I'm not so sure if this belongs here or in Ivy's FAQ, but is there really any backstory as to why Metaknight has wings and Kirby doesn't?
KW: Apparently, his cape turns into wings...At least that's what it says in Smash Brothers Melee, and you can see this also holds true to Smash Brothers Brawl, but as for the Kirby games, I'm not too certain.
Did you know that the guy who created kirby is making Super Smash Bros Brawl?
KW: Uh, yeah, that's pretty common knowledge, especially considering that he (Sakurai) made the first Smash Brothers game. Not to mention there was this whole thing on the SSBB site about it.
Hi KW!
1.Can you tell me where to find Mirror in Milky Way Wishes?
2.With Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland, can you unlock all the switches in Metaknightmare?
Thanks for your time.
P.S: What's your favourite Kirby character?
KW: 1. I'm bad at explaining things, but I'll try. It's on Halfmoon. In the room with the trollies, take the first trolly as far as it can go, then fly up, like you're supposed to. You should then see two trollies. Stay on the bottom floor where the lower trolly is, and walk to the right. You should then see a hole with a star block blocking it. Press down to pass through the ground to be on the star block, and get rid of it, leading you to a door (don't fall too far down, or you'll die). The door holds Mirror.
2. Yes.
My favorite Kirby character? I dunno.
How come that you've known about "Kirby Mouse Attack" so long and know only a bit about it?
KW: Because only a bit of information has been revealed about it? We keep finding new stuff though, which you should check the message boards about.
are boss arenas only in japanese or in english versions? please answer. im tempted to go kill!
KW: Uh...ok. They are in both. But they aren't in EVERY Kirby game.
Is it true that yopu discovered splash kirby? Can you explain how to get him, and does it work on ROMs?
KW: Yes, I found this strange glitch that I have titled "Splash Ability" though I am pretty sure other people have also found this before me. I have described how to get it here at the bottom. This isn't very in-depth, and you can get it one other way as well. Also I don't see why it wouldn't work on ROMs.
Which Game is better KIRBY Nightmare on Dreamland or Kirby & the Amazing Mirror?
KW: It all depends on your taste in games.
Lawrence Chen
KW: W-what!? Where on Earth did you hear that? It is not known what relation Kirby and Meta Knight have (in the games anyway), so don't jump to conclusions O_o
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