Different Double

Red Reign

Well, this feels a little odd to be doing again. How does one get back into the swing, exactly, when the chains are all rusted from disuse and lack those plastic covers? You know, like in playgrounds. Are those still a thing? Do kids even play outside anymore, says the legal adult at a videogame dedicated website? Yep, it's official: this ramble proves that I haven't lost the touch.

The puffball series has made the choice as of late (by which -- to me -- means somewhere in the last five or so years) to put enemies that Kirby once faced with their own new face. The fire-breathing Hothead went soapy as Bubblehead (at least, I think that's its name?) in Squeak Squad, and recently Return to Dream Land saw the fiery dragon-stump Galbo get watered down while eye of flame, appropriately or inappropirately named Flamer go the way of surging electricity by becoming Elec in Return to Dream Land. ... Gee, do the game developers just hate fire-themed enemies or something? Arguable, you can even roll further back in the time-line to Poppy Bros. Jr. and Boomer sharing a common connection, and let's not forget about the cousins, Waddle Dee & Doo. For this, however, let's not go as far as poking out anyone's eyes.

Some may call it plain lazy, but others might say it's expanding upon an already proven concept. Most, though, lazy, and that's exactly the type of softball I'll be doling out for the start! There's really only two things to do: (1) Pick an existing foe from the Kirby game series. (2) Create a variation of this foe, giving it things such as a different weapon or copy ability and a modified appearance. It's just that easy, which means you'll have more freedom and time to flex those creative muscles. So...

If you could make an alternative version of a baddie, what would it be?

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Different Double was slated from April throughout May 2016, depending on response or sloth, and could go less or longer.

Last Updated - April 2nd, 2016