Recruited Round Knights

  1. Shield Knight
  2. Dual Knight
  3. Jet Knight
  4. Torch Knight
  5. Grappling Hook Knight
  6. Mortar Knight
  7. Scythe Knight
  8. Scythe Knight
  9. Blaster Knight
  10. Drill Knight
  11. Cannon Knight
  12. Nunchaku Knight
  13. Mage Knight
  14. Slash Knight
  15. Hammer Knight
  16. Spade Knight
  17. Whip Knight
  18. Bomb Knight
  19. Cane Knight
  20. Boomerang Knight
  21. Boomerang Knight
  22. Sai Knight
  23. Crossbow Knight
  24. Bomb Knight
  25. Ring Knight
  26. Glide Knight
  27. Disk Knight
  28. Whip Knight
  29. Thorn Knight
  30. Shock Knight
  31. Blunderbuss Knight
  32. Club Knight
  33. Parasol Knight
  34. Knuckles Knight
  35. Wood Knight
  36. Ripsaw Knight
  37. Darkness Knight
  38. Crossbow Knight
  39. Tonfa Knight
  40. Shell Knight
  41. Laser Knight
  42. Feather Knight
  43. Lance Knight
  44. Dagger Knight
  45. Bow Knight
  46. Fan Knight
  47. Spike Knight
  48. Razor Knight
  49. Lightning Knight
  50. Hook Knight
  51. Skewer
  52. Steed Knight
  53. Chain Knight
  54. Pitchfork Knight
  55. Icicle Knight
  56. Sceptre Knight
  57. Voulge Knight

Here are all the currently received submissions. If you see a pink box beneath an entry, that means you can rate it. If there's more than one that you can rate, select a rating on all of them and just send it all at once. Stream-lined and quicker so that folks may actually do it this time!

When rating, remember to be scoring how well the entry follows the trends established by the existing Meta Knights and such. Don't vote on how "cool" it is or how much you like (or dislike!) the picture. It should be believably in the game as a regular enemy, and not mistaken for a mini-boss (that's all in the rules, folks).

Hey, you. Round Knight Recruitment is being pushed as the first "artisticly focused" Interactive Fandom. That means you aren't just encouraged to draw your own Knight, but, hey, why not draw someone elses? Maybe you didn't even submit your own. Do something, why not? It's all happening at the Fanart Gallery.

Third-and-a-Half Quarter Wrap-Up: New entries are out, but nominations are in! Let your voice be heard to who you think was the best submission.

Also, check out Adol's 3D art of a slew of the IF Knights. Also, did anyone really pay attention to the fact that Sceptre Knight had a game with bonus attached to it?

If you submitted an entry and wish to have something added, picture or info, or changed about your submission, just drop me a line. I try to clean these things up to the best of what I can figure, but sometimes they're butchered and it may not be put together the say it's supposed to be.

IF Entry

Voulge Knight

- From Onyx.5 (Unregistered) on April 16th, 2009

Voulge Knight wanders along the battle field turning around when reaching a wall or edge. After a certain amount of time has passed, he does on of two things, of which he alternates between. At first he gives his voulge a good spin from the center of the handling, attacking a good circular area. After that time has passed again, he jumps, sometimes to a new platform. Repeat.

Voulge Knight was never officially submitted through the IF Channels due to missing the deadline but was included since of being nigh-perfect.

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Image by Onyx.5. Check out the full artwork.

Sceptre Knight

- From Mints on April 12th, 2009

Sceptre Knight is a typical Meta Knight with an atypical color scheme. What is normally reserved for trim adorns most of his armor, bearing boots, breastplate, and a crown of shinéd metal and reserving the darker tones for only more hidden parts. Two round gloves poke out from beneath his pointed shoulder guards, brandishing a golden sceptre. When swung, a small star will arc up and out and down to the battlefield below.

Typically, Sceptre Knight will appear at the topmost rank, pacing back and forth and attacking at regular intervals or whenever a player draws near. Because he is fancy, he uses the British spelling of his weapon.

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Check out the Game by Mints.

IF Entry

Icicle Knight

- From Sapphire Kirby (Unregistered) on April 10th, 2009

These days anything can be a weapon, and this icy knight uses an icicle as his weapon of choice. Icicle Knight is a snowy white blob that wears teal armor made out of frozen sea water. On the front of this armor is the image of a snowflake. He has a teal colored hood attached to his armor and wears brown ski goggles. Icicle Knight wears navy blue mittens and white kirby-esque shoes over his feet. The sharp icicle spear he wields is a glassy blue color and as tall as the knight himself.

Icicle Knight has three options for attacking. First, the frozen warrior can dash towards his opponents and jab them with his icicle weapon. He can use the icicle like a wand and wave it to send out a rogue snowflake that flies through the air in a downward arc. Finally, Icicle Knight can jump in the air and throw his icicle spear at the ground, in which the knight will be defenseless until he reacquires his weapon. All of Icicle Knight's attacks have a freezing element to them.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Pitchfork Knight

- From lolz on April 10th, 2009

Pitchfork Knight is a bean shaped knight covered with red armor and has 2 horns on his helmet with 2 wings on its back,special eyes,horse feet with hooves, and 2 red pitchforks. Pitchfork Knight has 4 attacks. Its first attack is stabbing with both its pitchforks. Its second attack is whacking you with its tail. Its third attack and most powerful attack is flying up to the air and throwing one pitchfork. Then the other pitchfork. Next he bashes between the pitchforks then sticking them out. Its fourth attack is making 10 small pitchforks circle him. There is small openings were you can attack. You can suck up the pitchforks and spit them back to him. Pitchfork Knight gives fire.

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Image by lolz.

Check out the artwork by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Chain Knight

- From Chaos Kiwi on April 7th, 2009

Chain Knight is a blood red colored knight who is almost completely covered by chains. In the center of his bullet shaped body is a large lock that connents every chain to one another. In some places, his chains don't cover him, revealing his red self. His chains also reveal his left eye. He has no arms, no hands, and no mouth. He also has two, pointed toes. In place of his arms, two long chains shoot out from his mess of chains along his body.

When he fights, he uses a very, strange method of attack. Chain Knight shoots his two chain-arm-thingies forward to do one of two things, but only if he wraps you up in them. He'll either 1)Pull you up and then smash you down into the ground, or 2)SQUEEZE SQUEEZE SQUEEZE! His second method of attack is touse his two chains as whips to smack you around with.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Steed Knight

- From Plasma Friend (Unregistered) on April 6th, 2009

The cavalry of the Red Knights, Steed Knight is a knight that resembles a horse. He's palish brown with black beady eyes, has dark brown spikes on the back of his neck resembling a mane, a metal plate with a red R in the middle of it (to show he's from the Red Knights), metal shoes, a tail with a metal ring separating the hair at the end, and a red saddle laced with gold on the edges, with a gray R on both sides. The basic knight that rides on Steed Knight is a blue circle with a metal eye plate, white circular gloves, metal shoes, and two gold feathers sticking out.

Steed Knight, only being a horse, can't really attack with a weapon. Instead, he'll just pace a certain area back and forth, damaging anything interfering the path (though damaging Steed Knight isn't that hard, 2-3 attacks from any ability should suffice).

Steed Knight has also, on occasion, been seen carrying other small Red Knights (like Whip Knight or Knuckles Knight. Knights like Grappling Hook Knight are too big and heavy for Steed to carry). When this is the case, Steed Knight will just run across the screen with the knight, and then the knight will just jump off, and get ready to attack. Steed Knight, now without anyone commanding him, will wildly run off the screen.

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Image by Plasma Friend. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry


- From Mints on April 3rd, 2009

Skewer is a Knight in the tradition of Butch and Masher. He is a large, blocky warrior with round hands and rounded, ovular feet. His flat, wide body curves out to its thickest at the top -- his armored shoulders -- and is draped in armor on back and front. A triple triangle crest adorns the center of his breastplate. Atop rests a small, dome helmet, adorned in an array of three horns and a round hole.

Skewer wields a tri-pointed ranseur, a polearm with two supporting protrusions at either side of the primary point. He simply paces back and forth, brandishing the weapon, occasionally taking far-reaching stabs with it. While wandering idly, this knight can block an oncoming projectile with the shaft of his weapon but not deflect it.

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Image by Mints. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Hook Knight

- From Kiroscarby on April 3rd, 2009

Hook Knight is another submarine knight. He is a regular enemy that is tall, his body is long and his head has a circle form. His helmet has a Octopus Form and was created with the remains of an octopus, it has octupus tentacles, pink stains and is magenta, over his helmet he has a pirate hat (made with a White Coral Piece and purple sea sponge) with the water symbol. He has a black visor with red scars (that show his courage),his shoulders are heavy because they are two sea snail shells, they are yellow with blue liquid. His armor was created with giant octopus skin ,is super resistant and is magenta with pink stains. He has a blue belt that was made with blue Coral and a gold brooch . His shoes are fins and allows him swim at great speeds and are purple. He has a chest armor that was made with purple scales of a sea monster, his arms protecctions are blue with purple and his hands are next his body.

His weapon is the Hook (really the Tri-Grapple Hook but is a long name) that was made with long and resistant chains, the base of the hook was made with light metal and have a metalic web and the hooks were made with aquamarine to cause more damage to his opponents.

His tactis are based in the subaquatic fight tactics, he can shoot his hook and hang up in all parts (expect liquids and very solid things), he can swim and shoot them, apart when he caught the opponent he can choose to absorb or not absorb a part of the opponent's energy and he's most powerful attack is when he shoots both hooks but in a spiral form that create a submarine perforator hook that inflicts a great damage to his opponents.

His weakness is the Thunder.

Note: He can hang up the ceiling and attack the opponent with a one hook and he can steal the treasures of his opponents.

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Image by Kiroscarby. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Lightning Knight

- From Jay (Unregistered) on April 3rd, 2009

Lightning knight has silver, rounded armor and a large red eye. He has a tin-can like head sticking out of his shiny, circular armor. He also has two shoes with rocket boosters on the heels. He also wields a rather large gun that he shoots lightning out of, hence the name "Lightning knight".

At first, Lightning knight will stand on the ground. He may move a bit. Then, he takes off with his rocket shoes. He uses four attacks from up here:

1. He flies above the player and aims at him, with a big cross hair on the player. Lightning knight will aim at the player for about 5 seconds, before locking on to the player was last and firing a huge bolt of lightning (giving the player a chance to escape)

2. He simply fires a single bolt of lightning to the side. However, if this attack hits a platform, it will create a shock wave across the platform.

3. Lightning knight lands and starts to charge a large laser that is similar to a fully-charged Plasma beam. The charging takes about 4 seconds.

4. If he is not killed before 60 seconds, Lightning knight will preform a strange attack: He splits himself into two with his gun! This will create two MORE Lightning knights.

When swallowed, Lightning knight gives the Spark ability.

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Image by Meta. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Razor Knight

- From Kiroscarby on April 1st, 2009

Razor Knight is a regular enemy. He's small but not much and his body has a circle form. His helmet has an Shark Form and was created with the scales of a Great white Shark, has red eyes, a nose, the shark branches and the shark teeth. The helmet is blue and cream color. He has a visor in his mask that he uses to see all in the bottom of sea. His mask was created with shark scales, his shoulders are heavy because they are two shells of sea creatures and have the emblem of the water, his armor was made with shark scales, his clothes are yellow, in his mini arms has blue bracelets and his gloves are gray. His shoes are blue and have the form of fins to swim faster and better.

His weapons are his Razors that was made with shark fins and have a part of edge aquamarine to attack the opponenets, they are very resistant to create a great guard and allows him swim better than before. And have a razor in his helmet.

His tactis are based in a subaquatic fight style to attack the opponent and his secret weapon is the surprise (only in the water), he can repel the attacks of the opponents with the razors and he's most powerful attack is when he recharge his aura in the razors to create a great attack similar to Sword Beam that is able to cut the water at the half and this attack cause great damage to the opponent.

His weakness are thunder and poison.

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Image by Kiroscarby. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Spike Knight

- From RedMetaKnightess on April 1st, 2009

Spike Knight is red and resembles a top with hands and feet. He is completely coated in armor giving him a defensive advantage. He has a single spike on the top of his head and chest plate, as well as his feet. He has orange shoulder plates that are flat and vertical on his armor. He has ball shaped fists with no arms. On the bottom of his helmet is a gold band that wraps around his hemet. His helmet is a semi- circle with eye openings like Meta Knight's. When attacking he shoots golden spikes out at his enemies. He can also keep them in place and walk around. When he is really angry, his spikes on his hemet, boots, chest plate, and arms elongate and strikes anything that touches them. Occasionally he takes a golden spike and uses it as a weapon.

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Image by RedMetaKnightess. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Fan Knight

- From RedMetaKnightess on April 1st, 2009

Fan Knight looks like a yellow star with hair. The only difference is that he dose not have the top point. He has orange "hair" which is actually orange metallic spikes. He sports a red headband that has a little wind symbol on it. He carries two red fans that he uses to attack. Some of his attacks include: Using one fan for a strong gust of wind, using two fans for a powerful gust of wind, spinning his fans to make a big/small tornado, using his fans for flight, and using his fans as boomerangs.

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Image by RedMetaKnightess. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Bow Knight

- From Kiroscarby on March 31st, 2009

Bow Knight is another knight. He's a regular enemy that is tall, his body has a triangle form and his head has a circle form. His helmet has a Snake Form and was created with the solid wood of the Snakes Tree and over it has an ancient plume create with the leaves of the tree. He has a visor and his eyes are purple, his mask has two snake eyes to scary the opponents ,it was made with solid wood, it's sand color, has war paint over it and has a fake snake tounge , his shoulders aren't heavy because they were made with wood, they are green with red and yellow lines, they have snake teeth and red eyes and are purple in the top. His armor was created with aligator scales and other reptiles scales to reinforce it, it is very light to move faster, the armor is resistant and the scales are green. his clothes are green and he has red bracelets and his gloves are purple. His shoes were made with iguana scales to give him the ability to climb the trees and walls and has iguana spins in both shoes to consevate the balance, they are green and the spins are dark green. He has a chest armor that is a wood protection with the emblem of the wind and it and is sustained by wood bands and his armor is poison.

His weapon is his Bow and Arrows. The Bow was made with two bell snakes tails and reinforced with wood , the middle was created with wood of the Snakes Tree and has a resistant rope to throw the arrows. The arrows were made with solid wood, have feathers in the tail to have more speed and accury, they have a band with feathers to increase their speed and the tip was made with an obsidian crystal.

And he has a quiver to keep the arrows. The quiver is brown.

His tactis are based in an ancient fighting style and he can use the poison power of the snake to poison the enemy, he can throw some arrows at the same time, he can climb and throw arrows at the same time, he can guard him with his bow and he's most powerful attack is when he us the power of wind in his arrow the create a Drill Arrow that wiil cause much damage to the opponent.

His weakness is the Ice.

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Image by Kiroscarby. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Dagger Knight

- From Metroid King (Unregistered) on March 30th, 2009

Dagger Knight is brown with one large blue eye. He wears a plate-like helmet colored like a dartboard. He has no mouth and across his tall, thin, cylinder shaped body is a belt with 50 daggeers in it. He has large feet and small hands. He is teal. his attacks are:

Dagger Darts: Throws his daggers like darts. Stab: Take a guess. That's it.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by Meta.

IF Entry

Lance Knight

- From Chaos Kiwi on March 29th, 2009

I just got this idea and had to submit it! Lance Knight is a silver knight with an attitude. He has a spiked mohawk and a pointed tail. His face is covered by a traditional knight's helmet. His actual body is shaped like an egg. He carries a red lance in his right hand and wears a black cape.

His attacks include stabbing forward multiple times with his lance, running forward and holding his lance out, and finally, he does a move I personally think is the best. He jumps upwards and the starts spinning his lance below him. He then dives down and tries to impale you. That's it.

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Image by Meta. Check out the full artwork.

Check out the artwork by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Feather Knight

- From Meta (Unregistered) on March 29th, 2009

Feather Knight is the Red Knight's first female fighter (assuming you ignore Shield Knight). She patrolls the skies as a tiny little enemy, smaller than Kirby in size. she has a circle head. On her circle head are two Target Sign looking eyes, colored yellow in the inside, red in the middle, and blue on the outside. Lodged into Feather Knight's head is a lone feather. Feather Knight has a short torso, which is a golden metal breatplate. Coming out of the back of this breatsplate are two puny wings that flutter about, keeping Feather Knight's tiny body afloat. Feather Knight has two long pudgy flippers, both of which holding a feather each. She also has two pinkish red boots. She has a tail, with a red feather on the end of it.

Feather Knight is usually found high in the sky, or in cold climated areas. She is found usually just bobbing up and down, left or right, side to side, or in a set pattern. Feather Knight is friends with all in the sky. She would never attack anybody when they are in air with her. Although, if you so much as touch the ground when near her, you envoke her wrath! Feather Knight doesn't take enemies so much as touching the ground lightly when near her. She will not harm enemies if they never touch the ground, but if they do, Feather Knight will go swarming after them, becoming angry. When Feather Knight is attacking, she slashes her feathers forward, causing miniature feathers to spray randomly. Or, Feather Knight will shoot one lone, large, magic feather with a swipe of her two feathers, that homes in on her enemy.

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Image by Meta. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Laser Knight

- From Shruggin' Rock on March 28th, 2009

Laser Knight is a streak of light looking sort of like a meteor going down, but all white. It has traditional knight's armour over it's chest, tail, hands, and chin-up.

What sets it apart is it's face. While unactive, it looks very bored and cross, but while attacking, he looks as giddy as can be.

When Kirby first sees Laser, his tail is curled up towards the sky, his face is in the "boring and cross" postition, and his head is leaned slightly towards the left. When Kirby gets in a straight line from him, forever, he becomes a Pac-man ghost fliiped 90 degrees, with both fists bunched up and the giddy face as he rockets towards Kirby.

If Laser hits Kirby, Kirby is electrofied. If Laser gets hit by anything while attacking, he mirrors off in the appropriate direction. Laser can damage fellow Knights as well as Kirby.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Shell Knight

- From Airride_Master on March 28th, 2009

Shell knight has a circular head which is colored a very light green, has a beak-like bottom piece,and a helmet with a rectangular visor.his feet a simple,being the same color as the head having yellow spike formations on them,as do the arms but are dark green.he finally has a shell on him that is brown,and at the bottom,has a green oval.

Shell knight does not move at all, as he is heavy.he does 1 of 3 things to attack.

1:ducks in his shell and spins.If Kirby is hit,he will take a small amount of damage,and be stunned.

2:If Kirby is stunned,shell knight will presume to smash him with is arm. Sometimes he will charge up and use a punch.

3:shell knight will,again,duck into his shell and spin VERY rapidly and sparks will fly in all directions.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Tonfa Knight

- From Chaos Kiwi on March 28th, 2009

Tonfa Knight is a red, hourglass shaped being with floating, three fingered hands. He carries two blue tonfa with a tint of green. His eyes are on the side of his head, which is the top half of his hourglass shape, and doesn't have a mouth. His feet are relatively small, while his fingers are long. And finally, he has a horn on the top of his flat head.

As for how he fights, he's usually closed ranged with his attacks. His techniques consist of spinning the tonfas, which can block any projectile that isn't from an ability (e.g. Stars and air puffs). Another technique is to lunge forward, swinging his tonfa. His final attack is an offensive version of the first technique, spinning them more outwards. This attack cannot block attacks.

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Image by Mints. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Crossbow Knight

- From Destructo-Knight on March 27th, 2009

Crossbow knight is hooded long body shaped creature.He has metal plates of armor covering most of his front body,and a blue layer of armor is underneath the first layer.His eyes are blue hidden under a green hood attached to cape.Cross bow knight is a trained pro at sniping and shooting long distances,a blade comes out of the bottom of his cross bow for close-up battles.A crest star shaped crest on the front of his armor indicates that he's a trained shooter.

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Image by Destructo-Knight. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Darkness Knight

- From PartyKirby (Unregistered) on March 27th, 2009

The name is Dark Knight. He looks like a dark blob with yellow glowing eyes inside his armor. His armor is a helmet and pointed shoulder blades. He uses himself for his attacks! His attacks are:

1.) Dark Arrow - A dark spine will come out of Dark Knight's body. It will then fire out of his body, straight foward. This could be swallowed to become Spike Kirby.

2.) Dark Beam - His body will bend into an unusual angle... Then a beam will come out of his body and bounce around the room.

3.) Dark Blast - When he is really weak, his skin will begin flashing red and he'll run straight into you as a suicide attempt! The explosion is fairly large, so get out of his way!

Dark Knight can be defeated in 5 hits.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by Meta.

IF Entry

Ripsaw Knight

- From Capsule J3 on March 27th, 2009

Ripsaw knight looks somewhat similar to a Togezo, with a purple "Shell" (Really armor) with two eyes underneath, yellow shoes, a floating pair of hands and two Ripsaws protruding out of his armor. Ripsaw is about the same size as Kirby.

Ripsaw will use three attacks:

1. He flips over on his back, and drives like a Wheelie towards the player. If the player is about to be hit, Ripsaw knight will flip over and cut him with his ripsaws.

2. He jumps up and attempts to land on the player with his ripsaws a-buzzing.

3. As a last-minute move (if he has not been defeated by 15-30 seconds) he will fire the ripsaws out of his back. After this, he is completely invulnerable. The ripsaws will do damage if inhaled.

Ripsaw is quite hard to beat, as trying to inhale him while his saws are intact will only damage you instead. You will either have to attack him with a ability, a star, or swallowing him when he does not have any ripsaws on his back. (See attack three)

Ripsaw will rarely move, as he usually moves with his attacks and small steps. Ripsaw can also hop, which usually leads to attack #2.

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Image by Plasma Friend. Check out the full artwork.

Check out the artwork by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by Mints.

IF Entry

Wood Knight

- From Daimyo-KoiKoi on March 27th, 2009

Wood Knight is a living relic. His body and armor are composed entirely of baked earth clay (giving him the nickname Terracotta Knight), while his only weapon is a staff of knotty wood. His body is a similar shape to Cappy or Benny, having a torso, head, and arms, but no feet. On his clay face, an eyebrow/moustache/beard formation is his only feature besides a sometimes-gaping mouth and closed eyes. Covering the rest of his head is a large, plated helmet with a draping neck-guard, and a sonar device on top. It is secured to his head by a rope under his beard. His body armor is crafted from the same clay plates as on his helmet. This covers his chest, shoulders, and lap, and is tied by a rope around his waist. The clay of his stubby arms sags, giving an appearance of flowing sleeves. Instead of legs, his form ends abruptly, leaving what resembles a pleated skirt. As previously stated, his weapon is a staff of tree wood, regularly about the length of his body, with a thick apex and narrow base. The crook at the club's end is shaped like a horse's head; there also is a single leaf at the top.

There is a reason he is called Wood Knight, rather than Cane or Club Knight. This is because he can make his staff grow at will. The sudden lengthening of the wooden weapon is Terracotta's way of offence. He can extend the staff to great lengths, anywhere in the surrounding area, in order to strike the foe. If the quickly growing weapon makes contact with the enemy, they will not only be rammed, but will also be pushed back a bit. On the contrary, if the foe just nearly dodges the extending staff, but is still in general close-range, Wood Knight will alter the direction of the weapon, and will catch the enemy with the crook of the wood on its return to short length. Once retracted, the resulting blow from colliding with the Knight's clay fist will serve much pain to the enemy.

However, Terracotta is not without major limiting factors. He is completely blind, which is why he utilizes the sonar on his helmet. He must first hear the foe coming in order to attack. If the enemy comes rushing at him, running/jumping around with weapons brandished, Wood Knight will not hesitate to fling his extendo-staff at them, which will most likely hit the careless intruder. Also, if a projectile is thrown at him from a far enough distance away, Wood Knight will hear it and will deflect it with the wood before it hits him. The secret is to approach the old Knight slowly and silently, so he won't be able to hear anything coming. Once the foe can inconspicuously advance on Terracotta, one attack is all that is needed to take him out. Inhaling, a kick, even a projectile attack at this close range will crumble the ancient clay Knight, because he will startle and not have time to defend himself.

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Image by Dedede-Daimyo. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Knuckles Knight

- From Kirazy on March 22nd, 2009

Knuckles Knight looks like a pudgy triangle. Knuckles Knight walks on his two bottom angles of the triangle, and he has a mask similar to that of the Phantom of the Opera's. Knuckles Knight is metalic, made of a slightly green iron. He has two floating pair of Brass Knuckles, with spikes on them. Knuckles Knight has one glowing eye from under his mask, and one normal Kirby-esque eye not under his mask.

Knuckles Knight packs a punch, (no pun intended). Knuckles Knight hops back and forth, ready to punch. When an enemy is a distance away, Knuckles Knight can throw a shining punch silouette forward. When enemies are close, Knuckles Knight will grab them, and beat them senceless with his fists, then throw them up, down, forward, or behind him. When inhales, Knuckles Knight gives the Fighter Ability.

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Image by Kirazy. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Parasol Knight

- From Adol on March 20th, 2009

Parasol Knight sports a slender green-armored conical hat and spherical body armor; his eyes are white and his hat casts his head in shadow. His feet and hands are yellow. He can often be seen floating down through the air as parasol waddle dees do, but he drifts down more quickly because of his armor. If Kirby is below him as he drifts, he will drop down immediately. Otherwise, his main attacks on land are dashing forward while spinning his parasol like Kirby with the parasol ability. Up close Parasol Knight will flail his parasol in front of him a few times. Rarely, he will jump and hover downwards across the screen towards Kirby. Landing on Kirby hurts Parasol Knight as well as Kirby.

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Image by Adol. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Club Knight

- From Kiroscarby on March 17th, 2009

Club Knight is another knight. He's a regular enemy that is tall, his body has a long form but isn't similar to Sword and Blade Knight and his head has an oval form. His helmet has a Jaguar Head Form and was created with the skin of a jaguar. He can use his sence to fight in the battle and he can use the the spirit of the jaguar to search his opponents, his mask has two big red eyes to scary the opponents but normally the mask eyes are black,it was created with solid clay, it's orange and has war paint over it, his shoulders are heavy because they were created with clay, they are orange,they have a plant symbol and they have jaguar claws over their. His armor was created with jaguar skin and skins of others animals to reinforce it, it is very light to move faster but this is his weak point because only the skin and his clothes protect him and the skin is yellow. He has a tail (that allows him preserve the equilibre when he runs and fights ) and is yellow, his clothes are orange and his gloves are green. His shoes were made with jaguar skin to give him the ability to run at great speeds and are white. He has a chest armor that is a bronce protection with the emblem of the wind ond it and is sustained by green bands, his arms are tied to the jaguar arms and he can use the jaguar claws to attack the opponent.

His weapon is his Club that was made with a resistant stone, the handle was created with wood and has obsidian crystals to a inflict great damge to the opponent and also the crystal increases the power of the club.

His tactis are based in an ancient fighting style and he can use the spirit of the jaguar to fight against the enemy, he can throw a some crystals of his club, he can run and hit the opponent at the same time and he's most powerful attack is when he reunitse his energy in his club to increase its power and cause a bigger damage to the opponent.

Note: When the club brights is when it reunites all his energy. His weakness is the fire.

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Image by Kiroscarby. Check out the full artwork.

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Blunderbuss Knight

- From Samus Kirby (Unregistered) on March 13th, 2009

The Blunderbuss Knight uses a Blunderbuss (which is an early shotgun-handgun that is usually loaded with pieces of scraps and metals) and is a robed figure with an helmet that has one large bill and a chest plate. His figure includes a large head on a widely sprawling cloak, but still very short.

The bill and chestplate are red while his robe is white. On his cloak is a bright glowing series of lights that change color but always depict a rainbow in a wing formation

When engaged in combat, Blunderbuss Knight will charge his Blunderbuss, and then with a loud explosion a series of metal scraps will be hurled in Kirby's direction. Kirby will have to inhale these pieces, and wait untill Blunderbuss Knight starts to charge again. Then when he does, Kirby spits a piece into the muzzle. The muzzle will then explode in Blunderbuss Knight's face, damaging him. Repeat this process untill Blunderbuss Knight has his muzzle explode on him three times.

Watch out however. Because sometimes instead of sending out metal scraps that Kirby can inhale he sends out large metal ball that can't be inhaled.

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Image by Mints. Check out the full artwork.

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Shock Knight

- From KrackoCloud on March 13th, 2009

Shock Knight has a slightly flattened, round body with dark blue armor. His equally dark blue armored cap, however, is pointed, giving the appearance of a tear-shaped body.

He has blue, slightly pointed shoulder plates with thick purple edges. The plates protrude outwards at the openings. He has gloved hands, and no arms. His purple feet have blue armor on the upper half.

On his cap is a yellow, triangular stripe down the center that expands toward the bottom and "bursts" like a lightning bolt at the bottom. The edges body armor and cap begin to zigzag slightly starting from where they create a gap, giving his visor a symmetrical, lightning-like shape. From his visor, two tiny yellow eyes appear.

Shock Knight holds a taser in his right hand, and holds the end of the cord in his left. To attack, he thrusts out his taser in front of him to create a short, steady stream of electricity that holds for a few moments. This makes him act as a timed barrier of sorts.

Once in a while, especially if Kirby is nearby, he will use the taser's cord to fling the taser before shooting, briefly giving it extra range, and then catching it again. Some Shock Knights attack in a certain direction, and others will aim towards Kirby.

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Image by KrackoCloud. Check out the full artwork.

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Thorn Knight

- From Airride_Master on March 12th, 2009

Thorn Knight is a Speech Bubble-Shaped Knight. He has medium Shaped arms,and has Large feet. The thing that makes him stand out though,is his Spikes jetting out all over his armor.

Thorn Knight can do a few things depending on his health. Good health: shoot a small, guided spike at Kirby. Ok Health: Scratch in front of him. Poor health: run up to Kirby and either start scratching furiously, or Stick out his many spikes.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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Whip Knight

- From KrackoCloud on March 11th, 2009

Whip Knight has a circular body, slightly pointed at the bottom. His gloved hands and arms are like Meta Knight's. His feet are slightly larger than other characters, and are grey. You do not see his eyes.

He wears an orange and yellow hat that resembles that of a pharoah's, with the hanging ends coming in front of his arms. The center part of the hat has a downward indent. Whip Knight also has a dark blue mask starting from the bottom of his body, and would cover his mouth if he had one. A gray, dumbell-like gap between the mask and the hat's indent acts as his visor.

Whip Knight holds his whip in his right hand. His main attack is a simple swipe. It can be compared to Kirby's Beam attack in terms of range, but is faster.

His other attack is a very quick dash, flinging his whip rapidly as he moves with an amazing range. Fortunately, when going back to his original spot, he is slower and doesn't attack. He makes a slight pause before he ever performs this attack.

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Image by KrackoCloud. Check out the full artwork.

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Disk Knight

- From Kiroscarby on March 10th, 2009

Disk Knight is another knight. He's a regular enemy that is small but not much and his body has a circle form but isn't similar to Meta Knight and Kirby. His helmet has an Eagle Form and was creted with the feather of an eagle. He has two big red eyes to scary the opponents but normally is eyes are orange. His mask was created with solid wood, his mask has a visor and has war paint over it, his shoulders are not much heavy because they were created with aluminium,his armor was created with light aluminium armor and eagle feathers, it is very light to move faster but this is his weak point because only the feathers and light aluminium armor protects him and the feathers are brown. He has wings to fly (This knight can the ability to fly to attack his opponents), his clothes are golden and his gloves are brown. His shoes are golden with Eagle Claws under it.

His weapon is his Disk that was created with a resistant wood and has feathers to have the ability to return to his master and to increase its speed, in the center the shield has a stone of obsidian to increase its power, has red, yellow and green figures that represent the courage of the knighst and also tell their history.

He can uses his disk as a Shield to protect him of the opponents attacks, althounght he grab his disk as a shield it isn't a shield. Is a Disk.

His tactis are based in an ancient fighting style and he learned the secret to fly as a bird, he can throw his disk, the feathers cause a great damage in great speeds and if he loses it he can make another disk, he can fly and throw his disk and use it to return the attacks of the opponent and he's most powerful attack is when he divide in two his disk and each apart of the disk attack the opponents, one in the front and the other in the back.

His weakness is the fire, ice and thunder.

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Image by Kiroscarby. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Glide Knight

- From Plasma Friend (Unregistered) on March 9th, 2009

Glide Knight is a fellow knight who strikes fear in the sky. He is a simple knight with simple armor: A pointy helmet, goggles, shoulder pads, a chest pad, metal shoes, and of course, his trusty hang glider. They also appear in two colors: Red with black armor, and higher ranked Glide Knights are blue with white armor.

Glide Knight feels most at home when in the skies. He appears in areas with huge gaps and high elevated areas, so he could glide easier. He has an unorthodox way of attacking: He'll ram into opponents using his helmet. Crazy as it sounds, it's an effective way of piercing his opponents without getting hurt. Higher ranked Glide Knights also attack by dropping a bomb when Kirby is under him.

Though in the skies, Glide Knight is an effective attacker, but once he lands, he's pretty much defenseless. At that point, Kirby is free to suck him up. When inhaled, Kirby obtains the Wing ability.

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Image by Plasma Friend. Check out the full artwork.

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Ring Knight

- From Huij (Unregistered) on March 9th, 2009

Ring Knight looks like a floating upside down triangle with a mechanical suit of armor covering the triangular body. Above the body is a semi-circle for a head, along with. The head has long spiky hair, and lines for eyes. He has two long metallic arms, both of which carry two ring.

Ring Knight can throw his rings, having them fly horizontally across the screen. The rings not only do damage, but push enemies across the screen aswell. The rings can easily be destroyed, but Ring Knight has sparkles swirl over him, and have brand new rings appear at will.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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Bomb Knight

- From 888chilly on March 8th, 2009

as an expert on military, he wears cameo with one of those army hats.

he will only appear with more bomb knights and no one else

rocket launcher: since the E rating of kirby, bomb knight is not allowed to have a gun, so he uses a tracking rocket. if he is left alone too long, he will fire more then one at a time.

bomb: throws a bomb with a high blast radius. when one does this all of them alive do this making it hard to dodge. whats even harder is that some will use their rocket launcher right after using bomb

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Image by Mints. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Crossbow Knight

- From The Supreme King of Pies (Unregistered) on March 5th, 2009

This creation of mine is a dumbell shaped being with no eyes. He has elf like ears, and holds his crossbow in between the two ball-shaped things. When the arrows make contact, the can stick to a surface and then explode, or freeze kirby. He also has giant feet, and he wears mickey mouse type gloves.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Sai Knight

- From Omnitrix (Unregistered) on March 5th, 2009

Sai Knight is a tall, thin warrior with long arms. His face is covered with a ninja mask and he wears a black belt. He holds two black sai, and has a karate gi and has sandsals. His skin is white and his eyes are red. He attacks by stabbing with his sai and juoing up and coming downwards, tryiing to stab you.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Boomerang Knight

- From Kiroscarby on March 5th, 2009

Boomerang Knight is a regular enemy that is tall, his head has a circle form, his body has an oval form and is long. His helmet was created with a solid wood, has feathers over it, has two gold earings and his mask is golden with war paint over it. He has two big green eyes. He has a neckclase with a golden medal, his shoulders are of solid wood, his armor is light to move faster and has bands of green and dark green. In the chest he has an Amber Rock, his clothes are golden and his gloves are golden. His boots was create with Jaguar Skin.

His weapon is his Boomerang that was create with a resistant wood and has leaves to have a better rotation and speed, in the middle of the boomerang ther is a gold part that inflicts big damage to the enemy and has a stone of obsidian to increase its power.

His tactis are based in an ancient fighting style, he can throw his boomerang and if he lose it he can make another boomerang, he can create a defense with his boomerang and he' most powerful attack is when he create a Tornado of Leaves with his boomerang.

His weakness is the fire and ice.

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Image by Kiroscarby. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Boomerang Knight

- From GB conto! (Unregistered) on March 5th, 2009

Boomerang Knight is oval shaped, and all cocvered in aromor. More spesificly, he is dresssed in a metal cylinder with ridges and a red triangle on it and a helmet like Sword knight's, but shorter and grey-blue, he has purple metal shoes with yellow buttons, and gloves. The only non-armor features you can see his eyes through a slit in his helmet (this reveals his skin to be green)and a tuft of orange hair. His weapon is a big, orange-with-a-red-stripe-down-the-middle boomerang. He ... just throws his boomerang. Not like he can do much else with it. And of corse, it comes back. However, if it hits you when it comes back, it drags you with it, bringing you to Boomrang Knight to pop you in the jaw! You can destroy the boomerang, but Boomeang Knight pulls out a new one.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Cane Knight

- From Stewie (Unregistered) on March 5th, 2009

Cane Knight is, as you may have guessed, a very elderly knight. He is cylindrical shaped, but has a bent back. This cylinder shape is covered all over in once-shiny armor, now rusty due to all his days of fighting. At the very top, a large white beard pokes out. At the middle of Cane's body, he sprouts two ball-shaped wrinkly hands. Cane Knight has reached the "nighttime" of his life, so that is represented by a large crescent moon engraved on the center of his body. His cane, being straight and not curved, also has a moon shape at the very top, making it somewhat like a scepter. It still is used to keep him from falling, though.

Being old as he is, Cane Knight is rather weak with offense. He is also very slow, moving about the speed of a seahorse. However, he makes those up with being very smart and defensive. Any projectile attacks you launch will be deflected by him, by holding out his cane in front of it. Melee attacks still work, though. If you try to inhale him, Cane will anchor himself by ramming his cane into the ground, and holding on for dear life. If you don't attack him, he may give you a little whack with the cane. The only other attack he has is shooting a large laser from the moon on his cane. This is not unlike a weaker version of Marx's laser. After Cane does this, however, he will be stunned for a few seconds, so you can defeat him easily then.

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Image by Mints. Check out the full artwork.

Check out the artwork by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Bomb Knight

- From MarioKirbyFireballer on March 5th, 2009

Bomb Knight is a knight with a taste for explosives. His body is a dark gray sphere composed of two steel hemispheres. He wears a blue helmet atop his head, which is adorned with a nuke symbol on the front and a fuse-looking protrusion on the back. His back is equipped with a small, squarish missile rack. He also wears a device over his mouth that filters toxic air into breathable air, as well as triangular-shaped shoulder pads over what would be his shoulders and similarly designed shoes/feet/whatever they're called. His hands float nearby him.

Bomb Knight is a self-acclaimed pyrotechnic, and his weaponry proves that: all of his attacks are bomb-based. His most basic attack, obviously, is throwing bombs. Another attack of his is planting a mine on the ground. Sometimes, he'll launch a few missiles off of the missile rack on his back. If he's really desperate, he'll ignite the fuse protrusion on his helmet and self-destruct, dealing major damage to all in the caught in the blast, but also killing Bomb Knight in the process.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Whip Knight

- From Kirazy on March 4th, 2009

Whip Knight has a rounded head that goes down to a small 02 like wisp. Whip Knight also has two floating light blue hands, one of which holding a long, menacing whip. Over the head is a iron mask with a V-shaped slit in which you can see two glowing yellow eyes. The wisp is wrapped in a metal plate, with a large "X" on the front. Although, When you hit Whip Knight hard enough, his mask will fly off, revealing a goofy face beneathe, with a dumb smile, and a lolling tongue. When Whip Knight is without his mask, he appears to be vulnerable, and stupid, but actually, a new attack opens up to him when he has no helm.

Whip Knight is rather weak at first. He can simply just do small whips at his enemies, which are rather lacking in strength. Whip Knight can also enwrap items or enemies with his long whip, then throw it at enemies. Due to Whip Knight's lacking ability to do any good damage at all, he has alot of health. When eventually you get him down to very low health, you will knock his helmet clean off, revealing Whip Knight's funny face. But, when he has his helmet off, Whip knight can now wrap his whip around enemies, and squeeze the life out of them, dealing constant damage, and holding the enemy down for others to attack, until they break free.

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Image by Kirazy. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Spade Knight

- From Veech on March 3rd, 2009

Spade Knight is very bulky and is almost twice the size of Kirby. His weapon of choice is the Monk's Spade. His body is in a cylindrical shape. Spade Knight's armor is indigo in color with a dark gray spade emblem on the front and two smaller red diamond emblems, one on each side of the spade. His helmet is a tear drop shape with a slight for his eye and four holes on top. The shoulder pads and shoes are dark red and his arm pads are indigo as well.

To attack, he may rush at Kirby with the sharp spade pointed at him or he could simply just slash at him. Spade Knight may also leap high in the air and come crashing down with his spade pointed down, creating stars on either side of him. Due to his imense size, Spade Knight is a tad on the slow side, but can take heavy hits to make up for this.

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Image by superyoshi888. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Hammer Knight

- From Bimblesnaff on March 3rd, 2009

Yes, another one. This stout warrior wears a tall, tapering plate over his jaw that covers his front and comes to two points at the top. His shoulders are guarded by thick bands lined with large studs in the middle. His boots are large and flat with thick, metal soles. A crest of bristles runs from his head down his back. His short shafted sledgehammer bears a heavy head, consisting of two hemispheres with steel discs at the end.

A stepping, overhead blow is performed as his staple attack with much delay between the massive swings. He can also perform a sweeping spin that will send the player flying. He is dense and weighed down, like his brethren Heavy Knight, and follows the standard large enemy trends, like requiring a full strength inhale to swallow. You know, rather than making up some new class of enemy or being omg strongz.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Slash Knight

- From Peepers (Unregistered) on March 3rd, 2009

Slash Knight Knight has a small green body, Sliver armor, and long gold claws extending from his metal golden gloves. He has a short triangular golden helmet with a green horsehair plume coming off of it. His eyes glow blue. Slash Knight is very quick and darts around the screen, hacking and slashing as he goes. He goes in to strike Kirby than falls back. He backs away if Kirby is near, but he's not afraid to fight back. Slash Knight is hard to hit with projectiles as he can dodge them easily. His other attack includes charging forward with his claws at Kirby if Kirby is close enough. His claws flame in the later levels, dealing out more damage. He normally takes about 2 hits to kill due to that he's very hard to hit.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Mage Knight

- From MarioKirbyFireballer on March 2nd, 2009

Mage Knight is a spherical-shaped knight with magical capabilities. He wears a large, pointed wizard's cap, which is composed of metal plates. It also covers his eyes and changes colors to match his current magic. His main body is a grayish color, nothing really special. He wears dark goggles over his eyes so as to help conceal his identity. He has red, armored shoes/feet/whatever, as well as white hands, over which he wears padded greaves. It is interesting to note that his free hand has all his fingers separated, while his tome-carrying hand is similar in design to Meta Knight.

He has pretty basic battle tactics. He starts off levitating near the top of the screen, usually in one of the two corners. He won't always be levitating, however, and will land on the nearest surface. He has different styles of magic, each having different effects on the battlefield. His fire tome causes a single surface to catch fire for a few seconds. Movement is impeded with his wind tome. He has a rock tome that will produce sharp spikes from the ground. And, finally, he has a tome of fallen arts that covers the battlefield in a dark haze, making it near-impossible to see. Because of his lack of armor, however, he is weaker than most other knights, as a few hits can easily vanquish him. Still, though, he can be a nuisance, especially we battled with other knights.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Nunchaku Knight

- From Kirbyfield (Unregistered) on March 2nd, 2009

Nunchaku Knight it a tear drop shaped knight with a kung-fu band on his head. His armor is blue, and his nunchakus are red. He swings around the nunchakus to attack, and throws them like a boomerang.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Cannon Knight

- From pichupikapi (Unregistered) on March 2nd, 2009

Cannon Knight has a large bulky round body. He has a blue, spike like mask with a silver Laser Kirby-like visor. He also has blue spike-like armor with various yellow tips. His body that you can partly see is purple. His weapon is a black cannon on wheels. He acts sort of like a Shotzo. He can't move but can still aim at Kirby. He shoots small cannonballs, and can shoot one to three at a time in a random pattern. He cant be inhaled and must be defeated (Takes 2-4 hits to die).

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Drill Knight

- From Capsule J3 on March 2nd, 2009

Drill knight is a robot with a squarish, blue battle armor, two big, black, empty eyes, and a helmet with a flame coming out of the top. He also has two hands, with a drill at the end of one, and two roller-skatish wheeled shoes, powered by a motor. Drill knight often hides underground or behind a wall, and pounces out of the wall/ground when an enemy nears. After making the pounce, he will dash forward with his wheeled shoes. Drill knight is usually seen giving repairs to technical equipment and walls in his spare time while he is not on duty.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by Mints.

IF Entry

Blaster Knight

- From mrgameandpie on March 2nd, 2009

Blaster Knight is a vertical oval ball that has two gun holders that cross on its back, similar to that of some two-sword swordsmen. Along with that he has a visor that goes over his head and to the gun holding area, and has a rectangular opening that has a small blue beam go from side to side. He also has segmented bands of metal on his arms for easy movement, and finally his lower body armor seems to be fused together originally being two different halves of metal.

Blaster Knight always has two laser guns out. Though they are always the same two guns many different things can be done with them. One thing that can be done is continuous fire that only has a limited range. Another is a charge up shot that fires a big yellow beam that has a half-circle look to it at one end then gradually gets a typical line shape near the end. This blast goes straight across the screen and does a good deal of damage. The lasers can also fire homing energy orbs. Though they follow Kirby the orbs themselves are slow and damage anything they hit, even the blaster knights own companions. A final tactic is that the lasers can temporarily be similar to the light-sabers in Star Wars, though he can only do one quick swipe.

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Image by Mints. Check out the full artwork.

Check out the artwork by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Scythe Knight

- From Qtie4U on March 2nd, 2009

He's of heavily built and a bit square, and uses a scythe. He wears a mask with sort of fangs on it. His head is round with white eyes, but it has a blue glow. You can only see one eye, because of the helmet. You probably can't see his skin, because he has armor everywhere. The color of his armor is black with blue. He wears a cape.

Every thing he touches with his scythe turn in ice.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by Qtie4U.

IF Entry

Scythe Knight

- From Meta (Unregistered) on March 2nd, 2009

Scythe Knight is a hooded figure that weilds a menacing scythe. Scythe Knight is simply a black robe with silver plates of gouls as body armor, and shoulder pads. He has two ghastly ghosts encircling him. The ghosts are rather just for show. Scythe Knight's scythe is very long.

Scythe Knight is capable of being a difficult enemy to fight. He can teleport from place to place when he feels threatened. When enemies come in close, he can do a heaving slice of his scythe, cutting a large area. If an enemy is hit with Scythe Knight's scythe slash, they will have damage dealt to them, along with a ghostly silloutte tossing them backwards far.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by Meta.

IF Entry

Mortar Knight

- From Theorizer (Unregistered) on March 1st, 2009

Mortar is a diabolical little creature the is equipped with a giant cannon. Little is able to be seen by this little obnoxiose squib, due to him, being behind his cannon at all times, but what is seen about him is his circular body shape, and metal medievil helmet, with a long trailing feather.

Mortar is powerful. He cannot move, due to his inability of moving his big cannon which is always by his side. He can pack a punch though. His cannon can aim at you from affar, even when he cannot be seen, and his cannonballs go faster than those of Shotzo, or even Blatzy. They are rather weak though. When you finally get in close with Mortar, he still be able to fight, because he can endure many attacks, with his high health. Up close, his cannonballs are more powerful too. Mortar's aim isn't too good though.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the Animation by Theorizer.

IF Entry

Grappling Hook Knight

- From WithAHat on March 1st, 2009

Grappling Hook Knight is fairly tall by Dream Land standards. He is about twice as tall as Kirby, but isn't very wide, giving him an elongated appearance. His body is orange, and is shaped much like a pear, although you can't tell that very easily due to his large metal suit. His eyes are oval-shaped and brown.

His suit is shaped like a lengthened cube, almost resembling the shape of a brick. His entire body fits into this clunky armor. The only parts of him that are visible while wearing this are his hands, which end in nubs much like Kirby's, his feet, which are covered in brown boots, and his face, which can be seen through an opening near the upper part of the suit. The armor itself is a mustard-yellow color, and has a single zig-zag line running from its top to its bottom. Above his hands are oval-shaped shoulder blades.

His namesake, the grappling hook, is actually attached to his armor. At the top of his suit is a small opening with a long rope coming out. At the end of the rope is a large metal grappling hook that's the same mustard-color as his suit. To attack, Grappling Hook Knight tosses this hook at his foes. If it successfully latches on, he'll pull his opponent in and then toss them back, causing damage. If he's in a room that will allow it, Grappling Hook Knight will also occasionally latch his hook onto the ceiling or walls and swing to other areas of the room.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

Check out the artwork by WithAHat.

IF Entry

Torch Knight

- From Airride_Master on March 1st, 2009

Torch Knight is a small, ovular shape and has a circle-like head. He has armor on his legs, front and side of his body, and a helmet on his head, covering all but his eyes. He also carries a back piece with about 3 or 4 unlit torches

He attacks on foot at enemy with catapults and other flammable objects using a lit torch, and sometimes throws it after lighting another one. He can fight against enemy units, but usually needs some support.

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Image by Mints. Check out the full artwork.

Check out the artwork by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Jet Knight

- From Luca (Unregistered) on March 1st, 2009

Jet Knight is a ball-like knight. His helmet is a jet with missles under the wings and a visor. He has gloves for hands. His eyes look like red oval eyes, but they are really line eyes,the red eyes are just an effect of the visor. His attack is storing up energy and charging (in other words, what Jet ability does), and shooting homing missles.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Dual Knight

- From Bimblesnaff on March 1st, 2009

This duelist carries a wicked set of stout knives. Now, just 'cuz I have a Knight with blades here doesn't mean you can do it too. This guy was made years ago, before the rules or contests even existed. Anyway, a tall, pointed helmet bears a thick visor over a mouth guard. A split flame is etched onto the front. His bean shaped body sports a spiked shoulder guard over each side.

While the Dual Knight is on foot, he fights in the air. He leaps and twirls with both edges out to create a dangerous dervish. Or, in a fiery ascent, he'll rocket skyward with cutter to each side. Any player struck will be ignited and thrown back as with any flaming attack.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Shield Knight

- From Bimblesnaff on March 1st, 2009

This legionairre lady totes a large, heart bearing shield. Her winged helmet sports wings to the side of a large heart. Her exposed face reveals a pair of round eyes. A chin guard secures the bottom. Her feet are protected by curved, pointed boots with gems on top.

The Shield Knight floats in battle, just a little off the ground, as she hovers forward. If a shot is coming her way, she's quick to throw up her shield and deflect it; shades of Dogan. While it works great against projectiles, it does nothing for inhaling or grappling attacks.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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