Kirby's Abilities and Transformations

Here are bits and pieces lifted from revealed screenshots and trailer videos that I've managed to scrap-book together. It's not much, it's certainly not pretty, but who else is going to say "Hey, Kirby info!" like this?

Action Forms

These are the forms that Kirby becomes as part of standard actions. From normal playing, these are just pulled out without any special circumstance outside of hitting a certain direction at the appropriate time. They're colorful and cute to add to the normal playing of the game.



When dashing, you rev up your engine and turn into a speeding automobile. You also honk your horn to tell folks you're bookin'. Beep beep!



Slows descent through the air. I think you hit "up" to activate it, sort of as the Parasol would have you do.



When you jump, legs just don't cut it. Luckily, Kirby never had much of that limb to begin with. So, he had no problem foregoing the appendage in favor of this coil.



Get into water to become this deep sea diver. Sure beats a simple scuba mask and snorkel.



Drop from the air to break through obstacles. At least, I think it's a weight. It looks more like a shovel to me. Maybe it's a certain kind of weight I'm not familiar with. That'd be any.

Other Actions

There's more that can happen or occur that I didn't know where else to put. So, why not here? The answer is that there isn't a "not". You're gonna just get them.


Behind Scenes

Doorways no longer take you to other rooms. Rather, they give you access to the area behind the top layer of fabric. You can even see a bulge where Kirby is moving beneath it.


Prince Fluff

Similar to how Gooey was summoned in Dream Land 3, this near identical doppelganger mimics all of Kirby's abilities and forms. It looks like he can be controlled by the 2nd player, too. And I'm guessing if he's not, he'll march right off a cliff.


Team Work

Kirby and Prince Fluff can work as a team, of course. Here, Kirby is carrying the crown to throw him in an otherwise hard to reach place.

Yarn Whip Actions

The whole of the game seems to revolve around the ability to lash out a strand of yourself and perform various acts. Here's the ones that I've been able to pick out.



Kirby cracks a strand of his own make-up to grab onto to things. Who knows what can happen when you snag something in your coil? Use it against enemies to defeat them or on buttons to grab ahold.



Lashing a small enemy winds them up and pulls them. They'll be reduced to nothing more than a bundle of yarn.



The result of grabbing hold of a Waddle Doo. The poor guy doesn't take up much space any more.



After you grab an enemy, you can throw them. Toss them at other enemies to defeat them. See? Kirby's still the same. Grabbing enemies and hurling them at others. The basic concept is maintained. Stop your griping, few people resistent to change.


Other Objects

The enemies aren't always turned into swirls of twine. Special targets turn into different forms which, in turn, produce different results. This "arrow" results from grabbing the spear from a Waddle Dee (yes, they will sometimes carry those). How it differs from a regular spool, I don't know.


Return Fire

Some objects can be flung right back at their source. Certain projectiles, like those thrown out from a big boss, can be whipped back at 'em. They'll change form, as mentioned prior, into this missile shape. Maybe that's one of the other forms that can be normally wrapped up? Haven't seen enough to tell if that's the case.



If a stationary button is stitched to the background, Kirby can grab ahold of it and use it as an anchoring point. Sway him back and forth to build momentum and raise his height.



After grabbing hold of certain objects, Kirby can reel in the yarn by turning into a top. That's how I wish I could wrap up cord.


Fold In

Some buttons are stitched to a long piece of thread. Pulling on these scrunches up the length of fabric and entirely re-writes the terrain. That's pretty handy.


Pull Down

Certain boxes and chests have tabs that can be snagged. Pull them down to uncover the item hidden behind. It could be collectable beads or a special treasure. I guess there are more possibilites, but I don't know of any.



Zippers can be nabbed and pulled back on. This can drop the lower half of whatever was zipped up. As for what happens with Kirby's legs when zipping down, I haven't a clue.

Special Transformations

I haven't the slightest clue why these forms can be taken up, but it appears that Kirby has the ability to assume shapes that are more than just simple and short phases like the previous.



To get some serious speed in the water, Kirby assumes the form of the ocean's deadliest predetor -- the dolphin!


Monster Truck

Tear across the terrain with four wheel drive. Let 'em eat your dust!



Become gigantic and shoot rockets from your mouth. I don't think much more can be said about that. This just looks like fun.


Robot (2P)

Another robot, but this one looks different than before. If you notice, inside the "command center" is Prince Fluff, the 2nd player character, and Kirby's real face is making up the front of the robot. Other changes include giant boxing glove arms that can swing to deliver a KO punch. I'm going to guess that it will be like the Wheelie Rider in Super Star with one player controlling movement and the other manning offense.



Safety first, kids. Kirby says to wear a helmet. No, he's not some weird type of penguin. At least, I don't think he is. Pretty sure that's skating on a board.



You can't keep UFO from being in a game. You may be able to keep inhaling and copying abilities out, but this makes a return. The flying saucer now seems to be able to "abduct" enemies into its hull. After so many are collected, a big, electrical attack can be unleashed.

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Last Updated - June 17th, 2010