Super Star Treatment

Unsurprisingly, most fans of Kirby have ideas on abilities for their favorite pink puff to use. So, to start off the new year ... of contest-thingies, that's what they are going to be able to do. Hold on! Don't go off and start throwing any little idea that pops in your head out there, like "Dark Kirby" or "Darkness Kirby" ... or "Dark Sword Kirby". Ugh. Abilities are a wide, motley source of lots of variation and potention; ie, the site could be crushed in the resulting gigantic tide. To control the deluge somewhat, "If you could make a copy ability..." is going to have more to it than just that.

The Super Star Treatment is "If you could make a copy ability in Super Star that wasn't included ..."

Super Star (and it's nigh-identical Ultra remake) had a plethora of powers available, but they didn't offer all of them. Needle was skipped over. Spark was hinted at in a background. Laser was strangely merged with Beam. Hi-jump and Tornado were no where in sight. Not only did these and more get the cold shoulder, but they all missed out on being greatly expanded with the Move List associated with each ability. Even Stone had more than one outcome from its use, and it still just dropped down.

What power do you think should have been in Super Star? ... Ultra? What would be all its variations in use? Tell what you thought or find out what others did.

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Last Updated - April 2nd, 2009