Robobot Remnant

Red Reign

The latest title released under the pink puff's banner -- Planet Robobot for those of you who came here via some unrelated Google search -- was released last month. It's fun, charming, and possesses an interesting clash of mechanized mayhem against the softer norm of the series. The primary feature of the title is the Robobot Armor, which amplifies Kirby's already boundless capabilities, even being able to copy enemy abilities to acquire new "Modes". However, it isn't given the chance to copy all of the twenty-some Copy Abilities. It is given access to, roughly, half of them. And so...

If you could make a Robobot Armor Mode, what would it be? Thirteen of twenty-five have been tackled by the title, and there's over twice that number of abilities throughout the series. There's a lot of room to fit in even more metal marauders.

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Robobot Remnant is slated to run from July and throughout August.

Last Updated - July 2nd, 2016