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Comment on Update - Updated Header?!

This person was going to ask that very thing in person, but now I can just type it here, indirectly. Progress, yay?

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 9:25am Dec 5th, 2020 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Governor Bartholomew Burt

Nope! Next time, I'll just find a stock photo of a cucumber and use that. This way, there won't even be the chance that it is close to what you thought.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 2:57pm Aug 3rd, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Governor Bartholomew Burt

Sometimes, artists mention something like "just the right amount of brushes" for knowing when to stop on a painting. With Burt's collared shirt, robe, and no torso to begin with, I had no clue where any of that was suppose to be. He already had so much that I feel those details were unnecessary brush strokes. Hence, absent.

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 3:20pm Jul 6th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Hail to the King V1.5

Oh, yes. I do nothing. Say, who was it that left the site? Who was it that never updated even when they allegedly "worked" here? Oh, that's right: everyone who isn't me.

Sounds like some form of cognitive dissonance. You already made up your mind regarding the outcome of an event that you had never once performed.

You know, I got a question for you (before I delete this irrelevant string of comments): why are you here? All you ever do is complain that the site is dead due to it literally being dead for a few years (jeez, the same years that I wasn't here. coincidence?). You don't have to be here if you don't want to be; no one is forcing you.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 1:00pm Jun 14th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Hail to the King V1.5

Ya know, there's this amazing thing called email. You can contact me directly instead of leaving unrelated comments on articles. General venting on what everyone seems to do these days.

Forums are Mints' thing. Think they (and the oekaki?) were hosted on a separate server thing; I really don't know. The boards -- at least in internet time -- are dinosaurs, but it wouldn't make sense that they would just... break barring some removal on a user end. At least, to my knowing (which is few).

Anyhoo, I'll pass the word along to him, but he works a lot, so no telling the turn-around time.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 4:21pm Jun 13th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Hail to the King V1.5

Normally I do wait for there to be at least a few in the pipe before releasing the first batch, but my assumption was that interest would be ... entirely dead? Regardless, one-of-two po-po'd.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 6:24pm Jun 5th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Hail to the King V1.5

Um... impatience? Your entry pretty much came right after I checked for new submittals (which takes some time with the ink drying, etc). I only even noticed it being there yesterday.

Anyhoo, you get an alert if an entry was denied. Now I don't know what to do since you have two. Tsk, tsk. Guess I can drag my feet even more now~!

Response by Bimblesnaff on 2:40pm Jun 5th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Hail to the King V1.5

Well, it has been dead for some years now. Even back five years ago, it was struggling on life support. Personal websites just can't compete against the likes of Facebook, Reddit, and other massive conglomerates.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 8:33am Jun 3rd, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Hail to the King V1.5

It was hidden content weaseled away in the Rainbow Underground? Most people never even knew it was a thing, hence the "point-five" detail, half-quel. Totally a word.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 1:47pm Jun 1st, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Joke, Game, Pie, and Play

Probably one of the reasons the concept was overlooked prior. While you have good sound quality, a clear and unique voice, and actual things to say, this is far from the norm. You know, flood gates an' all.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 3:50pm Apr 13th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Joke, Game, Pie, and Play

I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, you jerk: I do not have moderating capabilities.

I can't assign myself a moderator position, and Ome-momo hasn't done it, either, so I guess he can't.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 3:46pm Apr 13th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Combined Wrap-Up

I didn't want there to be back-to-back updates of the same content, so I was waiting for anything to break up the clump. Guess what doesn't come up much anymore? (see stressed word of prior sentence for a hint)

Response by Bimblesnaff on 8:26am Apr 9th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

Two forms? Yeah, I guess you'd want it in one. Keep in mind that the artwork can have a "full" version, typically larger than the thumbnail displayed next to entries.

Don't know if it will last four more weekend. Typically, I wrap it up once things wind down, and it's been a-windin' for a bit.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 6:56am Jan 8th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - Last Gurus EVER (for the year)

No clue what that's a-boot. I just went ahead and moved the "not approved" thing in the gallery thing for you to "yeah that".

Couldn't tell what it the deal was, unless the email address is written wrong or... gremlins? Sure, it's them.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 5:45pm Jan 7th, 2017 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

Phew, good. That'll save me the time of drawing them so I can instead, I dunno, be lazy? Yep, everything works out.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 7:26am Jan 2nd, 2017 (Report| Reply)
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