This storybook -- the first and only ever made -- was written in the summer of 2008. As such, many of the notions expressed in the story reflect the attitudes on KRR at the time, most of which became out of date since then. They have, of course, been replaced by other negative views since Rainbow Resort officially ceased all meaningful operation in 2011, largely because of the evils alluded to in this story. Regardless, the story appears here as it was when first written, entirely unchanged, in hopes that its message may be the one glimmer left in this stagnant swamp of a site.

It is a beautiful, starry night in Dream Land. You have just finished your midnight snack, and it is too soon after your evening nap to sleep again. Instead of eating, sleeping, or talking about either with friends, you decide to go for a walk.

And what a night for a walk! Once in a blue moon, the Twilight Bridge appears over the twinkling abyss outside of Rainbow Resort. And on this night, the moon is very full and fully blue! You will be able to travel to areas of Pop Star few from the resort have seen before.


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Last Updated - September 13th, 2008