There are some really large enemies in Epic Yarn. I can't really tell which ones are big bosses and which mid-bosses. Regardless, here's a pair of what we've seen thus far.



The flaming flyer appears in what looks like the volcano level. It flies about and launches smaller flaming birds at Kirby. He can grab them with his rope and slingshot them back at the bird to damage it. When flung back, they assume comical missile shapes. Maybe more does that? Once K.O.'d, the bird's fire dies down and it's left looking like a plucked chicken. Well, the outline of a chicken. You know, being yarn.



This scaly brute is featured in a full demo video, so we get to see a lot of it in action. It can fire out its tongue with an arrow tip to try and strike Kirby. Other times, it's hanging out of its mouth with a button on the end. This can be snagged with the whip attack. Pulling on it, it can get snapped back at the beast's head to smart it good.

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Last Updated - June 18th, 2010