What is UnBot?

UnBot is Rainbow Resort's answer to CAPTCHA. It is a randomized image with an assumedly human-readable answer in order to prevent spambots from gunking up the gears of the site.

Couldn't we have just used CAPTCHA? Well, sure, but what fun would that be? This is a Kirby and Dream Land related site, so why not use Kirby and Dream Land related checks? Most of what you see will be mini-games from Dream Land 3.

There are tons of hackers and deviants all over the world constantly looking for a way to break CAPTCHA -- the bot-protection system employed by most sites. It is under a continuous attack, and all online bulletin boards must live in fear that a bunch of non-sensical links will make it through and minorly inconvenience most -- possibly infect those others stupid enough to actually click...

UnBot? Why, it is propriety. It is only found here. It is much less secure, sure, but who wants to work that hard just to crack a single domain? That certainly isn't worth the effort.

Last Updated - August 11th, 2009