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Kirby Games... REMAKE!

By: Kirby Warrior (

Webpage: Kirby Warrior RPG

Rating: 10.0

Download: Kirby Games... Remake! 1.37Mb

Wow! What can I say except wow!?! The original was great, this goes one step further! The touch of KW has really helped to boost this game up the extra point in the ratings!
Just like the original, KGR has a host of mini-games all made to be challenging yet fun.
The Mini-games include, as before, Gordo Pong, Star Ride (My favourite!) and Nightmare battle! There are extra features such as as soundtest option, and more secrets to be unlocked when you manage to earn the codes.
As with the first version, this is highly addictive if not more so due to the general better graphics and smoother running.
KW is also working on an RPG, which we're all looking forward to! (Hint Hint KW) He would like me to remind you that the game may run slowly on anything below a 350MHz.
I have but one thing to say - download this.. NOW!!! This game easily show the very greatness of Kirby!

Gordo Pong

Star Ride

Nightmare Battle

The Star Mine



Kirby's Rainbow Resort
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