle, right after you go through that first small pipe, what are those tiny dark blue creatures on top of the blue arrow blocks? 2.) Why do you think there are so many fighting-type copy abilities? Fighter...Suplex...Backdrop...Throw...
KW: 1.Probably the same tiny dark blue creatures that are seen in Kirby's Dreamland 3. They have no purpose.
2.Well, Suplex and Backdrop are basically the same ability, and I wouldn't really consider Throw to be a fighter type ability, even though it's hat is a recolored Fighter headband, and the same color as Suplex's headband.
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Bonjour Kirby warrior, Ça'va? How are you doing. I have a quÈstion to ask. Is it possible to find to opening theme for French and portuguese. Because I have seen Japanese, English, German, and Italian. And is there a reason why whispy wood's head-ful-o-leaves is soo different in the games and anime. Like Kirby dreamland: Long head :Kirby Advenure: long fat head. Kirby Dreamland 2: small short head. What is up with thzat? Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!
KW: Opening theme? You mean for the anime? Ask Ivy. Anime questions go to her.
As for your Whispy Woods question, I don't know.
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when and where will the new DS game "Kirby Squeak Squad" be coming out and will it be in the US?

KW: I only know the Japanese release date, which is November 2nd, 2006. It will be comming to the US as well, but I don't know when.
Um, in Kirby Air ride on Checkerd Knights, I can't think of a better way to put this, but when you are riding the first griding thingy (you know those bar like things that you travel on) and you go into the lower half of the course, do you travel underwater or something? 'Cause I seriously can't tell.
KW: Who knows. That whole level is trippy.
where can i find a screenshot of splash kirby **please don't hit me**
KW: Why look for a picture when you can do the glitch yourself? I guess if you don't have Kirby's Adventure then you would want a picture...well, I don't have a picture, sorry.
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