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Comment on IF Entry - Zappy the Clown <i>(Beam)</i>

Zappy seems like it should just be an alternate power bearing Poppy Bros. rather than a "large" enemy. It's not bulky, it's not heavy. In fact, it looks quite thin.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 7:26am Oct 31st, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Buster <i>(Beam)</i>

Firing lasers at 45 degree angles or a single, large blast parallel to the ground. Hm, isn't that what Metal Guardian does exactly? And he gives Laser, since he shoots lasers. Mimicked behavior aside, it even expressly looks like Combo Cannon! Soo... this is a less fitting, less original, less interesting duplicate. That's not opinion; that's all facts.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 7:25am Oct 31st, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Grand Pikeman <i>(Sword)</i>

The pikeman does a lotta stuff, all vaguely defined, and tops it off with a death memento? Seems pretty overloaded in comparison.

Also, I just want to point out the oddity with a pole arm giving the ability of a blade. Typically, those are regarded as wholly different classes of weapons.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 7:24am Oct 31st, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Hamman <i>(Hammer)</i>

I could say this is uninspired, but Crystal Shards had an enemy that was a walking ax. So... yeah. I guess it works.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 7:24am Oct 31st, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Blobbo <i>(Ball)</i>

I like this guy. He has a good, basic behavior that you'd expect in Kirby. However, the pendulum motion isn't too Ball-ish.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 7:23am Oct 31st, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Seuss <i>(Parasol)</i>

None were mentioned because most enemies don't attack. They just move around, if that, and run into the player. Waddle Dee, Broom Hatter, Squishy, Bronto Burt, non-Bomb ability Poppy Bros. Jr. You can't get much more fundamental than those guys to drive a point.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 12:39pm Oct 26th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Biggest IF Yet

No, not really. Comparing a large enemy to a mini-boss is like comparing a mini-boss to a regular boss. It's an entire different class. Minis, for example, exhibit a set of repeated AI tactics while large enemies are much more simple. So, if anything, this is worse than Mini-boss Making Mayhem!

Response by Bimblesnaff on 11:23am Oct 26th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Poll - What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Mostly like something stepping out from a nightmare. Tall human shapes really don't blend well with the rounded, ball form. "Kirby has a second, smaller head coming out of his head! Aah!"

So, yeah, I guess they get the job done.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 12:08pm Oct 20th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Wood Knight

I actually owe this entry an apology. This was before I did extensive studying into how the enemy Mirra worked and, yeah, ol' Woods is exactly like that. I must have always ran or jumped at the guy and thought he worked on distance and not, necessarily, noise. My bads.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 8:49am Oct 19th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Comics, Why Not

You know, I never said "Everyone should makes the comics, yay!" It was more of, "People who can, feel like, and are readily able should feel that the bar has been raised in the fan comic section and that their work won't be wholly surrounded by filth." That's all. Not even asking anything from anyone. Just putting out notice.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 12:13pm Oct 18th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - The More You Know

Hey, normally I'm the one defending that place here, but recently I've come upon a bad streak of heresy and speculation off of speculation that I just had to poke fun at.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 1:51pm Sep 30th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - The More You Know

No. No, it was right. You were directed to the top of the page where there's a statement saying "stop asking when stuff'll be updated." It was just four times ago, and even had a refresher last time. Oh well, it's in the FAQ and your re-direct has been changed to such.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 1:32pm Sep 30th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - KRR Anniversary Pictures!

Good work, D3-D! And that's why I didn't even bother sending in the crummy picture I made. That pretty much invalidates everything ever. Throughout all time.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 9:44am Sep 27th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Bonus Stage Marathon and Kirazy's Comic

Yeah, neither do I. I was just asked to spread the word and saw it as a more than just cause that used the pink puff. I don't quite get how it works, but I figured anyone near enough to consider attending could look up further details on their own.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 6:16pm Sep 16th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Things are Getting Kirazy

Blood? No! That's Smucker's brand strawberry preserves! Okay, okay, so that's more an inside joke than PC-F's crack at the mansion. Really, tho', 0 and Dark Matter are always juicing out red stuff. Just because its liquid, crimson, and from inside doesn't make it blood. It just makes it seem that way.

But, wow, this comic appears to be more well recognized than I originally believed. At least I'm turning on more people to what real effort is and inspiring others to follow suit. Even I've been kicking around the idea of contributing something so I'm actually walkin' the walk and not just talkin' it.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 3:35pm Aug 25th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
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