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Comment on IF Entry - Opunt <i>(Needle)</i>

In all honesty, I just assumed there was some type of delay to the spike release or they traveled very slowly. Y'know, more like a shot. Mints' ducking suggestion seems plausible, although I'm not certain how fast the player can stop pulling in.

This entry pulls to mind the inherent meaning of the large enemies. The big foes were intended as road blocks, something that stood in the player's way -- at least, when not toting powers. Unless packing some extreme firepower, they can be a real thorn in the side.

This guy serves as the "BYOB" example of biggie, like Metal G. or Heavy K. Basically, you better find another star bullet 'cuz they won't go in you easily. Some folks would like to think, "Oh, but it doesn't move. I'll just walk around it," but Kirby games are all about terrain and placement. Of course they're gonna stick this blimp in a tight corridor, and then whatcha gonna do?

It's a little unorthodox and compounding to the already implied inhaling handicap, and even the creator of 'Punt admitted, "Oh, snap! I totally didn't put much thought into how that whole thorn sucking was supposed to work or be avoided." (His exact wording, really.) Still, if you assume the maker did think those wrinkles out and just assumed we'd infer them the same, it has plausibility.

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Comment on IF Entry - The Machination <i>(Crash)</i>

And this is why I've tried to stave back the comments. I open up worm-cans when I do.

I've been trying to limit my comments on entries to when the answer is not 100% in your face to serve as a sway to any fence-sitters. Like some other past entries, I wanted to remind people of good this entry had at its heart. My remark was a compliment. It was a rewording to the cliché "inner beauty" speech. I was innocently saying that the design was fine, albeit a touch busy, before the snapping tendrils but was still an ideal submission. Visually, it'd be like if, say, Chilly had icicle-spiked shoulder pads on or something. In a world of simple, non-extravagant design, one is supposed to follow suit. After all, XGT, that's the first rule in the IFAQ (sewiously!). As for the elitist stuff, I don't to burden down this commentary any more than it already has with all the reasons that is wrong.

That being said, I also want to apologize to Pohatu for his entry turning into a bickering ground. I'll remember in the future to never argue on behalf of an entry.

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Comment on IF Entry - The Machination <i>(Crash)</i>

Truthfully, if you look past the frills and out-of-line characteristics, strip it down, and just take it for what it is, an angry machine that rams and goes boom, it actually works as both a Kirby enemy and a large enemy. If you look past them. The tento-claw-whips are probably what pushed it over the top.

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Comment on Update - Feast of Knowledge

What do you mean "What do you mean" -- no question mark. There was a question about fraud Assist Trophies appearing in Brawl, specifically addressing Adeleine and those other guys. Empty Star was just giving the added info that those oh-so false rumors were started by a guy who was fabricating information about the title.

In other words, what he meant was exactly what he said.

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Comment on IF Entry - Torcando <i>(Missle)</i>

How does it sound anything like a Boss or Mini-boss? The defining factor to either is giving the player something to suck 'n' spit back at them. Does this guy do such? No. It is autonomous. It is nothing like them.

Of course it's gonna be hard to eat. That's nothing new. Have you ever tried to actually swallow a Metal Guardian? The guy flies in the air. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is hard to do. Utterly impossible? By no means. That's the gimmick behind this guy. It's difficult.

In fact, have you ever tried getting Heavy Knight in your belly? He's ground bound and still a feat and a half to get with a Super Inhale due to him cutting and slashing up Kirby.

Of all the entries to be called anything like a mini-boss, this guy is least deserving of the title. Burning just went for the untapped idea of a aquatic large foe. These criticisms given are all jokes.

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Comment on Poll - Which Dream Land dish would be most delish?

Pumpkin pie is a traditional autumn treat whereas apple pies are more year-round sorta thing. Sure, you can have them on T'giving, but you also can have on the 4th, Memorial Day, or just for the fun of it. The gourd totally beats out the fruit for Pie of choice on Turkey Day, hence why the classic styles Mr. Umpkin was chosen over the apple thinger.

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Comment on Update - Guess What? ... Again?

Why in the world are you asking that here? Actually, why are you asking it at all? Gee, ya think the only determining factor to the release of Gurus, people asking new questions, is just tanked? The 5 to 30 ratio at the moment says yes.

Don't make me pull out the "Patience" skit again.

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Comment on IF Entry - Sunspot <i>(Crash)</i>

Strangely, I thought I did edit it (since, of course, I noticed the mistaken identity right away) when I had it approved. I guess the modifications didn't take. I've been noticing a lot didn't go through.

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Comment on IF Entry - Munch <i>(Parasol)</i>

This guy is freaking me out. I literally just drew something that not only had a similar appearance (big, wide jaws and slanty "Nago" eyes) but held the exact name of Munch. Of course, as the description was dug further into, the two diverged, but it is still a freaky-deaky coincidence. It's not like slanty-eyed biters named Munch are found laying on the street.

Now, the only picture of it made public yet in the gallery is unnamed and puny, so that only means one thing: Kirazy is a witch and stole my soul. Burn him!

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Comment on IF Entry - Patwanga <i>(Throw)</i>

And Heavy Knight is always slashing you. Ever try to suck him up? Yes, it's hard to get it done. This is no different.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 4:03am Nov 6th, 2009 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Digdig <i>(Animal)</i>

The legs were never specified in your description, thus the reason for that. As for the ears, I honestly couldn't remember what they were supposed to be. But, I figured I'd make them not like the already existing Animal abilitied enemies so it wouldn't be a bunch of the same.

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Comment on IF Entry - Life Drain <i>(Flapper)</i>

Yeah, they've already been told that. All but the latest contest didn't have individual comments by users. The "standings" or "results" had my comments, tho', where this more than obvious fact was already pointed out. You don't have to go and rub it in their face again.

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Comment on IF Entry - Zappy the Clown <i>(Beam)</i>

It had nothing to do with the quality of the change, just the quantity. Minor changes are allowed to entries but you completely re-wrote it which completely undermines all the opinions formed on the creation up to this point. The goal is to make it right the first time.

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Comment on IF Entry - Leepin <i>(Hi-Jump)</i>

So, basically, what you're saying is that you made it in spite and against the spirit and purpose of the contest. Admittedly. ...

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Comment on IF Entry - Leepin <i>(Hi-Jump)</i>

This guy just doesn't seem all too much of anything, but is certainly nothing that should be a large enemy. It looks like yellow painted Kirby with Hi-Jump and without arms. It moves fast (something most enemies don't do let alone the big ones), and it seems to basically be Starman. Of course, there was a lot of flavorless text that went on about how this guy would be in a game and replace Starman specifically, but it had no purpose to include.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 9:54am Nov 1st, 2009 (Report| Reply)
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